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Aragonite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

aragonite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about aragonite, including its meaning, properties, benefits and colors. Let's get started!


Nature works most mysteriously. Who knew even mere stones with beautiful visual appeal also have stunning healing properties? Aragonite stone is one such wonder of nature created to serve mankind in many ways. The mesmerizing allure of this stone will have you hooked.

  • Aragonite Meaning
    • What is Aragonite
      • Aragonite Pronunciation
      • Is Aragonite a Mineral
    • Aragonite Chakra
    • What is Aragonite Used for
    • Where is Aragonite Found
      • Aragonite in Utah
      • Caribsea Aragonite
      • Aragonite in the Bahamas
  • Aragonite Properties
    • Aragonite Metaphysical Properties
    • Aragonite Healing Properties
  • Aragonite Benefits
  • Calcite vs Aragonite
  • Aragonite Types
    • Tumbled Aragonite
    • Raw Aragonite
  • Aragonite Colors
    • Blue Aragonite
      • Blue Aragonite Meaning
      • Blue Aragonite Properties
        • Blue Aragonite Healing Properties
        • Blue Aragonite Metaphysical Properties
    • White Aragonite
      • White Aragonite Meaning
    • Brown Aragonite
      • Brown Aragonite Meaning
    • Pink Aragonite
    • Green Aragonite
    • Red Aragonite
    • Purple Aragonite
    • Black Aragonite
    • Yellow Aragonite
    • Orange Aragonite
  • Aragonite Jewelry
    • Aragonite Pendant
    • Aragonite Necklace
    • Aragonite Bracelet
    • Aragonite Ring
  • Aragonite Uses
    • Aragonite Sand
      • Aragonite for Freshwater Aquarium
      • Aragonite Sand for Cichlids
      • Black Aragonite Sand
    • Aragonite Beads
    • Aragonite Shell
  • How to Clean Aragonite Crystals
  • How to Grow Aragonite Crystals
  • Aragonite for Sale
    • Aragonite Price
  • Conclusion

    Aragonite Meaning

    What is Aragonite?

    This charismatic stone is a kind of carbonate mineral. It occurs naturally within mollusk shells. Usually, this carbonate mineral is very soft. So, anybody willing to use it must be very cautious while handling this magnificent aragonite stone. 

    Aragonite Pronunciation

    When pronounced correctly, the word sounds like "errickanight" or "rageh night" or "aragon-it."

    Is Aragonite a Mineral?

    Yes, aragonite is a carbonate mineral.

    Aragonite Chakra

    The aragonite mineral connects with the mystical earth star chakra. This chakra is situated deep beneath the feet. The earth star chakra is the bearer of our whole physical being and keeps us steady at all costs. 

    What is Aragonite Used for?

    Aragonite crystal or stone is used for several reasons, such as keeping emotional and mental equilibrium in place, mental healing, controlling unruly stress hormones, alleviating emotional fatigue, better sleeping, curing stress-related headaches and more. 

    It is also used for the manifestation of metaphysical aspects, such as understanding and nurturing the connection between spirituality, mind and physical matter. Aragonite stone is a wonder stone that can perform mysteriously. 

    Where is Aragonite Found?

    This polymorph of calcite is found in hot springs where the calcium in the water deposits form thick crusts along the sides of the springs, also called "travertine". The gem-quality of aragonite rock can be found in Germany, Austria, Japan, Greece, Sicily, Spain and more. 

    Aragonite in Utah

    The beautiful gemstone quality of aragonite stone was also mined in Aragonite, Utah in the early 1900s. The darker goldish brown color adds to the charm of this magnificent aragonite rock.  

    Caribsea Aragonite

    Caribsea aragonite is the best aquarium reef sand that adds to the unique appearance of your fresh or saltwater aquarium. 

    Aragonite in the Bahamas

    Oolitic aragonite is found in the Bahamas during a naturally occurring phenomenon called the whitings. Cyanobacteria are primarily responsible for carrying out this process of forming oolitic aragonite. 

    Aragonite Properties

    aragonite stone

    Some lesser-known properties of the aragonite gemstone are discussed below:

    Aragonite Metaphysical Properties

    Aragonite is believed to show the truth. It helps you understand the shrouded reality and perceive it correctly. This stone can uplift you from the normal plane and take you to the mystical world of spirituality, and you will feel inner peace filling you up with ebullience. 

