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Apophyllite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Apophyllite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about apophyllite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, colors and uses. Let's get started!


The world of gemstones is all too fascinating, with apophyllite stone being one of its most intriguing gems. Let us talk about everything that you would like to know about this rare and interesting crystal.

  • Apophyllite Meaning
    • Apophyllite Pronunciation
    • Apophyllite Chakra
    • What is Apophyllite Good for
    • Where is Apophyllite Found
      • Apophyllite in Colorado
      • Apophyllite in India 
  • Apophyllite Properties
    • Metaphysical Properties of Apophyllite
    • Apophyllite Healing Properties
    • Physical Properties of Apophyllite
  • Apophyllite Benefits
  • Apophyllite and Stilbite 
  • Apophyllite vs Clear Quartz 
  • Apophyllite Color
    • Green Apophyllite
      • Green Apophyllite Meaning
      • Green Apophyllite Healing Properties
    • Red Apophyllite
      • Red Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties
    • Clear Apophyllite
    • Blue Apophyllite
    • Pink Apophyllite
    • Pink Apophyllite Meaning 
  • Apophyllite Jewelry
    • Apophyllite Necklace
    • Apophyllite Ring
    • Apophyllite Pendant
    • Apophyllite Crystal Bracelet
    • Apophyllite Wand 
  • Apophyllite Uses
    • Apophyllite Pyramid
    • Apophyllite Beads
    • Apophyllite Pendulum
  • How to Cleanse Apophyllite
    • Can You Put Apophyllite in Water? 
  • Apophyllite for Sale
    • Apophyllite Cluster for Sale
    • Green Apophyllite for Sale
    • Apophyllite on Etsy
  • Conclusion

    What is Apophyllite?

    Apophyllite crystal belongs to a family of naturally occurring minerals called phyllosilicates. It specifically refers to a group of minerals and not just a particular stone. Due to its flaky composition and silicate surface, the name apophyllite is derived from the Greek words “Apo” and “Phyllon”, meaning “flake off”. 

    Apophyllite stone has an inherent tendency to turn flaky and disintegrate under very high temperatures due to dehydration. This gorgeous translucent stone is also believed to harness spiritual properties.

    Apophyllite Pronunciation

    When you pronounce apophyllite, it should sound like ‘Up-aw-fill-light’.

    Apophyllite Chakra

    The apophyllite crystal is considered to be a blessing in disguise!

    It works with the heart chakra by opening up your senses to easily receive and spread love.

    It is also said to awaken the third-eye chakra, which is home to your intuition and wisdom. This helps you to make judicious decisions. Apophyllite unlocks the crown chakra to help you embrace elevated consciousness and feel vibrations and energies from the upper realms of the cosmic world.

    Many believe that apophyllite stone also represents the soul star, which is the eighth chakra and the home where your soul dwells. 

    What is Apophyllite Good for?

    Apophyllite crystal offers psychic benefits when you place it on your third-eye chakra. It boosts the natural connection between your physical and spiritual self and stimulates your inner senses to make you more instinctive.

    This celestial stone is also very potent for communicating with the world of spirits and angels and reaching out to your subconscious mind.

    If you suffer from bouts of anxiety, apophyllite stone can help calm your mind and help you focus. It can also help you regain control over your thoughts and actions and restore harmony in life. Place this beautiful gem in your living room to cleanse negativity from your mind and invite brighter thoughts.

    Where is Apophyllite Found?

    Apophyllite stone

    Apophyllite stone occurs naturally as secondary minerals in volcanic rock formations. It is found in many countries in the world, even though it remains relatively lesser-known among gemstones.

    Apophyllite in Colorado

    Colorado is one of the most significant sources of natural apophyllite crystals in the USA.

    Apophyllite in India

    In India, apophyllite was discovered decades ago in Pune (Poona) in Maharashtra. This region is a rich source of green apophyllite that is the rarest variety of this stone, available today.

    Apophyllite Properties

    Metaphysical Properties of Apophyllite

    Endowed with striking metaphysical properties, meditating with apophyllite crystal is considered ideal for awakening your mind to the glory and magic of this world. Apophyllite is highly sought after by reiki practitioners who believe that this gorgeous mineral comes with powerful cleansing and healing abilities. 

