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15 Best Crystals for Anxiety (Updated 2024)

red and purple smooth stones arranged in a circles with a white crystal in the center

In this article, we reveal the 15 top crystals to use to combat anxiety. We also discuss how each of these crystals works to help combat your anxiousness. Let's get started!


Anxiety can drive people to the ends of the Earth in search of treatments and relief. Some find it in Western medicine, and some find it in nature and metaphysics. 

Crystals fall into the latter category, and, when used correctly, they can affect the presence of anxiety in your body. Here are the 15 crystals and stones for anxiety that you need to know about.  

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How Can Crystals Help Anxiety?
  • How to Use Crystals for Anxiety
    • Clean Your Crystals 
  • 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety
    • Amethyst for Anxiety
    • Rose Quartz for Anxiety
    • Clear Quartz for Anxiety
    • Sodalite for Anxiety
    • Kyanite for Anxiety
    • Citrine for Anxiety
    • Jasper for Anxiety
    • Obsidian for Anxiety
    • Tigers Eye for Anxiety
    • Lepidolite for Anxiety
    • Shungite for Anxiety
    • Blue Lace Agate for Anxiety
    • Moonstone for Anxiety
    • Howlite for Anxiety
    • Fluorite for Anxiety
different types of smooth stones and crystals placed on a wooden surface

How Can Crystals Help Anxiety?

Despite there being no scientific evidence to back the use of crystals for healing, there remain mass amounts of people who seek out the use of these energetically charged rocks from the Earth for the purpose of attaining wellness. 

One can work with crystals for a myriad of purposes. Some use them to dispel negative energy, attract opportunity, or amplify love. Others use them to relieve stress or manage chronic pain. There are some crystals that supposedly even work to connect one to plains of psychic ability. 

It’s unsurprising then that there is help in the form of specific crystals for anxiety and PTSD. If you’re looking for hard facts about how these anxiety crystals work on the human body, you’ll be searching until the end of time. 

Understanding how crystals can help with anxiety requires a certain level of surrender to the powers that be: those that are beyond what can be observed physically with the eyes and only experienced on an energetic level. 

Crystals work by affecting the energy of objects and beings within close proximity of the stones themselves. These crystals are naturally occurring rocks found in the Earth (although, some are derived from meteorites that originated in outer space), and they are charged with the energy of the elements. 

This gives each crystal a particular vibration, which is usually higher in frequency compared to other physical matter, including the human body. By being in contact with these vibrations, there can be physical and emotional changes in the user, which explains why some people use crystals to manage aches and pains in the physical body. 

All healing crystals work within the light spectrum. They absorb and refract light, and the different colors are experienced as wavelengths. These same wavelengths are found in the human body in what are known as the chakras. Chakras are energy centers that are responsible for creating energetic flow in the body, and as a result in one’s life. 

When we introduce energy specific crystals into our personal vibratory field, we can attract relief from various conditions, including anxiety and stress.

hands cupping different colored gems and smooth stones

How to Use Crystals for Anxiety

The first thing to adopt when using crystals for anxiety is an open mind. The mind plays a vital role in how effectively we are able to receive healing. This goes for all forms of medicinal and metaphysical healing, including Western medicine. Placebo clinical trials are testament to this, as people receiving mock medications made from sugar often heal even more significantly than those who received the actual medicine. 

An open mind allows all forms of treatment the space and respect they need to properly penetrate the body and mind. Since crystals are largely energetic; this is a vital component. 

How you use your anxiety crystals is dependent on your familiarity with stones and your general lifestyle. Once you dive into the comprehensive list of the 15 best healing crystals below, you’ll read the properties of each and hopefully be called to a few of them that ring true to your specific experience of anxiety. There is no single best crystal for anxiety, there are merely many crystals with the potential to alleviate certain symptoms associated with anxiety. 

Ideally, you want to have your chosen crystal on your person as much as possible. Some will wear their stones as jewelry, either in rings, earrings, or neck pendants. 

