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Alexandrite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

alexandrite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about alexandrite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors and uses. Let's get started!


Alexandrite is a stunning, yet elusive stone. Discovered in the 1830s, it is much younger than other gemstones such as diamonds and pearls, which have been around for centuries. 

Why is this gemstone so rare and valuable? Does it have any special properties? In this article, we’ll talk about all this and more. 

  • What is Alexandrite 
    • Meaning of Alexandrite
    • Pronunciation of Alexandrite
    • What Color is Alexandrite
    • How Rare is Alexandrite
    • What is Alexandrite Used for
    • What does Alexandrite Look Like
    • What does Alexandrite Symbolize
    • Does Alexandrite Change Colors
    • Alexandrite Chakra
    • Alexandrite Stone Benefits
  • Where is Alexandrite Mined
    • Russian Alexandrite
    • Alexandrite in Madagascar
    • Brazilian Alexandrite
    • Alexandrite in India
    • Sri Lankan Alexandrite
  • Physical Properties of Alexandrite
  • Healing Properties of Alexandrite
    • Alexandrite and Physical Health
    • Alexandrite and Your Spirit
    • Alexandrite for Wealth
  • Alexandrite vs Color-Changing Sapphire
  • Alexandrite vs Amethyst
  • Alexandrite Types
    • Natural Alexandrite
      • Natural Russian Alexandrite
    • Synthetic Alexandrite
  • Alexandrite Color
    • Blue Alexandrite
    • Green Alexandrite
    • Purple Alexandrite
    • Red Alexandrite
    • Pink Alexandrite
    • Some More Colors of Alexandrite
  • Alexandrite Jewelry
    • Alexandrite Ring
      • Alexandrite Engagement Ring
        • Alexandrite Engagement Ring Meaning
        • Alexandrite Engagement Ring Princess Cut
      • Natural Alexandrite Rings
      • Men's Alexandrite Ring
    • Alexandrite Nose Ring
    • Alexandrite Necklace
      • Natural Alexandrite Necklace
      • Alexandrite Pendant
    • Alexandrite Earrings
  • Alexandrite Uses
    • Alexandrite Cabochon
    • Alexandrite Watch
  • How to Tell if Alexandrite is Real or Fake
  • Buy Alexandrite
    • Natural Alexandrite for Sale
      • Natural Russian Alexandrite for Sale
    • Alexandrite Price
      • Natural Alexandrite Price
      • Synthetic Alexandrite Price
    • Where to Buy Alexandrite
      • Alexandrite Jewelry on Amazon
  • Conclusion

What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl which comprises beryllium and aluminum. What sets it apart from regular chrysoberyls is the presence of chromium and titanium impurities in its lattice. 

Alexandrite is more commonly known as a birthstone of June. It is strongly associated with the zodiac Gemini and the planet Mercury.

Meaning of Alexandrite

The name alexandrite comes from the name of the Tsar Alexander II of Russia. It is believed that this stone was named as such because it was discovered on his birthday in the 1830s. 

Pronunciation of Alexandrite

When you say alexandrite, it should sound like ah-luhk-zand-right. 

What Color is Alexandrite?

Natural alexandrite, when seen in the daylight, is green in color. The color is often similar to the astonishing deep green of emeralds but can also be yellow-green or brownish-green. 

Lab-grown alexandrite crystals can have a wide range of colors, including blue, purple, red, and black. 

How Rare is Alexandrite?

Real alexandrite is incredibly rare, even more so than diamonds. This is because of its unique chemical composition, which is quite uncommon. This is also why it costs even more than ruby, sapphire, and emerald. 

What is Alexandrite Used for?

Alexandrite crystals are used mainly for healing. These stones have potent healing properties and are said to help carriers find a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. These stones interact with the chakras and are also used for massages for the third eye and around the heart. 

What does Alexandrite Look Like?

Natural alexandrite has best been described as - emerald by day, ruby by night. The crystals are incredibly beautiful to look at and are also quite rare. 

