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Top 10 Best Black Crystals and Gemstones: Complete Guide

hand holding three necklaces with black crystal rock pendants

In this post, we reveal the secrets of black crystals and gemstones and the best ones to have in your life. Let's dive right in!


They might be black as the night, but these gemstones are lighter in frequency than even the purest of Earth’s souls. Here’s why you need to get some black crystals into your immediate surroundings, as soon as possible!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Black Crystals and Gemstones 
  • Best Black Crystals and Gemstones
    • Obsidian
      • Obsidian Meaning
      • Obsidian Uses
      • How to Use Black Obsidian
      • Different Types of Obsidian
        • Snowflake Obsidian
        • Peacock Obsidian
    • Tourmaline
      • Black Tourmaline Meaning
      • Tourmaline Properties
        • Black Tourmaline Healing Properties
      • Black Tourmaline Side Effects
      • Where to Place Black Tourmaline in the House
        • Black Tourmaline in Bedroom
      • Programming Black Tourmaline
    • Hematite
      • Hematite Uses
      • Hematite Stone Benefits
    • Onyx Stone
      • Black Onyx Meaning
      • Onyx Stone Benefits
      • Who Should Wear Black Onyx
    • Black Agate
    • Jet Stone
      • Jet Stone Benefits
    • Tibetan Black Quartz
    • Black Goldstone
    • Shungite
    • Apache Tear
  • Conclusion
pieces of black unpolished crystal rock placed on a wooden surface

Meaning of Black Crystals and Gemstones

When it comes to black stone meaning, it’s actually acceptable to judge a book by its cover. Black crystals offer exactly what their opaque formations look like they do; a solid barrier between bad energies and the user. 

Most of them are concerned with the essence of protection, either for the physical, mental or emotional body. As you will see when reading through our in-depth black crystals list, these are stones that quite literally put themselves between you and any energies that seek to contaminate your positive frequencies. 

How and why black gemstones do this kind of work is left to the wonders of metaphysics. All you need to know is that they keep things moving forward on the ground; we mean this literally, as black crystals typically work very closely with the root chakra of the user. 

Within each human structure, there are a set of seven energy centers, known as the chakras. Since different crystals fall into different color ray energies, they are able to connect with the chakra in the corresponding ray. For example, green crystals work with the green chakra (the heart), whilst blue stones work with the throat chakra, or blue ray energy.

Black is not technically part of the color spectrum, and the root chakra is usually identifiable in red ray energy, but black stones penetrate this spectrum and pull the root energy right down into the Earth, where it can keep the user grounded and sturdy. 

unpolished gem stone crystal on top and below tarot cards

One major role of black stone types is the process of energetic transformation and purification. It’s one thing to protect from negative energies, and entirely another to transform this energy into a more pure, positive form.  

Cleansing Black Crystals

One thing that is very important to note is that there is an impressive flow of negative energy through each black stone at any given time. This means that black crystals don’t stay clean and clear for very long, and thus need to be properly cleansed quite regularly if you want them to stay effective in their properties. 

Ideally, black stones should be cleansed weekly, but if your schedule simply does not allow for this, once a month will do. Take time to perform any of the following cleansing and recharging methods on your crystals as time allows:

  • Salt is one of the fastest ways of cleansing crystals. Create or collect a saltwater solution and submerge your black gemstone in it. Let it sit for up to 24 hours. 
  • Once a month, take advantage of the light of the full moon to cleanse and recharge your black stones. Leave them outside overnight, and bring them back into your home in the new light of day.
  • Burn any sacred herbs or incense over your stone collection, using prayer to purify them as you go. 
  • Hold each stone under running water for roughly one minute; towel dry. 
  • Bury your stones in the garden and leave them for up to 48 hours. 
  • In the event of a rainstorm, leave your stones under the downpour. 

Best Black Crystals and Gemstones


Obsidian Meaning

Amongst metaphysics around the world, the black obsidian meaning is one of absolute mystery and auric wonder. It is often compared to what we know to be “the great void”, or the mystery from which all of creation arose. This stone occurs when piping hot lava cools at a rapid rate, usually due to sudden contact with air or water. Black obsidian is usually classified as volcanic glass. 

It is considered to be a soft, yet deep, crystal, drawing users in with its mystical qualities. A lot of people use obsidian rock as a form of feng shui in the home, as it is thought to be a powerful conductor of spatial energy. 

Obsidian Uses

The first thing you want to use your back obsidian for is to ground you right down into Earth. In this manner, your connection to the Earth plane will be enhanced quite drastically, and you’ll start to feel more like a co-creator alongside it, rather than a victim of circumstance beyond your control. 

This stone is also considered to be a warrior of truth, and will do everything in its power to connect the user with both their inner truth, and the truths within the world around them. 

