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Yellow Jade and Lemon Jade: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

yellow crystal beads sewn together to form bracelets

In this post, we reveal everything you need to known about yellow jade, lemon jade and honey jade, including its meaning and properties. Let's dive in!


Sweet, tantalizing lemon jade is here to switch things up in terms of crystal work and energy healing. It’s a unique stone that isn’t always easy to get a hold of, but working with it could mean healing in ways you’d never thought possible. Here’s everything you need to know.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What is Yellow Jade?
    • Yellow Jade vs Lemon Jade vs Honey Jade
    • Is Yellow Jade Real?
    • Yellow Jadeite 
  • Yellow Jade Meaning
  • Yellow Jade Properties
    • Yellow Jade Healing Properties
    • Yellow Jade Metaphysical Properties
    • Yellow Jade Chakra
  • Where is Yellow Jade Found?
  • How to Cleanse Yellow Jade
  • Yellow Jade Value
  • Yellow Jade Jewelry
    • Yellow Jade Necklace
    • Yellow Jade Bracelet
    • Yellow Jade Ring
    • Yellow Jade Earrings
  • Raw Yellow Jade

What is Yellow Jade?

Yellow, or honey jade, is merely the yellow ray variant of the very common jade stone that is found in deposits across the globe. 

Despite jade being a generally common crystal, its appearance in yellow ray energy is considered to be rare, and it takes some very specific conditions for yellow jade stone to occur within the Earth. 

many pieces of bracelets with beads of yellow circular smooth crystals

Yellow jade is a striking and inviting stone; anyone who spots it in an esoteric store will tell you so. It’s similar to citrine in the way that it draws even the most unassuming of buyers in; the stone knows that there is no one to whom it cannot bring positive influence. 

We’ll get into all of the specifics of yellow jade so that you know what this stone has in store for the person who chooses to work with it. For now, think yellow essence: warmth, the sun, health and glow!

Yellow Jade vs Lemon Jade vs Honey Jade

Yellow jade goes by a lot of different names across the crystal market. You may hear it being referred to as lemon jade, or honey jade quite interchangeably. However there actually are some subtle differences between the stones of these labels. 

Consider yellow jade to be a bit of a blanket term for any form of jade that falls within yellow ray energy. When the crystal is considerably light in color, and seems to have a tinge of green to it, it’s usually called lemon jade. This is a derivative of serpentine, and looks much more golden than other varieties of this crystal.

Honey jade is another variant of yellow jade, however the color of the stone is richer yet more translucent. It looks like honey, and darker variations may even appear more orange than yellow. 

So, does the shade of yellow affect the properties of the stone? Not when it comes to jade. Yellow is yellow, and jade stones possess stable properties across the board. 

Is Yellow Jade Real? 

Yes, yellow jade rock is very much real, and it occurs deep within the Earth when conditions allow for it. 

The trouble with colored versions of jade stone is that they are notoriously prone to counterfeit as they are very easy to replicate using carefully cut glass and dye. This creates the possibility for fake stones being sold off as real ones, and buyers who don’t know any better being duped. 

When shopping for yellow jade, or any color jade for that matter, it’s essential that you double check the integrity of the seller, and consider previous customer reviews where possible.

Yellow Jadeite 

When jade occurs in mineral form, it is either a variant of jadeite or nephrite. These are essentially the same stones, but their crystalline compilations differ ever so slightly. 

Jadeite tends to be slightly more expensive than nephrite, as it is considered to be less common. Nephrite and jadeite are both very tough stones, however jadeite is notably tougher and more difficult to break down, which is another selling point that drives the price up. 

Typically, nephrite does not occur in multiple colors, only in a variety of greens and creamy whites. It’s jadeite that occurs in different colors, ranging everywhere from blue to red, and even black and brown. Jadeite is the more natural variation of yellow jade. 

That being said, nephrite has the ability to form a yellow type of jade, too. White nephrite can become affected by the presence of certain minerals, and thus obtain a yellow tinge to its body formation. This gives us a variant of yellow jade that is directly derived from white nephrite. 

square yellow crystal smooth stone close up view

Yellow Jade Meaning

The yellow jade stone meaning is one that has withstood the test of time. Jade was once a very important crystal variant for the Ancient Chinese civilizations that roamed the Earth centuries ago. 

