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14 Best Pink Crystals and Stones: Complete Guide

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In this post, we reveal the top pink crystals and stones, including how to use them in your life. Let's get started!


Wondering how pink crystals could add value to your life? We’ve been on a pink crystal journey for a while, and feel it’s time to put it all into a comprehensive roundup for beginners and experienced crystal healers alike. Read on to find out all there is to know about these enchanting entities. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Pink Crystals
  • Best Types of Pink Crystals
    • Pink Tourmaline
      • Pink Tourmaline Meaning
      • Pink Tourmaline Birthstone
    • Watermelon Tourmaline
    • Pink Sapphire
    • Rose Quartz
    • Pink Quartz
    • Kunzite
    • Morganite 
    • Lepidolite
    • Pink Calcite
    • Pink Amethyst
    • Pink Spinel 
    • Rhodochrosite
    • Pink Danburite
    • Flamingo Topaz
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Pink Crystals

Pink is one of the least naturally occurring colors in the physical realm. We find it manifesting occasionally in flowers, sunsets and the odd bird or sea creature, and we find it as the light reflection of a handful of crystals native to Planet Earth. 

Because of their perceived rarity, pink gemstones are pleasing to the eye, and make for great gifts when you’re at a loss for what crystals a specific person may need. A lot of people are under the common misconception that all pink crystals work with the heart chakra; we perceive the heart as a zone of red/pink loving energy. 

unpolished pink rock pink background close up view

On the contrary, the heart chakra is associated with the green ray energy, so pink stones and crystals are not isolated to one specific area of the human chakra center. They are extremely versatile, and the different stones will correspond to unique energy centers. Pink stones are not limited to just one specific chakra zone. 

Chakra hubs aside, pink crystals are extremely gentle entities. They have soft frequencies, albeit high vibrating ones. Pink stones have a profound effect on the human aura, and they do deep work, particularly in the emotional body. 

Almost all pink crystals are concerned with love and the essence of being held in safety. They are protective in ways that darker crystals are not. What we mean by this is that pink stones aren’t concerned with physical protection but instead protect by radiating a loving shield that can’t help but filter out any questionable energies. 

This is another reason that pink gems make for great gifts. A pink crystal's meaning is largely subjective, allowing for each individual to take exactly what they need from the stone in relation to their current personal experience. 

Pink stones vary quite significantly in terms of pricing. This is because some of the stones are abundant to the Earth and easy to mine, whereas others are more rare and can’t be found easily. 

Best Types of Pink Crystals

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline Meaning

tiny pieces of pink unpolished crystal rocks white background

This is a dark pink stone that may look dark purple in certain lights. Pink tourmaline assists with the emotional releases needed for the individual who is seeking healing. Old patterns of pain and destructive feelings the diminished self-worth will be brought into balance and abolished, in time. 

Pink tourmaline wants the user to have confidence in themselves, as well as trust. It’s only from this state of mind that we can begin to replenish our emotional body. 

If there is clinging to the past, you’ll be guided as to how to let go of that which is no longer serving you. Pink tourmaline embodies trust, and when trust is betrayed it understands that human beings struggle to move forward. 

Similarly, this stone will help you to have sympathy for others who are walking tumultuous paths. It is a deeply humanitarian crystal and wants the best for society at large, not simply the individual user. Unconditional love and friendship can be found when using this gemstone. 

Tourmaline comes in a number of different shades, including black. Some believe that wearing black tourmaline alongside the pink works to strengthen and amplify the individual properties of both stones. 

Pink Tourmaline Birthstone

Pink tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October. It shares this role with opal, and both can be used to represent birth during this time of the year. 

Opal is the more universally recognized birthstone for October, and few people ever make reference to pink tourmaline. It is a vastly overlooked gemstone!

Both opal and pink tourmaline are considered to be dazzling and prophetic. Pink tourmaline was named in Sri Lanka, and is derived from the word ‘toramalli’ which means a mix of gems. They were referring to the variety of colors that tourmaline rocks had manifested in. 

Those with birthdays in October might like to wear pink tourmaline as jewelry. The stones look wonderful cut into earrings, and can be mistaken for pink diamonds. It is also recommended that one keep a bigger piece of tourmaline in the home, either next to their bed or on display in their living area. From here it can start to bring benefit to everyday life. 

