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Chakra Crystals: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about chakra crystals, including their uses, properties and benefits. Let's get started!


Historically various cultures have identified with chakras, the energy centers of the body, and using crystals as a method of managing them. From our research, many sources cite India as the main place of origin for the study of chakras. There are seven main chakras, each have corresponding colors and crystals, and are used for understanding spirituality, harnessing intuition and creativity, treatment of physical ailments, understanding of whether energy centers are overactive or blocked and how that manifests in a person’s state. By wearing crystals as jewelry or simply keeping them in one’s home, one naturally shifts the vibrational frequencies of energetic channels to treat any physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties. Keep on reading to find out more about the healing benefits of crystal chakra healing.

  • Crystals and Chakras for Beginners
    • What are Chakra Crystals
    • What are the Seven Chakra Crystals
      • 7 Chakra Crystals Meanings
  • What Happens When You Open Your Chakras
  • Chakra Crystals List
    • Throat Chakra Crystals
    • Crown Chakra Crystals
      • Crown Chakra Stones List
    • Root Chakra Crystals
      • Red Jasper Root Chakra
      • Hematite Root Chakra
    • Sacral Chakra Crystals
    • Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals
    • Heart Chakra Crystals
    • Third Eye Chakra Crystals
    • Earth Star Chakra Crystals
    • Ear Chakra Crystals
  • Crystal Chakra Uses
    • Crystal Chakra Wand
      • What is a Crystal Chakra Wand
      • Crystal Chakra Wand Purpose
    • Chakra Beads
    • Chakra Crystal Grid
  • Chakra Crystal Jewelry
    • Chakra Crystal Necklace
      • Chakra Crystal Necklace Meaning
    • Crystal Chakra Bracelet
      • Chakra Bracelet Stones Meaning
    • Crystal Chakra Pendant
  • How to Use Chakra Crystals
    • How to Unblock Chakras
    • How to Clear Your Chakras
    • How to Meditate with Chakra Crystals
    • How to Cleanse Chakra Crystal
    • How to Balance Your Chakras with Crystals

    Crystals and Chakras for Beginners

    top view of crystals and a candle on a piece of cloth

    Many of our daily emotional distresses manifest in certain areas of the body; heartache as physical pain in the heart, grief as pain in the chest, etc. Across the globe, people have found solace in the practice of chakra healing, cleansing or balancing. Your head, your heart, your stomach — these are channels, and they form part of an interconnected system of energy centers known as chakras. There are up to 114 chakras, but we will focus on the seven main chakras of the human body. This word came from ancient Vedic texts, e.g., in Sanskrit chakra means “wheel”. The opening and aligning of these channels, sometimes referred to as ‘chakra cleansing’ and/or ‘chakra balancing,' can help to process otherwise very difficult emotions and this allows for physical release, a deeper understanding of one's uncomfortable feelings, and a peaceful perspective. This practice of healing involves a combination of working with the healing potential of crystals, or chakra stones as well as meditation.

    What are Chakra Crystals

    For each of the seven chakra centers in the body, there are various crystals, colors and stones which correspond. The crystals are utilized to clear, revitalize and heal the particular areas of the body with which they correspond. The color of the crystal is also an indication of which chakra it corresponds with. What we know for a fact is that over a period of many, many years underground, extreme pressure and minerals come together to produce the visually striking crystals and gemstones. As a result of this, it is a belief widely held by many people that there is power and therapeutic energy held within these wonders of nature. The frequencies and vibrational energies of the stones are believed to interact with your own energetic frequencies and restore a natural balance.

    What are the Seven Chakra Crystals

    There are not only seven crystals to align with each chakra, though we have seven of those! Each chakra has its own color, but many different crystals that can benefit each chakra. The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet/white (working your way up from the root chakra respectively).

    7 Chakra Crystals Meanings

    a figurine surrounded by crystals

    Before we get into the meanings behind the crystals, we must first understand what the chakras, or the seven main energy centers of the body, are and what their properties are composed of. For the purposes of this article, we will begin at the root, which is found at the base of the spine, and end with the crown which is found at the top of the head.

    First, we have the root or base chakra. The Sanskrit name is Muladhara, the color it is most widely familiarized with is red but can also be associated with a very deep red, almost black. As we mentioned, the root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine, in fact just beyond the spine, therefore it is not actually located inside the body. The energy focus of this centre is stability, grounding, physical energy, will, and security.

