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22 Best Blue Crystals and Stones: Complete Guide (2024)

blue raw crystal rock pink background close up view

In this post, we reveal the 22 top blue crystals and stones that you can start using in your life today. Let's get started!


Blue: the color of harmony, tranquility and heaven on Earth. It’s no wonder that blue crystals have such a profound effect on the psyche of human beings, and these are the 22 you need to know about in the contemporary crystals world — read on!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Blue Crystals
  • 22 Best Blue Crystals
    • Blue Quartz
    • Larimar
    • Blue Agate
    • Blue Apatite
    • Blue Calcite
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Sodalite
    • Amazonite
    • Kyanite
    • Chrysocolla 
    • Aquamarine 
    • Angelite
    • Turquoise 
    • Azurite
    • Sapphire
    • Cavansite
    • Blue Chalcedony
    • Dumortierite
    • Iolite
    • Quantum Quatro
    • Blue Dyed Howlite
    • Blue Goldstone
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Blue Crystals

Here in the physical realm we are constantly navigating an energetic world that we are unable to see with our eyes. It has to be felt and perceived intuitively, however there are some instances where the energy becomes somewhat tangible. 

We experience this through the light spectrum: that which refracts so that we may perceive color and depth. The spectrum exists in the physical realm, as well as in our own chakra center than runs through our energetic body. It’s through this very light spectrum that crystals attempt their work — and blue stones work closely with the blue energy center, also known as the throat chakra. 

different types colors of smooth gems stones and crystal rocks placed on a mirror

Blue crystals are used to bring balance back into the throat zone, so that one may experience better flow of energy in the rest of their daily life. The throat chakra represents our communication hub; it’s how we articulate ourselves, make ourselves known and stand up for the things we believe in. It rules over the ways in which we make connections, our ability to co-create, and how successfully we can stay in our integrity. 

This is a very important energy center when it comes to navigating the physical realm. 

When we apply blue to nature, we think of the oceans and rivers: the ebb and flow of the natural world. This is embodied in all blue gemstones, and they tend to bring with them an overwhelming sense of calm. Clarity of the water is another essence that is offered when working with blue semi precious stones. Since the body is made up mostly of water, the stones recognize us as an extension of nature. 

The closer you can keep blue stones to your body, the better! Because they work with the throat chakra, wearing a blue crystal stone as a necklace puts it up close and personal with the center, allowing for rapid and effective work to take place. 

Blue crystals also make for great gifts to people who you know are in need of some help, but may not yet be ready to accept any in the form of words or action. Gifting a crystal is a passive form of extending help to someone. 

24 Best Blue Crystals

Blue Quartz

Quartz is one of the most abundant resources on Earth, and there are many different shades available, all possessing different properties. 

Blue quartz is a light blue gemstone with a mottled facade; it is very easily mistaken for sodalite. 

This stone is all about creativity and self expression. There is no subject too taboo for blue quartz; it wants things out in the open, and it wants it done now! That which you have felt stifled from expressing to the world will be brought forth in the most gentle and natural way. 

If there is someone you’ve been meaning/needing to reach out to, but haven’t found the courage, blue quartz can facilitate this. It’s a big believer in cleaning out karma and closing loops that have been left open ended. 

Blue quartz has also been used to help lift depression and anxiety. It restores a sense of hope and peace in all who work with it, thus helping depression subside even incrementally. 


hand holding turquoise smooth stone close up view

Larimar is a gorgeous light blue stone that is difficult to tear your eyes off of; it looks as though an entire universe resides within just a small piece of the crystal.

When there has been hurt and trauma done to the body, mind or spirit, it takes powerful energetic changes to bring about healing. Larimar facilitates that energy, allowing it to penetrate the pain bodies you didn’t even know were active. 

What’s unique about larimar is that it doesn’t only work with the throat chakra. This stone works simultaneously with the heart, throat, third eye and crown, which explains how it is able to penetrate the different bodies so thoroughly. 

Larimar radiates love and healing; it knows nothing other than these vibrations. This is a fantastic blue gem for beginners.

Blue Agate

Also known as blue lace agate, this common crystal comes in many different shades and patterns of blue. Some light, some dark, and some looking like a lacy garment from the 1950s, blue lace agate is a beautiful bringer of peace and tranquility. 

