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15 Best Yellow Gemstones and Crystals: Complete Guide

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This is the ultimate guide to yellow gemstones and crystals! Discover the best kinds, their effects and how to use them. Let's dive right in!


What comes to mind when you think of the color yellow? Flowers? Gold? Sunshine? Yellow ray energy keeps us more anchored to the Earth than we know; here’s how crystals in this color can bring benefit to your life. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Yellow Gemstones and Crystals
  • Best Types of Yellow Gemstones and Crystals
    • Citrine Crystal
      • Citrine Healing Properties
    • Yellow Sapphire
    • Yellow Jasper
    • Yellow Quartz
    • Yellow Jade
    • Yellow Calcite
      • Yellow Calcite Meaning
    • Yellow Aventurine
    • Yellow Agate
    • Yellow Fluorite
    • Yellow Opal
    • Yellow Apetite
    • Yellow Garnet
    • Yellow Tourmaline
    • Amber
    • Golden Hematoid
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Yellow Gemstones and Crystals

three pieces of polished shaped prism yellow crystal rock

We’d forgive you for being drawn to yellow gemstones even before your awareness includes all that they have to offer. There is a certain blissful optimism that comes from simply gazing in their direction. With yellow crystals, most people buy first and research later, as opposed to the other way around. 

Yellow gems are all about expressing yourself in your most true manner. Like the energy of the sun, they are bright and nourishing; their light moves through our cracks and into the deepest parts of our souls where darkness has tried to prevail.

When working with yellow stones and crystals over a long period of time, it is not uncommon for one to feel compelled to explore new interests, and even relationships. As we said, everything feels as though it is being experienced through optimistic goggles, so nothing feels as unattainable as it used to. 

Within the human structure, there are seven distinct energy centers, known as chakras. Crystals usually work closely with these hubs, as they correlate to the different ray energies on the light spectrum. 

Yellow ray energy is distinguishable by the third chakra, also known as the solar plexus. This energy hub is located in the upper stomach, almost exactly between the heart and the belly button. 

Yellow stones will work to unblock, cleanse and recharge this energy center, as well as deliver any other healing benefits to that which they are uniquely associated. The solar plexus is the center of our personal power as a living entity; it governs our personality, our ego, and our freedom of choice. 

Authenticity lives in the solar plexus, and thus authenticity lives inside of all yellow stones. Any imbalances to this regard will be brought forward for the opportunity to be corrected. 

three pieces of smooth yellow stone close up view white background

Cleansing Yellow Crystals

Always keep in mind that yellow crystals are extremely gentle stones, and are thus susceptible to being easily contaminated by negative energies. No yellow stones have self-cleansing abilities, so they need your help in staying in their optimal conditions. 

We encourage all of our readers to cleanse and recharge their crystals at least once a month. If time allows for more regular cleansing, take advantage of it! The more you cleanse your crystals, the more you’ll be able to attune to their highest vibrations. 

Use any of the following methods to cleanse your yellow stones:

  • Burn incense or any sacred herbs over your stones while using prayer to set a cleansing intention 
  • Hold individual stones under running water for 1 minute each
  • Use the light of the full moon to cleanse crystals for up to 24 hours
  • Bury your stones under the Earth and leave them there for up to 48 hours 
  • Create a saltwater solution and submerge your crystals in it for as long as you desire (this method is only suitable for water-friendly stones)
  • Use a self-cleansing crystal to recharge all other stones.

Check out our complete guide to cleansing and charging your crystals.

Best Types of Yellow Gemstones and Crystals

Citrine Crystal 

At one time in history, naturally occurring yellow citrine was one of the most abundant crystals on the planet, found in all corners of the globe. This is no longer the case, and natural citrine is today considered to be a somewhat rare entity. 

Most citrine comes from the mountains of Russia and Madagascar. A significant amount has also been discovered in Kazakhstan. A stone containing citrine, that is more easy to find, is called ametrine: it consists of a mixture of amethyst and citrine, and is mined in certain parts of Brazil. 

The citrine birthstone is associated with the month of November. It shares this month with another stone known as topaz, and together they offer the perfect balance of strength and healing. Gift either of these stones to anyone celebrating their day of birth during November. 

Because of its rarity, this is a high risk crystal for inauthentic retailing. Polished citrine is easy to fake using glass and strategic yellow and orange dyes. Be sure to purchase citrine from a reputable retailer, and if the price feels too good to be true, it probably is! A decent sized piece of citrine is likely to retail at over $20 as a standard. 

