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16 Best Purple Gemstones and Crystals: Complete Guide

gradient purple color crystal rock unpolished close up view

In this article, we reveal the top purple gemstones and crystals and how to use them in your life. Let's get started!


Purple gemstones are some of the most enchanting entities to ever have manifested on Planet Earth. No crystal collection is complete until one or two purple stones have joined the clan. Here’s everything you likely don’t know about them, and how they can possibly benefit your physical experience.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Purple Gemstones and Crystals
  • Best Types of Purple Gemstones and Crystals
    • Amethyst
      • Amethyst Crystal Meaning
      • What is Amethyst Used For
      • Where to Place Amethyst on Body
      • Amethyst Price
      • How Is Amethyst Formed
      • Amethyst Geode
    • Purple Tanzanite
    • Purple Ametrine 
    • Purple Quartz
    • Purple Agate
    • Lepidolite
    • Auralite
    • Charoite
    • Purple Garnet
    • Purple Tourmaline
    • Purple Fluorite
    • Purple Beryl
    • Purple Fluorapatite
    • Kunzite
    • Sugilite 
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Purple Gemstones and Crystals

Purple isn’t a color that is often encountered in nature. As a result, when it does occur, we tend to be particularly drawn to it. Purple flowers, purple sunsets, and purple stones spark interest and intrigue, even in the most unsuspecting of individuals. 

gradient purple color crystal rock unpolished close up view

As humans, we connect naturally to purple ray energy because it is, in fact, the refracting color of our crown chakra. Each chakra energy center has a correlating color, which represents the ray energy. For example, blue crystals work with the throat chakra, green stones with the heart chakra, and purple crystals with the crown chakra. 

The crown chakra is technically purple, and the lower third eye chakra is indigo, so purple crystals work well on both of these energy centers simultaneously. We’ll go further into depth with this a bit later. 

The most common purple crystal meaning is in respect of the spiritual mystic. They are symbols of the unknown, of royalty, and of majesty. There is an overwhelming sense of calm that comes from working with any purple crystal; it’s simply their given nature. 

Purple stones are also known for being particularly energetically balanced. Most will have the ability to remove obstacles from the path of the user, so that life can feel more manageable. They are also considered to be magic-bringers; a tool for connecting to the higher plains and enhancing psychic action. 

Generally, purple crystals are used when an individual wants to work with the dream realm. That mystic energy comes into play, and one is able to navigate the subconscious in ways that were not previously possible. 

Cleansing Purple Crystals

Purple crystals interact with a lot of different energies, and thus need to be regularly cleansed so that there is no cross contamination. They are gentle stones that aren’t necessarily able to protect themselves from harm, and they need your help to remain in their most optimal state. 

We recommend cleansing your purple stones at least once a month, or as often as is realistically viable for you. For some this will be once a week, or even once each day! Use any of the following methods for the cleansing of your stones:

  • Hold each of your stones under running water for at least a minute each
  • Create a saltwater solution and submerge your crystals in it for at least 24 hours 
  • Use the light of the full moon to cleanse your stones overnight 
  • Bury your crystals in the garden and leave them for up to 48 hours 
  • Burn incense or sacred herbs over your crystal collection, using prayer and meditation to cleanse them as you go 
  • Use a self-cleansing crystal to recharge all other stones

Best Types of Purple Gemstones and Crystals


Amethyst Crystal Meaning

part of a purple crystal geode unpolished lower third left

The amethyst crystal is one of the most abundant stones on the Earth. It’s considered relatively easy to source and mine, which makes it one of the most affordable crystals on the market. 

Amethyst is definitely the most popular purple stone, but one could go so far as to say that it’s the most common crystal out of them all. Almost everyone starts their crystal healing journey with a piece of amethyst; it’s one of the most frequently gifted stones, as well as the most accessible. 

Mass amounts of amethyst crystal have been found in peaks across the United States. The highest quality amethyst rock is found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Brazil and across the East. Amethyst occurs within igneous rocks, and there is evidence to suggest that every continent on Earth has a deposit of amethyst somewhere in the crust. 

What is Amethyst Used for

A lot of people are able to use amethyst as a sort of natural tranquilizer. It has an extremely stabilizing and calming effect on the human body, which gives the experience of tranquility. 

Some also find amethyst has the power to soothe irritability, thus reducing mood swings, or bringing them back into balance when they do occur. Amethyst has a pacifying effect on excessive energy, so things like rage blackouts don’t stand much of a chance. 