    These properties are attributed to the wind and water elements, which are intrinsically associated with apophyllite. In reiki, apophyllite is believed to remove blocks and promote positive energy flow. 

    Apophyllite Healing Properties 

    The mind healing powers of apophyllite stone make it aspiritual healer’s highly coveted possession. It can help rebuild the mind to clear our thoughts, keep anxiety at bay, and expand the levels of general awareness. 

    Natural pyramid structures present within this stone facilitate energy flow that helps people combat their inner resistance and helps set them on the path of spiritual fulfillment. Apophyllite is also believed to possess mystic and supernatural capabilities that helps boost psychic visualizations and clairvoyance skills.

    Physical Properties of Apophyllite

    The structure of an apophyllite crystal consists of many layers. This layered composition endows a pearl-like sheen to the brilliant white stone and gives it a unique shape. Apophyllite exhibits an ice-like appearance. It is rich in elements such as sodium, calcium, potassium, fluorine, and also contains layers of water.

    Apophyllite Benefits

    Apophyllite is lauded by spiritual healers, reiki practitioners and metaphysicians for its various benefits.  

    • Apophyllite stone is used by healers to stimulate the third eye chakra. This ousts negativity and ushers in wisdom and positivity into your life. It improves your instincts and understanding of the physical world and beyond. You feel a sense of calm, gratitude, and joy, and your mind becomes more receptive to appreciate the simple things in life that have always been present around you.
    • Next, apophyllite is also said to work on the heart chakra, which is particularly beneficial for channeling positivity in love and relationships. It fills up your aura with light and guides you towards the right decisions to resolve difficult problems when you face emotional turmoil involving your relationships. You can rise in love by overcoming your fears and dispelling unreasonable thoughts.
    • Apophyllite crystal is said to have profound and positive effects on Geminis and Libras by restoring balance and calmness in their lives. It helps them stay grounded and steer clear of overanxious thoughts.

    Apophyllite and Stilbite

    Apophyllite stone with stilbite

    Apophyllite stone with stilbite is a potent combination of healing crystals. Apophyllite enhances your consciousness of the divine connection between the physical world and the angelic and spiritual dimensions of truth. On the other hand, stilbite deeply heals our higher chakras, banishes mental confinements, and protects us from heartbreaks.

    The amalgamation of apophyllite crystal with stilbite is considered to be extremely powerful in healing ailments of the heart, throat, thyroid, lungs, allergies, and skin. It also helps to ease feelings of grief, boost the clarity of thoughts, and soothe emotions.

    Apophyllite vs Clear Quartz

    The properties of apophyllite stone are very similar to those of clear quartz. But there are certain distinct structural differences between them. Also, it is said that apophyllite is significantly more powerful than clear quartz when its healing powers are compared. When it comes to awakening the instincts and the heart chakra, apophyllite is believed to be more receptive to high frequencies and also more grounded.

    Apophyllite Color

    Blue Apophyllite

    Apophyllite crystals are available in many beautiful shades that make them more interesting and stunning to look at. The presence of other minerals adds different shades to its otherwise cloud-like appearance.

    Green Apophyllite

    Apophyllite is found in many fascinating shades, starting from pale and olive green to vivid emerald-like shades.

    Green Apophyllite Meaning

    In the metaphysical purview, green apophyllite is associated with the heart chakra. It has calming properties and innate power to generate complete awareness about your reality. Green apophyllite boosts balance, harmony, learning, and self-growth.

    Green Apophyllite Healing Properties

    Green apophyllite healing effects are beneficial for both the body and mind. While it can benefit patients suffering from degenerative physical illnesses, it can also cleanse the mind of negative emotions, ushering in positivity and supporting balance in love and relationships.

    Red Apophyllite

    Red apophyllite is a rarer version of this beautiful crystal. It is usually found within clusters along with clear apophyllite and other zeolitic stones.

    Red Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties

    Red apophyllite stone is especially potent in awakening our receptors to cosmic vibrations and connecting with higher energies around us.  

