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Black Onyx: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

black onyx stones

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about black onyx, including its meaning, properties and benefits. Let's get started!


Black onyx is known for its protective colour, black, as well as its grounding element. This balancing, grounding and protective stone has many benefits and can be used in a number of ways to increase the quality of one’s life. The following article will provide a complete guide on the black onyx.

  • Introduction
  • Black Onyx Meaning
    • Is Onyx Black
    • What does Black Onyx Look Like
    • Who Should Wear Black Onyx
    • Which Hand to Wear Black Onyx On
    • Black Onyx Spiritual Meaning
    • Where is Black Onyx Found
  • Black Onyx Properties
    • Black Onyx Healing Properties
    • Black Onyx Metaphysical Properties
      • Black Onyx Chakra
        • Black Onyx Root Chakra
  • Benefits of Black Onyx
    • Healing Benefits of Black Onyx
    • Black Onyx Stone Side Effects
  • Black Onyx vs Other Stones
    • Black Onyx vs Obsidian
    • Black Agate vs Black Onyx
    • Black Fluorite and Black Onyx Together
  • Black Onyx Types
    • Natural Black Onyx
    • Raw Black Onyx
      • What Does Raw Black Onyx Look Like
    • Banded Black Onyx Stone
  • Black Onyx Jewelry
    • Black Onyx Ring
      • Black Onyx Ring Meaning
      • Black Onyx Ring with Diamonds
      • Black Onyx Engagement Rings
      • Antique Black Onyx Rings
      • Elongated Black Onyx Ring
      • Black Onyx Rings for Women
      • Black Onyx Men's Ring
        • Black Onyx Men's Ring Meaning
    • Black Onyx Necklace
      • Black Onyx Necklace Meaning
    • Black Onyx Bracelet
      • Black Onyx Bracelet Meaning
      • Black Onyx Healing Bracelet
    • Black Onyx Earrings
      • Black Onyx Beads
      • Black Onyx Beads Meaning
    • Black Onyx Pendant
      • Black Onyx Pendant Meaning
  • Black Onyx Uses
    • Black Onyx Crystal Ball
    • Black Onyx Figurines
    • Black Onyx Cat
  • How to Cleanse Black Onyx
  • Black Onyx Stone Price
    • Is Black Onyx Expensive
    • Raw Black Onyx Value
    • How to Tell If Black Onyx is Real
      • How to Tell Black Onyx from Glass
  • Conclusion


In the past, the black onyx had a negative reputation as it was believed to cause conflict and disagreements, however, this stone has amazing qualities which are celebrated in this age. This stone helps with releasing negative energy and removing bad spirits from the user’s life. There is protective energy in this stone because there is no light within it. 

The onyx dates back to biblical times, as well as in Ancient Grecian and Roman times. They used this stone to create amulets which they carried in battle. The black onyx amulets would have the god of war engraved upon them as a symbol of courage. The onyx was also worn in Renaissance Europe as a symbol of elegance and in other parts of the world, it was believed that the onyx could cure epilepsy. 

In this article, the uses, properties and care of the black onyx will be discussed which will ensure that your use of the black onyx makes a difference in your life. The black onyx can be used in a number of different ways, providing different benefits as well. 

black onyx stone

Black Onyx Meaning

Is Onyx Black?

The onyx is a gemstone that has several connotations. It is usually a solid black chalcedony (a silicate mineral), or it can come as a layered or banded black with white chalcedony. However, it is usually known for being a traditional black stone. 

What is Black Onyx?

The black onyx is a black stone that can be used as a shield against negative energy by providing protection, self-control and grounding benefits to the user. It has a calming effect which makes it great for those who are experiencing challenging emotions such as anxiety and depression. It aids in the development of emotional strength and prevents drainage of personal energy. 

What Does Black Onyx Look Like?

A black onyx gemstone comes in different shapes and sizes. A high quality onyx stone has a slightly transparent look and has a polished and reflective surface. The surface should be completely smooth and clean and should not have any cracks. The black onyx can be attached to a necklace, ring or can be used in the form of a stone.

