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15 Best Crystals for New Beginnings

pieces of purple unpolished rocks lavender flowers on a slab of wooden surface

In this post, we reveal the top crystals for new beginnings, including for new jobs, moving away, new homes, fresh starts and rebirths. Let's get started!


There comes a point in everyone’s life when they feel the calling for a fresh start: a clean slate, a new beginning from which to welcome change, a transition or rebirth. What if we told you there are rocks in the Earth to facilitate just that? 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How Can Crystals Help with New Beginnings?
    • Beware of Fakes
  • How to Use Crystals for New Beginnings?
    •  Cleansing Crystals for New Beginnings
  • Best Crystals for New Beginnings
    • Crystals for New Job
      • Kyanite
      • Chryscolla
      • Larvikite 
    • Crystals for Moving Away
      • Amazonite
      • Brandberg Amethyst
      • Fire Opal
    • Crystals for New Home
      • Calcite
      • Labradorite
    • Crystals for Transition and Change
      • Apophyllite
      • Tiger’s Eye
      • Lodolite
    • Crystals for Fresh Starts
      • Moonstone
      • Black Moonstone
    • Crystals Associated with Rebirth
      • Tanzanite 
      • Chrysoprase

How Can Crystals Help with New Beginnings?

tiny pieces of purple crystal rocks on a wooden plate some scattered on a white background

Crystals and new beginnings go together in one of two ways: they either amplify and guide an existing change that is happening, or they help to facilitate the arrival of newfound opportunities for change. 

Perhaps you’re looking to bring some change into your home environment, or you’re feeling as though a change of scenery, job wise, is where your consciousness is heading. These big life changes tend to come with a natural dose of angst and uncertainty, so crystals can also help mediate the emotions that come with new beginnings.

Crystals work through vibrations, and have the ability to attune to the energy of the user for their greatest benefit. When they are forming beneath the Earth, these rocks spend centuries fuzing together with natural minerals and energetic elements. This gives them a vibrational charge: one that is naturally much higher than the vibration of a human being. 

In metaphysics, like attracts like. This means that high vibrational objects may attract high vibrational experiences into our lives, which is how crystals bring about things like good luck, love, opportunity and even protection. 

A crystal can’t guarantee that all of the changes happening in your life come out on the positive end of the spectrum, but they can help frame your reference in a positive light, regardless of the physical manifestation. 

New beginnings are likened to the vibration of adventure. They are generally exciting and full of potential energy, however there are also instances of unexpected new beginnings that may bring about a sense of grief. Losing a loved one tends to shift an individual into a space of new beginning, even if they weren’t necessarily looking to have this experience. 

Just as there are crystals for excitement, so too are there crystals for grief. So, take stock of exactly what kind of change you are facing, so that you can seek out a stone with suitable properties. 

Beware of Fakes

The crystal market is an ever-growing one that is becoming more and more saturated by manufacturers who are less than honest about the origins of their stones. Making fake, replica crystals is extremely easy to do; one needs only carefully cut glass and simple dyes. 

Glass crystals are widely being sold off as the real thing, despite having no energetic connection to the Earth, nor any vibrational properties. 

The trouble with authentic crystals is that they have to be mined, and this can come with exorbitant costs. Making glass replica crystals is an easy way to cut costs and maximize profits, especially since there are many crystals that occur in the Earth that are nearly impossible to tell apart from the fake. 

Crystal quartz, for example, looks exactly like glass once it has been polished. An unknowing buyer won’t be able to determine the authenticity of the stone. Always purchase crystals from a reputable source, and, when in doubt, have your stones examined by someone who is experienced in the field.

How to Use Crystals for New Beginnings?

many pieces of varying shapes of opal white blue brown smooth stones

How you use your crystals for change will depend entirely on your individual lifestyle and needs. We all face vastly different changes at any point in time, making most situations entirely subjective. 

The first step is actually selecting your crystal for new beginnings. You’ll join the myriad of potential buyers scouring the internet for the best stone for their needs, and read through the endless properties available. Read thoroughly, and allow yourself to become sensitive to what resonates in your heart. Logic can be left at the door when it comes to crystal healing. 

When a description of a crystal sounds less than believable, move on! This is simply not the stone for you, and the right one will make its way into your awareness if you give it the room to do so. 

