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9 Best Brown Gemstones and Crystals: Complete Guide

pieces of yellowish brown smooth semi clear precious stones

In this post, we reveal the top brown gemstones and crystals and explain why you need them in your life. Let's get started!


Brown stones and crystals: you either love them, or you’re wildly indifferent. There is a unique connection that occurs between a brown crystal and a user; some say that when it happens, you’re bonded to that stone, vibrationally, for life. Read on and we’ll elaborate. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Brown Gemstones and Crystals 
  • Best Brown Gemstones and Crystals 
    • Axinite
    • Brown Quartz
    • Brown Tourmaline
      • Brown Tourmaline Meaning
    • Brown Jasper
    • Brown Agate
    • Tiger’s Eye
    • Brown Obsidian
    • Brown Aragonite 
    • Bronzite
  • Conclusion
slab of jagged brown crystal close up view

Meaning of Brown Gemstones and Crystals

When a brown gemstone is attracted into one’s experience, it generally means that there is a subconscious desire for connection to nature: a connection that may not yet exist or one that has been neglected until now. 

When considering brown crystal meaning, consider all of the elements that come to mind when thinking of the color itself. Earth, sand, autumn leaves, rock, animals: all entities that exist within brown ray energy and contribute to our overall experience of the natural world. 

The use of a brown crystal will work to connect your frequency to the natural world. One can only go so long avoiding this connection, as without it we are merely visitors to the planet and may continue to feel like outsiders if we don’t remedy this relationship. 

Usually, crystals come in an array of colors that are aligned with the spectrum of light, also known as the color ray energies. These same ray energies are present in every human being in what are known as the chakras. Green crystals, for example, work closely with the heart chakra as it is identified with green ray energy. 

Brown is not present on the energetic spectrum per say, however brown gems are naturally drawn to the root chakra, which is the energy center responsible for grounding. In working with the root chakra (usually represented by red ray energy), brown stones may pull an individual more deeply toward the Earth and ground them to the physical world. 

When you feel as though you may have forgotten your true nature, or as though the hustle and bustle of life is unfulfilling on a spiritual level, you’ll find great use in brown crystals to bring everything back into perspective. 

The brown stone meaning is that of settling, regrouping and growing roots, so that you no longer have to feel so up in the air about life’s unfolding. Use these stones to eliminate chaos, integrate with your surroundings, and to find a sense of peace in the current state of affairs no matter what they are. 

Cleansing Brown Crystals

pieces of yellowish brown smooth semi clear precious stones

Because they are naturally grounding tools, most brown gemstones have the ability to lightly self-cleanse (to a degree). Connection to the Earth is a form of energetic cleansing; that’s why human beings chase this connection so much! Since the crystalline structure of brown crystals are already so Earth oriented, these stones don’t hold on to nearly as much negative energy as their colorful counterparts. 

That being said, it is still necessary to give your brown stones a proper cleanse and recharge at least once a month, or as often as is viable. Similarly, it is best not to let anyone handle the brown crystals that you are working with, so as not to confuse the energetic attuning of the stone. 

Use any of the following methods to cleanse and recharge your stones as necessary:

  • Set your crystal collection out on a table, and burn any sacred incense or herbs over the stones. 
  • Leave your crystals out under the light of the full moon once a month, and retrieve them the following morning. 
  • Brown stones love the Earth, so burying them in your garden and leaving them there for up to 48 hours is a great mode of cleansing. 
  • Make or collect a saltwater solution and submerge your stones in it for up to 24 hours. 
  • Use prayer or meditation to set a cleansing intention for your stones. 
  • During a rainstorm, leave your crystals under the showers and retrieve them when it comes to an end. 
  • Running each crystal under a tap for one minute minimum is a convenient way of cleansing them. 

Best Brown Gemstones and Crystals


Axinite is one of the brown crystals that understands exactly how to bring about healing through the process of grounding. When we have remained ungrounded for a period of time, it is not uncommon for our physical cells to become strained and manifest into illness or disease. 

The adrenal glands are known to take the most strain when energetic imbalance has occurred, as well as our muscles and general vitality. Axinite grounds the user so intensely that any imbalances in these parts of the body can be brought right back into proper working order. A powerful healer, indeed. 