Blue agate possesses all of the generic properties that come with agate stone. These include stabilization of the aura, rebalancing of the body, mind and spirit, and transforming negativity. 

Some properties that are unique to blue agate specifically are its ability to work closely with the throat chakra. It works to assist the user in better expressing their thoughts and feelings. This could be in relation to another individual, or it could just apply to everyday life. The point is that you’ll be more concise with your expression, which will bring positive benefits to the way in which you navigate the world around you. 

The work that will be done on the throat chakra will naturally affect the other 6 energy hubs. They will be relieved of any stress that was being applied by the throat, and receive the opportunity to cleanse and heal themselves at long last. As we said, the throat has a more profound effect on the human body than most of us realize. 

Blue Apatite

The shade of blue that apatite embodies is quite unique when paired up against other blue crystals. It’s the perfect blend of teal, turquoise and deep blue, forming an intricate mottled stone that is extremely satisfying to look at. 

Blue apatite is thinking of your future before you are — always! It wants nothing more than for you to achieve the success and manifestations from your deepest desires, and it will facilitate a rapid expansion of knowledge so that you can be furthered along your journey. 

This is also the crystal to use if you desire psychic abilities to be awakened in you. Anything residing in your higher, subconscious mind will be brought down to Earth where you have the opportunity to use it more tangibly. It is a powerful intellectual stimulator. 

On a physical level, many use blue apatite as a cellular revitalizer. It can aid in the formation of new, healthy cells and also helps the body in its ability to absorb calcium. Some use it physically on the body in order to bring relief to headaches. Simply lay flat and place the stone on your forehead for about 20 minutes (or as long as feels comfortable). 

Blue Calcite

blue circle polished and raw rocks different sizes

A number of blue stones and crystals can be hard to distinguish from one another. Blue calcite looks almost identical to blue apatite, and an untrained eye is likely to confuse the two. 

Blue calcite is one of our favorite blue stones, simply due to the power it has over the emotional body. This is one of the most difficult bodies to work on as a physical being, so any tool that aids this process gets much respect from us.

Blue calcite penetrates the emotional body, and soothes and relaxes it to a point of energetic release. In this state, there isn’t much you can cling to without taking a long hard look at why you are so protective of your pain. 

Once your emotions are calmed, you’ll be given both mental and etheric protection, which allows any residual energy to leave your frequency and stop causing disorder in your vibration. Blue calcite is like putting a form of armor over your aura; it is incredibly protective of your energy.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has long been used in ancient civilizations as a form of decoration, healing and symbolization. It’s a dark blue gemstone, with the essence of royalty and esteem. 

There are few stones as effective on a blocked throat chakra as lapis lazuli. No stagnant energy is a match for this royal blue gemstone: you’ll be unable to resist expressing your feelings and emotions verbally, so that your external relationships can be bettered. 

Lapis also has a profound effect on the human immune system. Blood purification comes easily to this crystal, as well as the overall lowering of blood pressure. Lapis lazuli also has some anti-inflammatory properties, as it is a naturally cool stone. Use it directly over inflamed skin for relief.

Use lapis lazuli during meditation to make clearer contact with your higher self. 


Sodalite is another blue gemstone that works with more than one chakra. You’ll feel benefit in both the throat and the third eye, as the two are unblocked and rebalanced simultaneously. Sodalite is a fantastic crystal to wear as a choker necklace, so that it sits right there in the center of the energetic hub. 

Because it is working with the throat and with the third eye, your perception of the world will probably experience a rude awakening (for the better). That which you have perceived to be reality will likely shift into a more awakened, aligned and conscious frame of reference.

How we relate to this world will also change (for the better), and you’ll walk with a very tangible load off of your shoulders. Sodalite has lifted the veil, and you’ve become attuned to the second language of the universe. 


Amazonite is a light blue crystal that often gets mistaken for turquoise. Naturally, it’s a lot lighter than raw turquoise, and is closer to more of an aquamarine color. 

Amazonite is fondly referred to as the stone of the gamblers. It is said to bring luck and good fortune to even the most unaware of users. What’s more, amazonite has a soothing effect on the central nervous system, which directly affects our emotions. 