Once you have your crystal in your possession, it’s important to give it time to properly attune to your existing energy so that the two of you can start to work together in a sort of co-creative partnership. It helps to keep the stone as close to your physical body as possible, so crystal jewelry or handheld stones are fantastic companions. 

If the new beginning you are seeking applies to your whole household, then much larger crystals can be displayed in communal zones where they can work with the space in general and all who inhabit it. Crystals have become quite the commodity for interior decor; you can even get bathroom sinks and credenzas made out of the more accessible rocks.  

If your new beginning is a personal journey, you’ll benefit from working one on one with your stone. For example, if you’ve invested in a job interview crystal with hopes it will bring good luck on the big day, grip your stone in the palm of your hand during morning meditation in the days or weeks leading up to said interview. Focus your intention so that the stone knows exactly what outcome you want, and so it can work to facilitate that outcome accordingly. 

If meditation doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s okay. You can also get up close and personal with your crystal by placing it in the glass you usually use to drink water, or by using a crystal water bottle. The stone will charge any liquids that touch it, and deliver the beneficial vibrations through the rest of the body as you drink. 

Take note that not all crystals thrive in water; some actually dissolve! Always double check before submerging or washing a stone. 

Cleansing Crystals for New Beginnings

Because crystals for new beginnings are facilitating flow, they don’t usually hold onto a lot of negativity or compromised energies. These energies are generally able to move through the crystals quite easily, but it is still in your best interest to cleanse and charge the stones on a regular basis. 

We’d also recommend keeping your crystals out of reach from friends, family and children. Allowing other people to handle your personal crystals can cause a confusion of energies, and possibly inhibit the stone from performing in its optimal state. 

Here are some ways of cleansing and recharging your crystals at home:

  • Bury your stones under the Earth for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Hold each stone under running water for one minute each (water-suitable stones only).
  • Place your crystals under the light of the full moon every month, and retrieve them the next morning.
  • Keep your stones in a jar of saltwater (seawater or home made salt water) for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Use a smudge stick of sage, or any other sacred herbs, to burn over the crystals.
  • Pray over your stone and use mental intention to charge them with your unique desires. 
  • Put water-friendly crystals under rainfall. 

15 Best Crystals for New Beginnings

Crystals for New Job


Starting a new job, or attempting to land a new job, is a process that renders even the most confident individuals considerably vulnerable in the early stages. It’s a territory that requires a clear path of communication at all times; not saying what you really mean will only make a new job harder in the long run. 

This is why we work with blue stones. They are connected to the blue-light energy of the throat chakra and help facilitate clear, conscious communication at all times, even when it feels awkward to do so. 

Kyanite is a versatile stone that will help you resist the urge to form unnecessary emotional ties during the early stages of a new job. Often we are so blinded by the excitement of the opportunity that we are swayed into unhealthy patterns from day one, and these can be very difficult to subdue as time goes on. 

This stone also reduces feelings of inadequacy. It encourages you to take up space and not get overly concerned with what others may think of you or your abilities.


hand cupping three different sized large black green blue round smooth stones

The decision to leave one job to pursue another requires a significant amount of motivation and inspiration. Often we stay too long in environments that aren’t serving us because of stagnant energy that has been unable to move through our chakra centers. 

Chryscolla is one of the best crystals for moving forward, as it unblocks the chakras and recharges the energy centers. Often this experience is accompanied by the inspiration one needs to make some changes to home, work or romantic environments. 

Despite being a powerful motivator, chryscolla is also an incredibly calming stone. It makes one curious about what drives them, what inspires them, and pushes the user inward in order to find these answers. 

Since this is also a stone of blue energy, you’ll get the communicative benefits that come with throat-charka stones.


Physically larvikite looks like a crystal that is going to take you on a trip through time and space. It’s enchanting, and one of the more rare stones within the general crystal world. 

Larvikite is sometimes called ‘Norwegian Moonstone’, and possesses the ability to enhance psychic visions and intuitive knowledge. Simultaneously, however, it grounds the user to whatever situation they are facing here in the physical world. 

There are few life experiences that require as much grounding as starting a new job does. It can leave you feeling up in the clouds, uncertain as to what now constitutes this new reality and where the foundation is found. 

This stone is also cheeky in that it helps you see through any inauthenticity in your new colleagues. Those who aren’t meeting you with integrity will be quickly exposed.

