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Crystal Grids: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

purple blue green white yellow red gem stones arranged in a circle grid

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about crystal grids, including how to create them, how to use them, and the best crystal grid templates. Let's get started!


You may, at some point or another, recall walking into an unfamiliar home or workspace and noticing a geometric congregation of crystals on display on a coffee table or shelf. These stones were likely not there at random, but rather had been specifically placed there under the guise of a sacred grid. Intrigued?

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What are Crystal Grids?
  • Creating a Crystal Grid
  • How to Use a Crystal Grid
  • How to Activate a Crystal Grid
  • Crystal Grid Intentions
  • Best Crystal Grid Templates
    • Crystal Grid for Love
    • Crystal Grid for Protection
    • Healing Crystal Grid
    • Crystal Grid for Abundance
    • Crystal Grid for Manifestation
    • Crystal Grid for Negative Energy
    • Crystal Grid for Weight Loss
    • Full Moon Crystal Grid
    • Merkaba Crystal Grid
    • Metatron Crystal Grid
    • Flower of Life Crystal Grid
    • Infinity Crystal Grid
    • Chakra Crystal Grid
  • Conclusion

What are Crystal Grids?

What is a crystal grid? A crystal grid involves the physical act of laying out one’s crystals in a pattern that is recognized in sacred metaphysics. This layout, combined with the user’s genuine intention, is thought to amplify the properties of the stones quite significantly, bringing greater benefit to the user or more successful outcomes. 

By laying out an array of stones in the shapes and patterns of universally recognized sacred geometry, a user is able to channel the essence of healing, protection, love and other properties into their everyday life. 

pink white and clear crystal rocks arranged with purple flowers on a wooden surface

The exact origin of crystal grids is largely unknown. Crystal healing has been relevant in all corners of the globe for centuries, and the practice of grid construction doesn’t seem to be something that started in a single region and migrated with time. It seems that the knowledge of crystal grids comes naturally to any who work with the stones for a long period of time: knowledge that has been bounced around various societies in both the East and West. 

There is speculation that suggests that the very first grids were created in the ancient city of Atlantis. This civilization is believed to have existed on Earth a very long time ago, and it is thought that the people of the land possessed knowledge of crystal powers that we no longer recall today. In fact, their ability to use crystals for healing, labor, construction and even flight got so advanced that it became threatening to the well-being of the planet, and thus the city was destroyed before lasting damage could be done. 

How and why crystal grids work remains a metaphysical mystery: one that will continue to be ignored by science for the foreseeable future. One thing that science can’t deny, however, is the existence of energy. By creating a crystal grid you are simply enhancing the very real energies that occur between one rock and another. 

Because crystals are such personal devices, a crystal grid is best created in the comfort of your own home: ideally somewhere where others won’t be able to interfere and/or touch the stones used in the set up. 

Creating a Crystal Grid

While not imperative, it helps to have a basic understanding of sacred geometry prior to setting up your first crystal healing grid. 

If you’re new to sacred geometry, all you really need to know is that these are designs or patterns that have some sort of spiritual meaning associated with them. They are usually very symmetrical and might feature repetitive imagery or tessellated geometric shapes. Sacred geometry exists under the belief that god, as you understand him/her, is the natural geometer of our world.

Before setting up a crystal grid, users are encouraged to source a sacred geometric design that either resonates with them or is linked to the intended outcome that the user is seeking. For example, an individual seeking help with grief, having lost a loved one, would look for the geometric design associated with letting go or new beginnings. 

There are many a crystal grid kit available online where you’ll receive a board or mat with the geometric design printed on it, along with a range of crystals to use during your grid construction. Having a physical copy of the sacred design is wonderful, but not essential. 

An online search for ‘crystal grid templates free’ will bring you to a world of design options, and you can use any of them from memory to set up your corresponding grid. There is no need to have a physical map of the sacred design upon which to place your stones. 

A crystal grid requires a minimum of four gemstones to get started. When it comes to stone grids, the more the merrier! Bring all of your crystals out of storage and use them to help amplify the energy of your grid. 

Before you can begin the actual construction of your grid, you’ll need to properly cleanse each of the crystals you intend to include. Any stones holding contaminated energy, or someone else’s intentions, will work against the overall potency of the grid and possibly even complicate the outcome. 

