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Axinite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Axinite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about axinite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors and uses. Let's get started!


On the list of Earth’s most eye-catching crystals, axinite, with its reddish-brown hue, is rarely at the top. That said, we adore these dynamic entities and feel strongly that they are here to help as many people as possible in navigating this energetic experience. Here’s everything you need to know about axinite… 

  •  Axinite Meaning
    • Axinite Pronunciation
    • Axinite Spiritual Meaning
    • Where is Axinite Found
      • Axinite in Peru
      • Axinite in Russia
    • What is Axinite Used for?
    • Axinite Chakra
  • Axinite Properties
    • Axinite Metaphysical Properties
    • Magical Properties of Axinite
    • Axinite Healing Properties
    • Axinite Spiritual Properties
  • How to Charge Axinite Stones
  • Axinite Types
    • Tumbled Axinite
  • Axinite Color
    • Purple Axinite
    • Yellow Axinite
  • Axinite Uses
    • Axinite Sphere
    • Axinite Beads
  • Axinite Jewelry
    • Axinite Ring
  • Axinite for Sale
    • Axinite Price
      • Axinite Price per Carat

Axinite Meaning

Axinite gemstones are products of the triclinic crystal system. Composed of calcium aluminum boro-silicate, axinite crystals offer a brownish hue that sometimes has elements of red or violet. 

raw axinite crystal jagged exterior

The name ‘axinite’ is used for a group of stones, as opposed to one individual mineral. They are clusters of rare borosilicate minerals that form off of the side of rocks in tubular formations. 

These strong stones possess a lot of potent, usually untapped energy. They await the right person to match with, and can then be used in powerful co-creation for the benefit of the particular incarnation (both spiritually and physically). 

Axinite Pronunciation

The name ‘axinite’ is derived from the Greek word for axe. This happened solely because human beings compared the shape of the stone formations to axes (curved and sharp). 

Pronouncing the name of this stone looks more complicated than it is. “Ax - ee — nite” is how to say it properly.

Axinite Spiritual Meaning

As mentioned, axinite stones are highly spiritual entities and, as with most earth-colored stones, they are deeply connected to grounding and the amplification of Gaia energy. 

The process of funneling energy from the Earth into the individual results in increased strength and endurance. The axinite gemstone meaning is centered around restorative energy, and it is this very frequency that allows one to start implementing changes in one’s life. 

Looking at axinite metaphysically, these stones can help increase communication with the spiritual realms, also aiding in the deepening of meditation. 

Where is Axinite Found

While axinite is not a common crystal (many would label it as rare), it has been found in a few different parts of the world where the conditions are perfect for its formation. 

These areas include France, Russia, Australia, South America and the USA.

Axinite in Peru

In South America, the axinite mineral is the richest in Peru. Specifically, the Canta Province in the capital city of Lima. Here, vast amounts of axinite are mined and distributed to suppliers, at relatively low cost compared to more commercial mines in the east. 

Since axinite is somewhat a rarity, these mines are nowhere near the size of those forming amethyst or rose quartz, for example, but they still play a substantial part in contributing to the overall economy of Peru. 

Axinite in Russia

Shifting to the opposite end of the world, major axinite deposits were once found all over Russia. This occurred sometime during the 80s and 90s when deep cavities of axinite were discovered and the country began mining them for trade. 

A lot of the deposits in Russia have since been depleted, which is why when you find Russian axinite for sale online, retailers will generally specify when the specific stone was likely to have been retrieved. The most popular mining district in Russia was the Puiva Mount in the Prepolar Urals. 

What is Axinite Used for?

Users of axinite are usually involved in business operations where big decisions are necessary, and where the wrong decision can affect a lot of different people. They need to have a clear frame of reference from which to make these changes/decisions so that everybody is considered fairly. 

This stone is also useful for any individual who is wanting to make changes in their life but lacks that little bit of bravery to do so. This stone can be highly transformative for these individuals, giving them a new space and comfort to take action without exception of the outcome. 

