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10 Best Gray and Silver Gemstones and Crystals: Complete Guide

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In this article, we reveal the top gray and silver gemstones and crystals, why you need them in your life, and how to use them. Let's get started!


Understated yet alluring: that is the nature of the grey and silver gemstones that our Earth yields so abundantly. There aren’t many varieties, but there are 10 distinct stones that you need to know about as you move through your crystal collecting journey. Read on!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Gray and Silver Gemstones and Crystals 
  • Best Gray and Silver Gemstones and Crystals 
    • Grey Moonstone
    • Gray Quartz Crystal
    • Labradorite
    • Botswana Agate
    • Grey Diamond
    • Grey Chalcedony
    • Grey Tourmaline
    • Gibeon Meteorite 
    • Campo del Cielo
    • Eagle Eye Stone
  • Conclusion 

silver unpolished crystal rock black background

Meaning of Gray and Silver Gemstones and Crystals

There are many different ways in which one can interpret grey ray energy. Sometimes when mystics detect grey in a person’s aura they see it as looming sadness, almost like a dull cloud that has rolled in. 

Then there are some who see grey as a purification ray, almost as though the energy had washed in to clean out some sort of stagnancy when it eventually makes its exit. It’s important to remember that no ray energies are ever inherently bad; they are simply messengers, all with different roles to fulfill for the energy body in question. 

Grey gemstones are actually quite versatile little objects. Unlike black stones that absorb energy, grey stones work to deflect energies that are not in the best possible interest of the user. Through their deflection, there is actually a sort of seal that is formed around the aura, which works to prevent any beneficial energies from leaking as the day goes on. 

This is not a property that we find elsewhere in the crystal realm. Black, brown, pink, blue, green, yellow and all other stones don’t possess this form of protection ability, which is testament to just how valuable working with a grey or silver crystal can be. 

The best way to think about gray gemstones is to imagine another common grey/silver object: a mirror. Physically, a mirror can form a barrier between you and another entity. What mirrors also do is reflect that which is approaching right back at the entity itself. Anything seeking to infiltrate your energy will be turned back toward itself and sent in the opposite direction. Grey crystals can act as a kind of light shield, in a sense. 

While we technically have no grey energy center in our human form, grey crystals can be linked to the root chakra, as they are a close relative to black stones. Some crystals work from crown energy downward, and others from the root up. Grey and silver stones fall under the latter category, and will heal through grounding. 

As we get into our roundup of the 10 best grey and silver crystals, you’ll soon see how unique and individualized each of the stones actually are. Many possess properties that are quite uncommon within the crystal healing world, and for this reason we recommend taking your time to consider each one and whether or not it could bring benefit to your life. Feel into what resonates, and go from there!

Cleansing Grey and Silver Crystals

several pieces of smooth marble silver stones

Grey and silver crystals do a lot of work via deflection, so you’d think that they are naturally immune to absorbing energies that may compromise their crystalline structure and abilities. This would be incorrect, as even the most deflective of stones will still succumb to negative forces in some capacity. 

It’s important that you keep your stones out of reach from friends, family members or children who may want to handle them for fun. These unwanted energies will confuse the crystals, as they have become attuned to your personal energy and your specific wants and desires. 

Take time to cleanse your grey stones at least once a month by performing one or more of the following rituals:

  • Burning incense or smudge sticks over your crystals is an easy way of cleansing them of negative energies. 
  • Leave your stones under the light of the full moon overnight, retrieving them only the next morning. 
  • Submerge your crystals in saltwater and allow them to sit for 24 hours. 
  • Hold each stone under running water for one minute, towel drying when complete. 
  • Bury your crystals in your garden and retrieve them after 48 hours. This is a way of using the Earth’s energy to cleanse your crystals! 
  • Use prayer or meditation to set the intent for cleansing for each of your stones.

Best Gray and Silver Gemstones and Crystals

Grey Moonstone 

hand holding smooth sphere gray stone

Gray moonstone is considered to be a shamanic crystal, and has the ability to facilitate visual and guided journeys into deeply psychic realms. Visual psychic healing is made possible by this gray gemstone, so people with physical ailments like to make use of it to bring their cells back into balance. 

People who work and travel by night are encouraged to keep a piece of grey moonstone with them at all times. It can act as a form of protection between that which is unforeseen on the path, similar to how the moon shines upon the water in the dead of night. 

Like all moonstone, this one also possesses the energy and essence of the moon herself. The nurturing, motherly, heart opening qualities work to help users be more accepting of the love that seeks them. 

The moon also offers all of us prosperity, good fortune and ultimate fertility. Working with a stone such as this puts you into the vibration of each of these properties, meaning that they can all find their way into your direct experience. 