To properly cleanse your crystals so that they are grid-ready, adopt any of the following methods:


Crystals love the energy of the full moon. Once a month, make a point of leaving all of your crystals out in the moonlight for as long as possible. Set them outside at nightfall, and bring them in the following morning around 10am, after they’ve had a few hours in the sun as well. 


Most crystals are native to Earth, while some came from space in the form of meteors and comets. Earth-derived crystals are easily cleansed by simply burying them underground and leaving them there for a minimum of 24 hours. 


Crystals are cleansed and charged by the elements, and rain water is one of the favored forces. If you’re being blessed by a downpour, place your stones outside (on grass, preferably) and let them soak up the liquid goodness. Note that some crystals dissolve in water — double check the specifications of your stones before doing this!

Salt Water

Whether you obtain it from the ocean or a homemade solution, salt water is a quick and easy way of cleansing crystals year round. Leave them in this solution for up to 24 hours. Again, some crystals can’t be submerged in water, so make sure yours are water-safe when adopting this method. 

Incense or Smudging 

Burning sacred herbs over your crystals is the fastest way of cleansing them. Earth stones favor scents such as patchouli, sage and Palo Santo. 

Running Water

Another quick and convenient method of crystal cleansing involves holding each stone under running water for one minute. This method is only suitable for those crystals that are considered to be water-safe. 

For more information, check out our comprehensive guide to cleaning and charging your crystals.

How to Use a Crystal Grid

When putting your crystal grid to use, it’s vital that you conduct all work within an energetically purified space. This can be achieved by clearing or smudging the room in which you are working prior to creating your grid setup. Burning sacred herbs or incense in all four corners of the room, whilst a window is open, will do the trick. 

With your geometric design in mind, or printed out in front of you, begin placing your crystals in a pattern that feels sturdy and symmetrical to you. For some, this will be a box-like formation, and for others this may be in more of a spiral. If you weren’t able to settle on one of the more common designs, you can also opt to use any mandala drawing as your grid base — anything with symmetry that resonates with your inner being.

pink green white clear crystal rock and smooth gem stones arranged on a circle woodensurface

While you don’t need the actual design printed or drawn out in front of you, we would recommend building your grid on a tray or piece of wood so that it can be moved as needed. Crystal grid patterns are not something you deconstruct just after use; they need to stay intact for days and even weeks. 

Always start with your biggest crystal in the center of the design, and work your way outward from there. The smallest stones should outline the edge of the crystal grid. It’s great to incorporate as much symmetry as possible in terms of the physical stones: for example, if there are four points jutting out of your chosen design, using four of the exact same stone on these points makes for a powerful congregation. 

That being said, using a combination of stones across your grid will work powerfully in your favor. Don’t feel limited to just rose quartz, for example, if your grid is one with the intention of love. Rose quartz can work alongside any other crystals to amplify the experience of love. When it comes to crystal gridwork, you can never really get it wrong!

Working from the center outwards, construct a grid by placing stones in even intervals. Always use an even number of stones on either side of the grid to keep the energy in balance. Work with color symmetry where you can, but don’t place too much importance on this if you don’t have sufficient crystals on hand. 

When working with a crystal layout, some people actually write out their goal or intention on a small strip of paper, and place it underneath the largest stone in the center. This is an option, and if it resonates with you we encourage you to do it, however it will not make your grid less effective if you opt not to do so. 

How to Activate a Crystal Grid

What is more important than creating your crystal grid? Activating it!

All crystal grid layouts need to be properly activated at the time of use, so that the stones are as clear on the expected outcome as the user is. You activate your crystal board by first taking a moment to admire the layout you have created. It may not feel like it, but this is one of the highest forms of creativity within the spiritual geometry world, and you’ve done well even getting your stones to this point. 

Next, get clear on your intent. You’ve likely had it in mind throughout the construction process, and that’s great, but we encourage our readers to take one last moment of peace and become incredibly clear on the desired outcome. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and hold the desire in your mind’s eye as though you were attempting to convey it to another person without the use of language. 