Amethyst has the ability to dispel fear and anxiety. Wearing it on the body will work these right out of the human aura. 

Most people find that amethyst works to open up their psychic abilities and spiritual intuition. It’s one of the most mystical stones in the world, and even beginners can feel the ways that it opens up the mind and the heart. That which was previously unseen will be brought to light by amethyst stone. 

Where to Place Amethyst on Body

Amethyst is a dark purple crystal that works directly with the crown chakra. For this reason, it makes the most sense to work with the stone as close to this chakra as possible. 

This is easy enough if you’re at home, and able to work with the amethyst whilst laying down. Place the crystal just at the crown of your scalp, and go into a light meditation, holding your intention for the stone in your mind’s eye. 

Because the third eye chakra is concerned with indigo ray energy, you can also bring your piece of amethyst physically onto the body and allow it to rest on your forehead while you meditate. From here, it has direct access to both the third eye and the crown. 

If you want to keep your amethyst on your person throughout the day, it is best worn as jewelry around the head. Earrings are a wonderful way of keeping amethyst close to the top two chakras, but you can also wear it as a necklace for substantial effect. 

Amethyst Price

As we mentioned, amethyst is an abundant stone, and thus it never retails for very much in store or online. In fact, if amethyst is being sold for what seems to be an exorbitant amount, you should start to question the integrity and intentions of the merchant. 

Even the best quality amethyst will rarely sell for more than $20 a piece (of course, this is size dependent). Amethyst’s price may also be affected by import taxes, meaning that the stone will be more expensive to buy in countries where it is not naturally sourced. 

Amethyst is mined across the west, and the east, but less commonly sourced in places like Africa and Europe. So, retailers in these regions will up their prices to compensate for the costs of the imports. 

Buying amethyst online, or at a local market, is usually where you’ll get the best deals! 

How is Amethyst Formed

Amethyst forms within igneous rocks. Scientifically, it is considered a form of quartz, with a chemical makeup of silicon dioxide. 

To understand how amethyst is formed would be to understand how quartz is formed. Quartz is made in lava; the heat of the lava causes crystals to form inside of cavities when gas bubbles become trapped. 

These cavities become flooded with a silica-rich liquid, and soon after the crystals are formed. A lot of Earth’s crystals are formed in this way, and many of them are derivatives of quartz. 

The most interesting formations of amethyst are what are known as geodes. 

Amethyst Geode

purple crystal geode rock unpolished close up view details

Raw amethyst usually occurs in what is known as a geode; a giant plain-looking rock that appears very ordinary from the outside, but inside is hollow and filled with cluster-formations of amethyst crystal. 

Not all crystals are able to form in geodes, so amethyst is unique in this way. Gems formed inside geodes tend to follow a six sided pyramidal crystalline structure, which makes them easily identifiable. 

Amethyst geodes have been gaining in popularity in recent years, as they were not necessarily considered desirable when crystal healing first became commercialized. When people realized that keeping large chunks of raw crystal in the home came with healing benefits, it made sense to crack geodes in half and display them as is, as opposed to carving out individual crystals from the rock. 

Amethyst geodes can be pricey, and retail at a lot more than what individual crystals do. This is due to the increasing demand, and because one average sized geode holds the equivalent of roughly 100 pieces of amethyst.

You may also have noticed a recent trend whereby cake makers around the world have been creating cakes that look like cracked amethyst geodes. They use sugar and food coloring to form crystal-like nodes that they then cluster together until it looks like a geode formation. 

Purple Tanzanite 

Tanzanite comes from the mineral known as zoisite, a common compound found in a number of different crystals. 

When it comes to purple crystal identification, tanzanite has a distinct tint, and may look violet in certain lights. It works closely with the top two chakras, opening and cleansing them even when unintended. 

This is one of the most valuable crystals on the market, and buying a piece of purple tanzanite is definitely an investment. It’s got a high vibrating energy, which means it is able to do quite significant energy work with human beings. 

This is an excellent stone for beginners to use to get in tune with their psychic powers. Clairvoyance is attainable even by those who have never heard the word! This is a stone of communication, and it may show solutions to problems where there was thought to be none.

Purple Ametrine

Ametrine is an interesting crystal; it occurs as a combination of amethyst and citrine, so it is also sometimes referred to as purple citrine. 

