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21 Best Crystals for Sleep, Insomnia and Dreams (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal the top crystals for sleep, insomnia and dreams and explain how to get started with them. Let's dive in!


Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years. From ancient civilizations to lapidary medicine to today’s trending topics, crystals have been used to heal illnesses, renew the soul, attract prosperity and riches and help us to manifest our dreams.

Crystals can help us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. More specifically, you can use crystals to sleep better, combat insomnia and promote dreams. There are crystals that can target several different sleeping issues you may be having while others can help you explore astral projection or lucid dreaming states. Whether you are wishing for a little bit more peace at night, or need to interpret a particularly confusing dream, there is a crystal for you.    

This post will include:

  • Can Crystals Be Used for Sleep, Insomnia and Dreams?
  • How to Use Crystals for Sleep, Insomnia and Dreams?
    • Sleeping with Crystals Under Your Pillow 
    • Other Methods 
  • Best Crystals for Sleep
  • Best Crystals for Dreams
  • Best Crystals for Insomnia 
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Can Crystals Be Used for Sleep, Insomnia and Dreams?

In today’s chaotic and stressful world, it can be pretty tough to get good sleep. Stress over current affairs, finances, work or personal relationships can keep us up or tossing and turning all night long. In fact, most of us do not get enough sleep which can have some less than pleasant consequences. According to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), lack of sleep can result in the following effects: 

  • Increased irritability 
  • Mood swings 
  • Lack of focus / brain fog 
  • Risk of developing serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes 
  • Shortened life expectancy

The solution to your problems with sleep is likely related to needing to relax. But, what if you just cannot relax each night? Maybe you have tried sleeping pills, vitamins or teas that promise to put you to bed. Unfortunately, most of these products have an expiration date for effectiveness. Luckily, crystals provide a natural, safe and long-term solution for most of your sleeping problems, including insomnia, nightmares and sleepwalking. 

Crystals possess healing capabilities and energy frequencies that can put our minds at ease and help us fall asleep. Crystals can clear our minds, relax us and dispel negative energy, all of which can help us fall asleep and stay asleep each night. As a bonus, crystals also help us feel more refreshed and well rested when we wake up each morning whereas medical sleep supplements can leave us feeling groggy and tired. 

Certain crystals have specific energy frequencies that make them perfect tools for helping with sleep issues, insomnia and dreams. Crystals can combat negative energies and feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, fear or whatever else is keeping you up late at night. When you go to bed each night, your brain will begin its sleep journey by going through Alpha and Theta Brain Waves. This is the period of time where you are just starting to fall asleep. Any small noise or movement could jolt you back awake. But, as your heart rate and your body temperature drops, your brain starts to experience Delta Brain Waves. It is during this period of sleep that your body rests and restores itself. Crystals serve as energy regulators, helping your brain reach these brain waves. 

Delta Brain Waves are especially important each night because it is during this period that we experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep is most commonly known as the stage where we dream. A healthy person should experience five to six REM cycles each night. Not experiencing REM cycles or not enough REM cycles can actually be detrimental to your brain health as well as cause mood disorders and depression. Dreams help us process our day, difficult memories and/or explore our emotions. Furthermore, dreams allow us the chance to connect with our higher, spiritual or past selves, celestial or divine beings and even deceased family members and loved ones. Getting eight hours of sleep each night is essential, but so is dreaming. 

Some crystals promote better sleep, help us to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. These crystals can also be used to treat insomnia, or the habitual inability to sleep. Other crystals can attract dreams or even cause lucid dreams or astral projection (out of body experiences). Lucid dreams are dreams where you gain consciousness and are able to influence or direct what happens in your dream. This altered state is not easy to achieve but practicing this skill can have many great benefits. Crystals can go a long way in your journey with lucid dreaming. Crystal can also help you remember and interpret your dreams. They can help you understand symbols and meaning, which can lead to clarity, inner healing and understanding. Crystals can also be used to record dreams, intensify dreams and prevent nightmares. 

Scientifically speaking, crystal healing is characterized as a pseudoscience and there are no peer-reviewed studies that support the idea that crystals can improve sleep, treat insomnia or alter your dreams. Terry Cralle, RN and certified clinical sleep educator, suggests that crystals can serve as effective placebo treatments. In other words, the expectation that crystals will help our sleep results in better sleep. Despite the scientific community's dismissal of crystal healing, it is important to note that at least 30% of US adults use alternative health care methods, a designation that crystal healing falls under. Clearly, crystal healing can work on some people. The key to crystal healing is an open mind and heart. You must be open to the powers crystals possess in order for their energy to benefit your sleep, treat your insomnia or improve your dream states. 