Using amazonite daily can help you to approach situations of adversity from a place of love and acceptance. Those who swear by amazonite try to keep a piece in as many places as possible, such as under a pillow, on a shelf, in a car and next to their television remotes. Just catching a glimpse of this stone can swing your energy into a more positive direction. 


blue sliced crystal rocks white background close up view

Kyanite is one of the most interesting crystals to work with, because it doesn’t look like most crystals do. Kyanite is a dark blue stone that forms in slates as opposed to rock-like chunks. It is comparable to an icicle. 

Kyanite works with the throat and the throat only. It will not tolerate a single imbalance of the throat chakra, knowing full well that the presence of such only works to hold you back in everyday life. 

Your communication and self expression skills will be sent to levels beyond your current comprehension within just a few weeks of working with kyanite. A lot of public speakers keep a piece of this crystal in their pocket during big talks or meetings, as do some theatre performers.  


Chrysocolla is the beautiful blue green stone adorned by Native American tribes dating back centuries. These communities have made use of this crystal to bring about different forms of healing to the people, believing it has the ability to strengthen resistance to illness and emotional turmoil. 

Chrysocolla works to dispel negative energies, calm the surrounding environment so that no more may penetrate, and allow one’s inner wisdom to surface after probably having been pushed into silence for quite some time. 

This is a stone of great compassion; there is no such thing as holding on to negativity when working with chrysocolla, this would only work to make the user ill, and the crystal will not allow for that!


Not to be confused with amazonite, aquamarine is a gentle peace-bringer that clears the mind by calming the heart. The two work hand in hand, though we very often neglect to consider this. 

Aquamarine is concerned with emotional trauma and any kind of stress that comes with it, including PTSD. It helps the user to get in touch with any emotions that they may have been suppressing, and heals them with the essence of water (the embodiment of flow). 

This is a stone of the sea and has energetic links to ancient water kingdoms. Carry it with you when traveling to places where large bodies of water may not be easily accessible. 


There never was a more peaceful, gentler stone than angelite. As the name suggests, this crystal puts you in direct contact with the angelic realm; a place where healing, forgiveness and unconditional love flow like water and wine. 

Angelite is a highly spiritual crystal. It will help make you more enlightened, enhancing your intuitive psychic abilities for your own betterment. The stone will never give you more than you are ready to experience, always keep this in mind. 

Angelite is also able to dispel anger and anxiety, bringing the user into better communication with the self. This crystal is closely connected to the Aquarian zodiac. 


raw Turquoise rock placed on a cloth surface close up view

This is another stone that was used by Native American communities for the purpose of healing and empowerment. 

They found turquoise to stabilize moods in people who seemed unable to control their swings. It offers an inner calm that is on par with taking a natural tranquilizer, which makes it an excellent aid for people with depression or chronic fatigue. Those who suffer from panic attacks also find holding onto a piece of turquoise works wonders. 

If you’re in need of some creative problem solving, turquoise can help bring this side of you out into the open. Self-realization is the first step to better navigating the external world, including any problems that are associated with it. 


Azurite and malachite have very similar molecular compounds, and are sometimes recognized as the same stone in chemistry. 

Azurite promotes deep introspection in all who invite its influence into their lives. Through this, you’ll be thrust upon a path of spiritual mastery, allowing you to finally embrace your role as the creator of your reality. 

It does this by promoting judgement, but not the kind of judgement you are familiar with in the physical world. This kind of judgement is over the self, and it is done through a filter of unconditional love, forgiveness and deep compassion. 

Unlike most blue crystals, azurite doesn’t work with the throat chakra, but instead is more concerned with the third eye zone. 


Sapphire has long been considered one of the superior stones within the crystal market. They don’t come cheap, and are often used in elite jewelry such as those designed for weddings. 

A blue sapphire stone is an enchanting little entity. It is known as a stone of great wisdom and mental clarity. Some believe it to lift depression to an extent, especially when worn daily as jewelry. 

Sapphire is able to affect the physical body as well. It improves the eyesight of the user, which likely has something to do with the decalcification of the pineal gland, also known as the third eye chakra. 

One can also use sapphire to attract financial abundance. 


Cavansite is a striking stone that looks as though it could be the product of a ‘grow your own crystal’ kit at home. 

Its delicate crystalline formation facilitates deep emotional healing and will connect you to the energy of water. Instead of focusing on just one chakra, cavansite works with all seven and balances them so that there is harmony of flow… just like water. 