Who Should Wear Black Onyx?

The black onyx rock is associated with the planet Saturn and the zodiac sign Leo. This means that people with the zodiac sign of Leo will benefit greatly from wearing this stone, however, everyone can wear this stone, especially people who are feeling lost or struggling with challenging emotions as this stone provides protection and grounding. 

Which Hand to Wear Black Onyx On?

The black onyx symbolism states that it should be worn on the right hand to protect the family against negative energy. Wearing it on the right hand allows the stone to remove emotions such as stress, anxiety and anger. However, if you decide to wear it on your left hand, if negative emotions such as anger arise, you may feel a burning sensation on your skin where the onyx touches. 

Black Onyx Spiritual Meaning

The black onyx stone in the spiritual realm is known for strengthening focus and willpower of the person wearing the stone. It has a grounding power which creates an intense bond between the Higher Power and Earth during a practise or duration of spiritual guidance. 

Where is Black Onyx Found?

Black onyx can be found in different regions of the world, but popular places include Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and USA. However, this stone can be found in esoteric shops or can be bought online. Natural onyx comes from India and South America.

three black onyx stones

Black Onyx Properties

Black Onyx Healing Properties

Black onyx is known for its wide range of healing properties. It is said that the black onyx is a powerful stone used to release negative energy such as grief and sorrow and can end negative relationships when worn by the person experiencing these things. The most common healing properties include enhancing clear focus, amplifying one’s intentions, promoting divine order, enhancing protection and assisting with grounding. 

Black Onyx Metaphysical Properties 

The black onyx is used to honour the demigod Hercules who represented strength and determination. Persians believe that this stone can protect them from a number of bad energies including witchcraft. The black onyx works on duality, carrying both the energy of light and dark. One cannot truly experience bliss if they haven’t experienced chaos before as they would just be taking the bliss for granted. In order to know what light is, one must know what the dark is as well, making this great stone for self-mastery and building inner strength. It can also be used when commencing shadow-work, as it will provide a lot of support to the user. Furthermore, as a symbol for rebirth, the black onyx can be used to reduce pain during pregnancy labour and help with a smooth delivery. 

Black Onyx Chakra 

This stone stimulates the root chakra. The root chakra is also known as the Earth Star which is located between and below the feet as it is our connection to the Earth. The black onyx is used to continuously push one forward in life and can therefore activate a person’s root, solar plexus and third eye chakras to fully ground a person to Earth. 

Black Onyx Root Chakra

The black onyx stimulates the root chakra which is the source of physical and spiritual energy that flows through the body. This stone helps the regaining of strength and stamina in the body which restores balance. It fosters a feeling of security and self-love which is all vital in feeling grounded. The back onyx keeps us grounded by activating this chakra whilst balancing the energies in our bodies and allowing free flow of energy which chances creativity, perseverance and will power. 

black onyx stones

Benefits of Black Onyx

Healing Benefits of Black Onyx

The black onyx symbolizes the calmness and stillness of the clear night sky when the moon and the stars are nowhere to be seen. It is important to those who are in need of personal power, as it gives one the ability to get over their fears and to achieve victory. This stone is said to help you overcome your fears as it frees your soul from the chains of fear. 

Black onyx heals during the night and is ideal for people who are seeking spiritual transformation. Furthermore, it can soothe everyday anxiety and stress and bring harmony to those who carry the stone. It provides support for restoring balance in one’s personal and work life. Because of this, black onyx is ideal for people who suffer from anxiety, depression or those who are searching for a deeper meaning in life. 

The black onyx is known as a stone of power, meaning that it aids one to feel more confident and powerful in an emotional and physical way. In some cultures, they believe that this stone protects them from the evil eye. When one wears this stone, they may experience their intuitive skills become stronger with long-term use, it can shield their aura against negativity and also help one continuously push forward in life. 