    Clear Apophyllite

    Clear or sparkling whitish apophyllite stone is the most sought-after variety for its spiritual healing powers. Oriented with the crown chakra, it opens us up to the higher universe and realizes our own spirituality.

    Blue Apophyllite

    Ethereal blue apophyllite crystal looks exquisite and stunning. It can help soothe anxiety and clear the mind of negative energies.

    Pink Apophyllite 

    Lustrous pinkish apophyllite is among the rarest and most coveted species of this earth gem.

    Pink Apophyllite Meaning

    It helps you develop a profound and wider perception of the world of spirits and angels.

    Apophyllite Jewelry

    Apophyllite pendant

    If you are keen to embrace the extraordinary apophyllite healing benefits, you must try wearing jewelry items made of this stone.

    Apophyllite Necklace

    An apophyllite necklace that lies close to your heart looks very pretty! But more importantly, it works beautifully on your heart chakra to awaken your abilities to feel and spread love and make wise decisions amidst emotional turbulence.

    Apophyllite Ring 

    Take your style statement a notch above with an apophyllite ring to match your outfit. A natural healer, the luster and brilliance of this gem can effortlessly beautify your hands. Apophyllite tumbled stones set on matte gold or silver look ravishing.

    Apophyllite Pendant 

    A gleaming apophyllite crystal pendant can not only make you a fashion icon but also ensure your mental and physical wellbeing. Handcrafted apophyllite pendants look magnificent, and when kept close to your body, stimulates your third-eye chakra, which sharpens your instincts.

    Apophyllite Crystal Bracelet 

    For a calm and composed mind that emanates positivity and appreciates spiritualism, wear a lovely apophyllite bracelet. It will brighten up your aura and help you connect with your guiding spirit in the higher dimensions of the celestial world.

    Apophyllite Uses

    Apophyllite Pyramid 

    Unlike other gemstones, apophyllite stone is structured naturally, like a pyramid. Also called the apophyllite point, this pyramidal shape offers brilliant manifestations, which are especially suitable for meditation, chakra healing and crystal gazing. While you meditate, placing an apophyllite pyramid on your third-eye chakra acts as a focal point of positive energies and enhances instinctive thoughts.

    Apophyllite Beads 

    Healers and metaphysical practitioners encourage the use of apophyllite beads during meditation. Wearing these beads can be a wonderful way to infuse balance, harmony, knowledge and growth in life.

    Apophyllite Pendulum 

    Apophyllite-tipped pendulums are used for clairvoyance. They have powerful abilities to awaken your inner eye and aid in communication with your spirit guides. 

    How to Cleanse Apophyllite?

    To derive the maximum benefits from its intriguing manifestations, you need to cleanse your apophyllite crystal properly. But it tends to crumble easily, so be careful enough not to damage it.

    The following steps are ideal for cleansing apophyllite:

    1. Gently smudge with sage or some other spiritual herb to clean your apophyllite stone. This is the mildest way to cleanse it.
    2. Once cleaned, place it among clusters of other crystals to infuse spiritual grace in it.

    Can You Put Apophyllite in Water?

    You can quickly clean your apophyllite crystal by holding it under gently running water that is clean and lukewarm. However, you must never scrub the stone to prevent it from flaking off. Just pat it dry.

    Apophyllite for Sale

    Apophyllite Cluster for Sale

    To purchase apophyllite clusters, you can check on different online stores and marketplaces. Some online platforms also provide the option of buying apophyllite stone directly from the manufacturer.

    Green Apophyllite for Sale 

    Green apophyllite is one of the rarer species of this beautiful crystal. So it might not be available easily. However, you can find them at some reputed gem dealer stores. But you should closely inspect the apophyllite images available and validate their authenticity before buying.

    Apophyllite on Etsy 

    If you search on Etsy using any terms like apophyllite crystal or apophyllite stone, it will fetch many buying options from various gemstone sellers. You can find these gems at different price points and choose from the most suitable options available. 


    Now that we know all about the fascinating powers of the apophyllite crystal, it is clear enough that this beautiful mineral is all about infusing peace, positivity, and spirituality into your life. Help heal your soul and body with apophyllite. Let its deep and laudable effects on your heart and crown chakras bring out the best in you.

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