What does Alexandrite Symbolize?

Alexandrite symbolizes the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is also a symbol of good fortune and prosperity because it is so rare. Longevity is also associated with this stone. 

Alexandrite has a close association with the planet Mercury. Astrologists believe that as a stone of Mercury, alexandrite embodies the healing powers of this god. 

The green color symbolizes peace, hope, and growth, while the red color represents love and passion. 

Does Alexandrite Change Colors?

Alexandrite has intrigued people since the time it was discovered in 1830. The story goes that a miner found a few green gemstones - the color of emerald, and carried them with him. When he and his comrades saw this stone at night, in the light of the bonfire, the stone glowed ruby red. The next morning, it was green again!

Of course, the stone doesn’t physically change colors. This unique color variance depends on the lighting. Alexandrite crystals appear ruby red in incandescent light like near fire or under tungsten bulbs. This is due to chromium impurities.

This amazing phenomenon is sometimes called the ‘alexandrite effect.’

Alexandrite Chakra

The chakra with the strongest association to alexandrite stone is the crown chakra, which is located above the crown of the head. This chakra is believed to be the bridge to the cosmos.

Alexandrite can help open the crown chakra and help you connect to the astral world. It is also believed to increase intuitive powers and usher in prosperity and longevity. 

Alexandrite Stone Benefits

Alexandrite is believed to have mystical and healing properties which can benefit you. As previously discussed, alexandrite opens the crown chakra, which can help you connect to the divine realm and understand yourself better. 

The healing properties span across the body and mind. Alexandrite it believed to provide relief in chronic conditions such as leukemia. It can provide peace of mind and improve intuition. 

Where is Alexandrite Mined?

Alexandrite is mined in countries across the world, some of which are Russia, India, Brazil, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka. There are a few mines dedicated specifically to mining alexandrite but the majority of these crystals are found while mining other rocks and minerals. 

Russian Alexandrite

Russian alexandrite

Alexandrite was first found in the Ural Mountains in Russia and subsequently named after the Russian Prince Alexander II. Russian alexandrite is mostly deep green in the daylight and deep red under incandescent light. 

Due to its association with these two colors - red and green, which were also the main colors of Imperial Russia back then, it became the national stone of Russia. 

Today, the top-quality alexandrite crystals do not come from Russia. Getting a lab test done is the best way to determine whether an alexandrite crystal has Russian origins.

Alexandrite in Madagascar

Alexandrite crystals from Madagascar are generally a little darker and earthy in color. They have a muddy-green color in daylight and a brownish shade under incandescent light. This is the general trend, though brighter and extremely high-quality alexandrite stones have been found in Madagascar as well.

Brazilian Alexandrite

The best Brazilian alexandrite is blue in daylight and turns purple under incandescent light. 

Alexandrite mining started in the early 1980s in Brazil when deposits of this rare stone were found. Sadly, these deposits ran out quickly and now, only stones under 1 carat are found there. 

Alexandrite in India

Alexandrite has also been found in the mines of Odisha. They usually come in small sizes of less than 0.5 carats. 

They have a striking green color in daylight and take on a shade of violet under incandescent light. The shades can range from lavender to deep purple.

Sri Lankan Alexandrite

The island of gems has alexandrite mines as well. The alexandrite crystals found here are incredibly similar to the ones found in Madagascar. It is very difficult to distinguish between them.

The Sri Lankan or Ceylon alexandrite crystals usually have a yellowish-green color and do not exhibit a strong color change in incandescent light. 

Physical Properties of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. What sets alexandrite crystals apart is the presence of impurities such as titanium, iron, and chromium. These elements allow alexandrite to change colors in incandescent lighting. 

Due to its rare composition, alexandrite is incredibly rare and valuable. The most sought-after variety of alexandrite is the one that appears emerald green in the sunlight and shows a dramatic change to ruby red in incandescent light. This is called the ‘alexandrite effect.’