Surprisingly, black onyx can also be used in building materials in certain industries. It can be used in utensils, lamps, floors, sinks and tables.

This stone can also help in opening a channel to contact those who have passed away. It brings messages from the dead, aids in past life and between life’s regression. It increases psychic abilities and assists in opening a channel to higher realms in order to obtain greater knowledge.

It can also be used as a protective measure to have a harmonious relationship by keeping away the disturbances that may be detrimental to the couple and solving differences between couples. Furthermore, it can also help reduce uncontrollable sexual impulses. 

This stone is also used in the medical field to treat bone marrow disease and assist with teeth, foot, blood, bone and soft tissue disorders of which it is very effective. 

Black Onyx Side Effects

Side effects may be accompanied with this stone, which is leading one to aloofness, loneliness and even breakups in relationships. It may create situations where the person using the stone becomes uncomfortable and overwhelmed by the changes happening in their lives. Therefore, it is recommended to only wear the stone for a duration that one is comfortable with, whether that is to just meditate with the stone for a few minutes or wear it in a necklace for the entire day.

black onyx stones

Black Onyx vs Other Stones

The black onyx is quite a hard stone with a hardness rating of 7 based on the Mohs scale, which is similar to a quartz, meaning that it is only glass which can scratch this type of stone. 

Transparency is a measure of the way that light impacts the stone, either by reflecting or absorbing the light. The onyx is opaque, meaning that it is solid in colour which allows it to absorb the light. It has good wearability and can be resistant to chemicals and different temperatures as it is not heat sensitive. 

Black onyx should not be worn when participating in dangerous activities as it can easily be chipped if hit directly which makes it a fragile stone. It needs to be treated regularly and not get exposed to water often. However, it should be noted that this stone is more expensive than the following comparisons that will be made. 

Black Onyx vs Obsidian

When it comes to the obsidian, there is a variety as you can either get a sheen, snowflake, rainbow or mahogany obsidian which means that there is more of a selection when it comes to this stone. 

This stone is less hard than the black onyx as it has a hardness rating of 5 based on the Mohs scale. This means that steel can easily scratch this stone, however, a fingernail cannot. Because of this, it has poor wearability and is reserved for special occasions compared to everyday use as it is prone to damage. 

It is more common to find this stone in an opaque form compared to a transparent form. The opaque stone will be cheaper than the transparent one. However, the black onyx is still more expensive than both. 

When it comes to the metaphysical benefits, the obsidian is also a powerful cleanser of negative energy and psychic smog created within a person’s aura. This stone is said to cut through illusions. Lies, fearful facades and blockages when it is worn by someone. It can help develop razor-like mental abilities, assist to protect one’s aura against future problems and give someone the power of discernment. Therefore, it has similar benefits to that of the black onyx, but it helps more mentally, whereas the black onyx helps more emotionally. 

obsidian stone

Black Onyx vs Black Agate

Like the obsidian, the black agate can range in the tones that it comes in, from black to dark brown all the way through grey. It is usually used in high-end jewellery due to its simplicity, elegance and rarity. Compared to the black onyx, the black agate only differs by the shape of the bands as agate has curved bands whereas onyx band has parallel bands.

The black agate is known for its healing properties when it comes to the physical body. It is excellent at healing respiratory issues, indigestion, cramps, easing nausea and healing painful gums and teeth. It can be used to treat skin problems and cure headaches, especially when one is experiencing dizziness as well. It is a stone that promotes balance in the body, compared to the black onyx that provides more spiritual and emotional support. 

When measured on the hardness scale, black agate has a rating of 7 which makes it as hard as black onyx. 

black agate

Black Onyx and Black Fluorite Together

Black fluorite is highly sought after due to its rarity and unbelievable designs and colours. It consists of calcium fluoride which gives it a transparent appearance. It is famous because of its luminosity and beauty as it has a soft and glassy appearance which makes it perfect for high-end jewelry. 