Those who aren’t so partial to crystal jewelry might prefer to simply keep the stone in their pocket, or in their office cubicle next to their laptop or work instruments. Even from a distance, the stones are able to have an effect on your overall stress and anxiety levels. 

hand holding large clear crystal prism cup of liquid and leaf beside

If you’d like to reserve your crystal healing for the comfort of your own home, then you can work with the selected crystal on the chakra/energy center that feels most vulnerable to your anxiety levels. 

You can also hold your chosen stone in the palm of your hand during meditation, directly drawing the energy through your skin and into the rest of the body. We like to keep stones that help with anxiety at the bottom of a water glass or use a crystal water bottle. The stone will charge the water, which is carried out through the rest of the body when consumed. This can be incredibly calming. 

If you’re new to all this, and feel like you’re not quite ready to fully submerge yourself in crystal healing, but feel a pull toward this kind of therapy, then simply keeping a crystal nearby at all times can be a great introductory experience.

What we mean is this: you don’t need to make an effort to think about using your crystal everyday, or set aside time to do so. Instead, you can simply place your stones in places where you are likely to encounter them regardless of what you do in a day. For example, keeping a stone in the console of your vehicle means you’ll probably see/touch it by accident quite regularly. Or you could keep a crystal next to your toothbrush in the bathroom; this spot guarantees you’ll interact with the crystal at least twice a day (we hope). 

Clean Your Crystals

Like anything energetic, crystals can become compromised by negative energy after long periods of exposure to the outside world. As a result, one should make the time to cleanse crystals at least once a month. 

This can be done by burying said crystal in the garden and leaving it overnight. Another easy method is to leave the stone outside during the full moon, so that the light can be reabsorbed into the stone body. 

The goal is for your crystal to become fully attuned to your personal vibration. This can be compromised if someone decides to touch your crystals and handle them out of interest. They can leave behind their own energy and intentions, which may not always be of benefit to the user. 

Keep your crystal for anxiety as personal as possible, and cleanse them as frequently as is realistic to your lifestyle. 

15 Best Crystals for Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety differently. It can manifest as mild stress, or it can generate severe imbalance to the point where a panic attack is imminent. 

People can also often describe the physical location of their anxiety. Some feel it more in the chest, while others might feel it in their head, stomach, lungs or even knees. There is no blueprint for how and when anxiety expresses itself; it simply does. 

The following are all crystals for anxiety and depression. They have properties that can possibly work to alleviate the more general symptoms associated with anxiety, namely stress, panic, a racing mind, displacement, mania, physical trembling, difficulty breathing, sensory overload and lack of concentration/focus. 

Some of the best stones for anxiety will be more effective for certain symptoms, and less for others. Read through each one, and feel which properties of which stones ring most true. 

Something to keep in mind: some crystals are more scarce in the Earth, and therefore more difficult to source and mine. This drives the retail prices up, and some suppliers choose to manufacture mock stones made out of cheap materials such as dyed glass. 

It goes without saying that such “crystals” will come with no energetic charge, and thus no actual healing properties. Quality is important when investing in crystals and, when in doubt, opt for raw stones that have not been polished; it is not possible to recreate these with fake materials. 


Amethyst is one of the most abundant of Earth’s rocks. It is easy to find and mine, and thus easy to purchase if you have internet access, or a local wellness shop near you. 

This is the stone of deep purple; if you’ve been involved with crystals in the past, it is likely you already have this stone laying around the house. 

Amethyst may be the best stone for anxiety, due to the fact that it has such an undeniable presence in both the physical and metaphysical world. It brings clarity to the different energetic bodies and, more specifically, the mental and astral bodies. This clarity works to help one better understand the source of their anxiety and stress, and possibly better manage it from there forward. 