Axinite Chakra

As we know, axinite stones are deeply connected to the earth and grounding. Their reddish-brown hue tells us that they are connected to the red-ray energy, or root chakra. In this way, the stones can funnel energy from the earth up into the user through their base chakra, for the benefit of their entire energetic body. 

Using axinite directly on your root chakra will work to open any blockages you may be experiencing in this particular energetic hub. 

axinite stone

Axinite Properties

Axinite Metaphysical Properties

We’ve touched on the metaphysical properties of axinite, but we’d like to take it a bit deeper! Metaphysically, these stones are most effective when used during meditation. 

If you feel there is a lack of grounding energy present during your meditations (perhaps you feel like you’re going to set sail into the clouds at any second, and it feels a little overwhelming), then meditating with axinite nearby could offer great benefit.

This does not mean that your meditations will suddenly become shallow, or that you will lose access to these higher planes. On the contrary, your meditation practice will descend even further, only this time you will feel more in control and less threatened. 

Meditators who use axinite as an aid describe the experience of eventually tapping into the Akashic records and seeing their life’s blueprint flash before their eyes. 

Magical Properties of Axinite

Axinite has the magical ability to shift human perspective without the user having to do much more than simply keep the stone close by. Seemingly overnight, realities that once felt daunting or unmanageable are suddenly a piece of cake. Even your perception of people can shift radically when you realize it’s been your mind tricking you all along. 

Axinite is a tool one can use to expose their own biases and blockages for the betterment of their everyday experience. A valuable tool if you know how to use it properly!

Axinite Healing Properties

Many people are surprised to learn that axinite is a powerful physical healer, in addition to a metaphysical healer. The stones are energetically connected to the spinal cord, adrenal glands and the muscular system of the legs and feet (via the spinal cord).

Anixite stones focus on the renewal and vitality of these zones and heal using earth energy channeled upward through the root chakra and into the spine. There have been miraculous recoveries from mild to severe illness thanks to these rare specimens, but you don’t have to be on the brink of collapse to enjoy the healing properties of axinite crystals. 

On the contrary, the stones will help any human body achieve optimal functioning, increased strength and untapped endurance. Your overall well-being will be impacted in the process, making way for better health and vitality levels. 

Axinite Spiritual Properties

An interesting axinite fact is that these crystals aid the experience of lucid dreaming, too. If you sleep with axinite close to you, you’ll not only retain better memory of your lucid dreaming escapades, you’ll also have more control during the experiences themselves. 

Using axinite to lucid dream means you’ll open up your will to go deeper than you have before, but always in a safe and secure capacity. 

We know that axinite is usually only linked to the root chakra, but the truth is it has a unique relationship with the third eye chakra as well. This is what gives axinite its abilities during meditation and lucid dreaming, where the third eye is the starting point for the energy. 

How to Charge Axinite Stones

While axinite is not technically a self-cleaning stone, these crystals don’t cling to contaminant energies very easily. For this reason, it is important to occasionally cleanse and charge your axinite, but it is not essential to the functioning of the stone itself.

The following are suitable ways of charging axinite, regardless of what form it comes in:

  • Leave axinite under the light of the full moon once a month.
  • Place axinite on a bed of Himalayan salt, and let it rest for 48 hours. 
  • Bury your axinite under healthy soil in the garden, and retrieve it after 48 hours. 
  • Burn sacred herbs or incense over axinite crystals, setting the intention for cleansing as you do. 
  • Hold axinite under running water for at least 60 seconds, and then towel dry. 

Axinite Types

More abundant crystals tend to come in varied forms. Clear quartz, for example, is such an easy find and so affordable in raw form, that one can find it being made into various pieces for different uses. Quartz wands, pendulums, jewelry, lamps and even pot plants are available for purchase at the click of a button. 

Axinite is a little different when it comes to navigating the crystal market. It is harder to find, and nowhere near as abundant as these more commercial stones. For this reason, you’ll be lucky to find more than just a regular raw chunk of axinite for sale. 

Tumbled Axinite

Some suppliers have started to get creative with axinite where possible. When a specimen is big enough, they might tumble the stone to make it more gentle in shape for the everyday user. 