And it’s not just a physical healer: you may also use this stone to find growth and healing in your friendships. Stagnancy is not tolerated by axinite, so where there is a need for energetic movement you will be inspired to make it happen. 

Axinite is also known for being quite the memory enhancer. You don’t need much more than simply the intention for better memory, and a piece of the stone nearby at all times, to enjoy the benefits that axinite can bring to this area of life. 

This particular gemstone is generally quite affordable, and thus we recommend having more than one in your immediate surroundings. Keep one in your handbag, one in your car, one next to your bed, and one in the palm of your hand during meditation. 

Brown Quartz 

Brown quartz is also known as smokey quartz, and may sometimes be classified as a grey or black crystal depending on the particular crystalline formation. While it can reflect these ray energies in some lights, smokey quartz is actually very much a brown stone — look closely!

This is one of the better known brown precious stones, and it works to connect both the heart and the home with nature. It does this in the most relaxed fashion, never being abrupt or harsh about the changes that need to take place.

pieces of brown smooth stones different sizes close up view

Brown quartz wants us all to be secure and stable. It values composure and emotional calmness, so in the process you may find a lot of your anxiety is thrown to the wind. 

The smokey hue of the stone is testament to the ways in which it is able to pull electromagnetic smog and radiation from the atmosphere. This is a great stone to have near to you at all times, to prevent any influence of EMFs clouding up your brain. Some people choose to place a piece of smokey quartz by their laptops, microwaves, televisions and WiFi routers. 

Brown quartz is also a powerful detoxifier, and works quite closely with the digestive system of the user. You’ll get the greatest benefit from this if you lay flat with the stone placed directly on the gut; go into a state of light meditation and let the quartz work its magic. 

Brown Tourmaline

A more common name for brown tourmaline is dravite: a dark brown gemstone known for the strength of its grounding abilities. 

The strength of this grounding process comes from the stone’s unique ability to work not only with the root chakra, but also the heart chakra, simultaneously. There are no other brown crystals with this ability, and the codependency of these two chakras is grossly underestimated until they are both wide open and the user is experiencing the full benefit of this state. 

Brown tourmaline is an amplifier of life force energy. This is because life force energy needs a clear path in order to flow; so, the opening of the heart through to the root makes for quite the unobstructed route from heavens to Earth below. 

An overactive pineal gland is calmed by dravite, which in turn brings a sense of overwhelming peace of mind. We often blame the brain for running around in circles, but very often it’s actually just that third-eye zone that is keeping our mind from entering a state of rest. 

The brown stone for radical self-acceptance is none other than dravite. In order to fully accept ourselves and our role here in this realm, we need to feel a sense of stability. By grounding our chakras, we bring about this sense, and can work toward a more accepting and loving perspective of the self from it. 

More than this, dravite will actually guide you into working on each of your issues, instead of burying them to be dealt with in the future. You’ll find that any anxiety that was once present in your vibration is naturally cleared out during this process, as there is no longer a storage container full of problems just waiting to be unleashed. 

Brown Jasper

Brown jasper is a slightly green and brown stone, and the qualities of each ray energy will depend on the source of the stone. Some brown jasper may even look yellow!

If you’re in need of a gentle, daily reminder that the Earth is your home and that you are entirely welcome to take up space here, then brown jasper is the stone for you. It wants nothing more than for all humans to experience home on Earth, and to reconnect with the lost rituals and spirituality that ancient civilizations knew about. 

many pieces of brown smooth stones triangular shape different sizes

More than this, there is a deep ecological awareness that is brought forward when working with brown jasper. You’ll not only feel at home on Earth, but you’ll feel a sense of responsibility and protectiveness over the planet itself, as though we all need to be doing more to meet her needs. This can be a great motivator for anyone who has sought more innate purpose in their physical experience. 

Brown jasper works well to ward off any states of worry or panic, before they can become crippling to the individual. Wearing brown jasper as jewelry can help to keep anxiety attacks at bay until one is able to reach help.  

Brown Agate

Like all agate, this reddish brown gemstone is a very gentle nurturer, one that heals through comfort and proaction, rather than through drastic changes. 