Now, open your eyes. Use the pointing finger on your dominant hand to trace an invisible line from one stone to the next, starting with the one in the center. Touch them physically, making sure to never skip one accidentally. Take this process as slowly as possible, all the while carrying your intention at the forefront of your mind. This part of the activation process can also be done using a crystal wand if you happen to own one. 

This process of activation ensures that each stone housed in the grid becomes connected and attuned to one another, and to you. It essentially gives them the go ahead to work together in powerful co-creation, so that your desired outcome may be achieved in a way that a single stone might not have been able to facilitate. 

The activation process is also necessary so that each stone used in the healing crystal board can individually attune to the intention you’ve been carrying. Crystal grid intentions can involve anything from attracting a specific person, to assisting entities in other realms and even bringing more monetary flow to an individual. 

You need to keep in mind that crystals are constantly absorbing and giving off energies, so their state of activation can become slightly compromised or weakened every few days. Keep your grid somewhere safe and accessible, and every three days or so make time to sit and reactivate the stones with your original intention in mind. Do this until said intention has manifested as a reality, or until you receive mental clarity as to why this is perhaps not something that is meant for you. 

Retracing and activating your crystal grid need not take more than five minutes of your time; try not to make excuses as to why you don’t have the time to tend to your stones every few days. This will only work against your point of attraction and thus make it harder for things to come to fruition. 

Crystal Grid Intentions

There is no limit to what you can and cannot ask for when it comes to using a crystal grid, so long as the best possible outcome is intended for all parties involved in the desire. What we mean by that is that you can’t use a crystal grid to bring harm or illness to someone who you feel deserves it, nor can you seek crystal grid protection from something inevitable, like timely death. 

Crystals, either on their own or in grids, vibrate at a frequency that is naturally much higher than that of most human experiences, especially the undesirable ones. Crystals are metaphysically unable to bring low vibratory experiences to a user, including disease and disharmony. They’re concerned with high vibratory experiences and expansion, such as amplification of positive emotions, greater opportunity, protection from harm, and alignment with destiny. 

How to make a crystal grid that actually works will depend largely on the vocabulary you choose when setting your intentions. We like to encourage our readers to use as few human words as possible, and rather try to focus on the essence of the desire they are seeking. Play your intention in your mind as though it were a movie, and not a book with works. 

The reason for this is that there is a very specific set of vocabulary that is recognized by the metaphysical universe. Intentions work via the law of attraction: a universal law which states that like attracts like, always. 

The universe doesn’t acknowledge words such as ‘don’t, can’t, won’t, not, no’ etc. Any vocabulary that negates a specific sentence should be avoided, as the law of attraction is only hearing the positive words that were used.

For example: If the intention for your crystal grid is to help you in keeping your house, because perhaps your landlord is thinking of selling it off, you will likely have the following sentence rolling around in your head:

“I don’t want to lose my house. My landlord must not sell this house.”

By simply removing the negations, you can hear what the universe is actually hearing in your intention:

“I want to lose my house. My landlord must sell this house.”

As you can see, this kind of intending is counterproductive to what your desired outcome is. Because you chose to intend with words, you made the mistake of including those that are not recognizable in the metaphysical realm. In this realm, everything is abundant, and nothing is negative. It doesn’t see you losing your home as a bad thing, it simply sees you getting exactly what it is you asked for; like attracting like. 

When making intentions for your crystal grid, use affirming statements that grasp the essence of what it is you desire:

“I want to remain in this house for the foreseeable future. My landlord will keep this house and we will maintain our mutual understanding.”

Now, you are in a positive point of attraction and that which you truly desire can be brought forward by the stones in your grid. If you were to use word-less intending, you would simply visualize yourself in your home as it is, watching the years roll by without disruption or change. The essence is then clear: an unchanging home situation is what you ultimately seek. 

Best Crystal Grid Templates

Crystal Grid for Love

diagram of crystal grid black and white

Of all crystal grid templates, a grid for love is probably the one most commonly sought after. There are many wooden crystal grids available for the purpose of attracting love, but we would recommend using a basic ‘flower of life’ geometric pattern as your base design, and accumulating as many rose quartz and clear quartz crystals as you can find. 