    Second, we have the sacral chakra. Located just below the naval, Svadhisthana is the energy centre which focuses on self-esteem, creativity, healing, sexuality, desire, emotion, and intuition. This chakra is about passion, bringing life, creativity, into the world or breathing life into ideas, exploring pleasure and sensuality. The complementary color is orange.

    Up next is the solar plexus chakra. We are all too familiar with the infamous gut feeling we as human beings have been blessed with. Manipurna is located at the solar plexus which is just below the breast bone, where feelings of pride and accomplishment definitely correspond, as well as feelings of disempowerment and wanting to retrace your steps; a bad feeling in your gut . The color linked is gold or yellow.

    Very importantly, up next we have the heart chakra. Love, compassion, universal consciousness, emotional balance, sadness, grief, trust issues, forgiveness. Known as Anahata in Sanskrit, the corresponding color is green.

    Following the heart chakra, located at the neck above the collar bone, is the throat chakra, known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit. This channel focuses its energy on expression, truth, and divine guidance. It is the root of communication and self-expression. The color associated with this chakra is blue.

    Located centered above the eyebrows, Ajna, also known as the third eye chakra, is a widely discussed point of channeling powerful energies. The color associated with this chakra is indigo. 

    Last, but not least, we have Sahasrara, located just above the head, the crown chakra.  The colors associated here are violet and white. Focusing most of the energy channelled through this centre on vibrations of a higher frequency, the crown chakra is a focal point for enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, energy and alignment.

    What Happens When You Open Your Chakras

    chakras in our body

    When your chakras are opened you are able to achieve a state of optimal wellbeing, confidence and a pure joy flowing through you. Here are some examples of how one can feel when your chakras are opened; when your root chakra is open it is much easier to connect to a sense of pride in your achievements; having an open sacral chakra allows you to enjoy life without overindulging in intimate experiences with other people; an open solar plexus links you to your power and genuine self-confidence; an open heart chakra lets you feel genuine self-love and this love flows into the people around you through compassion and unconditional love; when your throat chakra is open you have the power for radical self-expression through speech; an open third eye chakra allows you to see and resonate with positive steps that you have taken on your spiritual journey; and lastly having an open and balanced crown chakra will help with centering your energy in all of your other chakras. 

    Chakra Crystals List

    Throat Chakra Crystals

    Light blue, blue and teal stones:

    • sodalite
    • blue calcite
    • blue kyanite
    • chrysocolla
    • celestite
    • blue chalcedony
    • angelite
    • blue turquoise
    • amazonite
    • aquamarine

    Crown Chakra Crystals

    Violet gold and white/clear stones:

    • amethyst
    • apophyllite
    • herkimer diamond
    • quartz crystal
    • white hemimorphite
    • white calcite
    • selenite

    Crown Chakra Stones List

    • white topaz
    • white danburite
    • white howlite
    • sugilite
    • white agate
    • moonstone

    Root Chakra Crystals

    Black brown and red stones:

    • red pyrope garnet 
    • dravite tourmaline 
    • petrified wood
    • chiastolite
    • black obsidian
    • black tourmaline
    • red zincite
    • garnet
    • smoky quartz
    • zircon

    Red Jasper Root Chakra

    A red jasper stone has been used in spiritual practices for centuries, this is thanks to it being found in many locations around the world, as it is a form of quartz which is the most commonly occurring gemstone. This stone has powerful grounding properties and helps to link you back to the energy of the earth and centre your energetic body. It also aids in balancing the Yin and Yang in your body, to ensure that there is no masculine or feminine dominance within. 

    Hematite Root Chakra

    A hematite stone is also a very powerful stone that is used specifically to ground your energy and for promoting focus and innovation. It has the power to remove negative blockages from your root chakra, releasing you from stressful and anxious thought patterns.