As far as crystals for stress go, this one can work to help those whose sleep patterns become disrupted as a result of anxiety. Insomnia is common in people suffering from anxiety, so a stone that can help balance the chaotic sleep time ritual is a wonderful tool. 

Physical properties of amethyst include cleansing of the blood and the promotion of hormone production. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a gentle pink stone which can be found in abundance. This is the stone of love, and people use it to amplify the levels of love present in their personal relationships, and even the workplace.

Rose quartz is one of the most affordable crystals for anxiety and stress. You can place a piece of this stone in every corner of your house and create a bit of a healing grid without spending too much money. 

Rose quartz works on the emotions, which for some is the leading trigger of their stress and anxiety. If this sounds like you, then you’ll find rose quartz works to balance said emotions, making the follow up reactions more thoughtful and conscious. This can reduce the onset of anxiety over time. 

If your external relationships tend to cause you anxiety (perhaps you have a complicated partner, or are a mother to children who you constantly worry about), then rose quartz can be a powerful means of balancing the amount of influence you give others over your mood. 

Clear Quartz

hand holding angular clear crystal near a window

Quartz is a commonly used crystal, but it is also a commonly replicated one. Clear quartz looks like glass, so a lot of warehouses have cut corners and eliminated the mining step by simply fashioning crystals out of glass. 

Clear quartz is known as the master healer, making it one of the best crystals for anxiety. It has a noticeable effect on the physical body, which is why so many people use clear quartz for the treatment of physical pains. People with arthritis wear clear quartz on their wrists and find relief from the discomfort. 

If your anxiety and stress feels as though it is related to an imbalance within the physical body, this would be a wonderful stone to work with. 

Be sure to purchase your clear quartz from a reputable retailer; as we said, these are far too often mimicked with glass. 


Sodalite is a marbled stone of dark blue and white. Blue stones tend to work directly with the throat chakra, as this energy center is represented by the wavelength of blue light. 

Despite being incredibly calming, we find sodalite to be one of the stones for anxiety and panic attacks because it alters the frequency of the throat. The throat is our expressive hub. When we feel unable to properly express our thoughts and feelings, this can lead to anxiety. 

In the process of opening the throat for communication, the emotions become far easier to manage, thereby reducing the levels of anxiety for that particular trigger. 

Tumbled sodalite makes for a great stone to keep in your pocket or handbag at all times. 


Kyanite is a unique crystal due to its very recognizable formation. Pieces of kyanite look like mottled blue icicles that have fallen from the sky. You can actually see each level of formation within the stone, which makes it fascinating to work with and look at. 

Like sodalite, kyanite works within the blue energetic wavelength, making it a good stone for all of the throat-based benefits listed above. In addition to this, kyanite is also a powerful stone when used during meditation; it’s via this practice that the most optimum effects of kyanite can be ignited and received by the user. 

The best thing about these particular healing stones for anxiety is that they are incapable of carrying negative energy. They are one of very few crystals that don’t require any type of cleansing. If you’re suffering from anxiety, you probably feel you’ve got more important things to worry about than leaving your crystals under the moon once a month. Kyanite is the best worry stone for anxiety!


tiny yellow and green gem and beads placed on a cloth surface

There is something about citrine that you just can’t help but enjoy. Even if it’s just to look at from a distance, citrine has a cheeky yet alluring vibe to it, one that is ever so inviting. 

These are gentle orange and yellow stones. Some will exhibit darker patches of orange embedded in sporadic yellow. 

Citrine is all about enthusiasm and enjoyment; it seeks to amplify and attract both of these in all elements of the user's life. One becomes tempted to meet instances of fear with great optimism, and if life’s fears are what fuel your unease, then this has got to be one of the most effective crystals for anxiety and stress. 


To those new to  crystal work, some might find jasper to be the least enticing stone in terms of appearance. 

It’s a stone in the color of red sand. Occasionally, these stones might have sections of brown, yellow, black and other natural hues. 