Place the biggest piece of rose quartz in the center of the grid, and surround this piece with six to eight smaller pieces of rose quartz. Then, fan out the pieces of clear quartz so that they are pointing toward the outskirts of the design, and use all remaining crystals to form a circular border around the already placed stones. Crystal circles are representative of attracting love as they imply an eternal, unbreakable bond.

Crystal Grid for Protection

crystal rocks arranged in a circle black crystal in the middle placed on a crystal grid

A crystal protection grid is also a common creation, and can be developed upon the very same flower of life design used in the template above. 

A grid for protection, however, shouldn’t have any closed boundaries. These grids need open ends all round so that any negative energy can be absorbed and moved out before it has the chance to affect the user. 

Place the biggest protection stone you can find in the center of the board. Black stones are generally the most protective crystals you’ll find, so try to invest in a piece of quality tourmaline or onyx.

Now, place any other stones you might have around the center one, as though they were jutting out like sun rays. These directions are very important, as procession grids need to be able to shoot energy out, and not hold them in. 

Healing Crystal Grid

different types colors of raw crystal rocks tied to a gold crystal grid

You’ll find healing crystal grid layouts in abundance, but the one we find to be most effective is one built upon the design of the ‘seed of life’. 

Seeds represent new beginnings and second chances, so making use of this template brings the essence of these representations into whatever healing you are seeking. This can be for physical ailments, illness and even emotional healing. 

Place your most resonant healing crystal in the center of the grid, and then strategically place six other stones of your choosing in the outer boundary creases of the seed itself. These can be any stones that represent healing for you, but we do encourage users to include at least one piece of clear quartz in a healing grid as this is one of the most powerful stones for this intention. 

Crystal Grid for Abundance

different types blue green yellow pink crystals and smooth gem stones arranged on gray surface

Crystal grids and their meanings are largely subjective, though some do hold universal recognition. One that does is a crystal grid intended to attract abundance, be that abundance of money, abundance of love, abundance of health etc. 

It does not matter what geometric design is used for this particular crystal grid; we simply encourage you to pick the one that represents a state of abundance in your mind’s eye. For a lot of people, the hundreds of circles present in the flower of life feel notably abundant, while others prefer the seeming infinite nature of a mandala. 

For abundance, you want to use a lot of different stones in different sizes. Cram as many crystals into your gird as possible, making clear your intent that this represents abundance in life from this day forward. 

Crystal Grid for Manifestation

purple white yellow blue crystals and gem stoned arranged on brown surface

 For manifestation, we love the use of the ‘sacred hexagram’. This design looks like a six pointed star with rounded tips. We like to think of it as six arms with hands reaching out into the universe in order to pull in that which is desired to manifest. 

Place a stone of your choosing in the center, and surround it with 12 smaller stones to form a circular barrier. Then, place 12 more stones in a circle around the first circle, as though to form a second barrier. Now, on each of the hexagram’s round points, place a piece of a stone that you have at least six of; amethyst works best as it is affordable and easy to source. 

Crystal Grid for Negative Energy

Because negativity comes in all different forms depending on the person on the receiving end, it’s vital that you select an array of crystals that represent positivity and protection for you. 

Balancing of negativity requires an excess of light, but you also need a level of protection if negativity seems to be seeking you out. We’d recommend using just two dark hued protection stones in your grid, and allowing the rest of them to be of light, transformative tones. 

Crystal grids for negative energy are where you can get really creative with your design choices. Use a blank canvas from which to construct your grid, and stick to symmetry. Build until the grid feels sufficient. 

Crystal Grid for Weight Loss

green and white crystal rocks arranged in a spiral flower in the middle

Believe it or not, crystal grids can be used to attract the experience of weight loss into your personal frequency. 

When creating these grids, we encourage you to keep simplicity as your template. Weight loss is concerned with lightness and becoming less, physically. These grids need to reflect this essence, and their creator should resist the urge to clutter at all costs. 

For weight loss, opt for a simple geometric design in the shape of a cross. A small crystal in the center, and four even smaller crystals at the cardinal points surrounding it. A simple, light and balanced grid can work to bring the same properties into your body’s physical structure if you so desire. 

Full Moon Crystal Grid

The energy of the full moon comes around once a month and gives us the opportunity to let go of whatever it is that is holding us back. We are encouraged, at this time, to reflect on the month that has passed and determine what energies are no longer serving us and need to be shown the door. 