Citrine Healing Properties

one unpolished yellow crystal rock close up white background

Working with a quality piece of raw citrine comes with a plethora of healing benefits, even for beginners starting out in the crystal game. 

Anyone suffering from fears, phobias or depression will find great benefit in keeping a piece of this stone nearby. A citrine necklace will stimulate the emotional body in ways that work to dispel these kinds of negative energies, allowing for freedom of the self to be experienced. 

If you struggle with concentration, citrine has the ability to revitalize the mind. When your emotions are balanced, it is much easier to focus on one thing at a time. Likewise, citrine is a creative stimulant; self expression is brought forward in ways that perhaps were never previously explored. 

Yellow citrine may sometimes be called citrine quartz by certain retailers. Because of its golden hue, citrine has also been linked to the bringing of wealth, prosperity and success. It can guide one to intellect that was not necessarily present prior to working with the stone. 

Yellow Sapphire

Like citrine, this yellow precious stone is also concerned with the attraction of wealth and prosperity. It will work to harmonize your own vibration with that of monetary vibration, allowing more of it to flow into your experience more regularly. 

Yellow sapphires are considered to be great stimulators of intellect and general focus. Students may find keeping a piece within reach at all times works to keep them very present during class and assignments. 

If you’ve been feeling particularly ambitious, but are unable or unaware as to how to pursue it further, then this yellow crystal can help. It seeks fulfillment, and you’ll be gently guided toward the best possible path. 

On a physical level, a yellow sapphire actually lifts impurities from the body and stimulates the lymphatic system. If you like to give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage every so often, use one of these stones directly on the skin to generate the needed friction. 

Some say yellow sapphire has the power to reunite lovers who have become separated. 

Yellow Jasper

Jasper comes in an array of different colors but, out of them all, we are always most fond of the yellow gem. 

This stone will hold your ground, and have your back, during times of intense stress. It supports and tranquilizes at the same time, so you really get the feeling that something has shifted for the better. 

Jasper is one of the yellow gemstones that is particularly linked to the solar plexus. Through the purification of this energy center, it offers dream recall and even shamanic journeying. This is incredible, especially considering these states are so often related to the upper chakras as opposed to the lower. 

This is also one of few light yellow crystals that has the ability to absorb negative energies. Jasper will hold them within the crystalline structure, awaiting opportunity to dispel them when given a cleansing. It’s important that you cleanse your jasper fairly regularly using any of the methods mentioned earlier. 

Yellow Quartz

hand holding three pieces yellow unpolished crystal rocks

Yellow quartz is playfully considered the stone for all Libras, as it assists with the inability to make decisions. It looks a lot like citrine, and is one of few yellow green gemstones, depending on the light. 

Yellow quartz is a powerful elixir for anyone feeling burnt out, nervous or panicked. Even exhaustion is no match for this yellow gem stone, as it reenergizes the user so that they might find relief from any form of fatigue or lethargy. It’s a great stone for anyone suffering from depression for this same reason.

This crystal wants you to learn from any and all experiences, be they current or in the past. It works so that you might gain self confidence from them, and see them for the lessons that they were, and not for the trauma that they may have caused. We are all worthy, necessary and loved in the energetic view of yellow quartz. 

Yellow Jade

When working with jade stones, it is usually the green ones that we find to be the most common and accessible. Yellow jade is considered to be the rarest of all the jades, and can present as light as the sun, or as dark as gold. 

When considering yellow gemstones and their meanings, it helps to look at the physical effects that a crystal can have on a human body. Only then can we truly comprehend the complexity of the vibration. Yellow jade works with the digestive system, and will actually increase the metabolism of the user. This is an astounding property for an Earth-based stone to possess. 

Yellow jade has the ability to soothe anxiety. It does this by pulling out whatever anxious frequencies are living within the solar plexus, allowing the body to be somewhat free of them, even if just for a few hours. Yellow jade is a wonderful stone to wear as jewelry. 

Jade is a stone of friendship and loyalty; use it to amplify existing relationships, or to attract new ones into your experience. If good fortune is something you feel has been lacking in life, yellow jade can work to attract more of this, too. 

Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite, which is sometimes fondly referred to as honey calcite, is another stone with a strong affiliation to all things solar plexus related. You may also find this stone listed as golden calcite on certain sites. 