They knew the powers of these crystals, and they had been harnessing them for more than just energetic healing. Chinese medicine has what are known as ‘meridians’, and yellow jade was directly related to one of them. 

There is evidence of use of jade across Burma and Turkey, as well. They too knew the true honey jade meaning, and made use of jade in different areas of daily life, until eventually crystals were being traded across borders. 

Unfortunately, lemon jade’s meaning has never found its way into a birthstone or zodiac. Historically, however, it has always been associated with anyone born during the summer months, resonating with the bright light of the sun. It is also sometimes linked to the Leo zodiac, though this has never caught on mainstream. 

All things considered, your yellow jade gemstone meaning in no way has to replicate the civilizations or individuals who have gone before you. This is an extremely personal stone, and you’ll find great value in letting it play out as it needs to in your life. 

Yellow Jade Properties

Yellow Jade Healing Properties 

We’re first going to look at the physical healing abilities of lemon jade stone. In doing so, you’ll have a better basis of understanding regarding  the focus of this stone, and why it works so swiftly with human beings. 

Golden jade stone is obsessed with good digestion. Poor digestion is the route to many emotional imbalances that exist within the human framework, and yellow jade knows this. In stimulating your gut, it helps the mind and spirit come back into balance naturally. 

The stone also contains a myriad of minerals that are highly beneficial for the human body. They will work to improve blood circulation, boost your metabolism and even eliminate fatigue. Your immune system is likely to be gradually improved when working with yellow jade.

As a general quality, all forms of jade are naturally anti-inflammatory, and thus can be used directly on inflamed, irritated skin for soothing or relief. 

Yellow Jade Metaphysical Properties 

Yellow is the color of warmth, and the color of joy. When working with golden silk jade stone, you’ll be in touch with your inner wisdom, and it will reflect in every move you make in everyday life. 

different shades of yellow smooth beads lined straight diagonallyConfidence, abundance and self-esteem come naturally to this crystal, as does tranquilly and inner peace. If you feel you are often in harm's way, the stone will work to dispel negativity and protect you from further instances of harm. 

In general, jade stones are luck-bringers, and the yellow variant is no different. Good fortune and abounding opportunities will flow toward you like the light of the sun does, as will a level of self-sufficiency you’ve likely never experienced. 

Yellow jade can be used by anyone who needs to learn to release their emotions in a healthy, stable manner. If you tend to bottle things up, leading to an inevitable explosion every so often, this is a wonderful stone to introduce to your daily life. 

The energy of yellow jade is incredibly stimulating, yet simultaneously mellow. Don’t be surprised if you’re called to book an island vacation on a whim. 

Yellow Jade Chakra

Most crystals can be correlated to one specific chakra, depending on the ray energy that they embody. For example, green crystals generally work closely with the green chakra, also known as the heart chakra, while blue crystals are almost always concerned with the throat chakra. 

Yellow jade is affiliated with the solar plexus chakra: the energy center found in the pit of the stomach, just in front of the aorta. This is where we hold our yellow ray energy, so working with yellow stones tends to stimulate this energetic hub. 

Working closely with the solar plexus can be one way of easing anxiety, should an individual suffer from this. The solar plexus is also considered to be the source of our personal power, governing ego, identity, authenticity and our sense of freedom. 

Stimulating this chakra with yellow jade will help to create balance and understanding in all of these areas, which explains why such profound transformation seems to occur from work with just one stone!

Where is Yellow Jade Found?

As mentioned, nephrite variants of this stone are far more common than jadeite, however both do feature in deposits across the planet. 

The most abundant sources of yellow jade are currently being found in Myanmar, Japan and Guatemala. The United States also seems to have yellow jade in smaller quantities, particularly in California and Alaska.

There are some districts in China where large jade deposits are held; within them, there are smaller batches of yellow jade. 

yellow crystal beads sewn together to form bracelets

Ancient deposits of yellow jade are still found in Burma, though many of them have been depleted and are no longer able to cater to the global demand. A lot of jewelry made with yellow jade will use repurposed or recycled objects, such as vases. 

From a buyers standpoint, you’re most likely to find yellow jade for sale online. If you happen to live near a well-stocked esoteric shop, you may get lucky and find a piece for sale in person but, for the most part, you’ll usually have to have yellow jade shipped to where you are in the world. 