This is also a protective crystal like the onyx as it will help someone who is experiencing external forces of control or is being manipulated by others. It is a useful crystal to have when one is experiencing a hostile environment, either at home or at work as it has the ability to ward off negative energy. It can get rid of any electromagnetic fog that can attract negative energies which make one feel drained in every way. It can also eliminate anything that is blocking the body from performing at its most effective level by removing any impurities and toxins in the body. 

It is an extremely brittle stone, much weaker than the black onyx as it has a hardness rating of 4 on the Mohs hardness scale which means that it is prone to chipping and being damaged very easily. However, black fluorite is still an extremely rare stone which contributes to its expensive price.

black fluorite

Black Onyx Types

Natural Black Onyx 

Natural black onyx is the combined form of morganite, quartz and silica. These stones are available all around the world and are used in all types of applications in different industries as well as used to heal the chakras.

Raw Black Onyx 

Raw black onyx can be identified by its black base and its white upper layer where there is parallel banding across the stone. Furthermore, it is not possible to see through a black onyx stone as it is opaque. 

What Does Raw Black Onyx Look Like

The black onyx stone is a form of chalcedony which was formed by a micro-crystallized quartz. It usually has a black base and a white upper layer.  

Banded Black Onyx Stone

The banded onyx is a variety of Chalcedony which shows straight parallel banding across the stone. The stone usually comes in this form, varying in shapes and sizes. 

Black Onyx Jewelry

It is advised to have black onyx on your body in order to receive the maximum amount of protection from the stone. It can be therefore incorporated in many different types of jewelry for this purpose. It is also possible to find the black onyx for sale as it is an affordable gemstone.

Black Onyx Ring

When it comes to black onyx rings, it is usually cut in cabochons or flat slabs. Even though the black onyx is opaque and can be rough, premium pure black onyx is cut in a way so that it catches the light on its surface like a transparent gem. It is also polished so that it represents a more expensive gem such as the black diamond. Black onyx rings are usually crafted in sterling silver or white gold due to its colour. It is a very durable stone which makes it perfect for a ring as it is worn every day. It is a woman’s jewelry that works well in an elegant party setting as it gives an expensive look. 

black onyx ring

Black Onyx Engagement Rings

Black onyx can be a great engagement ring stone due to its hardness scale reading of 7. Furthermore, if it gets damaged it is inexpensive which means that replacing it will not be as costly as replacing a diamond. This ring can be worn daily with sensible care, as it is still softer than a diamond. 

black onyx engagement ring

Black Onyx Ring Meaning

The symbolism of a black ring is power, courage and strength. When it is in relation to marriage and love, this black ring can symbolize the power of love and strength of the relationship which is why it may be common to get a black onyx engagement ring. 

The black onyx ring can come in different shapes and sizes and can be worn by both men and women for any occasion. 

Black Onyx Ring with Diamond

This type of ring is usually used as an engagement ring but could also possibly be used as the wedding ring as well. This type of ring would suit women better because of the diamonds as diamonds are known to be a girl's best friend. The diamonds combined with the black onyx bring a beautiful contrast to each other, which is why this combination seems to be so popular.

Antique Black Onyx Rings 

These types of rings are more special as there is a limited number of them in the market, also because they have been made in very peculiar ways, usually containing an original black onyx stone in the centre. These range from being handmade, custom made and coming off across as very unique. 

Elongated black onyx ring
These types of rings are usually antique as well and give off more of a matured look. This type of ring would be a suitable gift to a mature woman rather than a young woman because of the way it is shaped. 

Black Onyx Rings for Women 

These types of rings can come in many different shapes, sizes and forms compared to the black onyx rings created for men. When it comes to women’s rings, the black onyx stone is usually paired with diamonds on a silver or gold holding. 

Black Onyx Men’s Ring 

Men’s rings don’t really have the variety that women’s rings have, however, these are still very stylish and look expensive and elegant. They are usually placed in a silver holding, without diamonds as this looks better for men. 