    Sacral Chakra Crystals

    Orange, peach and brown stones:

    • fire opal
    • amber
    • apricot Botswana agate
    • spessartine garnet
    • peach moonstone
    • peach selenite
    • orange calcite
    • carnelian
    • imperial topaz

    Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

    Yellow, gold and chartreuse stones:

    • yellow topaz
    • golden quartz
    • yellow sapphire
    • heliodor 
    • pyrite
    • gold
    • citrine
    • amber
    • yellow jasper
    • golden calcite
    • gold tiger eye

    Heart Chakra Crystals

    Green and pink stones:

    • rose quartz
    • cobaltian calcite
    • pink danburite
    • lepidolite
    • rosasite
    • pink tourmaline
    • green aventurine
    • malachite
    • jade

    Third Eye Chakra Crystals

    Indigo and violet stones:

    • blue apatite
    • lapis lazuli
    • azurite
    • tanzanite

    Earth Star Chakra Crystals

    Earth Star Chakra Crystals

    Although most people only talk about the seven main chakras (root, sacral plexus, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown), some people believe that there are many more chakras in one's energetic centre. It is believed that there are up to 114 other chakras! One of these other chakras is known as the earth star chakra. This chakra, unlike most others, is not located within the body, but rather 12 inches below your feet. Its purpose is to work with grounding you and is often referred to as the ‘super root chakra’. It works on connecting your personal energies to the universal energy through the earth and allows a flow of positive energy from the earth to tap into you. Crystals that work with this chakra include any in black or dark brown color, i.e., black kyanite, black obsidian and english jet stone.

    Ear Chakra Crystals

    The are a number of ear chakra crystals one can use. For example, amber aids in the dissolving of allergens and is anti-inflammatory for the ear. Amethyst is very useful in activating crown and third eye chakras, which will aid in the balancing of your ear chakras, and has been said to help immensely with ear infections while sleeping. Black tourmaline has been said to aid in the treatment of hearing loss. Rhodonite is known to activate one's higher chakras which assists in a peaceful release of any negative thoughts one may be harboring as a result of one's auditory surroundings at any given time. Agate has been said to flush toxins out of our bodies, and this is very useful for physical ailments in the ears which often occur in conjunction with a blocked ear chakra.

    Crystal Chakra Uses

    Crystal Chakra Wand

    When the seven chakras are out of balance, bringing a crystal chakra wand into your orbit can help to realign and clear out one’s energetic body. Some of these wands are composed of seven crystals associated with chakras, whilst others can be a single crystal — used to target a single chakra. 

    What is a Crystal Chakra Wand

    A crystal chakra wand is an oblong shaped healing tool. Crystal healing wands have been used for centuries, for example, in ancient Chinese traditions healers began using these wands to heal the ‘Chi,' which is an energy current that runs through the inside and outside of one’s body. In Buddhism, the wand is used to realign the seven chakras of one’s energy body.

    Crystal Chakra Wand Purpose

    A crystal chakra wand has two main purposes, one is to clear out blockages that can exist amongst your seven chakras. When your chakras are blocked, it can lead to poor mental clarity and poor organ performance. It’s second purpose is to re-balance your chakras — sometimes our chakras can be over or under-active. It can be hard to tell which of our chakras are unbalanced, but by holding this wand close to you it will gently re-align your seven chakras.

    Chakra Beads

    There are no seven specific crystals or stones that work in conjunction with the chakras, but rather seven colors. Together they form a beautiful rainbow pattern and beads are often made out of crystals to be strung together in jewelry form. These beads can be worn in isolation, i.e., a string of red jasper beads to unblock the root chakra, or together to form the rainbow pattern and absorb negative blockages from all of the chakras.

    Chakra Crystal Grid

    Chakra Crystal Grid

    A chakra crystal grid is a geometric pattern with energetically charged crystals and stones arranged on the grid in a uniform manner. The most common type of grid used to balance the chakras is composed of seven crystals, working with the root all the way up to the crown chakra, laid out in a line through the middle of a flower of life geometric pattern. Sometimes clear quartz crystals are placed around the sides of the grid to amplify the power of the seven chakra crystals. There are also chakra grids which are created to target one chakra at a time.

    Chakra Crystal Jewelry

    People have been wearing crystals on their person for centuries, as this protects one’s energy when moving around in the world and interacting with other people. Humans are very susceptible to feeling and absorbing negative energies from those around us, and most of the time we are not even aware that we are doing so. Crystals have become quite popular in jewelry making due to their intricate patterns and unique colors, specifically the arrangement of the seven chakra colors to form a rainbow.