Natural alexandrite is mostly green in the daylight. This can range from dull, muddy green to a blue-green hue. In incandescent light, it can be deep, ruby red, or exhibit shades of light purple. 

In labs, these crystals are synthesized in other colors too, including blue, yellow, orange, and black. 

Healing Properties of Alexandrite

It is believed that alexandrite can have a powerful effect on all aspects of your life including physical health, emotional well-being, and even your wealth status. 

Alexandrite and Physical Health

Alexandrite can heal various ailments in the body. It can help soothe overused and inflamed muscles because it helps assimilate proteins more easily. It can also help you stay calm and focused by ensuring the smooth working of the nervous system.

It is believed that alexandrite also increases the efficiency of organs, especially the spleen, the pancreas, and the pituitary glands. It can also stimulate the liver and ensure proper blood flow throughout the body. 

The symptoms of chronic diseases such as leukemia can be eased by alexandrite. 

Alexandrite and Your Spirit

Since Alexandrite has a profound effect on the crown chakra, it also affects the mind. The mind can be opened, and you may find a connection to the divine realm. Alexandrite can also help you feel more connected with your emotions and you will experience more love, empathy, and joy. 

It can also boost intuitive powers and help you achieve great success. It is also said to have a protective aura that can protect you from the negative intentions of others. 

Alexandrite for Wealth

Alexandrite is incredibly rare and valuable, so it is believed that whoever possesses the alexandrite crystal is very lucky. The stone is believed to bring luck and prosperity. It can also help you think more positively about your prospects. 

Alexandrite vs Color-Changing Sapphire

alexandrite crystal

When you think of a sapphire, you probably imagine a beautifully cut gemstone, holding the color of the twilight sky. Though these are the most popular variety, sapphires are also available in colors like yellow, white, and purple. There are also color-changing sapphires!

Color-changing sapphires display different colors in different lighting. You might be thinking - well, that’s exactly what alexandrite is. But no, these two stones are quite different. The color change in sapphires is very similar to that of natural alexandrite, so much so that color-change sapphires are sometimes sold as ‘synthetic alexandrite’ in markets. 

The truth is that these two stones are very different. The first reason is their composition. Alexandrite is a rare variety of chrysoberyl minerals, while sapphire is completely different. Additionally, alexandrite is usually green and changes to red. This color combination is rarely found in sapphires. Such sapphires are only found in Tanzania and their red color is much duller than that of real alexandrite. 

Alexandrite vs Amethyst

Purple alexandrite is sometimes confused with amethyst but these two are not the same. They are nothing alike. 

Amethyst primarily exists as a stunning violet color gemstone. It is a type of quartz and it is widely used in jewelry and watches. Alexandrite is a rare variety of chrysoberyl. So these two have completely different chemical compositions.

Another point of difference is that alexandrite is much more valuable than amethyst. It is also much harder than the violet stone. 

The last difference is that amethyst is a February birthstone, while alexandrite is a June birthstone.

Alexandrite Types

Like most gems, alexandrite is found naturally, but it can also be synthesized in labs. 

Natural Alexandrite

Natural alexandrite is mined in countries including India, Brazil, Madagascar, and Russia, among others. 

These crystals are very rare because the combination of elements that they contain is rarely found together beneath the earth’s surface. So it is under incredibly rare conditions that these crystals are formed. 

Natural alexandrite displays color-changing properties sometimes called the ‘alexandrite effect.’ The stones appear some shade of green in the sunlight and appear red or purple in incandescent lighting. 

Natural Russian Alexandrite

Russian alexandrite is one of the most sought-after varieties of natural alexandrite. This is because of the startling emerald green color they display in daylight and the change to deep ruby red under incandescent light.

Once the producer of the finest alexandrite, due to depletion of reserves, Russia no longer produces alexandrite like before. 

An interesting fact is that when it was discovered in Russia, alexandrite was named the national stone due to its green and red colors which were also associated with the Russian empire at that time. 