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline is technically not solely a pink gemstone. It’s actually a combination of pink and green tourmaline, all fused together into one crystal. The result is quite astounding; it looks like an actual slice of watermelon, only glassy and fragile. 

Watermelon tourmaline is one of the pink precious stones that actually does work quite closely with the heart chakra. This is thanks to the presence of the green ray energy in the crystal, tying into the green chakra center also known as the heart. 

raw pink crystal rock green lining close up view white background

The tourmaline will cleanse and remove any blockages in this particular energy hub. Where the frequency of love has become stagnant, it will start to move once again, allowing the user to enjoy relief and a tangible feeling of forward motion . 

If there are any insecurities being carried in the heart, the watermelon tourmaline will remove these as well. 

The presence of the two different types of tourmaline in one stone gives this pink crystal the embodiment of both masculine and feminine energy. It’s kind of the yin yang of the crystal world, helping the user balance both life-forces within themselves. 

We recommend using watermelon tourmaline during meditation by holding it in the palm of your hand. Allow its calming frequency to wash over you so that you may delve deeper into the meditation realm than you are usually able to. 

Pink Sapphire

The color red is usually associated with fire, passion and masculinity. When red is toned down into pink, the energy shifts to a more feminine, rational and calmer state. This is not to say that one is male or female, as the energy of masculinity and femininity resides in all of us equally. 

Instead of that red fire, the pink stone is more determined, committed and thoughtful. Pink sapphire is a wonderful tool for anyone who is looking to embark on a new journey in terms of career, relationships or relocation. 

This is another great stone to use during meditation by holding it in the palm of your hand and focusing intent from your mind’s eye. A lot of people express concern over the size of a crystal when using it in this manner, believing that the stone should be of substantial size and weight in order to have any effect. This is inaccurate, and even a ring sized piece of pink sapphire can work wonders on the human aura. 

Always remember that, within the energetic world, pink is the color of new love and new romance. It’s a lover bringer, and also a luck bringer, and serendipitous moments are necessary for all of these experiences to manifest in your life. 

Rose Quartz

one piece pink unpolished crystal rock prism shaped top

Speaking of love, there never was a more love-oriented stone than that of rose quartz. Rose quartz is a pink gem that is considered to be one of the most abundant crystals to Planet Earth. They are easy to find and retail for next to nothing, so a lot of people use them to build expansive crystal grids in the home. 

Rose quartz has played many different roles throughout many different cultures and civilizations. At its core, it has always been a stone of gentle loving care, as well as a stone of fertility. Gift this to anyone who needs help with the latter. 

From a loving perspective, rose quartz is surprising in that it is far more concerned with love of self than it is for love of others. Love of others will come as a natural result once love of self is attained. Self love isn’t something that happens over night; it requires deep energetic work and releasing of harmful thoughts that diminish our ability to love ourselves unconditionally. 

Look to this stone for a full reset of the heart chakra: one that will actually induce better physical circulation of the blood in the body. There is much to be gained from this pink stone. 

Pink Quartz

Pink quartz is another way of referring to rose quartz, and some ancient civilizations preferred this name as they had no frame of reference (at the time) for roses and would have wondered: what is a pink gem called? The color was the more obvious label for this light pink crystal. 

One thing worth noting about pink quartz is how deeply connected it is to the experience of friendship. Most consider it the stone of love and romance, but really pink quartz just wants users to make meaningful connections with the people around them: connections not rooted in romance, expectation or limitation. 

If there is a friendship in your life that you feel could use a period of refreshment, bring a piece of pink quartz into the equation. You don’t have to gift it to the other individual necessarily, but you can use focused intent to draw a connection between both of your hearts, allowing whatever changes or healing needs to take place. 


pink crystal rock close up view black background

Kunzite are pink semi precious stones that are sometimes mistaken for very light pieces of amethyst. Amethyst is indeed a purple crystal, but in certain shades it looks like a mild pink. 

Kunzite is an exceptionally joyful stone. Beginners who acquire a piece of this tend to remark that they simply feel good when it is around, and they don’t necessarily know why. In terms of pink stone meaning, kunzite opens the heart and then connects it with the mind. 