    Chakra Crystal Necklace

    Chakra crystal necklaces have become popularized due to the exciting and bold rainbow color pattern as well as the healing benefits of seven crystals grouped together.

    Chakra Crystal Necklace Meaning

    The meaning behind a chakra crystal necklace is that it constantly absorbs negative energy in and around your energetic centre, where your seven chakras are found. Benefits include, anxiety and stress relief, attracting peace, amplifying joy and improving one’s physical well-being.

    Crystal Chakra Bracelet

    The arrangement of the seven crystals that resonate with the seven chakras in a bracelet form can be extremely powerful. It is important to note which wrist you wear it on, as your left hand is the feminine and ‘receiving’ side and your right is the masculine and ‘action’ side.

    Chakra Bracelet Stones Meaning

    The meaning of this bracelet will, as mentioned before, change depending on which hand it is worn on. Wearing it on your left hand (feminine side) will be the most beneficial for working on and clearing your own chakras and making a change within, as it allows the energy of the crystals to flow inward. If you would like to put more control on the energy that you send out into the world or if you would like to release toxins and negative energy from within, then we would advise that you wear a chakra bracelet on your right hand.

    Crystal Chakra Pendant

    The most common type of chakra crystal necklace comes in a pendant form, often having seven small stones embedded in a larger clear quartz or set in gold or silver. These pendants can also be smaller and be worn as hanging earrings.

    How to Use Chakra Crystals

    How to Unblock Chakras

    There are a few ways to unblock your chakras, in order to achieve optimal health and a clear mindset. Apart from using crystals, as we mentioned previously, one can also use yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. If you are unsure about which chakra is blocked, a full body vinyasa flow will cover all of the bases and create a flow of energy through your body in order to release any unwanted blockages in your energetic centre.

    How to Clear Your Chakras

    When focusing on clearing out your chakras, it is important to note which color correlates with which chakra. If you would like to take it up a notch, there are various mantras which you can repeat several times to aid in this process. Here is a list of the chakras, the color crystal or stone that works with it and the sound (mantra) used to clear it out: 

    • root works with red and the sound is ‘LAM’
    • sacral works with orange and the sound is ‘VAM’
    • solar plexus works with yellow and the sound is ‘RAM’
    • heart works with green and the sound is ‘YAM’
    • throat works with blue and the sound is ‘HAM’
    • third eye works with indigo and the sound is ‘OM’
    • crown works with violet or white and you should remain silent whilst clearing out this chakra. 

    How to Meditate with Chakra Crystals

    a person with crystals on their belly

    Meditation is a great way to invite a calm and relaxed state into your being. When this relaxed state is reached, you give life to your creative side and allow healing to take place within. Using crystals with your meditation practice is a wonderful and potent way to enhance the powers of meditation. Start off your practice by focusing on the crystal and asking the universe to allow the power of the crystal to flow through you. You can either hold onto the crystal if you prefer to do a seated meditation or lay flat on your back and place the crystal near the chakra which you are working on.

    How to Cleanse Chakra Crystals

    It is paramount that you cleanse your crystals of any negative energy before using them. We advise placing the crystal in a solution of water and sea salt overnight and then allowing it to dry off under direct sunlight for 4 hours the following day. The sun’s energy will cleanse and recharge the crystal simultaneously. These steps only need to happen once every 2-3 months, but we would recommend burning sage around your crystal every time before you use it, this will only cleanse but not recharge the crystal. 

    How to Balance Your Chakras with Crystals

    The process of balancing your chakras with crystals is similar to the meditation practice which we mentioned previously, however this time around you will need seven crystals as opposed to one. Ensure that you have seven crystals that each align with one of your seven chakras. There are no right or wrong answers to exactly which crystals you should use, but just ensure that you have one for each of the colors of the seven chakras, namely — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet or white. Lay flat on your back and place all of the crystals on or near each chakra. Note that the crystals for your root and crown chakras should be just beyond your pelvis (in between your legs), and just above your head, respectively. 


    Using these methods is best regarded as a basis for your own spiritual journey. The practice of working with one's energy is never complete, as balancing and unblocking of chakras are a constant potential necessity. Some sources said it is akin to spiritual hygiene. By maintaining a keen understanding of how our energy centers feel and operate, we are capable of intuiting what our body needs to continue our journey of healing.

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