If your aura is particularly muddy, black obsidian can be used to clean things up. It also works closely with one’s dream realm, seeking prophetic gifts for the user in question. This crystal has strong protective qualities that ward off negativity before it can further contaminate your vibration. 

How to Use Black Obsidian

five pieces of unpolished black crystal rock white background

Unlike most crystals, it actually doesn’t matter how exactly you incorporate black obsidian into your everyday life; the only necessity is that you do! Some display the stone in the home, while others might opt for wearing a charming black obsidian necklace as a daily adornment. 

Black obsidian works best when there has been a clear, constructive intention sent from the mind of the user into the stone itself. This can be done through a brief meditation, during which the piece of obsidian should be held in the palm of one’s hand. 

There is also great benefit in using black obsidian whilst laying down, and placing it directly over the chakra that you feel could use a retuning. Yes, black stones work closely with the root chakra, but their frequency is high enough that they will bring positive benefit to the other six when used intentionally. 

Different Types of Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian may also be called flower obsidian, depending on where in the world it is being mined and sold. These crystals get their unique name because cristobalite appears throughout the obsidian body. Cristobalite is a type of quartz, and when compacted tightly into obsidian rock, it forms a mottled pattern that often looks like fallen snowflakes or delicate white flowers. 

Snowflake obsidian offers a user all of the aforementioned properties associated with regular black obsidian. In addition to these, this compounded stone is able to bring balance to the body and the mind simultaneously. 

The patterns seen in flowered obsidian can help one identify similar patterns of behavior in themselves; usually ones that need to change as they are contributing to unhealthy manifestations. 

Peacock Obsidian

Also known as velvet peacock obsidian, this stone occurs when that same quick cooling lava comes into accidental contact with Magnetite nanoparticles and captures them within the layers of volcanic glass. The result is a gleaming stone that exhibits all of the colors found in peacock feathers: blues, purples, greens and yellows. 

Velvet obsidian is an immensely protective stone; far more so than its conventional counterpart. It has the ability to pull negative energy right out of our thoughts, and, since these construct our world, the result is tangible. You’ll enjoy deeper levels of pleasure and enjoyment in most areas of your life when working with peacock obsidian over long periods of time. 

This stone is said to alleviate many symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Gift it to anyone who could use some help in getting their mood swings under control, or those in need of some unfounded hope. 


Black Tourmaline Meaning

Black tourmaline’s process of incarnation is fascinating; it occurs only within pegmatites, which is a rock void that occurs deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Most black tourmaline is sourced in Brazil and across Africa, with smaller quantities in Pakistan. 

Like most black stones, black tourmaline crystal is one of profound protection. Because of the conditions required for this stone to form, it can take quite a punch, so even the darkest of energies slide right through it and emerge totally transformed. Metaphysics actually refer to it as the negative energy “swallower”. 

More than this, black tourmaline stone is said to alleviate or heal allergies within the physical body. This won’t occur overnight, but extended periods of use can bring great relief to users suffering from hay fever, sensitivity to pets, or certain medicinal reactions. 

Black Tourmaline Properties

pair of hands holding slab on unpolished crystal rock

Ancient civilizations would use black tourmaline as a shield against negativity and destructive forces. The benefits of this stone have been known for centuries, and they remain as relevant today as they did back then. 

One of the most important qualities associated with black tourmaline is its ability to uncover any destructive behavioral patterns that may be contributing to our sense of unhappiness. You should be attracting positive energy toward you at all times, so the tourmaline will show you how to do this. 

Black tourmaline will open and purify your root chakra, so that it can connect more deeply to the Earth. There aren’t many black stones that can ground to quite this extent. 

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

As a black healing crystal, tourmaline is quite the force against electromagnetic energies that seek to contaminate one’s home, mind or aura. Any energetic blockages it detects will be dissolved, so that flow is maintained and the user is essentially shielded from attack. 

More than this, black tourmaline is also a wonderful tool to use against psychic attack. If you’ve been victim to this kind of experience in the past, it will work to heal any residual damage still present in your vibration. 

If you’ve been feeling insecure in your body, life or surroundings, black tourmaline can provide a sense of security so that everyday life feels less daunting. 

Black Tourmaline Side Effects

There are some possible side effects that may come from working with this particular black crystal, though they are by no means guaranteed. 

We all get affected by energies differently, and some are more sensitive than others. This is particularly poignant when it comes to black stones because they have a grounding effect on human energy. If it has been a while since you dedicated time into grounding yourself, you may find yourself feeling particularly drained as the crystal performs its work. 

If this happens, simply alternate your periods of work with the crystal and leave some time gaps in between. If you are using the stone daily, for example, simply switch to every second day, or bi-weekly, until your energy has had time to slowly adjust to the new frequencies. 