Crystals for Moving Away


Moving away is not something for the faint of heart. It requires action, risk and the will to surrender, all of which are qualities that amazonite is able to facilitate. 

Moving is a step in the direction of the unusual; sometimes it’s the direction you want, and sometimes it comes without much choice. Either way, this experience needs to be met with a level of hope and success, which is why amazonite makes a fantastic ally. 

Courage is a big part of any significant move; amazonite is rooted in courage, and helps you meet new challenges with a positive mindset and alignment with your soul purpose. This brings less confusion and doubt to the experience of moving, as we tend to question every decision we make in case it is the wrong one. 

Keep this stone next to your bed whilst you sleep, so that the vibrations can work with the energy of your brain during slumber. This is when you are most open to rewiring, and you’ll feel the benefits as your days continue to play out. 

Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg amethyst is a special stone. It’s comprised of amethyst, smokey quartz and clear quartz, making it the triple threat of the crystal world. These are three very high vibrating stone formations. 

The stone is mined in Namibia, and gets its name from the Brandberg Mountains. 

Moving away can feel like an impossible feat if one is still holding onto unhealthy ties or attachments. The mind likes to trick us into thinking we need to be somewhere specific because so-and-so depends on us, or that certain things simply can’t function if we are not present. 

The brandberg amethyst will expose these untruths to the user, helping to cut that which is holding them back with compassion and forgiveness, paving the way for new beginnings with an unchained mind. 

If trauma or heartbreak is a reason why a move is necessary, this stone will also help to heal what has occurred so that renewed strength can find the user. 

Fire Opal

one yellow tear drop shaped yellow smooth polished precious gem stone

A successful move requires the flow of air energy and the passion of fire energy. The brilliant red fire opal works on your creativity and tantric energy. 

It's a common misconception that tantric energy is purely sexual, however this is actually a force that we tap into every day in order to build a life out of passion, and not passivity. Even the most timid of individuals won’t be able to deny the innate flow of passionate progression that a fire opal stimulates inside of them. 

The removal of inhibitions is a key attribute to any big move. Fire opal doesn’t tolerate self doubt, insecurity or lack of self love. It will help you face the changing environment free of fear. 

This stone is best when set into jewelry. It’s a very personal crystal that is of great benefit when kept close by.  

Crystals for New Home


When entering or creating a new home space, it is of utmost importance that one be in a balanced and aligned mindset. The energy you bring into a new home at the beginning will set the standard for what is to be attracted into the space in the future. 

Calcite is known as the all-round support stone, and it has a myriad of uses and properties. The end goal with calcite is perspective: are you seeing things clearly? Have you jumped the gun with a particular decision? Are your intentions in alignment with your heart? 

There is a sense of confidence that comes from working with calcite. There are a number of different variations to this stone, and all of them are wonderful for new beginnings. Our favorites include yellow calcite, green calcite and honey calcite. 

This is a commonly replicated stone; always purchase calcite from a reliable source. 


Labradorite is another mystical stone that works with the higher realms so that we may better navigate this lower one. 

The reason labradorite is beneficial to anyone formulating a new home is that it is a stone of intense transformation. This crystal believes in turning old energy into new, fresh vibrations. There is no reason to carry the baggage of an old space into a new one; a fresh start is an opportunity we should take every time. 

This is also a stone of strength, perseverance and general companionship. Labradorite will assist us in asking for help when we need it most, which comes in handy during a big move or decorating a new space. It wants us to broaden our perspectives and become more open to change. You may even be compelled to get rid of all your home furniture and start from scratch!

Crystals for Transition and Change


hand holding slab of white raw unpolished crystal rock near sea shore

Sometimes we simply have the sense that transition and change are imminent, but we aren’t necessarily sure if they are occurring in the physical or spiritual realms. 

Apophyllite is able to work in both, and it will activate your crown chakra so that you essentially have a foot in both worlds and can start to figure out what kind of development is occurring. It’s a bringer of light, and you’ll funnel this frequency right through your head and into the Earth where you are currently grounded. 

This stone seeks a healthier lifestyle for the user. You may feel motivated to make better nutritional decisions, or find yourself feeling perpetually thirsty so that enough water is introduced into your system each day. 