How to Use Crystals for Sleep, Insomnia and Dreams?

different types of crystal rocks and smooth gem stones placed on wooden surface

There are several different ways to use crystals for sleep, insomnia and dreams. Some methods work better for different people and different crystals, so it may take some trial and error figuring out the best method for you and your needs. When trying out new crystals and methods be sure to have patience with yourself and your crystals. 

To use crystals for sleep issues you must first select a crystal that works for you. To do this, it might help to learn about crystals known for improving sleep or dreams. From there, narrow down your list. If you are able, then go to your local metaphysical or crystal store. Touch or meditate with the stones you have picked out and let your intuition take over. Pick a stone that feels comfortable or warm in your hands. Let it speak to you. 

Once you have purchased your new crystal(s), be sure to take them home and cleanse them. Cleansing a new crystal is very important to rid them of any lingering or stale energy from their past. You can cleanse a new crystal with sage, incense, water, burying them in the earth or charging them in the moonlight. You should also make a habit of cleansing your crystal at least once a week but preferably every morning after they have been used. 

The next step to take with your new crystal is to set its intention. To do this, meditate with your new crystal. Hold the crystal, focus on it, and then program it by telling it a goal. For example, “Crystal, please help me with my insomnia.” “Insomnia” in this example could be replaced with whatever goal you have, whether it be to lucid dream or to rest better. To deprogram a crystal, simply ask the crystal to clear its current intention. 

When first starting out, we encourage you to begin sleeping with just one crystal before you start combining them. This is because multiple crystals can sometimes generate too much energy that is not conducive for rest or sleep. Three days is a good period for testing out new crystals by themselves. 

One great bedtime crystal ritual for beginners is to mediate with your crystal before bed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Hold your crystal or place it on your Third Eye Chakra (on your forehead between your eyes). Meditate and focus. You may find that it is useful to chant your intention for the crystal like a mantra. Visualize the crystal filling itself with a glowing light. After a few minutes have passed, place your crystal wherever you would like and lay down to sleep.   

If you find that crystals are keeping you up at night, there are a few reasons why this could be. First, it is possible the crystals are too close to you. Try placing them farther away from the bed and try again. If this does not work, you might have a crystal that is too large for your energy field and may need to buy a smaller one. Light sleepers may have an especially hard time figuring out the best combination for their crystals. Regardless, make sure to experiment and try different positions until you find the best fit for you and your needs. 

To make sure your crystal is working, you should check-in with yourself each morning after sleeping with a crystal. Ask yourself if it helped manifest your goal, whether the goal was to fall asleep quickly or more easily or to lucid dream or to have an out of body experience. You should give your crystal at least a week to work. However, if after a week you are still not experiencing any benefits, feel free to move on to a different crystal and repeat the same process. 

When a crystal does start to work, make sure to document how it helps you. Has it treated your insomnia? Have you not had any nightmares since putting it under your pillow? Does it make your dreams more vivid? It is important to keep track of how the stone helps, its location in your room and any other important details.

journal covered with marble patter and gold pen on top

If you are using crystals for dream work, there are a few extra steps you should follow to get the best out of your crystal healing experience. For example, dream stones should be placed close to you while you are sleeping, the best location being under your pillow or on your bedside table. To improve dream recall or to promote lucid dreaming, try meditating with your crystal at night, placing it on your Third Eye Chakra.

You should also keep a dream journal. Make sure to keep your journal close to your bed so that you are able to write in it whenever you wake up. You can use the journal to write about your dreams or keep track of how certain crystals influence your dreams or what messages and symbols they leave in your dreams. Keeping a journal is a good way to track whether or not a crystal is benefiting you and it can also help you better understand your higher self.

Sleeping with Crystals Under Your Pillow

One of the most popular ways to use healing crystals to aid sleep is to place your crystal(s) under your pillow. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this method. Sleeping with crystals under your pillow can be advantageous if you want to get as close as you can to the stone’s frequency. Under your pillow is the closest the stone can get to you, which can lead to a better or more effective outcome. If you are wanting to use crystals for dreamwork, the optimal place for crystals is under the pillow. There your crystal can both encourage dreams, lucid dreaming, astral travel, dream recall and protection against nightmares and negative energy. 