Black Onyx Men’s Ring Meaning

Ancient Indian and Persian tales state that the black onyx is referred to as a protector from evil. When worn by a man, this ring can enhance his ability to protect himself, his energy and his family from evil. This ring also promotes a harmonious union between the couple. 

Black Onyx Necklace

Black onyx can also be placed on a necklace and come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. It can be either placed in a gold or silver holding, or can either be handmade. 

Black Onyx Necklace Meaning

Wearing it on a necklace brings the same benefits as wearing it as a ring because the stone is still in contact with the person who seeks its benefits. 

black onyx necklace

Black Onyx Bracelet 

This bracelet can come in different forms for both men and women. Women’s bracelets usually have different stones or charms in order to make the bracelet look more feminine, whereas men’s bracelets will have minimal details. 

Black Onyx Bracelet Meaning

When it comes to a black onyx bracelet, it should be worn on the right wrist in order to protect the family from negativity. It is good to wear the bracelet during times of emotional turmoil and it can release negativity. 

black onyx bracelet

Black Onyx Healing Bracelet

The bracelet is made from perfect black onyx beads which are usually seven millimetres and are made tight enough so that they do not fall off. Furthermore, you can either get it in matte or normal black in order to suit your taste. For men, there is the tiger eye onyx bracelet which has a mixture of tiger eye bracelets and black onyx ones as well. It gives off a very masculine and powerful aura. 

black onyx healing bracelet

Black Onyx Earrings

There are black teardrop onyx silver earrings which is where the onyx gemstone forms a teardrop shape with small balls or strips of silver or gold. These beautiful, dangle earrings will ward off any negativity and imbalances around you, leaving you in a positive and vibrant mood. The wire is usually made with a natural unreactive metal to protect ears from infections, and it is usually light to ensure minimal pressure on ear lobes. 

black onyx earrings

Black Onyx Beads 

These can be used in a variety of clothing, curtains and jewelry. The price of these beads will depend on a number of factors such as the cut and size of the beads. The value will also be dependent on the craftsmanship of the bead itself and what jewelry it is contained in.

Black Onyx Beads Meaning

Black onyx beads help to empower one’s soul and frees it from the darkness. This stone helps to relieve, calm and free the mind and body from any dark or negative entities or fears.

Black Onyx Pendant 

You can also get the black onyx stone in a pendant, where it can either be worn or placed in your office or bedroom. It can come in any design, such as a fox or a dolphin.

black onyx pendant

Black Onyx Pendant Meaning 

The black onyx pendants are usually worn for grounding, protection and self-control as well as a shield against negative energy. The shape of the stone will usually be small and will be hung onto the necklace. Pendants can also be placed on bracelets or anklets. 

Black Onyx Uses

Black Onyx Cat

A black onyx cat is known to bring intuition, independence and access to the supernatural and psychic world. Because it is made from onyx, it provides strength and support, especially during difficult times where one may be facing emotional and mental stress. Cats in the spirit world represent curiosity, adventure and adaptability, furthermore, black cats are associated with magic, power and protection, which is everything that this figure will bring to the owner.

black onyx cat

Black Onyx Figurines

Not only does black onyx come in the form of a cat but can also come in different types of figurines such as an elephant, rhino and lion, all of which bring their own type of special properties to the owner. 

black onyx bull figurine

Black Onyx Crystal Ball

A crystal ball can also be made from black onyx as it fosters wise decision making, absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps prevent one from a drainage of personal energy. It provides support for self-discipline issues and helps one master themselves to increase the quality of their future. 

obsidian stone smooth sphere

The black onyx can be used for physical healing in the following way:

  • Use black onyx jewelry near the area of the problem. Therefore, if you are experiencing a problem in your hand such as unexplainable pain or cramps, you can wear a black onyx ring on the hand which is giving you a problem. Furthermore, a black onyx necklace can be helpful to those who are experiencing problems in their lungs or have any disorders near their neck.
  • It can be carried in one’s pocket if they are experiencing problems related to the digestive system. 
  • One can also lie down and place the stone on their abdomen to improve digestion. This is usually done during meditation. 
  • Black onyx Elixir can also be consumed to help with ailments. 