In terms of gray stone jewelry, it is said that wearing a moonstone necklace can work to sync your body with the lunar cycle. This can be particularly useful to anyone who struggles with an irregular, uncomfortable menstrual cycle. 

Gray Quartz Crystal

Grey quartz is also known as grey agate, and is a milky looking gray and white stone with a myriad of healing properties. 

Firstly, the calming energy of this stone is tangible, and all who come into contact with it seem to want to press it between the palm of their hands in order to soak up its secrets. Again, this is why cleansing your crystals is so important! Gray quartz is one of the most handled stones on the market. 

Working with grey quartz will lead to you being far more conscious of what thought patterns you allow into your life. Our thoughts don’t only affect our feelings, they create them, so taking hold of what you allow in, at any given moment, is crucial to your self-betterment!

Long-term wellbeing is the goal of gray quartz, as it has the ability to not only stabilize the aura, but also the yin and yang energies that exist within us all. It’s a slow working stone, one that you need to commit to for the long haul, but when the time of change comes, it does so with great strength. 

If your physical energies feel destabilized, grey quartz can help with these as well. Basically, this is a stone of grounding and security, so that you never have to feel like any of your energies are unbalanced and launching you off of the Earth. 


 black iridescent triangular smooth stone white background

Labradorite will be one of the most majestic and alluring crystals you ever lay your eyes upon. It’s unfathomable to think that this dark gray crystal formed deep beneath the surface of the Earth, and managed to encapsulate the entire light spectrum within its crystalline structure. 

As you hold and move a piece of labradorite, you’ll see the colors and textures change in unison. This is representative of how this stone works as a tool for transformation, enhancing the strength and the inner worthiness of the user in question. 

Labradorite is interesting because, despite falling under grey ray energy, the stone has a lot of blue and green in it as well. This allows it to connect quite significantly with the throat chakra, an energy center usually associated with blue ray energy. 

By stimulating this chakra we are encouraged to speak our truth, follow our passions and temper any negativity that may exist within ourselves. While this is happening, the energies of all other chakras are encouraged to express themselves. The throat chakra is the hub of self-expression, so it’s only natural for the other chakras to follow suit. 

This is also a mystical stone, as many believe it to have taken on the energies of both the sun and the moon, simultaneously. This is not something any other crystal has been able to do, so it’s a great gift that labradorite exists in the abundant way that it does. 

Botswana Agate

Botswana agate is a typically tumbled grey gemstone sourced from the Botswana region in Africa. These stones vary in color, and may even be a combination of both light and dark gray. 

Those who are deeply hurt or grieving can make use of Botswana agate for comfort and protection. Grief leaves us in our most vulnerable state before death, so one needs all the help they can get in keeping their energies above water for the foreseeable future. 

When used during meditation, the quiet energy of this stone will work to center your mind, body and spirit so that you can take advantage of this balanced state. Similarly, there is no time for dwelling on difficulties when it comes to Botswana agate; it’s a stone of solutions!

Some use Botswana agate to form a daily elixir made simply out of plain water. Place the stones in the bottom of your glass or water bottle, and allow them to charge the liquid for a few hours. When it comes time to drink, the water will energize every cell in your body that it comes into contact with. 

Botswana agate is today considered to be one of the more rare grey crystals, however, many years ago it was actually one of the most plentiful stones on Earth. It became scarce because many discovered that this was a luck-bringing stone, and wanted as much of it as possible for their own benefit, believing that the more pieces of the rock you acquired, the more luck would come your way. 

Grey Diamond

gold ring with gray crystal stone embedded

The grey diamond is not actually a widely known entity, despite being objectively beautiful. For years, many looked down upon this dark grey stone, associating imperfection as diamonds were supposed to be crystal clear and glistening. 

In truth, the grey diamond possesses far more beneficial properties than that of a regular diamond, and we’d all do well to start using this as the way to start our marriages from here on out. 

The stone gets its hue from an abundance of hydrogen within the crystalline composition. They aren’t always dark in shade, and some gray diamonds are so light that they look clear in certain lighting. Within the diamond industry, these shades may be referred to as charcoal, pigeon and silver. 

Grey diamonds work on our self confidence. They seek for us to accomplish our heart’s desires, and pay no mind to unproductively or procrastination. This stone can also be used to attract more support into your life, either from existing individuals or newfound friends. Grey diamonds can be a symbol of new beginnings, which is why few people are partial to using them as a symbol of marriage union. Perhaps, instead, we should gift grey diamonds to one another when going through divorce or separation. 

What’s great about grey diamonds is that they are a fraction of the price of regular diamonds, albeit equally as hard and durable. 