On the other hand, crystals placed under pillows are prone to falling from the bed during the night, which can result in a broken crystal. As such, expensive, fragile, rare or large crystals should not be placed under your pillow. Furthermore, crystals that are placed under the pillow require more frequent cleansings, which may not be conducive for busy schedules. 

Other Methods 

If you find that placing your crystal(s) under your pillow is not the best method, there are many different other ways to introduce crystals into your nightly routine. For example, another popular method is to meditate with your crystals before bed. Read on to learn how.

Before bed, meditate with your sleeping crystals. Sit comfortably and hold the crystal(s) in your hand. With the crystal’s help, clear your mind, relax, and visualize the energy you need to fall asleep and prepare for a good night’s rest. Concentrate on the intention you have given your crystal. Meditate each night for a few minutes right before bed. Meditation is also a great route if you are just starting out with a new crystal. This will give you time to adjust to its energies. You can also do a crystal meditation when you wake up, especially if you need help interpreting or remembering a dream you had. In the morning or as soon as you wake up from a dream, meditate with the stone in your hands or place it on your Third Eye to jog your memory or receive dream insight. 

If you want to place your crystal near you while you sleep, it will work nicely sitting on your bedside table or at the foot of the bed. Placing your crystal on your bedside table is a nice and easy way to have it in your energy field (which is the space about four feet around you) while you sleep. You can place your crystal(s) in a bowl or on the table. If crystals under your pillow or on your nightstand seem to be keeping you up at night, try moving them farther away from you. You can first try placing crystals near the foot of the bed. Other crystals can be placed under the bed. One way to do this is to fill a bowl with rice and place your crystals in the bowl and then store it under the bed near your head. Not all practitioners recommend this method, however, because it can prevent deep sleep. You can also try placing your crystal underneath your mattress.

different types of green and clear crystals and gems placed on a glass table

Another way to use crystals for sleep is to carry or wear them throughout the day. It might sound strange to carry around a sleep crystal when you need to be wide awake, but carrying these crystals during the day can protect you from everyday stresses, worries and negative energies. By helping you stay calm all day long, there will potentially be less worries keeping you up late at night. During the day, you can carry your sleep crystals in your pockets or even as jewelry. You can also go to sleep with crystals in your pockets or wear them as jewelry. Make sure to choose gemstones or pieces of jewelry that are comfortable to sleep with. Tumbled smooth stones, for example, are likely to be more comfortable than rough or raw stones. Necklaces, rings or bracelets are a great way to wear your crystals at night. 

Lastly, another way to use crystals at night is to create a crystal grid. Crystal grids utilize the power of different types of crystals to create a powerful healing force. Assembling a crystal grid with different types of crystals can take some creativity and trial and error, but finding the right combination and form can magnify the crystal’s powers and help you sleep better. 

Best Crystals for Sleep

three pieces of purple prism crystals close up view


Amethyst is the crystal most often named as the best crystal for sleep. While this beautiful purple quartz stone known for boosting spiritual wisdom, providing protection and healing addictions can also aid with sleep, it does not work for everyone. Specifically, due to the power amethyst has, it can be troublesome for light sleepers. A large amethyst crystal next to a light sleeper can do more harm than good. If this happens with you, try using a smaller amethyst crystal first or place it farther away from your bed. After a while, you should be able to adapt to their energy. If not, amethyst is not for you but there are plenty of other options!

Amethyst targets the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and can provide you divine wisdom, which for some allows a healing energy to flow into your dreams, promoting a deep, calming and serene sleep. Amethyst also works to quiet the mind and remove negative energies. This crystal is also great for influencing dreams, treating insomnia and protecting against night terrors and nightmares.  

To use amethyst to aid your sleep, place a tumbled stone under your pillow or a geode on your nightstand to help you get a good night’s rest.

bluish raw crystal rock dark brown spot close up view


This pretty sky blue crystal is known as the “Stone of Awareness” and has a soothing energy which can bring about a sense of inner peace in addition to encouraging angelic connection and astral traveling. Because the stone can ease feelings of anxiety and fear, this is a great stone for quieting your mind at night to allow you a restful and rejuvenating sleep that keeps you asleep through the night. Angelite is also a great stone if you would like help remembering your dreams.

oval shaped iridescent white smooth gem stone


As the name might suggest, moonstone is a great crystal to help you drift off each night into a restful sleep. Moonstone is known for reducing emotional tension, so if that is what is keeping you up each night then this is a great crystal for you. If you are struggling with new changes in your life that might be interfering with your sleep schedule, moonstone is also known as the stone of new beginnings. 