Once you dig a little deeper into the world of crystal healing, you’ll learn that jasper is actually known as being the supreme nurturer. People who feel that negativity is constantly seeking them out might find that jasper helps them to block the attacks without becoming overwhelmed. It’s always about quick thinking and confidence. 

If you work in a high pressure environment, this kind of stone could be instrumental in helping you perform better and make the best decisions, every time. Similarly, if you feel like your external environment is toxic or polluted, jasper is a stone that purifies the outside world of toxins and radiation. These are things that could be contributing to your anxiety levels, even if you aren’t fully conscious of it. 

There are many creative brands that have started making household items out of jasper. You can find full sized vases and trinket boxes made from this sandy-looking stone. This is a great way of inviting the stone into your home, and allowing it to take effect of your spatial anxiety. 


back gua sha tool beside three pieces of clear crystal prisms

Black obsidian is one of our favorite crystals for anxiety and panic attacks because of its powerful absorption abilities. Black stones are known for absorbing any negative forces that seek to implicate the user. Anyone who has lived to see the other side of a panic attack will know how valuable this kind of companion could be. 

It’s a stone of great protection, and, as a result, it can help to expel emotional blockages that may be holding you back at a subconscious level. 

If you’re feeling stagnant creatively, obsidian can work to release these blockages. It aligns one with the essence of self control, which helps to better manage everyday life, particularly when an anxiety attack feels like it’s brewing. 

Sometimes anxiety arises as a result of unloving thoughts toward ourselves, or others. This is something that is easy enough to manage, if you can take control of said thoughts. Obsidian helps one do that, and works to remind the thinker of who they really are every time the urge to think in an unloving way arises. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone that we’ve loved and appreciated from the start of the global crystal movement. We find it to be underrated in many regards, and pleasantly surprising once given the time of day. 

This is a marbled stone of brown and gold which may sometimes exhibit streaks of black. It looks like the fur of a tiger, only more glossy and alluring, which explains the name. 

Tiger’s eye is another powerful protector crystal; those who have directly experienced this effect usually keep the stone close by, either on a ring or hanging from their ears. 

Tiger’s eye is relaxing, and when it can’t directly reduce your fears and anxiety it can influence you to receive them from a more relaxed physical state; this oftentimes gives the illusion of reduction in stress and anxiety. 

If you could use a bit of luck, this is the stone for you. Tiger’s eye is a luck bringer and loves giving the user more opportunities, especially career opportunities. 

Brown hued stones are generally great grounding forces. When anxiety is making you feel like you’re in another realm, this stone can Earth your energy and make clearer what is reality and what is not. 


Lepidolite is another stone that attracts you with its dreamy aesthetic and then pleasantly surprises you with some quickly noticeable benefits. 

The lepidolite stone contains lithium, which is a compound used in anti-anxiety medication. In fact, lepidolite is the most abundant mineral to bear lithium for medicinal purposes. As far as crystals go, it doesn’t get more familiar than this. These stones know the vibration of anxiety, and they also know just how to treat it. 

People who tend to worry or stress in excess find that lepidolite brings them back into their most present states, allowing them to spend less time drowning in these states. 

Not to be confused with amethyst, lepidolite is more of a lilac-gray color, whereas amethyst is more regal purple. We find that keeping a piece of it next to one’s bed, so that the stone can work in the mind of the user as they sleep, can be an effective way to use the crystal. During the day, chaotic thoughts can hinder the stone’s ability to penetrate deeply. 


Shungite is a very ancient healing stone that can be traced back to civilizations who actually relied on these forms of healing to bring harmony to their people. As a treatment for anxiety, shungite works by absorption: it absorbs the angst you are feeling, and carries the load so that you don’t have to.

Shungite’s absorption abilities aren’t limited to the metaphysical: the stone can be placed next to laptops, microwaves, WiFi dongles, microwaves and other appliances that give off electromagnetic emissions. The shungite absorbs these waves and transforms them into energy that is more gentle on our own electromagnetic frequencies. 