Where to Place Black Tourmaline in the House

Certain types of black stone can have a significant effect on the home of a user, and it's important to remember that the outside of your home is just as important, energetically, as the inside. 

Burying a piece of black tourmaline in all four outside corners of your house is a great way to form a giant crystal grid over the entire property. They will act as protection, warding off any outside forces that seek to compromise the integrity of the land and those who live upon it. 

Next, you’ll want to bring some tourmaline into the house itself. A giant piece just inside of your front door will work wonders in transforming all negative energies as they pass by it. Some people use their tourmaline as a door stop. 

Finally, black tourmaline likes to be placed next to any household devices that emit EMF. This stone can absorb electromagnetic frequencies, protecting the household from any ill effects. Place black tourmaline near your televisions, microwave, computers and WiFi routers. 

Black Tourmaline in Bedroom

The thing about a black crystal stone is that it is generally always a grounding entity. If you are one who enjoys traveling in your dreams, lucid dreaming or astral projection, you might want to reconsider having black tourmaline around while you sleep as it may inhibit these journeys from taking place. 

That being said, if you have been suffering from night terrors and need help in this department, placing a piece of black tourmaline in all four corners of your bedroom might just do the trick. As we mentioned, this is a protective stone when it comes to psychic attacks, and the tourmaline will act as a sort of shield to keep the negative dreams at bay. 

Programming Black Tourmaline

Crystals are programmed via intention, and the same is true for black tourmaline. All you need to do is take the time to attune your own energy to that of the stone, and use mental telepathy to send your desires from your mind’s eye into the crystal itself. 

Focused intent is all it takes, and this doesn’t actually need to be done during formal meditation, though most people feel more satisfied when doing it in this manner. Prayer is a great way of programming any crystal, and you can use clear, concise language to tell the black tourmaline exactly what you need. 

Just as black tourmaline needs to be programmed, so too does it need to be cleansed. This is one of the best black crystals for protection out there, so it's a given that even the smallest of pieces will be in contact with large amounts of negative energy. A black tourmaline cleansing at least once a month is essential. Note that stones buried in the Earth outside of your house will be able to cleanse themselves; you need not dig them up for this process. 


In terms of black rock identification, hematite could be classed as a grey or silver stone in some instances. It occurs in banded iron formations, so the crystalline structure has a very distinct metallic hue, but there are certain iron deposits in which these stones emerged as undeniably jet black. 

Hematite Uses 

What’s amazing about a hematite stone is that it is one of few crystals that you can actually feel working, as a beginner, when holding it in the palm of your hand. The energetic frequencies are bouncing off of this stone at such a rate, that even the untrained individual can’t deny the sensation rippling through their skin sensors. 

Hematite is naturally cool, and can be used to bring down an active temperature if someone is suffering. Place it directly on the forehead and let them lay flat for as long as possible. As you can tell, this crystal works closely with the head, despite being a grounding stone. It will bring focus and concentration to those who need it most. 

Hematite Stone Benefits

slab of black unpolished crystal rock gray background

One of the biggest benefits of hematite crystal is that it grounds through the head, and not the root. This is a unique property when it comes to black stones, because, as we know, they tend to work only with the root chakra! 

This is also a stone of stress relief; even if your worries aren’t formally resolved, they won’t affect you in quite the same ways that they have in the past. 

In the physical body, hematite will work to regulate blood flow. Place it directly on the part of the body that is feeling stagnant, and let it work its magic. 

Onyx Stone 

Most black onyx is sourced in Uruguay, with a lot of deposits also found in Brazil, Madagascar, India and Afghanistan. The market has been flooded with cheap imitations of this particular black shiny stone, as it is very easy to replicate using glass and strategic dye. 

Always purchase your onyx crystal from a reputable retailer! 

Black Onyx Meaning

Black onyx is another of the stones associated with the root chakra and the purpose of grounding. It does this so that a user may enjoy happiness, good fortune and immense strength to face life head on without becoming overwhelmed. 

A lot of people who struggle to stay present will use black onyx to pull their head out of the clouds. Placing this stone in the bottom of your water glass and drinking the charged liquid daily can help bring long term benefit to one’s thoughts and avoid the tendency to drift. 

Onyx Stone Benefits

The benefit we love most about black onyx is that it has the ability to ease anxiety of all levels. This is rare for a dense crystal, and through this kind of work you’ll find your emotions are actually stabilized in the process. 

It also heals any old wounds that may be contributing to said anxiety. It can be very hard to move on when things from the past are holding your vibration back. Onyx won’t necessarily tell you exactly what they are, but it will work on them on your behalf and you’ll suddenly be lighter in different ways — and better for it! 

Who Should Wear Black Onyx

Anyone who can admit that they often zone out, or “visit with the fairies” as they say, should probably start making use of black onyx and the benefits it can bring. It can make a huge difference to the way in which one is able to navigate the world, just by bringing them down one or two levels, so that not everything is perceived from a place of non-reality. 