Calcite can be opaque or clear in appearance; it depends on the origins and elements involved in formation. It is found in many parts of the world, and is thus not considered to be a rare crystal at all. Common origins include Peru, Brazil, Czech Republic, Belgium, Iceland and Romania. 

Calcite derives its name from the Latin word for limes, ‘calcit’. This is due to the fact that calcite occurs within limestone formations, as well as in marble. In addition to energy healing, calcite has actually been used as a building and carving material for thousands of years. 

Calcite doesn’t only occur in the hue of yellow; it can also be found in shade of gray, pink, black, green, brown and even blue. 

Yellow Calcite Meaning

A yellow crystal’s meaning is largely subjective; each stone will bring to the user exactly what they need, when they need it. 

A yellow calcite crystal is one to use when you’re struggling to let go of certain patterns that have been holding you back. Perhaps they are recurring throughout your life, and you feel the time has come to do things a little differently. Yellow calcite provides the opportunity for a clean emotional slate; one that is free of any self-doubt that has kept you in such a repetitive spiral. 

A lot of people use yellow calcite to enhance their own self confidence. It holds a very subtle yet vibrant energy that can be physically felt when placed on the solar plexus itself. It will bring optimism and hope for the future, even when things seem particularly dire. 

Use yellow calcite to create more stability in your physical world, as well as throughout your mental and emotional worlds. It may work to strengthen bones and teeth, as well as assist in keeping your circulatory system healthy. 

Yellow Aventurine

many pieces of tiny yellow smooth stones close up view

The golden light that radiates off of each piece of aventurine is undeniable. This stone, however, does not only occur in yellow: in fact, green aventurine is one of the most common healing crystals around. 

When found in yellow, aventurine embodies the essence of compassion and understanding. It wants this not only for the user, but for everyone with whom the user comes into contact. 

Emotions are rapidly balanced with yellow aventurine. Any presence of grief or suffering will be neutralized, so that they are no longer able to hold the individual back from moving forward. Grief can come in many different forms, either from death, heartbreak or loss of an opportunity. It’s highly subjective, but yellow aventurine isn’t so much concerned with the context as it is the healing. 

When attuned to the physical body, yellow aventurine works as an anti-inflammatory. Headaches, allergies and sinus infections can be healed with frequent use of this crystal. Use it daily for optimal results. 

Yellow Agate

What’s wonderful about this particular crystal is that it holds absolutely all of the properties of regular agate, as well as all healing properties associated with the yellow ray energy. These include the amplification of will power, logic, enhanced memory and optimal concentration. 

In addition to this, yellow agate delves deep into that solar plexus chakra that we’ve heard so much about in order to bring past mistakes to the surface so that learning and healing can take place. 

The result is more self confidence than you probably thought was possible; this is what a lot of religious users of agate report after just a few short weeks!

If your aura has become destabilized due to trauma that resulted in a fight or flight reaction, yellow agate can bring things back into balance. Any lingering negativity will be transformed, so that it reenters the world from a less harmful frequency. 

Yellow Fluorite

It’s not common for fluorite to occur in the yellow ray energy, but when it does it is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing crystals on the market. Yellow fluorite looks like layers of yellow, gold, black, brown and honey — in that order!

This is a powerful stone for work on the mind. Clarity and intellect go hand in hand, but the fluorite will also bring you certain psychic advantages, as well as the ability to visualize for the purpose of manifestation. 

In comparison to other forms of fluorite, the yellow version is less calming and more energizing. It gives power, as opposed to pacifying that where too much power is present. Yellow fluorite will clear out any unwanted energies that feel as though they are lingering within your frequency; it’s a great crystal to hold in the palm of your hand just after you exit a mall, as the energy of other individuals may have attached themselves to your aura. These can pose risks to your alignment later on.  

Yellow Opal

one oval shaped polished smooth gem stone on a fluffy background

Like yellow fluorite, yellow opal is also incredibly revitalizing and energizing. It will uplift the user to the point of self-removal of blockages, which is quite the impressive feat. Usually, blockages require outside influence in order to be properly dispelled. 

Yellow opal is known as the stone of the gods, and is an entity of unwavering freedom and unconditional love. You may also experience musical visions or psychic activity when in the presence of your yellow opal. 

Self worth lives within the solar plexus. When we struggle to feel worthy, it simply means there is a blockage in this energy center. It really is that simple! By using yellow opal one can remove any blockages and allow the feeling of worthiness to rise up until it reaches the crown, where it can emerge as a free and known entity.  