It is said to embody both of these crystals perfectly, offering the healing properties of amethyst along with those belonging to citrine. It is a crystal of balance and harmony, said to relieve tension in the physical body due to its pacifying nature. 

If you are struggling with mental stability or self-confidence, ametrine can bring serenity and sureness. It targets the crown chakra to open up the top of the head, and allow any blockages to be sent right up and out into the ether. 

Purple ametrine is a wonderful stone to gift to someone who is suffering from depression. It works even when the user is not necessarily a believer, which is a powerful quality for a crystal to possess. 

Purple Quartz 

three tiny pieces of purple crystal rocks right side white background

Some people prefer to refer to amethyst as purple quartz, as technically they are one and the same. Another common name is amethyst quartz. 

Use purple quartz when you want to access your most spiritual state of being but aren’t necessarily sure how to do so. By simply holding a piece of purple quartz in your hand, you can amplify your psychic abilities via meditation.

If you’re on a journey toward enlightenment, purple quartz can keep you on the straight and narrow. This is not to say that things won’t get tough, but you’ll be held in a way that ensures you move toward your greatest possible good at all times. 

Purple quartz can also do the work without you trying to do the work. By this we mean that by simply placing a piece of the stone under your pillow at night, the crystal will access the deepest parts of your psyche as you sleep, and bring you the benefits that would usually be accessible through conscious work.

Purple Agate

Purple agate is concerned with energetic stabilization, and it wants this for you at all times! It achieves this through the harmonization of yin and yang energies, which it beholds as both the positive and negative energies that keep the universe in a balanced state. 

This is a soothing crystal that can bring comfort to anyone experiencing emotional or physical pain. It offers great strength to the user, so that one’s mental state is able to carry them through any other extreme fluctuations of energy. 

Historically, purple agate was used by soldiers who believed carrying a piece with them would bring good luck. They would actually fasten it to their breastplates, and enter into battle feeling a little bit more protected. Purple agate is said to help one see things through to the end, without having fear overcome them.


Lepidolite makes a great companion to anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. It is a lithium-bearing stone, which means it is used in a number of anti-anxiety medications, many of them requiring a prescription to get a hold of. 

If there is a stone that knows angst, it’s lepidolite. It works to dissipate negative energy so that the user can be naturally attuned to their greatest possible good. 

What’s powerful about lepidolite is that it is able to work with the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakra simultaneously. Wherever there are blockages, cosmic awareness will be flooded in to remove them. 

Lepidolite is connected to the Libra zodiac and features quite frequently in the Hindu belief system. Physically, lepidolite can work with the brain and the central nervous system. 


one large piece of purple unpolished crystal rock

Auralite is a newly discovered gem from Canada that is said to work directly with the decalcification process of the pineal gland. When this occurs, the possibilities are endless. 

One will be tapped into the world of telepathy, astral travel, lucid dreaming and channeling. It’s a very, very metaphysical stone that is vibrating at a frequency not often seen in our physical realm. 

There is also reason to suggest that auralite could help individuals with their self-acceptance and self-confidence. Keeping a small piece close by seems to work wonders on the way we perceive ourselves, and how we perceive others, too! 

Empaths need a significant amount of healing energy around them at all times, as they are quite literally carrying the weight of the world. Auralite can provide this healing presence, and it is particularly effective with Indigo children who are learning how to navigate this realm. 


Charoite is a purple stone that is centered around all things transformative. Negative energy can be transmuted, very easily, into powerful healing energy to serve the greater good of the soul and the body in which they inhabit. 

Charoite is a heart opener, and a stimulator of unconditional love. At a physical level, it reenergizes the body, pulls out stress, and invites the vibrational equivalent of harmony into its place. 

Charoite is considered to be a bargain gemstone; even the biggest chunks cost next to nothing. This is a great addition to any crystal collection that is lacking the presence of the purple ray energy. 

Purple Garnet

When you’re simply in need of a little bit of hope, get yourself a piece of purple garnet to keep close by. Not only is it a symbol of constructiveness, but garnet is known for being an impressive joy bringer, encouraging the willfulness of the individual to shine through. 

Purple garnet can also help anyone suffering from poor blood circulation, and conditions of the heart. When these components are in flow, it is not unlikely for one to experience enhanced imagination. 