    Feelings of oppression will melt away to reshape into freedom and clarity. The pristine aragonite will improve your perseverance, endurance, trust and wisdom by helping you understand the root cause of all your problems.

    Aragonite Healing Properties

    If you are determined to harness the healing properties of aragonite, here are a few things you can expect: it will uplift your self-confidence and you will become more aware of who you are and what you want. You will also be able to sense the free flow of energy throughout the body that will boost your physical strength, keep stress at bay, keep you away from emotional and mental fatigue and enhance your spiritual cadence. 

    People who have the habit of procrastinating will find the aragonite stone enormously helpful. Having the nerve to handle stressful relationships is daunting. But, with this stone at your disposal, you can face adversities boldly. Aragonite is instrumental in helping your chakras remain aligned. So, feeling "out-of-balance" is no longer a problem. Meditating with aragonite crystal or aragonite stone will get back your chakra equilibrium. 

    Aragonite Benefits

    Natural healers and metaphysicians depend on the astonishing benefits that this stone brings forth:

    • Aragonite is believed to align the main chakras. The feeling of "off-center" and self-doubt is removed. People who are looking to revitalize their chakras can meditate with aragonite crystal. However, the aragonite hardness is a bit of a problem. Therefore, handling it gently is of utmost importance. 
    • If you are battling anger and stress, onyx aragonite will help you massively by providing support. The significance of this pristine aragonite is associated with the earth goddess. Hence, it promotes recycling and conservation. 
    • Aragonite is highly effective in combating sleeping disorders, anxiety, restlessness and other stress-related problems. 
    • The positive vibes the stone emanates pushes one to achieve self-confidence, better patience, taking care of self and more. This good practice helps to find mental sanctity and composure. 

    Calcite vs Aragonite

    aragonite with calcite

    • If we look at the crystal structure of calcite, it is trigonal, whereas the structure of aragonite is orthorhombic. 
    • If we consider the stability of both stones, aragonite is not as stable as calcite. 
    • For calcite, the cleavage surfaces are lustrous and vary from vitreous to pearly, whereas for aragonite, the fracture surfaces are vitreous and resinous.

    Aragonite Types

    Tumbled Aragonite

    Tumbled aragonite looks and feels spectacular. If you want to feel liberated from all worries and stress, use aragonite tumbled stones. The light and dark brown layers make these stones appear magical. Release negativity and feelings of hopelessness with these stones. You can even use this aura aragonite to cleanse your aura and inner darkness that's pushing you away from light. 

    Raw Aragonite

    Raw araponite looks like a star cluster, mesmerizingly beautiful and sparkly. The basic life force in our "Muladhara" or root chakra keeps us stable. Raw aragonite ensures a sense of security and self-assurance by grounding the other chakras. You feel complete and poised. 

    Aragonite Colors

    aragonite stone

    Blue Aragonite

    Blue Aragonite Meaning 

    Blue aragonite is a type of aragonite that forms crystals in orthorhombic or acicular style. 

    Blue Aragonite Properties

    Blue Aragonite Healing Properties

    Blue aragonite has the qualities of healing by instilling confidence and self-worth. The healing properties of the stone help lessen anger and stress.

    Blue Aragonite Metaphysical Properties

    The stone can activate the chakras of the throat, third eye and heart, offering patience and intuition. 

    White Aragonite

    White Aragonite Meaning

    White aragonite is called the earth healer. This stone is also known as cave calcite. The stone connects our crown chakra to the root chakra and provides patience. It helps us to take responsibility with confidence. 

    Brown Aragonite

    Brown Aragonite Meaning

    Brown aragonite is linked to the root chakra. It is associated with Capricorn. It can help people immensely who are doing self-healing work.

    Pink Aragonite

    Pink aragonite is associated with the root, heart and sacral chakra. It calms us down and connects us to our heart center.

    Green Aragonite

    Green aragonite is a stone that helps to meditate, and you can help yourself become grounded to nature with it.

    Red Aragonite

    Red aragonite is a stone that can help you balance and find your center. It is a fantastic healing stone.

    Purple Aragonite

    Purple aragonite is a healing stone that can balance the root and crown chakras. It can also stabilize our emotions.

    Black Aragonite

    Black aragonite also works like the other aragonites. The stone helps in combating anger and emotional stress.