Similarly, any individuals who have quite a spell of trauma and pain in their past will receive great benefit in wearing a black onyx necklace daily. What this does is open your spirit up to the prospect of healing, and invite a new way of life in. 

Wearing black onyx is the best way to take advantage of its specific properties on your person, while keeping onyx around you in the home or workplace is a way of inviting the more general properties of the stone into your experience. 

Black Agate 

Sometimes we need more than just protection; courage is what really gets one moving forward in a life that has been energetically tumultuous. 

many pieces of smooth polished black stones close up view

Black agate is the most courageous of all black crystals and stones. It seeks nothing more for a user than sheer well-being, fearlessness and prosperity. These properties combined make for a fruitful, satisfying physical experience. 

Black agate is interesting in that it works with both the physical and spiritual planes simultaneously, grounding them into your Earth-based reality so that you may reap the rewards that come with this kind of balance. 

Expect more joy and more peace when working with black agate. This is one black crystal that will not drain a user in any way, even after lengthy periods of use. 

Jet Stone 

Millions of years ago, wood from the Araucariaceae tree began to decompose in a high pressure environment, and the result was the formation of jet stone. Jet stone occurs in either soft or hard form, depending on whether saltwater or freshwater were involved in the decomposition process. 

Jet Stone Benefits 

Similar to all other black crystals, jet stone is used for grounding, metaphysical beliefs and the breaking of negative behavioral patterns. 

What sets this stone apart from the rest is that it is a luck bringer: something no other black crystal is generally concerned with. During trials and tribulations, use jet stone to bring good luck to your situation, so that the best possible outcome may be achieved for all involved. 

Jet stone may sometimes be referred to as black amber or lignite. 

Tibetan Black Quartz

pieces of prism shaped polished black crystal rocks

Tibetan black quartz isn’t solid black in appearance; instead, it looks more like a dusty clear quartz filled with black and grey deposits. No two pieces of black quartz are the same, so expect some to be on the lighter end of the spectrum, while others are much darker. 

This is a powerful cleansing crystal, and is ideal for use in a room dedicated to yoga or meditation. It works on all energies present in a space, as opposed to just the energy of a single user. 

When used during solo mediation, this crystal seeks to raise the personal frequency of an individual so that the full light spectrum may soar through the chakra system. 

Black Goldstone

The first thing that you need to know about goldstone is that it is an entirely man made crystal. It is crafted using glass, dye and reflective deposits; the result is an alluring stone that looks like the stars in a night’s sky. 

Despite having been crafted by man, black goldstone still has a plethora of healing properties to offer a user. Positivity is the aim of the game, and no attitude will be left unscathed by the vibration of this energized glass. 

People suffering from gastric conditions, stomach tension and mild arthritis may find that goldstone helps to reduce symptoms and bring relief to pain. It is a promoter of vitality, and delivers this to the body, mind and spirit. 


hand holding three necklaces with black crystal rock pendants

Shungite is an intriguing stone, though some deem it to be the least attractive of all black crystals. This is because it is matte in finish, which makes it undesirable in the minds of individuals who are used to crystals being shiny and light-refracting. 

The first thing you need to know about shungite is that it can purify water. It has been used for this purpose since ancient times, and remains a popular rock form found in water filters to this day. Shungite can remove contaminants and pesticides fairly quickly. 

Similarly, shungite is also able to pull contaminants out of the atmosphere and air. EMFs from computers, televisions, microwaves and routers pass through our bodies all day every day, but shungite can help to minimize these frequencies. It transforms them into more compatible frequencies that won’t harm our physical bodies or minds. 

Apache Tear

Apache tear is a gentle black stone with mottled white specks inside the crystalline formation. It is a derivative stone of obsidian, which, as we know, is hardened lava. 

This crystal can bring comfort to anyone who is going through a period of grief, regardless of the cause. Achieve the most benefit by holding this stone in your hand as you utter the mantra “I am supported as I allow myself to grieve”. 

It is also a psychic protection stone, so any unsolicited attacks on your subconscious will be stopped in their tracks. Keep a piece next to your bed, or under your pillow, as you sleep in order to reduce nightmares. This will help make way for more positive, healing energies to enter your life instead. 


Black stones are unconventional, hard bodied, and sturdy; they are unlike any other crystal on the energy spectrum, but they are imperative to the completion of any crystal collection. If you’ll be making crystal grids at home, one or two black stones will amplify the energy being conducted quite significantly. 

Living in the physical world comes with an endless array of risks and dangers. We should all have at least one black stone nearby at all times, just to lighten the load a little. You never know what energies are lurking just around the corner. 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal (such as black obsidian) that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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