If you’ve got anxiety that you feel unable to link to a single trigger, then your electronic appliances may be contributing to the contamination of your energy, in turn causing anxiety. Anyone with unexplained anxiety will do well to keep a piece of shungite around, just to be able to rule out these external forces as a possible trigger. 

Blue Lace Agate

This dreamy stone looks like how a renaissance artist may have painted a slightly cloudy day over Paris or Rome. It’s a light blue crystal, often with swirls of white within the layers, comparable to pouring coconut milk into an existing broth. 

Being a blue stone, this one also works with the throat and tries to clear up any instances where communication is being hindered. When your lack of communication with others is lacking, tension can be high (both inside and outside of the body), with the result that you need a stone that seeks to bring balance to this disharmony. 

A lot of women experience anxiety as a result of hormonal imbalances and thyroid issues. The blue lace agate works closely with the thyroid and helps to regulate one’s natural hormone cycle. 

Anxiety can make the body feel physically hot from a build up of energy, and this is often the case just before a panic attack. This is one of the most overwhelming side effects of this condition, and any stone that can bring a cooling element into the mix is welcome. Blue lace agate is known for being perpetually cool, and, if used during meditation, it can share this property with the rest of the body. 


Anxiety is no stranger to motherhood, as moms are known to hold an endless supply of stress relating to raising other human beings. 

Moonstone is connected to our superior feminine force, the moon. The nurturing, soothing and intuitive energy that the moon gives us is deeply accessible through this charming stone. The milky white facade is often embedded with the ability to refract light, making it look like all the colors of the rainbow live inside of a single piece. 

Most users of moonstone report an enhancement in their psychic abilities. Tapping into psychic power tends to come with a sense of deep understanding and clarity, two things that can work to alleviate the presence of anxiety in everyday life. 

Because moonstone looks like pearls, there is a massive market for moonstone earrings, pendants and rings. This is also the official birthstone for people born in October, so those that resonate with it like to wear it where others can see it!


Picture turquoise, but white — that’s howlite. 

This stone works with the memory and the mind. It fuels a desire for knowledge and more sustainable communication, which as a result usually leads to better expression of emotions. 

Many users report that howlite seems to physically remove anxiety from the mind. While not all people necessarily experience their anxiety in the mind, this is only helpful for some. But it’s a quick fix for those that do, and we find keeping the stone next to one’s bed is the prime position for said clearing to take place. 

Keeping howlite next to your bed is also a good idea because when it’s at work it tends to make the user drowsy. People suffering from insomnia swear by the howlite that is kept next to their bed.

This is not an uncommon stone to find in jewelry. Howlite is also very easy to make fake renditions of by using weighted plastic. We recommend hunting down a raw piece that has merely been cleaned, and not polished. Polished howlite made from weighted plastic can be impossible to distinguish from the real thing. 


Fluorite is a predominantly purple and pink stone with transparent sections. It sometimes looks like a rainbow, which is similar to the essence that the stone exudes. There are also versions of fluorite that are turquoise and aquamarine in tone. 

With fluorite, life is all about fun and lightness of being. It takes negative energy and transforms it into some sort of enlightened version of itself, enabling the user of the stone to take things a little less seriously. Stress can be present, but never debilitating. 

Fluorite is concerned with neutrality, which is a great state to be in if you are finding yourself drowning in angst. By coming to a more neutral frame of reference, you can quite easily pull yourself out of a downward spiral before it goes too far. 

This stone works closely with the third eye, and the chakra center associated with it. As we’ve mentioned previously, gaining a better understanding of your psychic connections is one step in the direction toward a less anxious existence. 

If you find that you struggle with coordination, then fluorite can bring the body into a more controlled state. People who work in stations that require a lot of physical balance may find that fluorite helps them stay stable.

different types colors and sizes of crystal rocks


We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life to help combat anxiety, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 13 Best Crystals for Depression!

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