Moonstone can also be used with other crystals, like the grounding stone tourmaline for extra comfort and calm at night. Furthermore, moonstone is a gentler stone for helping you dream.

tiny pieces of pink crystal rocks black background


Lepidolite, sometimes called the “Peace Stone” or “Stone of Transition,” is a soothing and calming crystal that makes it perfect for getting some sleep! It can boost your mood and self-love, putting you in the right headspace for sleep.

The energy emitted by lepidolite is also associated with Alpha and Theta Brain Waves, the brain waves formed in the beginning stages of sleep and deep sleep. By sleeping next to lepidolite, it can put you at ease as well as help you wake up in the morning feeling positive and refreshed. Furthermore, it can protect you against nightmares, insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. 

This lavender-pink crystal can realign the Third Eye Chakra which will help for restoring or establishing healthy sleep. Lepidolite is one mineral that contains naturally occurring lithium, which is often used as medicine to treat mood disorders, anxiety and depression

slab of pink crystal rock dark close up view background
dark greenish smooth crystal prism shaped white background

Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz 

Rose and smoky quartz are two types of quartz crystal that can aid sleep. For starters, rose quartz is a feel good crystal known for its loving energies. Whether you need to love yourself or someone else, this is a great crystal for you. But, did you know it can also assist you in falling and staying asleep each night? This is because rose quartz sends your mind calming and relaxing energies that helps you let go of whatever is keeping you up each night. As a bonus, rose quartz can also protect you against nightmares and night terrors. 

Smoky quartz, rose quartz’s darker sister, is also a great sleep aid. This is because smoky quartz is a great grounding crystal which can dispel negative energy and recharge you while you sleep. Smoky quartz can also help you induce lucid dreams. 

big crystal rock close up view black background


This crystal, which often resembles clear quartz, is known for providing one with a sense of peace and serenity as it dispels negative energy. This clear crystal is a symbol of how your mind should look each night before bed--clear and free of worry. Selenite is also known for treating insomnia and protecting you against nightmares. Selenite can also recharge your energy and realign your chakras during your sleep.

Selenite can give you a better night’s rest through either meditation or placing a large piece of the crystal in your room. Selenite is a great stone for meditation because of its healing abilities. Placed around your room, preferably at the foot of the bed, selenite can create a soothing environment free from tension and anxiety, which is needed to fall asleep easily.  

Best Crystals for Dreams

big slab raw crystal rock close up view black background

Celestine (Celestite) 

Celestine, also called celestite, is often associated with celestial beings, divinity and spirituality. Celestine is best used to help you interpret or remember your dreams, especially dreams that you suspect are filled with symbolic images and meanings. This crystal is also helpful if you feel as though you need to explore your spiritual path through your nightly dreams or are seeking guidance from higher spiritual beings or guidance from the astral plane. In addition to helping you dream, celestine can protect you against nightmares. 

clear crystal rock gray background close up view

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz, another popular crystal from the quartz family, is known for promoting vivid dreams, dream recall and dream insight. Quartz crystals are highly programmable, so it is easy to set an intention for them. Simply program the crystal and use it according to your needs. 

big slab of raw white crystal rock close up view black background

Dream Quartz

This quartz crystal containing green prehnite and epidote is aptly called dream quartz. Dream quartz is known for warding off negative energies and improving dream recall. For some practitioners, it has been known to lead to lucid dreams and astral (out of body) experiences. For other practitioners, this stone is known to create guidance dreams that help you deal with whatever you are dwelling on. This is another crystal that contains lithium, which is helpful in calming your mind and easing you off to sleep. Be warned, however, this is a rare stone making it difficult to find and very expensive. 

hand holding unpolished diamond close up view

Herkimer Diamond

Although the word ‘diamond’ might suggest this is an expensive crystal, it is relatively affordable and just as beautiful! Herkimer diamonds are actually members of the quartz crystal family and are relatively common. You can use a herkimer diamond to promote dream recall, lucid or vivid dreams as well as dream interpretation. These crystals are known for being powerful record-keepers, which make them a great crystal if you need help remembering your dreams and their meanings. Herkimer diamonds are also purifying stones which is helpful if your dreams disturb your energy during the nighttime. Lastly, herkimer diamonds are great for astral projection and astral travel. This stone is a must for this type of dream work.