In this process, the user is able to bridge a very significant gap that usually goes decades without being acknowledged. Harmony between heart and mind is the surest path to making better decisions, fewer mistakes and more conscious movements in everyday life. 

Whilst using kunzite, you’ll not only be more open to experiencing love, you’ll also be far better at reciprocating it. For some, this is untouched territory and not something that comes naturally to them. 

On a physical level, kunzite actually strengthens the muscles of the heart. Anyone with cardiac issues will do well to keep a piece of this pink healing stone close by at all times. Likewise, if you struggle with nervousness, carrying kunzite on your person throughout the day will pacify this experience. 


This pink gemstone name resonates with anyone named Morgan, and is one of few Earth crystals with a personified-sounding label. 

Morganite is a clear pink stone and is the embodiment of innocence. There is no crystal more sweet, accepting or gentle than morganite, so much so that the stone actually intimidates a lot of people when they read  about its properties. Remember, pink crystals and their meanings are there to guide you to feeling some sort of resonance between your energetic body and the stone in question; even a feeling of intimidation is a sign that something is resonating and that this is probably a tool you’re being called to work with. 

Because of it’s gentle nature, morganite can be easily damaged physically. For this reason, it is not recommended to wear morganite as jewelry, or to have it on you during physical activities where it may collide with hard surfaces. Keep it safe!

This is an excellent healer of trauma and grief, no matter how long ago said trauma or grief occurred. Morganite will bring anything suppressed to the surface to be released, and it will do so in the most gentle way, almost as though you are revisiting the events from the innocent perspective of a child’s point of view. There is unbelievable forgiveness and unconditional love available when one taps into this energy. 


raw unpolished pink rock close up details white background

Lepidolite is one of those dark pink crystals around which there is much debate as to whether it is pink or, in fact, purple. The truth is that some formations of lepidolite manifest as a very distinct dark pink, while others are undeniably dark purple. You’re essentially free to choose your preference when investing in this stone. 

Lepidolite is used widely in helping individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. It does this by opening up the throat, heart and third eye chakras simultaneously, and helps move  any energetic blocks right through to the crown where they can be met with pure light energy. These blockages will be released through the crown and sent out into the ether, away from where they can bother the individual seeking healing. 

It has a profound effect on both the brain and the nervous system. This is linked to the 7th chakra, also known as the crown, which was referred to in the last paragraph. 

Lepidolite contains lithium in its compound, which is a substance found in most anxiety medications. This is further testament to why lepidolite makes for a great gift to anyone with an anxious tendency. 

Pink Calcite

Pink calcite may also be known as manganoan calcite, which is important to note when it comes to pink crystal identification. 

These natural pink crystals are the embodiment of peace and wellbeing, and are also able to unblock the flow of energy between the crown and the heart chakras. Once this happens, there is little to nothing that could possibly set you off of your center. Even in the face of adversity, having flow in these areas will allow you to handle things without becoming overly emotional about them. 

Pink calcite wants all users to have a direct experience with universal love. This is the frequency of abundance, and it is our most natural state of being — only we seem to forget this from time to time. 

One can use pink calcite to attract new opportunities, as well as opportunities for others. Calcite is a stone with the ability to direct energy wherever the user deems necessary, so use it to pray for those in need and anyone who you feel could benefit from any of the properties. 

Calcite is also an energetic amplifier, so use it on a crystal grid to make the rest of your collection more powerful.  

Pink Amethyst 

hand holding raw pink crystal geode close up view

Pink amethyst occurs when small pink crystals break off from the larger purple amethyst stone, giving them a gentle pink appearance. In this process, pink amethyst adopts a lot of similar properties to rose quartz, combined with the generic properties of regular amethyst. Don’t be alarmed if there are pale undertones of purple in your pink amethyst crystal. 

Balance and overall peace are the most distinguished properties of this particular crystal. If you’re seeking better understanding, more grace and heightened trust, pink amethyst can bring it into your life with lasting effect. 

There is usually a deep sense of knowing that comes from working with pink amethyst, and one is likely to feel it within just a few days of attuning to the stone. We encourage all new users to keep a piece nearby throughout their days, and to give this particular crystal regular cleansing and recharging. 

