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12 Best Red Gemstones and Crystals: Complete Guide

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In this post, we discuss the top red gemstones and crystals and tell you everything you need to know about using them. Let's get started!


Red represents the element of fire, and we see it frequently in nature. When it occurs in stone it’s quite a sight to behold. Here are 12 red gemstones and crystals that you need to know about!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Red Gemstones and Crystals
    • Cleansing Red Crystals
  • Best Types of Red Gemstones and Crystals
    • Garnet
    • Carnelian
    • Red Jasper
    • Ruby
    • Red Agate
    • Rhodonite
    • Red Beryl
    • Bloodstone
    • Hematite
    • Cinnabar
    • Sardonyx
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Red Gemstones and Crystals

fingers holding tips of clear polished crystal rock red tints

The red ray energy is easily interpreted and understood from an early age. Children consider the color and attribute to it words like “passion”, “rage” and “determination”. This is not a consequential interpretation; red ray energy carries an innate life force within it that is intuitively felt.

Red crystals and stones are highly energetic stones. They are action-seekers, as opposed to pacifiers, and they will the user to find their stamina in order to attain purpose. Essentially, one seeks the aid of red crystals when the zest for life has been lost and it feels as though time is simply passing you by. 

Crystals work with the human body via the energy centers known as the chakras. The full spectrum of light energy is located here, and different crystals correspond with different hubs. Generally, the color of a stone is how we can tell which energy center it will work closely with. 

Red gemstones correlate to what is known as the root chakra. This is the lowest of the seven chakras, and it is situated at the base of the spine, where your body meets with the ground when you sit down. 

Through this chakra, red stones deliver vitality and passion. Our root chakra is responsible for the grounding of our physical and mental bodies, allowing us to feel anchored to Earth and not as though we are floating through time and space, aimlessly. 

By working with red crystals, one will be able to harness a vast amount of grounding energy through the root chakra, either down into the Earth, or up through the other six energy centers. It is very easy to use red crystals, which makes them great stones even for absolute beginners. 

On that note, all well curated crystal grids need at least one or more red stones to be present. This brings a balancing of energies and ensures the ‘fire’ element is represented. 

Finally, a lot of red crystals are energetically linked to life force energy, which is situated in the root chakra. Life force energy also manifests physically as blood, so there are many red crystals that work directly with the blood of the human body. Some target flow, others purify, and some even have influence over excessive bleeding — we’ll get deeper into each of these as we break down our roundup of the 12 best red gems!

Cleansing Red Crystals

Red crystals hold a lot of energy, and thus need to be regularly cleansed and recharged. Because they work with an intense, passionate energy, most red stones are not partial to being cleansed with water. 

We’d recommend any of the following alternative methods of cleansing, and suggest that they be applied at least once a month (more if you have the time!):

  • Burn incense or sacred herbs over your red gems. 
  • Leave your crystals out in the moonlight on the night of a full moon. 
  • Bury your red stones in the garden, allowing them to remain under the Earth for up to 48 hours. 
  • Lay your stones on a bed of Himalayan salt, and allow them to sit for as long as possible. Some people choose to store their stones this way permanently. 
  • Use self-cleansing stones, like selenite, to cleanse your red crystals. 

To learn more, check out our comprehensive guide to cleaning and charging your crystals!

Best Red Gemstones and Crystals

pinkish red unpolished crystal rock close up view white background


There are many different types of garnet stone that occur naturally in the Earth’s crust, three of which manifest with a red hue. The most commonly found red type is called ‘pyrope’, which is often used in jewelry. A garnet ring is a beautiful tool to gift someone in need of energetic work. 

Garnet seeks to help a user turn their dreams and visions into reality. It does this by first connecting your root chakra to the Earth, so that you feel safe and capable; from here, you’ll be able to go after whatever it is that your heart desires. 

If you’ve accumulated any bad karma in this life, garnet will help you to release it on a subconscious level, freeing you from any negative impact later on in life. Use this stone to amplify your ability to meditate and manifest! Criticism will cease to affect you once you begin working with garnet. 

If you are concerned with imbalance in your sex drive, garnet can help. Garnet understands tantric energy like no other stone, and can help to bring whatever blockages are present back into flow state. 