The black onyx can be used for emotional healing in the following ways: 

  • Black onyx jewelry can be worn to boost one’s confidence and protect them from any bad vibes. 
  • Taking a black onyx Elixir will heal the energy in the entire body of a person. 
  • Keeping the black onyx with you at all times can also help alleviate any negative feelings. 
  • Placing the black onyx stone in a bowl on your desk at work or at home may promote focus and help keep one’s mind away from distractions.

The black onyx can also be used to cleanse and balance your chakras in the following way:

  • Lie down and place the black onyx stone on your pubic bone or in between your feet.
  • Start at your root chakra and work your way up to the rest of the chakras.
  • Leave the black onyx stone on your different chakra points for about 10 minutes, then remove it then proceed to healing your next chakra. 
  • Lastly, cleanse your stone after performing this. 
three black onyx stones

Cleansing Black Onyx

It is good to cleanse your black onyx stone or jewelry frequently to remove any debris as well as removing all of the negative energy that it has been absorbing. 

How to Cleanse Black Onyx

Cleaning black onyx jewelry:

  • Use a moist cloth and wipe the surface of the black onyx. 
  • Ultrasonic cleaners or chemicals that contain ammonia will cause discoloration.
  • Do not use soap as it can be absorbed into the stone which will cause discoloration.

Cleaning black onyx stone:

  • You can hold the stone under running water in your hand for about 5 minutes and can possibly use a mild dishwashing liquid which will not cause any discoloration to the stone. 
  • Use a cotton towel or ball to pat the stone dry. 
  • Let it sit in the sun for about 5 minutes to make sure that it is completely dry and store it in a silk bag in order to keep it protected.

Cleaning black onyx stone spiritually:

  • Cover the stone in between both of your palms.
  • Close your eyes and begin to mention your intentions which is to cleanse the stone from all of the negative energies that it has been absorbing.
  • You can hover another cleansing stone such as a selenite or clear quartz wand over your black onyx stone three times.
  • Repeat this cleansing process every time you use your stone so that you are not accumulating negative energies. 

Black Onyx Price

Is Black Onyx Expensive and Raw Black Onyx Price

The black onyx stone is more valuable than any other onyx which is available as it carries between $1 and $500 per carat on its own. Depending on whether the setting is silver, or gold will also affect the price. 

Vintage pieces are becoming even more valuable as some are fine mixed gemstone pieces. Moreover, the value of the stone increases dramatically when they are showcased in precious metal settings such as white and rose gold. 

Black onyx can be extremely valuable, depending on its setting, however, today it is an affordable gemstone and suits any budget.

How to Tell If Black Onyx is Real and How to Tell Black Onyx From Glass

When it comes to differentiating whether a black onyx stone is glass or not, this is simple. Real stones have tiny imperfections on their surface as they were made in nature, whereas glass stones do not have imperfections as they were manufactured that way. A glass stone may feel smooth where a real stone will feel gritty and bumpy. However, there are a number of tests that can be performed to determine whether a black onyx stone is real or not. 

A stone that is too shiny and has a glass sheen on the top is a give away sign that this stone is fake. Another way to see if it is real is to scratch the surface of the stone with your nail as the black onyx has a hardness rating of 7 which means that a fingernail should not leave a mark. If your fingernail leaves a mark, the stone that you are dealing with may be fake.


It is important to remember that there are many different healing crystals which are used to target specific problems. However, the black onyx stone should be at the top of your list as it is a really comprehensive stone when it comes to the amazing benefits that it offers for the person using the stone. 

This stone is known for its cleansing and protective abilities which is the reason for its popularity. It can also help with getting through a difficult time in life, which makes it a perfect gift for someone who is grieving or even just a gift for a friend who is going through difficult changes in their life. 

This stone should always be cleaned energetically after using it due to its ability to remove heavy, negative energies which is not something you would want to hold onto. 

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