Garnets can be expensive gemstones to acquire, but purple ones are actually more reasonable. These are deeply spiritual stones, and it’s almost as though they don’t want to be unaffordable to the masses, so that their healing benefits can be spread further and wider. 

Purple garnet will awaken your creative energies and will power. Use it to start a new career path or bring a pending project to fruition. 

Purple Tourmaline

two fingers holding tiny piece of purple unpolished crystal rock

Tourmaline is a common stone, and is usually recognized by its jet black facade. Purple tourmaline occurs on occasion, and if you are lucky enough to find a piece of it to purchase we recommend that you do so!

There are few stones as calming as purple tourmaline. It is so calming that it is often used in the treatment of individuals suffering from PTSD, as well as obsessive compulsive thinking and the reliving of harmful memories. 

When we go through trauma, our fight or flight mode is activated. Often the mind doesn’t know how to get out of this state, even when the threat itself is long gone. It inhibits us from thinking clearly, or from making conscious decisions. Purple tourmaline can help to bring these states back into balance so that we may no longer be inhibited by them. 

Purple Fluorite

Fluorite manifests itself in many different forms and colors. Purple fluorite is less common, albeit extremely beautiful. It is important to note that this is one of the most fragile gemstones in existence; even a light bump is likely to crack or chip the fluorite stone. 

Purple fluorite can be used to bring order to chaos. It has a stabilizing energy over whatever is erupting, even if it is not necessarily of concern to the user directly. Cohesion is the aim for purple fluorite; it wants all beings to coexist in perfect harmony. 

If you struggle with concentration, fluorite can help you. Carry a piece on your person and bring it into view whenever you need to get into that flow state. Most people will simply place the piece of fluorite at the top of their desk, allowing it to work its magic as necessary. 

If someone is suffering from chronic headaches or migraines, purple fluorite may be able to help. Work with it close to the head area by keeping it under your pillow, or next to your bed, as you sleep.

Purple Beryl

Purple beryl is an interesting little stone, albeit an uncommon one. You are not likely to find this crystal in just any stone shop, and finding a worthwhile piece will take some digging (pun intended!). 

Beryl is wonderful because it works on both the crown and the solar plexus chakras. In this way, you will feel more adaptable, active, and revitalized. A lot of ancient civilizations used beryl to facilitate ceremonial magic, because in the right hands it can be a powerful opener of worlds. 

What’s interesting is that in pure form beryl is actually a colorless stone, and it is certain impurities that cause it to have a tinted appearance. However, these impurities have no effect on the stone’s ability to bring benefit to the human energy. 

Purple Fluorapatite

purple cut crystal rock white lining close up view white background

Purple fluorapatite is another uncommon, though powerful, healing stone. It works to align the mental, spiritual and etheric bodies all at once, which is not something that healing stones are often able to do. 

It will work to bring all of your chakras into balance, as opposed to just one at a time. In the process, they will be cleansed of anything working to hold you out of alignment. 

This is a wonderful stone for bringing people together, as well as working toward an enhanced sense of community. If there are any group issues that require resolution, purple fluorapatite will help work them out. 


Kunzite is one of the most joyful crystals on the market. It opens up the heart, and the mind, encouraging the two to work in unison and have conscious communication. Somehow, through the use of kunzite, you’ll be able to both give and receive love in better ways. 

If you’ve been struggling with heartache, kunzite will be a worthy companion. It shows us how everything we will ever need already exists within us, and that there is nothing other than a spiritual void occurring within. 

Keep kunzite next to your bed for activation of both the heart and throat chakras simultaneously.  


Sugilite is a very rare purple stone, and finding a piece will likely be difficult. It is considered to be an extreme nurturer, relieving one of stress, worries, and facilitating emotional healing. 

There is a deep satisfaction that comes with unconditional freedom. Sugilite wants this for its users, and instills deep forgiveness of anything that has been keeping one from experiencing their freest self. 

Sugilite can also be an excellent emotional healer. If you need peace of mind, this is your tool! 


Purple stones may not be common, but they are one of the most intricate components to any all encompassing healing journey. The crown chakra marks the start and finish of the energy centers, so it is imperative that it be kept open and cleansed to its full potential. 

As you read through the properties that each stone can offer, consider which one could bring most benefit to your life. That which resonates most is likely the one you need to invest in. Remember, no crystal grid is truly complete without at least one purple stone! 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal (like purple amethyst) that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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