Carnelian is a stone of enhanced sexuality, vitality and universal courage. Instead of only working with the root chakra, carnelian works with the next two up as well. It brings them into perfect sync, and when this happens you’ll notice a change in your ability to experience and release adversity without it affecting you. 

Life force energy is encouraged to surge with carnelian. This red crystal is considered to be a stone of luck and opportunity. A lot of people like to keep a piece of carnelian in their pocket during interviews. This is also a wonderful tool for those in leadership positions who need to have optimal decision making ability. 

Carnelian is said to stimulate the reproductive organs and make one increasingly fertile. Fertility is often linked to energetic balance, so it’s not unthinkable that a red crystal could affect this area of one’s life. 

Similarly, if you need that spark brought back into your relationship (sexually), carnelian will turn up the heat. Any sexual anxieties you may have been harboring will be pulled right out of the equation. 

Red Jasper

pieces of red smooth stones close up view

Of all the red gemstones, red jasper is the one you want to remember. This is a stone that is able to do deep, therapeutic work on individuals who have suffered from any form of sexual trauma or abuse. 

If you’ve had one or more sexual encounters that have left you feeling taken advantage of, guilty or highly shamed, red jasper will help to rebalance and dispel these energies from affecting you long term. Gift red jasper to a friend who is struggling with a similar experience. 

Likewise, red jasper can also be used to prolong sexual pleasure in the user and their partner. If this is a point of struggle, work closely and vulnerably with this stone for maximum effect. 

Red jasper works to activate the kundalini energy in the user, starting from the base chakra and working its way up. This is your life force, and you will be guided to reclaiming it. The root chakra tends to be particularly affected when it comes to questionable sexual encounters; it usually seals itself right up as a form of protection. 

Red jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It’s one of the most essential crystals for any comprehensive crystals collection. 


You’ll often hear of people within the spiritual community who favor a ruby ring over a diamond when it comes time to get engaged. Ruby engagement rings carry healing properties that are often overlooked, as some people see them only for their aesthetic appeal. 

These dark red gemstones are as passionate as stones can be. If there is a fire to be ignited inside of you, ruby will get it done. 

What’s more, ruby is able to heal infections and cure blood clots in those suffering with physical ailments. It does so by pushing energetic blockages away from the affected zones, so that your cells have a moment to breathe and regenerate. 

In addition to the root chakra, ruby also works closely with the heart chakra, which is uncommon for red precious stones. Having your root and heart chakra balanced to one another is one of the most grounding yet uplifting experiences available energetically. 

Check out a crystal known as ‘ruby in zoisite’; it’s technically green, but features our beloved ruby throughout its rock body. 

Red Agate

pieces of red smooth stones close up view

Red agate comes with many names. Some know it as fire agate, while others refer to it as blood agate. The name is not important, and this dark red crystal retains deep ties to ancient mineralogy and mythology.

The reason red agate is sometimes referred to as ‘blood agate’, is because one of its strongest properties is its ability to heal blood-based disorders, as well as excessive bleeding. If you struggle with particularly heavy menstruation, carrying a piece of red agate with you can help to balance it. 

Ancient civilizations used these stones to help individuals suffering from eating disorders. Back then, an eating disorder would have been little more than a loss of appetite from illness, but today, an eating disorder generally has a very different manifestation — but red agate can still help!

Red agate works with the root and sacral chakras. This is where we hold a lot of shame, as human beings, so having them opened and balanced can bring beautiful revelations to one’s life.


Rhodonite is one of the red gems that is arguably pink in some instances. The stones occur differently in different parts of the world, some with a darker hue, and some much lighter. 

Physical and emotional wounds are the target for rhodonite. Anything you have been carrying around that is contributing to your overall state of dis-ease will be brought to the surface and dispelled.

Rhodonite also strengthens existing relationships. It encourages forgiveness and does healing work so that those in co-creation with a significant other do not get roadblocked by suppressed emotions. 

Inside each human being there is the balancing energy of yin and yang. Not all of us are able to keep these energies in perfect harmony, however, and rhodonite can help when it seems most unattainable.

Red Beryl

four pieces of square shaped unpolished red crystal rocks

Beryl is an uncommon crystal, and will likely be difficult to get a hold of. If you do encounter a retailer who stocks it, opt for the red version of the stone. 