Synthetic Alexandrite

Synthetic alexandrite is created in labs. These stones have the same composition and properties are natural alexandrite. After all, they are synthesized from the same elements, just in the lab and at a much faster rate. 

Lab-created alexandrites are real and even display the color-changing property, which makes alexandrite so popular. Synthetic alexandrites are available in a range of colors like black, purple, orange, and yellow!

For an inexperienced eye, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between natural and synthetic alexandrite. However, a large-sized stone being sold at a very low price won’t be natural alexandrite because even though their composition is the same, synthetic alexandrite is much less valuable than natural alexandrite. 

Alexandrite Color

red alexandrite

Though alexandrite is known for its emerald green ‘day’ color and ruby red ‘night’ color, it is available in so many other colors. The beauty of the alexandrite crystal in shades like orange, black and pink will complement all your outfits.

Blue Alexandrite

Natural alexandrite can be found in shades of greenish-blue. This color looks pretty with all blue, white, and green outfits and you can choose silver metal to complement the stone. 

Green Alexandrite

Green alexandrite, especially with the deep color of emeralds, is the most loved type of alexandrite. The deep shade is stunning and its ruby red counterpart complements it well.

Purple Alexandrite

Some varieties of natural alexandrite appear purple under incandescent light. These hues of purple are very pretty and go well with outfits. 

Red Alexandrite

Red can appear as muddy red or bright red in alexandrite, but the most well-known is the ruby red of Russian alexandrite under incandescent light. 

Pink Alexandrite

You can find artificial alexandrite in shades of pink. The shades range from light rose pink to a magenta!

Some More Colors of Alexandrite

Artificial alexandrite is available in the unique shades of yellow, orange, white, and black too!

Alexandrite Jewelry

The most elegant way to carry an alexandrite crystal is to have it set in a piece of jewelry. Since the stone looks great with almost all metal colors, you can choose your favorite and rock it every single day. Not only will you look great, but you will also simultaneously benefit from the healing properties of alexandrite. 

Alexandrite Ring

alexandrite ring

Alexandrite is a great choice for rings. Not only is it very hard and durable (8.5 out of 10 Mohs hardness), the ring will go great with all your outfits and make you a style icon!

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Due to its exquisite color-changing property and durability, alexandrite makes a good choice for engagement rings.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring Meaning

Since it has been found, alexandrite has been considered a good omen. As you enter a new stage in your cherished relationship, this stone can bring you luck and show you the best of love and friendship. 

Due to its hardness, the alexandrite ring will not get scratches easily and can be worn at almost all times, so it’s a great choice for an engagement ring. 

Alexandrite Engagement Ring Princess Cut

A princess-cut alexandrite engagement ring will never go out of style! The princess cut is usually less expensive than round cuts and this cut will display all the magnificence of the alexandrite stone. 

Natural Alexandrite Rings

Natural alexandrite is much more rare and valuable than its synthetic counterpart. If you can find a natural alexandrite ring, you will witness the stunning color change under incandescent light. It will match with most outfits and is great for everyday use. 

It is believed that owning alexandrite in any form brings good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. Additionally, this ring can help you feel more connected to the divine element. 

Men's Alexandrite Ring

Why should women have all the fun? Alexandrite rings are a great option for men who are looking to enhance their look. The color-changing stone goes well with most metals, including gold, silver, white gold, and rose gold. 

You can choose whatever you like best and the alexandrite stone will complement the ring and your outfits every day!

Alexandrite Nose Ring

If you’re looking for a quirky piece of jewelry with alexandrite, an alexandrite nose ring or alexandrite nose stud is a great option. You will find lots of options of small alexandrite stones set in white gold and silver. You have to agree, nothing will spice up your outfit more than a nose ring with color-changing stone!

Alexandrite Necklace

A necklace is a great choice to flaunt your alexandrite crystal. You can choose to go for a simple chain and pendant or something a little heavier with beads.