The process of tumbling crystals involves a special machine in which the crystal is rolled around quite vigorously until the sharp edges are gradually worn away. Eventually, the stone takes on a sphere or oval shape, with no more hard lines to be found. 

When it comes to using crystals on the physical body, tumbled stones work best as they are more comfortable to move across the skin.

Axinite Color

Purple Axinite

Typically, axinite forms in the standard reddish-brown hue, which sometimes has a hint of violet flaring through the structure. Now and then, however, a more rare form of this stone occurs whereby the body is so translucent that the axinite looks like a light form of amethyst. 

pink translucent raw crystal rock

Purple axinite is hard to come by, so if you ever find a piece being sold for a reasonable exchange — take the opportunity to purchase!

Purple axinite possesses all of the same qualities as regular shades of axinite, and may even have amplified metaphysical powers due to its connection to violet-ray energy. 

Yellow Axinite

Even more unheard of than purple axinite, is its yellow sibling. Yellow axinite occurs under very specific earthly conditions and climate and is thus the rarest form of this stone available. Yellow axinite is usually not sold raw and is rather cut into jewelry-making stones that resemble sapphires. 

Axinite Uses

Axinite Sphere

A tumbled form of axinite, also known as an axinite sphere, has a number of different uses. Here’s how we would use a sphere of this stone in everyday life:

  • Display it in a living room where it can purify the energy of the space day in and day out. 
  • Place it next to your bed while you sleep, for the purpose of increased lucid dreaming. 
  • Hold the sphere in your hands as you meditate, allowing the energy to channel through you. 
  • Laying on your back, place the axinite ball as close to your root chakra as possible, and allow it to unblock the energetic flow of this area. 

Axinite Beads

If you’re fortunate enough to get yourself some axinite beads, be sure to do something meaningful with them. Crystal beads are a great tool to use for the purpose of physical healing, as they are easily kept very close to the human body. 

In our opinion, axinite beads are best kept on the wrists in the form of bracelets. This is because the wrists offer a very direct path into the bloodstream of human beings, so the positive ions of the stones can physically enter the body from here. 

More than this, since axinite interacts quite powerfully with the root chakra, by wearing them on your wrist each day you need simply hold your hand to your lower abdomen to allow the connection to take place. This means you can enjoy crystal healing no matter where you are: driving to work, in a board meeting, at the supermarket… your base chakra will be permanently unblocked! 

Axinite Jewelry

Axinite Ring

As mentioned, there isn’t a lot of axinite jewelry on the market yet. These rare stones are, however, becoming more and more popular in the art of ring-making, as they can be cut quite beautifully to resemble cloudy diamonds or sapphires. 

An axinite ring is a fantastic piece to wear on the body if you want the frequency of the stone with you at all times. Like bracelets, rings can be held up to specific chakras at any time, for the purpose of rebalancing. 

If you have an axinite ring, always wear it during mediation! It will quickly sync to your body and you’ll find you start to form a healthy dependency on the presence of the stone. 

Axinite for Sale

Finding axinite for sale is not always an easy task. If you live in a small town, the odds of finding a piece at your local crystal shop are slim to none. Most collectors turn to the internet to source their specimens, so if you’re interested in acquiring a piece we recommend looking at platforms such as Amazon or Ebay. 

If you live in a more central, bustling city, you can probably get in contact with your local esoteric store and ask them to source one of these minerals on your behalf. Axinite is one of those stones that tend to travel in close circles, being moved from collector to collector. 

Axinite Price

Axinite Price per Carat

Owning an axinite gem won’t come cheap. It’s an investment stone that you’ll be able to hold onto for a while, and the price is always on an uptrend. To determine the true axinite worth, we have to look at the price per carat. 

The retail prices per carat of axinite vary depending on the color of the stone. The breakdown is as follows:

Reddish-brown Axinite $59.53/ct Considered fairly rare 
Orange-brown Axinite $81.91/ct Considered fairly rare
Light blue Axinite $540.05/ct Considered extremely rare

Note that the more carats a specific piece of axinite holds, the more the price per carat increases. The aforementioned prices are for stones holding just one carat, and nothing higher. They give a good idea of what to expect when it comes to making this crystal investment. 

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