This stone may also bring new love into the picture… which could be what that stirring feeling was relating to the entire time you felt it!

Tiger’s Eye

Sometimes change and transition are seeking us, but we unknowingly stand in the way of our own transformation. 

Tiger’s eye won’t let this happen; in fact, it will forcefully direct you in the exact direction you need to go so that the optimal outcome can take place for your wellbeing. It can bring much wealth and prosperity, regardless of your current financial situation. 

Tiger’s eye is also a fierce protector. If the transition and change you are experiencing doesn’t feel all that positive, this is a powerful ally to have in your pocket — literally! Be sure to cleanse and recharge this stone quite regularly. Tiger’s eye is not sensitive to water and loves a salt bath!


Transition and change depends very much on the laws of attraction, which in turn work closely with your individual state of mind. Meditation is essential to anyone who is seeking to better navigate the winds of change, and lodolite should be kept close by every time. 

Lodolite is a stone of clarity and calmness. If there is anything from a past life that is holding you back in your current one, it will bring it to the surface so that you may release it once and for all. 

Lodolite is a compounded crystal made from multiple different types of quartz and a few rare stones. The quartz in the lodolite works to amplify all other crystal compounds within the rock body, making this a long-lasting companion in terms of charge. Lodolite recharges itself, to an extent, but also enjoys spending a night under the light of the full moon whenever possible. 

Crystals for Fresh Starts


four pieces of silver necklace with white crystal pendant

Many people seek moonstone for new beginnings, purely because of its connection to the lunar cycles. Twice a month the moon brings two opportunities for fresh starts: the new moon asks us to set intentions and pave way for what we want, and the full moon offers opportunity to release that which is no longer serving us, so that a fresh start can take hold. 

Moonstone is deeply concerned with the divine feminine; an energy we all need a healthy dose of no matter what our Earthly gender may be. 

Moonstone acknowledges that in every ending there is a new beginning. Even the most traumatic of breakups simply open up a world of possibility to the person on the receiving end. Moonstone is a valuable companion no matter what stage of this ‘fresh start’ we may find ourselves in. 

Black Moonstone

Regular moonstone is gender fluid, and beneficial to all who are able to connect to the energy of the crystal. We’d like to introduce this crystal's little sister, black moonstone. 

Some of the most significant changes to occur in the human body involve hormones and menstruation. The arrival of these changes is usually a catalyst for a fresh start, as things are never quite the same after they take place inside our physicality. 

Black moonstone is a comforting ally to have nearby when these changes are taking place, and forcing an individual into a new chapter of life. It not only calms the body, but it actually helps to balance the hormones so that the severity of the change isn’t as heightened. 

Gift this stone to people entering young adulthood, or to anyone who is about to become a mother. 

Crystals Associated with Rebirth


Suffering usually drives a person to a state of rebirth. It leaves little room for compromise; the new way of living must be surrendered to, and embraced. 

Tanzanite is a stone to use when you simply need some help embracing life again. It can be a great tool following a horrible breakup, or loss of a loved one, and will help you to slowly find the joy in everyday existence that was probably wiped out during the trauma. 

Reentering the world after a massive shift can be terrifying, but this is a supportive stone that will lead the user into believing that all previous fears and anxieties actually cease to exist. It’s a powerful little stone!

Something to note about tanzanite is that it is one of the most rare of all gemstones. It is only found in Tanzania, and authentic pieces of this crystal are few and far between. Don’t fall for blue dyed glass being sold off as Tanzanite jewelry. 


Very often, rebirth is necessary when an individual has kept themselves in a spell of unforgiveness and self loathing. Perhaps these states have even contributed to illness manifesting in your physical body. In these situations,  a chance at rebirth may become the sole focus. 

This stone is a natural detoxifier. Anything you are harboring inside of your body that is holding you back will be forced out; only then can a true rebirth take place. 

hand cupping one unpolished green crystal rock

All rebirths follow the intention of more love and more joy, because, otherwise what would be the point? Chrysoprase will ensure there is no lack of either of these in the process. Because of this, this is a wonderful crystal to gift to people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. It is not your responsibility to facilitate the rebirth of another, but you can gift them the tools to use when they are ready. 


We hope you have enjoyed this guide. The fifteen crystals named in this article are great crystals that will help support your new beginning or fresh start, as long as you are open to the experience! 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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