You see, it is likely that users of brown agate have already experienced a drastic change, and are dealing with some residual trauma as a result. This is a stone for the grieving, and it doesn’t necessarily depend on what brought it about. Perhaps it is the loss of a pet, a loved one, or even the untimely end of a significant relationship: brown agate can soothe any individual back to a place of coping. 

Similarly, it may be that there is a great deal of hurt in your past, and while you may not necessarily still be grieving, you’ve been unable to move forward from the harm done. Brown agate can work through this pain body, vibrationally, by inviting the frequency of the natural world into your own existing frequency. 

Brown agate has the ability to stabilize one’s aura; you can help achieve this through the process of meditation.  

Tiger’s Eye 

How tiger’s eye got its name is no mystery; one look at this alluring stone and you’re taking on the properties of a tiger before you can say its name! This is a very regal, insightful and powerful stone; the innate essence of the tiger lives in each crystalline structure. 

five brown smooth stones arranged horizontally whit background

What better way to connect to the natural world than through an animal itself. Working with tiger’s eye will bring you unfounded protection from situations that may threaten either your physical or energetic body. You’ll likely experience immense insight toward complex situations that perhaps were never all that clear to begin with. 

Tiger’s eye is grounding, there’s no doubt about that. But it achieves this in a way that is different relative to other brown crystals. Tiger’s eye grounds through personal energy; instead of drawing the energy of the Earth into the user, it pushes the energy of the user into the Earth. 

If you’re a particularly fearful individual, a piece of tiger’s eye is something to have in your corner. This stone is not scared of anything, and you may have heard the old husband’s tale that recounts how witches throughout history always kept tiger’s eye within arm’s reach for situations that posed a threat to their existence. 

Brown Obsidian

You’ll find that a lot of retailers refer to brown obsidian as mahogany obsidian, due to the uncanny resemblance between this stone and mahogany wood. 

When there are repeated problems that keep finding you in life, brown obsidian can help to put a long term stop to them. It doesn’t interfere with the problems per se, but it actually strengthens the aura of the individual so that they eventually stop being invited in at a subconscious level. It’s magical work and worth every penny you spend on your first stone. 

In addition to strengthening the aura, brown obsidian will pull out any energetic blockages that are causing physical tension in the body. Tension holds us back from growth so, once this is no longer a factor, we are free to move forward and revel in the newness of life around us. 

In your time of need brown obsidian will offer strength, stability and a shoulder to cry on if you desire one. 

Brown Aragonite 

There is perhaps no energetic healer quite like brown aragonite. This crystal not only clears and activates all of the chakras, but also all of the meridians and the entire auric field — simultaneously!

This astounding ability is testament to the crystalline structure that holds the frequency of both the Earth and the heavens. In unison, there is no task too big, and the cleansing process happens quietly and without fuss. 

With aragonite, you’ll also be able to access higher levels of spiritual knowledge. Again, this is because the higher and lower planes are all stored in the vibration of the stone, and all that is needed to tap into them is sheer intention. 

We recommend using this stone prior to meditation, and not during. It’s far too grounding and will likely work against any kind of transportive meditation practice, keeping your feet and head firmly on the ground for the duration of the process. That being said, if wandering off into the ether is something you struggle with during meditation, and you’d like things to be a bit less intense, then aragonite may be a great tool to use. 


Not to be confused with tiger’s eye, bronzite is a golden speckled stone that has mastered the art of discernment, and it wants the same for all who work with it. 

This crystal wants us to address our lives from a loving perspective, in order to resolve anything unsettling that has been following us around for far too long. In this process, you’ll be given the tools of courage to take action on any thoughts and feelings that are bubbling beneath the surface. 

This stone helps us be of service to those who need it most. When we shift from serving  the self into being of service to others, we are living in the most natural frequency of the universe and will be rewarded accordingly. 

If there are any entities sending negative energy or intentions your way, the bronzite will actually send them right back to their source, almost like a deflective barrier between you and the individual.  


Brown stone may not be the eye-catching, mesmerizing crystals that we know and love, but there really is no meaningful existence on Planet Earth without them. They are instrumental in keeping the human form aligned, and grounded to the natural source; for this reason, we’d argue that no crystal collection is complete without brown ray energy representation. 

Use brown stones to build crystal grids in the home, to wear as jewelry, and to gift to those in need of some energetic help. Allow the brown to bring you down — in a good way!

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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