Yellow Apetite

Yellow apetite is also known as golden apetite, and it is considered to be one of the purest of all crystals available within the yellow ray energy. This is a stone of extreme mental clarity, and successful manifestation. 

Yellow apetite wants you to set goals, and then achieve them. It’s a dual action stone in this regard, and will do everything in its power to pave the way for you to find success in whatever way rings true to you. 

Sorrow and anger are neutralized via the use of apetite, so these are fantastic crystals to gift to someone in need. Apetite is also associated with the absorption of calcium, which works to regenerate any cells that have been compromised due to illness or low energy. Some say yellow appetite is particularly effective on joint and muscular problems. 

Yellow apetite isn’t necessarily considered to be rare, but finding pieces larger than the palm of a hand is uncommon. 

Yellow Garnet

Yellow garnets weren’t discovered until 1994, which makes them quite a point of excitement within the precious gem world! They were found in Mali, in Africa, and offered a gentle yellow hue which was welcomed alongside the existing scarlet and green counterparts. 

A yellow garnet can be difficult to get a hold of; only a certain amount are pulled from the African mines each year, so this gem remains quite a precious relic. 

Garnets work with our innate passion and tantric energy flow. When they occur in yellow, the energy heads straight for the solar plexus chakra, where it works to open up the center so that life force energy flows without obstruction. 

Yellow garnet also has quite a way of bringing out gratitude in individuals who maybe struggle with this kind of expression. It does so in a natural, non-invasive manner which doesn’t overwhelm the user into feeling like they have been possessed by an external entity; it’s all very consensual and trusting. 

Yellow Tourmaline

pieces of unpolished yellow crystal rocks close up view white background

Tourmaline is usually jet black, so when this crystal occurs within the yellow ray energy, it brings a lot of unexpected benefits to the table. 

Yellow tourmaline has a way with negative energies that seek to bring down the vibration of an individual. It breaks them down, which causes them to weaken by the minute, and thus they can be sent out into the world to be reabsorbed by low vibratory beings who magnetize that kind of experience, either consciously or unconsciously. 

This stone has a powerful stimulating energy. It works like an electromagnet, pulling the bad and transmuting them into good. 

Again, when working with the solar plexus chakra, yellow tourmaline will provide self confidence, tolerance and prosperity. Both the left and right sides of the brain will be brought into harmony with one another, which is actually not a common state for human beings to exist in. 


Amber may occur in yellow ray, or it may appear to be a dark, dirty brown. Either way, the properties that it is able to offer a human being remain the same, and there is great benefit to be found in these intricate entities. 

Amber is not only a balancer of emotions, but also an attractor of good luck. We can’t tell you what this kind of dual experience does for one’s self confidence; you’ll feel like the king of the world, or at least of your own world!

Another dual action ability of amber is that it removes fears and headaches. For every metaphysical experience there is usually a physical one, so these two go hand in hand and can be treated with amber stone. 

If you struggle with patience, amber can help show you better frames of reference from which to approach adverse situations. Gift amber jewelry to new mothers who are feeling overwhelmed by their newfound lack of time and freedom. 

Golden Hematoid

Golden hematoid is the combined crystal of hematite and quartz. It may sometimes be referred to as yellow hematoid quartz. 

Love and light are all that this crystal knows or cares about. Any negativity or darkness needs to be worked right through the crystalline structure in order to emerge on the side of light, where it belongs. 

It is a stone of stability, helping users to develop a sense of grounding in their lives, especially when things feel unsteady or at risk. It works directly with the mind, body and spirit simultaneously, which is not a common ability for most Earth-derived crystals. 

The biggest benefit that comes from working with golden hematoid is that it teaches one to distinguish between conscious reactions and subconscious ones. This kind of knowledge can be instrumental in allowing one to better navigate the world and be less reactive to things that actually don’t deserve any output of energy. 


Yellow stones are joyous and inviting little entities, and we all need at least one to complete any crystal collection! We also recommend that anyone seeking to build crystal grids within the home invest in some yellow stones to balance the energy rays.

Whether you wear your yellow crystals on your body, use them during meditation, or simply keep them in your home, just be sure to have them in mind when you feel that pierce of energy in your solar plexus area. Life happens, and when it does it hits us right there in the gut. Turn to your yellow stones every time, and you’ll be just fine. 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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