Pink Spinel

Pink spinel is unlike most other pink gems in that it has the ability to purify negative energy. In the process, it also works to replace negative energy with positive energy, meaning that there is less room for said negativity to flow back in the long term. It’s all very technical, but it gets the job done without you having to lift a finger. 

If you are susceptible to building up stress and anxiety to the point of a panic attack occurring, pink spinel makes a fantastic companion. It will delay or prevent the culmination of a panic attack from occurring.

This is also a powerful physical healer. Pink spinel works well with people suffering from chronic illness and fatigue. It protects the user in a quiet manner, working to dispel any negative forces from penetrating the cells further. In this way, the existing cells are given a break and have time to start their regeneration. 

Spinel is the only stone other than diamond and garnet that is singly refractive due to the isometric crystal systems. It is highly sought after by gemstone collectors, and no crystal collection is complete without a piece of it. 


three pieces of pink polished smooth stone close up view

We would call rhodochrosite the most spiritual pink stone on the market, hands down. No stone integrates better with the physical and spiritual realms, tying them to one another so that a more improved life-experience can take place for the individual. 

Rhodochrosite also stimulates quite intense feelings of love and passion. This is generally geared toward a romantic partner, and probably shouldn’t be used in connection with  a platonic relationship. Friendships and rhodochrosite don’t go hand in hand. 

This stone is thought to have the ability of lifting depression. Rhodochrosite delivers a positive and cheerful outlook to the user, making it very difficult to cling to mild cases of depressive thinking. This is not to say that rhodochrosite can cure depression entirely, but it will make for slightly higher highs, when the opportunity allows for it. 

Self worth is actually what rhodochrosite seeks to alter. Feeling unworthy is not something this crystal can relate to, and it doesn’t need to in order to make a change to the frequency of the user. There will be profound energetic adjustments made on your heart chakra; know that they are for your greater good and are what your higher being has been longing to experience. Rhodochrosite will never give you more than you can handle. 

Pink Danburite

The only crystal that can compete with rose quartz when it comes to self love is pink danburite. This is not a common stone, and it may be difficult to get a hold of. If you ever come across an opportunity to purchase some, take it! Danburite is an essential component to any well-established crystal collection. 

Pink danburite is an unconditional self lover. There is no such thing as unworthiness, undesirability or an unloving entity in the eyes of danburite. All are worthy, all are desirable and all are love in its purest form. 

Pink danburite holds quite strong metaphysical properties, too. Many use it whilst in mediation to open up the third eye and attune to the more subtle languages of the universe. Similarly, this can be done in everyday life, putting you in better communication with your higher self and inner knowing. Don’t be surprised if you start noticing far greater numerical communication happening in the world around you after introducing this crystal to your collection. 

Danburite also occurs as a clear stone, as well as in yellow, brown and pink. Clear is the most common form of danburite. 

Flamingo Topaz

Flamingo topaz is sometimes sold off as fake pink diamonds. These stones can be meticulously cut to look a lot like a diamond refraction, so manufacturers with less integrity take advantage of it. 

Flamingo topaz is a vibrant pink crystal that brings abundance, joy and generosity to the wearer. It’s also concerned with good health, and works physically with the aura so that one’s cells have a break from any inner turmoil. It has the unique ability to realign one’s meridians, which isn’t something that is easily attained without external influence. Many seek the help of healing professionals to have this kind of energy work done. 

Truth and forgiveness are the main concerns for flamingo topaz, also known as pink topaz. In fact, all forms of topaz have the vibration of truth embedded within the crystalline structure. 

Use flamingo topaz to motivate yourself during everyday life. This is why a lot of people prefer to wear it as jewelry, keeping it in close proximity at all times. Topaz is one of the hardest crystals on the planet, so there are very few instances that will see your stones endure physical harm. 

Use flamingo topaz for inner guidance and any form of spiritual healing you may be seeking. Intention is everything; make yours clear!


Take your time with this roundup of the best pink crystals. These are heart-centered entities and working with them requires an open mind, and an open heart! You can’t really go wrong when it comes to pink gemstones; their gentleness will always outweigh the properties that are considered to be more action-oriented. 

When in doubt, think pink!

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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