slab of bluish raw crystal close up view black background

Labradorite (Rainbow Moonstone)

Known as labradorite, white labradorite or rainbow moonstone, this crystal has many names but they all have the same purpose--to help you dream better. Labradorite is a very spiritual stone which can help you connect with your spiritual self. It also promotes dream recall, lucid dreaming states and can provide guidance within your dreams. While you rest, labradorite is also working to balance and recharge our energy. Additionally, labradorite can protect you against nightmares, insomnia and even sleepwalking. It also protects you during lucid dreaming states or during astral travel. This is one of the strongest moonstones for dream work.

unpolished greenish tint crystal rock close up view


Moldavite, a relatively rare crystal, is not for the faint of heart. This crystal can assist you with dream journeying, but prepare for a ride that is anything but easy and slow. However, the journeys this crystal provides is always necessary to help you in one way or another. When you use moldavite, you must also use a grounding stone like hematite or red jasper to protect your body as your consciousness travels. The energy moldavite emits can take some getting used to, so be sure to allow weeks or even months to adjust to your new crystal. If moldavite makes you uneasy or uncomfortable during meditation with the stone, it is likely not the crystal for you and your needs. 

white crystal rock jagged black background close up view


This interesting looking crystal is another stone which is great for dream work. It is known for promoting dreams, dream recall, lucid dreams, dream insight and astral projection. Scolecite also protects against insomnia and stress that may keep you up late at night. Sometimes scolecite can be tricky to use, so if it starts to be ineffective try cleansing it or giving it a break to recharge. 

prism shaped clear crystal rock with things inside black background

Shamanic Dream Stone

The shamanic dream stone, also called lodolite or garden quartz, is a stone that promotes vivid and lucid dreaming. It is also useful for dream recall and recording dreams. The shamanic dream stone can be used for astral travel as well. Because this crystal is part of the quartz family, it is possible that its energy may be a bit too much at night, which may lead to restless sleep or waking up from dreams and feeling exhausted. So, be sure to give yourself a period of time to adapt to its high frequency energy. 

Best Crystals for Insomnia

semi clear unpolished raw crystal rock close up details


Cookeite, another crystal containing lithium, is a powerful aid for sleep. Although a rare stone, cookeite is incredibly effective at combating insomnia. Cookeite can create a peaceful, relaxed and tranquil environment conducive to a great night’s rest. To use cookeite, place it under your pillow, on your bedside table or even in a crystal grid around your bed. 

semi clear unpolished raw crystal rock close up details


Danburite is another crystal great for protecting you against insomnia. This crystal promotes better sleep and relaxation, preventing you from experiencing more sleepless nights. This stone is also useful for lucid dreaming. 

slab of black unpolished crystal close up view


This smooth black stone is an incredibly powerful grounding crystal, which can be useful if you are struggling with insomnia. This stone should help you not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep through the night.  

hand holding unpolished white rock close up view


This popular and stunning crystal is known for promoting soothing and calming energies which can aid insomnia. Howlite can also reduce stress and anxiety, which might be what is keeping you up in the first place. To use howlite, simply place it under your pillow and let it calm and slow your mind.

different types colors shapes of smooth gem stones

Leopardskin Jasper, Red Jasper and Dalmatian Jasper

These types of jasper are great for combating insomnia. Leopardskin jasper, which is named after its leopard-like spots, is a healing and protective stone. It can bring inner strength as well as protect us from negative energies, which can help us sleep more peacefully. 

Red jasper and dalmatian jasper are known for being dream stones, but they are also great stones for grounding and protection, which can encourage sleep on the nights where all you can do is stare at the ceiling. Dalmatian jasper specifically can ward off nightmares, while red jasper can help stabilize your aura. To use these jasper crystals, place them under your pillow and drift off to sleep. 


Between the stress and chaotic situations we may find ourselves in on a daily basis, getting sleep is so important to rest and recharge our mind, body and spirit. Using crystals to help us sleep better is a great way to get rest each night and treat insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Crystals are also great tools for improving our relationship with our higher self by improving or promoting clearer and more frequent dream states. Crystals are a safe, natural and healthy way to sleep better. Get yours today and sleep better tonight!  

We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life to help combat anxiety, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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