This is a wonderful stone to use during meditation to access deeper states of peace not normally reachable. Hold it in the palm of your hand to do so. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are commonly associated with this blue stone. 

Blue Chalcedony

periwinkle blue smooth stones white background close up view

If you struggle with irritability and hostility, blue chalcedony can help. There is an overwhelming sense of kindness and compassion that comes from working with this stone, which makes any presence of hostility dissolve on contact. 

Blue chalcedony is also a wonderful tool for anyone in a creative field. Your mental flexibility will become unmatched, which makes learning new languages quite possible. It also helps that your memory is improved when in close proximity to this stone. 

If you just want to feel more light-hearted and happy-go-lucky, bring a piece of chalcedony into your life. 


Dumortierite is a dark blue stone that can look near-black depending on the cut. Anyone who suffers from stress-related illness, such as tension headaches or anxiety, can benefit from a piece of dumortierite. 

This crystal works with both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. One can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. With dumortierite you’ll be inspired to verbalize your ideas, as it understands the natural order of the universe and how you fit into the flow. 

Throw your worries to the wind with dumortierite! This crystal makes a great gift for new mothers, workaholics and students. 


Iolite can be confused for sapphire, though if you look closely it actually has a more purple hue to it. 

This stone will help you to release any discord that exists between you and the people around you. Relationships tend to thrive when iolite is introduced into the frequency. This is also a crystal that can help alleviate codependency. 

If you have a tumultuous relationship with alcohol, iolite will support your detoxification process. It has a powerful effect on the liver, and helps with rapid regeneration. Similarly, it works to rid the body of fatty deposits that may be contributing to a diminished vibration. 

Quantum Quatro

We love the energy of the quantum quatro stones, and we could absolutely look at their alluring appearance all day long. 

These crystals work with the throat, heart and third eye chakras simultaneously, to bring any blockages to the surface so that the chakra system can function as nature intended it. This is a deeply peaceful and loving stone, but it doesn’t flounder when it comes to protecting you from negative energy. 

Anything you’ve been repressing will likely be brought to the surface with quantum quatro stones. There is no hiding from yourself, or from the realities of the world around you. Where changes need to be made, you’ll be made ready.  

Blue Howlite 

The first thing you need to know about blue howlite is that this is not a naturally occurring stone to the Earth. Howlite is a white crystal that is marbled with black. When it is sold as blue, it is because it has been dyed. 

This is not to say that there is no great benefit to be gained from using blue howlite. On the contrary, it actually increases in benefit when it switches into the blue ray energy. 

Howlite is a wonderful, but intense, crystal for depression, anxiety and general stress. It’s considered to be “no bullshit”, meaning you won’t be able to outsmart yourself into justifying why it’s okay that you exist in these states. 

There is a sense of security that comes from being near to a piece of howlite, whether it’s blue or white. This gives one a naturally more positive outlook on life, reducing any fear that may have been present before. 

Howlite is a teacher of patience, which is a strange thing to learn from a crystal. Like we said, there really is no time for bullshit when working with this stone. 

Blue Goldstone

purple blue oval shaped smooth stones placed on a wooden surface

Goldstone is another man-made gem, one that is available in a sandy brown, and a deep navy blue. Goldstone is made by immersing reflective inclusions into glass and dying the surrounding area. 

There are few blue crystals as mesmerizing as blue goldstone. It looks a lot like a clear night’s sky somewhere where the entire milky way is visible. 

Blue goldstone has beneficial properties too, believe it or not. This stone has been around long enough to have adopted some healing properties, as well as the energies of the elements that are used to make it. 

This crystal is believed to transmute healing energies so that the user is able to find solace from hypersensitivity. This is a wonderful stone for empaths who struggle to be out in public because they are inclined to take on the energy of others. 

Goldstone works with the heart and crown chakra. Despite technically being blue, there is no correlation between goldstone and the throat area. 


To conclude our roundup of the best blue crystals, we’d like to recommend that all our readers take the time to work through the list at large. Often, when it comes to crystals healing, it’s the stone that chooses you, as opposed to you choosing the stone. 

Give each one the time necessary to see if it resonates with your personal frequency. If it does, then perhaps it’s time to place an order. Happy searching!

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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