Grey Chalcedony

This particular stone comes in two gray variations: either white-grey, or gray-blue.

Chalcedony is all about what is happening on the inside of your mind, relative to emotions, peace and honesty. It believes that through these three elements we create our reality, so, when our sense of peace is undermined, our world can feel very up in the air. 

You’ll find increased mental abilities if you’ve been working with chalcedony over a long period of time. It’s a wonderfully cerebral stone and it may activate parts of the brain that would otherwise go unexplored due to fear. 

On a physical level, this stone has the ability to protect against certain infections and various health conditions. Like most grey stones, it forms a defective barrier between your healthy cells and the compromised ones, helping your immune system get ahead of them before deeper problems can arise. 

You may find that you feel particularly generous in everyday life when working with grey chalcedony. The essence of this stone is abundantly rooted, so your spiritual body starts communicating with your physical body and teaches it that to get one needs to give. It’s a beautiful lesson to learn in life, and the chalcedony delivers it in such a gentle way. 

Grey Tourmaline

Grey tourmaline is commonly referred to as indicolite, which stems from the word ‘indigo’. There is a subtle though distinct indigo hue present in each of these grey stones, making them some of the most beautiful forms of tourmaline in the world. 

Unlike their black counterparts, grey tourmaline is associated with the tranquility of water. This is representative of clear, honest communication and one’s ability to speak what the heart is telling them to speak. Like water, one needs to be transparent and versatile; only then may one thrive in the outside world. 

All forms of tourmaline work very closely with the root chakra, and they will bring about grounding even if this was not directly intended. There is no harm in grounding, and, so long as we wish to maintain a relatively enjoyable experience here on the Earthly plane, a certain level of roundedness is needed. 

Wearing grey tourmaline as jewelry is the best way to reap the benefits of this particular stone. 

Gibeon Meteorite

No two grey stones are alike, so it’s not surprising that Gibeon meteorite possesses another unfamiliar property for this ray energy: creativity. There were many ancient civilizations who knew the secrets of Gibeon meteorite, and how it had the ability to inspire a user to create something out of absolutely nothing. 

Before we go further, it’s fascinating to know how Gibeon meteorite even made it to Earth for us to take advantage of. The meteorite from which these rocks are derived is said to have fallen during prehistoric times. It was found in Namibia, and named after the nearest town: Gibeon. 

Anything that is pending in your vibration can be made into a reality by using this stone. We all have what is known as a ‘vibrational escrow’, in which all that we desire is simply awaiting an invitation to enter the physical experience. Gibeon meteorite can help put you into contact with this part of yourself, and open the floodgates for all of your manifestations to enter. 

One may find that they are shifted from the role of provider to consumer when working with Gibeon meteorite. 

Campo del Cielo

Campo del Cielo is a stone of deep grey, and one that could bring a sweeping change into your life if used correctly. This is another stone that came to Earth via a meteorite. It landed in Argentina and has been mined from there ever since. 

As a healing stone, Campo del Cielo is a success bringer. It fuels your growth in ways you didn’t even know you needed, seeking alternative avenues to the less successful routes you have likely been taking up until this point. 

Any illness within you that is related to impure blood can be worked through using Campo del Cielo. Use it by laying flat and placing the stone directly on the body. By cleansing the blood, you learn that no set back is ever permanent, and you can apply the same kind of cleansing to areas of your life that no longer serve your best interests. 

Eagle Eye Stone

We love eagle eye stone as it has the properties of both a grey and black crystal all wrapped into one. It is said to be able to guard against anything negative, not only repelling the energies but also absorbing any residual frequencies that linger thereafter. 

It also has the dual ability to protect from physical attacks, as well as emotional. The energy of the eagle is known to be strong and all-seeing, so, with the essence of this within the stone, there are few things that will go unnoticed. 

If you’ve been needing that push forward, but the people in your life are incapable of giving it, then the eagle eye stone will take on this role for you. In addition to this, any psychic attacks that are experienced along the way will be deflected from your state of mind before they can inflict any kind of lasting damage. 

Keep your eagle eye stone under your pillow and allow it to work as you sleep — this way, your subconscious is not being clouded by your ego as the work occurs. 


As you can see, we weren’t lying when we said that grey stones are so diverse and unique that no two possess the same properties. There are general benefits that come from working with grey crystals, but, for the most part, it is best to take your time in selecting the one that calls to your soul and its inherent needs. 

Grey crystals can be used to construct crystal grids, purify water, protect your space, heal the body, and even to amplify other crystals. No collection is complete until you’re the proud owner of any of the aforementioned entities — the question is, which to choose? 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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