This can sometimes feel a bit like a whirlwind, or perhaps a ‘spiral’. 

A full moon crystal grid is easy to construct, and requires no prior knowledge of sacred geometry. Start by placing your biggest stone in the center of your chosen surface, and simply spiral the remaining stones out and around the center one in order of size. The smallest crystal should be at the very end of the spiral’s tail, however if you have an additional extra large stone laying around it can be placed at the end to seal the flow. 

Merkaba Crystal Grid

blue and white crystal rocks and stones arranged on a canvas grid

Merkabah is a sacred form of Jewish mysticism. Directly translated, merkabah means light, spirit and body. 

Sometimes compared to the star of David, one creates a merkabah crystal grid by placing stones at each significant point of the sacred design. A combination of ball-like crystals and crystal wands works best, as this grid follows a particular structured set of lines as depicted in the merkabah itself. 

The bigger the center stone, the better, but be sure to properly cleanse each crystal used in your merkabah as this is one grid that absorbs a lot from any external influences. 

Metatron Crystal Grid

diagram of icosahedron black and white

Metatron was an archangel who made use of cubism as a means of watching over the flow of energy on the Earth. This is a great grid to construct if you have concerns for the planet in general, or larger groups of consciousness that you would like to positively affect. 

Any sacred design that seems to reflect the framework of cubism to you is suitable for a Metatron crystal grid. We love the traditional icosahedron, as it looks particularly three dimensional despite being flat on a surface. 

Place one stone in the center of the icosahedron, and then a stone at each cross section until you reach the edge of the shape. Seal it off with a stone at each of the six points that give the design its hexagonal appearance. 

Flower of Life Crystal Grid

purple blue green white yellow red gem stones clear crystal arranged in a circle grid

We took a close look at crystal grids for love and protection earlier in this roundup. Using the traditional flower of life design from sacred geometry seems to work best for these particular intentions, but in reality the flower of life is suitable for any desires you may be seeking through building a crystal grid. 

It has become somewhat of the universal design for gemstone grids, and it is commonly found etched into wooden boards and sold in crystal grid sets. If you visit a spiritual healer or reiki practitioner, you may see the flower of life on display somewhere in the workspace. It is also a widely sought after tattoo design for people around the world. 

A flower of life crystal grid is a great way for beginners to dip their toes into this kind of energetic work. 

Infinity Crystal Grid

different types of orange green purple black crystals and smooth stones infinity symbol

The infinity symbol is considered sacred, as all things in the universe are infinite. Thus, this is a great symbol to use in the construction of a crystal grid, particularly one that is concerned with the experience of abundance. 

Simply place your biggest stone in the center of your space and form the shape of infinity around it, using an equal number of stones on either side. You can also place two slightly bigger stones in the center of each of the wings; for example, if your infinity grid is in the shape of an 8, place a stone inside each of the two circles that eventually meet. 

Chakra Crystal Grid

purple blue green white yellow red gem stones arranged in a circle grid

Within the human body there are multiple energy centers known as chakras. Each of these chakras can be associated with a different part of the light spectrum, thus reflecting the colors of the rainbow. 

Certain crystals are able to work directly with these energy centers, and very often they reflect the color of the chakra with which they are best affiliated. Blue stones, for example, are concerned with the throat chakra and facilitate better communication and flow in this region. Lapis lazuli, amazonite, sodalite and calcite are examples of crystals that work in the blue energy center or chakra. 

A chakra crystal grid is very simple; it involves one stone relating to each individual chakra, and they are lined up vertically in the following order (top to bottom): purple (violet), indigo, light blue, green, yellow, orange and red. 


It should by now be clear that a crystal grid is an incredibly personal and subjective experience. What you construct is going to depend on your relationship to crystals, your interpretation of sacred geometry, and your ability to accurately convey intention using words or visualization. 

The beauty of crystal grids is that they grow with you. As your stone collection increases, so too does the range of geometric options you can use as your springboard. This is why one can never have too many crystals!

Take time and care in creating a grid that will serve you to the best of its ability. And, above all else, make the effort to regularly cleanse and reactivate all crystals and grids in your home! The success of your desired outcome depends on it. 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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