Red beryl assists in shedding unwanted emotional baggage. Anything you have been piling up inside, and making no effort to heal or release, will be removed from your frequency so that you can start to thrive in those stagnant areas of life. Our emotions can hold us back quite significantly, and we don’t even realize it.

What’s wonderful about red beryl is that it is highly resistant to toxins and pollutants. Anything in your environment that seeks to contaminate your vibration will be neutralized, or physically pulled from the air and stored within the stone. It is therefore important to cleanse your red beryl frequently.

When you need to realize your unique potential, make use of red beryl. This stone can also be used to enhance the experience of meditation. 


Sometimes bloodstone is more green than red, and sometimes it is more red than green. It depends on the mass of stone in question, but regardless this crystal is known for having a distinct ‘Christmas’ vibe to it. 

Bloodstone, as the name suggests, is an excellent blood cleanser and powerful healer of the cells. It has a unique connection to the human body: one that allows it to do energetic work that affects physical matter. 

Bloodstone will increase your creativity, and ground you in the process. Creativity is a channeling experience, but when left to run amok it can cause the experiencer to feel displaced, detached and ungrounded. Bloodstone will anchor you to the Earth and let the creative juices flow through you like a conductor. 

Bloodstone thrives in the face of adversity. It wants the user to be prepared for anything, and it is a good tool to keep nearby if you experience bullying at home, school or in the workplace. 

You’ll be encouraged to think calmly and clearly about any situation you find yourself in. 


unpolished red rock close up view white background

Most hematite is sold as a charcoal gray stone. In its purest, raw form, hematite is actually red in hue, and it is the refining process that makes it appear gray. 

Hematite is considered to be a kind of magnet, and was named after the Greek word for blood. They would use the stone as an amulet against bleeding. It also works to stimulate the absorption of iron in the small intestine, and improve flow of blood through the rest of the body. This is another red crystal that is deeply connected to life force energy/blood. 

Many like to wear hematite as jewelry, as keeping it close is said to enhance existing relationships and increase intuition. The root chakra is not only unblocked and recharged with this stone, it is amplified. 

When hematite touches the skin directly, there is a tangible feeling of calm and centeredness. It eliminates negative energy in the entire body, and holds it tight within its crystalline structure where it can no longer harm you. Cleanse your hematite on a regular basis!


Cinnabar occurs occasionally in quartz, and some know this crystal compound as ‘dragon’s blood’. 

Any genius or mystic tendencies you’ve been harboring in your psyche will be brought to light when working with cinnabar. It is a stone of alchemy, magic and transformation.

Cinnabar is concerned with human circulation. It seeks to purify and better prepare the body to fight disease by promoting the flow of blood through all systems. Yes, another blood obsessed red crystal!

Cinnabar is a stone of abundance and prosperity. When you are struggling to bring your manifestations to fruition, use cinnabar during meditation. You can also attune this stone to your desires by placing it in areas where you would like manifestation to occur. For example, keeping a piece where you keep your credit cards will likely bring more money into your experience. 

If you’re simply looking to forge a deeper connection with your spiritual self, cinnabar can facilitate it. 


slab of raw red precious rock close up view white background

Sardonyx is a gorgeous stone, and presents as a striped entity with different hues of red, orange and white.

Darker pieces of sardonyx can be used for the healing of chronic back pain. Carry one with you for a few weeks and the attuning will take place naturally. 

After performing deep spiritual work, or using plant medicines, one can use sardonyx to bring themselves back down to Earth. It also works with the root chakra, and will anchor the user to the ground so that it is easier for all of their bodies to come back into alignment. 

Sardonyx will make you a person of integrity. All of your relationships will seem to thrive when working with this stone, and you’ll potentially feel it is on account of others. But sardonyx is essentially making you more true, honest and compassionate, which is being felt and appreciated by those around you. 

Sardonyx makes a great point of focus during meditation. 


Red stones may not be the most abundant of the Earth’s crystals, but there is something undeniable about how they are able to work with human beings. It feels almost soul contractual, especially when one considers their effect on the physical body! 

No crystal collection, or crystal grid, is complete without at least a few red gems. Keep them close, make use of them during meditation, and gift them to others who are in need of some tangible healing.

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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