Natural Alexandrite Necklace

A natural alexandrite necklace will look beautiful when it changes colors right at the base of your neck. Not only will you draw everyone’s attention with the lovely necklace, but you will also feel the healing energy possessed by alexandrite. You can feel more connected to yourself and concentrate better, too. 

Alexandrite Pendant

An alexandrite pendant, lying close to your heart, looks and feels beautiful. You can choose to use your pendant every day and simultaneously benefit from the stone and find relief from illnesses and stress. 

Alexandrite Earrings

A stunning pair of earrings with alexandrite looks amazing! The color change every time the stone catches the light will make you feel magical. In your earrings, the stones will also be close to the crown chakra, which can be opened by alexandrite. So you may find yourself feeling a connection to your soul and the astral realm. 

Alexandrite Uses

Beyond jewelry and healing, alexandrite has a few other uses too.

Alexandrite Cabochon

Alexandrite cabochons look elegant. They are easily available and can be used in earrings, necklaces, and more items. 

Alexandrite Watch

A simple wristwatch can be enhanced by adding an alexandrite gemstone. It can adorn the dial or the strap, whatever you prefer. Since alexandrite goes well with most colors, you will be able to use your watch daily.

How to Tell If Alexandrite is Real or Fake

You should be able to tell alexandrite apart from other color-changing stones that are sold under its name like color-changing sapphire. The simplest difference is that color-changing sapphires display many combinations of colors, while alexandrite stones usually change from some hue of green in the daylight to a shade of red under incandescent light. 

Telling the difference between natural and synthetic alexandrite can be much more tricky. Since they have the same composition and properties, they are visibly the same. The best way to know whether the alexandrite stone is real or fake is to have a lab test done. 

Buy Alexandrite

Knowing the unique properties and many benefits of alexandrite, you might want to add this precious crystal to your collection. Here are a few simple tips which might help you when you are looking to buy this wonderful stone. 

Natural Alexandrite for Sale

Natural alexandrite has a very limited supply across the world so you might have trouble finding it at just any jewelry shop. You can look for these exquisite crystals in larger jewelry shops or online. 

Natural Russian Alexandrite for Sale

Russian alexandrite is highly prized due to its magnificent color change. It is incredibly valuable for the same reason. Russia however, produces a very limited amount of alexandrite, so natural Russian alexandrite is sold in very few places.

Alexandrite Price

Alexandrite is incredibly rare and valuable. The most valuable alexandrite stone to date was discovered in Sri Lanka and is now owned by the Smithsonian Institute. It weighs 65.08 carats and its estimated value is over $4 million. 

Natural Alexandrite Price

Natural alexandrite is the most expensive. You will find that one-carat alexandrite stones cost around $15,000. Another $50,000 to $70,000 can be added per carat for every carat above one carat. 

Synthetic Alexandrite Price

If you find natural alexandrite out of your budget, you can always consider buying synthetic alexandrite. These stones have the same physical and chemical properties as natural alexandrite. They even display the property of color change. The value of these stones can be as low as a dollar per carat. This makes them easy to access and afford. 

Where to Buy Alexandrite

You should be able to find natural alexandrite online and in jewelry shops. Natural alexandrite can be difficult to find, but synthetic alexandrite is widely available. Even platforms like eBay and Etsy give you an array of options to choose from.

Remember to inspect the images carefully and check the certificate to ensure the stone is authentic. 

Alexandrite Jewelry on Amazon

If you want to order alexandrite jewelry online, Amazon is an excellent platform, too. By searching for terms like ‘alexandrite jewelry’ or ‘green alexandrite pendant’, you’ll get a list of sellers to choose from. 


Alexandrite is an exquisite possession and will stand out from your other gemstones due to its unique color-changing property. It’s not all about the looks, alexandrite can bring improvement in all aspects of your life - your health, love life, wealth, and mental state, too. 

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