    Yellow Aragonite

    Yellow aragonite is a unique healing stone that can treat all general kinds of pains and aches. The deep feeling pains can be treated well with yellow aragonite.

    Orange Aragonite

    Orange aragonite encompasses the feeling of truth and understanding. It is an amazing healing stone with considerable metaphysical qualities.

    Aragonite Uses

    The multitudinous uses of aragonite stone will astound you. Starting from aura cleansing and wearing aragonite jewelry, to using it for healing purposes and meditating, the uses of aragonite are endless. You can even use crushed aragonite in fish tanks. 

    Let us look at the uses of aragonite:

    Aragonite Sand

    Create a natural reef environment for your fish in the aquarium with dry aragonite sand or aragonite reef sand. Help your little buddies release stress and enjoy their natural habitat. 

    Aragonite for Freshwater Aquarium

    Add naturally occurring oolitic aragonite rock inside your freshwater aquarium, which has a buffering quality to maintain the pH balance of 8.2 for better health of the aquarium. You can also use aragonite gravel inside the aquarium.  

    Aragonite Sand for Cichlids

    Cichlids enjoy aragonite sand. Aragonite hardness is suited for their caving and burrowing tendencies.

    Black Aragonite Sand

    Black aragonite sand can be used for aquariums where cichlids are there. It gives the fish a chance to enjoy their natural habitat.

    Aragonite Beads

    Using aragonite beads in cichlid aquariums is also a great idea because it gives some variety to the habitat.

    Aragonite Shell

    Aragonites can form a part of the shells that occur naturally and the same can be placed in cichlid tanks.

    Aragonite Jewelry

    aragonite ring

    You can make different pieces of aragonite jewelry. Aragonite limestone is used to make pendants, rings, charm bracelets and more. Look beautiful and feel amazing by keeping aragonite close to your heart.

    Aragonite Pendant

    Onyx aragonite or even tumbled aragonite is used in pendants. This stunning stone adds bling to your neck. Pair it with any outfit. You will surely get a lot of compliments for your rich taste in ornaments.  

    Aragonite Necklace

    Aragonite crystal is used to make spectacularly designed necklaces. Keeping aragonite on your body will help you maintain the equilibrium of the soul, body and mind. 

    Aragonite Bracelet

    The gorgeous aragonite limestone beads are used to make excellent bracelets that grab attention wherever you go. If you are looking for branded aragonite bracelets, visit any gemstone store near you or try Etsy for its charming aragonite jewelry pieces. 

    Aragonite Ring

    When it comes to rings, we want nothing but the best. Hence, use aragonite gemstone to enhance the beauty of the rings. Planning to propose to your beloved? Get an aragonite gemstone studded engagement ring and surprise them. 

    How to Clean Aragonite?

    Aragonite can soak up negative energy. So, you must cautiously store it. You must keep it charged, cleansed and protected. Use warm water and a soft cloth to clean it. You have to then dry it entirely. Since aragonite is a fragile stone, don't drop it or bang it against a hard surface. 

    Keep it out in gentle sunlight to charge it for an hour or so. As we know, aragonite stone can be associated with the earth element. You can keep it buried in the soil for some time so that it can absorb the positive energy of the earth. Let mother nature stir its magic into your life.  

    How to Grow Aragonite Crystal?

    Follow these steps to grow aragonite crystal naturally:

    • Take a clean rock and place it inside a container. 
    • Gradually and continually pour vinegar into the container. 
    • Let the vinegar evaporate, and with time you will see aragonite crystal formation along the liquid line. 
    • If you want to see substantial growth, it will take around five days. However, it is dependent on the humidity and temperature. 
    • Take the crystals out of the container when you find the size of the rock satisfactorily big. However, be careful because aragonite crystal is usually brittle. 

    Aragonite for Sale

    Aragonite Price

    Various kinds of aragonites are available, and the price differences are quite significant. There are banded aragonite, cave calcite and more -- the choices are abundant. The price ranges have been noted to be as affordable as $2 to as much as $250 or even $300 for some rare specimens.


    The unique stone called aragonite has immense healing powers and metaphysical properties. It also makes an excellent piece of jewelry. The crystal needs to be cared for with due diligence because it can be brittle. The spectrum of colors the stone has and the different qualities associated with the separate colored stones are awe-striking. 

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