How to Cleanse Yellow Jade

Like all forms of jade, yellow jade is not a self-cleansing crystal. It needs your help in order to stay in prime working order, and you’ll need to cleanse and recharge your stone at least once a month. 

Jade is a water-safe crystal, so you can make use of any of the following methods for cleansing:

  • Hold yellow jade under running water for a minimum of one minute. Use a towel to dry. 
  • Leave lemon jade under the light of the full moon every month, retrieving it the following morning. 
  • Bury yellow jade in the garden, and allow it to remain under the Earth for up to 48 hours. 
  • Create a saturated saltwater solution and submerge your stone in it for up to 24 hours. 
  • Place yellow jade on a bed of Himalayan salt and allow it to sit for up to 48 hours. You can also store your stones on the salt when not in use. 
  • Use prayer or meditation to cleanse and recharge your stones. 
  • In the event of a rainstorm, place yellow jade under the downpour. 
  • Use any self-cleansing crystal, such as kyanite or citrine, to cleanse your yellow jade. 

Yellow Jade Value

The yellow jade price is always going to fluctuate depending on the source of the stone in question, and how long it’s going to take to get to your neck of the woods. 

Yellow jade derived from nephrite sells for quite cheap, with generous sized pieces going for around $10 or less. When yellow jade has been derived from jadeite, it’s a vastly different story. 

Authentic jadeite in yellow ray can sell from upward of $60 for tumbled stones no bigger than the size of a coin. 

Occasionally, you’ll encounter a seller who simply doesn’t know the value of the jade they are in possession of. When this happens, we encourage you to jump on the sale as soon as you can, after ensuring that the seller is reputable and not passing off dyed quartz for authentic jade. 

Yellow Jade Jewelry

Yellow Jade Necklace

A yellow jade pendant is not difficult to find on the internet, and it makes for a fantastic addition to any necklace, or even as a pendant to use as a pendulum. 

Wearing a low hanging yellow jade bead necklace is a great way to have the crystals interact with your chakras as you go about your day. It also gives the stones ample opportunity to work with your aura, even when you are not necessarily intending to do so. 

Crystal jewelry is a great solution for anyone who wants to enjoy physical healing, but doesn’t necessarily have the time to lay around placing stones on different parts of their body.

Yellow Jade Bracelet 

A yellow jade bangle or bracelet is our most recommended form of jewelry for this particular stone. You see, the solar plexus chakra and yellow jade work very closely together, especially when the crystal is placed directly on the area in question. 

Wearing yellow jade beads in bracelet form means that you merely have to place your hand on your gut every so often, and you’ll be giving the crystals direct contact with the chakra they were made to stimulate. 

Crystal bracelets are also great tools for anyone who is seeking physical healing from the stones. The wrists are considered to be direct paths of entry into the bloodstream, so from here you’ll be able to absorb the properties of the stone that will help your internal concerns. 

four pieces of heart shaped yellow smooth beads arranged into a clover shape

Yellow Jade Ring

There are few objects more charming than a ring made with a sunny yellow jade stone. In fact, there are a lot of individuals around the world who actually pass up the traditional diamond and opt for a yellow jade engagement ring instead. 

Yellow jade rings work similarly to bracelets, energetically. Whilst on your finger, you’ll also be able to hold these stones over your solar plexus chakra for gentle stimulation. 

Yellow Jade Earrings

For a balanced mind and clear thoughts, it can be a good idea to wear crystal jewelry in the ears. This puts the stones on either side of the head, where their gentle frequencies are able to impact the head region throughout the day. 

Yellow jade has such a tranquil, calm essence, that there is no risk of becoming overwhelmed when wearing these crystal earrings for long periods of time. In fact, people who suffer from intense lethargy or fatigue report that wearing yellow jade as jewelry every day works wonders in rectifying these conditions. 

Raw Yellow Jade

Depending on whether it has been derived from nephrite or jadeite, raw yellow jade can glow the color of sunflowers or look like a more mottled version of citrine. 

If you need some intense energy work done, sourcing a piece of raw cut yellow jade means you’ll likely receive a far bigger stone, and thus a more potent forcefield. 

That being said, raw yellow jade is not easy to find, as most stones have been tumbled or polished into more aesthetically pleasing renditions. Your best bet is to use online e-commerce platforms in order to find a seller somewhere in the world who has a raw chunk for you to make your own. 


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