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Shattuckite: Complete Guide (2024)

shattuckite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about shattuckite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


So you've heard of “the world's rarest gemstone”, right? This happens to be shattuckite, and if you want to find out more you can read on through our comprehensive guide. This mineral, so rare it defies description, is located in just one place on Earth. Intrigued? Stay with us! 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Shattuckite Meaning
    • What is Shattuckite
      • Shattuckite Pronunciation
      • Shattuckite Stone Spiritual Meaning
      • Is Shattuckite Toxic
    • Shattuckite Chakra
    • Shattuckite Healing
    • Where is Shattuckite Found
      • Shattuckite in Namibia
  • Shattuckite Properties
    • Shattuckite Metaphysical Properties
    • Shattuckite Healing Properties
  • Shattuckite vs Azurite
  • Shattuckite vs Chrysocolla
    • Is Shattuckite the Same as Chrysocolla
  • Shattuckite Types
    • Raw Shattuckite
    • Shattuckite Tumbled
  • Shattuckite Jewelry
    • Shattuckite Cabochon
    • Shattuckite Pendant
    • Shattuckite Bracelet
    • Shattuckite Necklace
    • Shattuckite Ring
  • Shattuckite Uses
    • Shattuckite Sphere
    • Shattuckite Beads
    • Shattuckite Pendulum
  • Shattuckite for Sale
    • Shattuckite on Etsy

              Shattuckite Meaning

              A shattuckite crystal is comprised of copper silicate mineral and is considered to be a rare specimen on our planet Earth. In terms of meaning, shattuckite is indicative of intuition, truth and psychic communication. It means enhanced abilities within these fields and is thought to deliver devine wisdom to those who bear a piece of it. 

              We’ll dive further into the depth of this stone’s meaning throughout this article, exploring all that there is to know about this unique and wondrous stone. 

              What is Shattuckite?

              Shattuckite stone is a rare and beautiful blue copper mineral with crystals that can often resemble plum-shaped tufts. This mineral was first discovered near the Shattuck Mine in Arizona in the late 1880s and can now be found in a handful of locations around the world.

              Known for its distinctive and vivid blue-green color, which can range from pale teal to an intense aquamarine, shattuckite forms as a secondary copper mineral in finely crystallized aggregates which often occur as massive stalactitic formations and sometimes in spherical globular shapes. 

              It is quite soft, as low as 3.5 on the Mohs scale, and so is not all that suitable for jewelry or other ornamental use. Shattuckite is appreciated by collectors and is often cut as cabochons, polished slices or tumbled nuggets — all of which we will explore in more detail later on!

              Shattuckite Pronunciation

              If you’re trying to pronounce shattuckite quartz simply having read the word, things can get tricky. Shattuckite is pronounced sha-tuck-ite… If you want to hear it out loud, there are many videos on YouTube that will pronounce it for you. 

              Shattuckite Stone Spiritual Meaning

              It is said that shattuckite can provide insight and promote communication and clarity of thought in those who possess it. Additionally, shattuckite experiences are believed to enhance spiritual power, helping one to manifest the absolute best in whatever one pursues.

              It is often used for healing and meditation as its blue hue and calming properties can help to bring a sense of peace, harmony and connection. It is believed to strengthen psychic perceptions and affirm the wearer's intuition when used in crystal healing therapies.

              Because of its rarity and unique beauty, shattuckite is prized by jewelry collectors and serious crystal enthusiasts alike.

              Is Shattuckite Toxic?

              Despite its popularity, there is actually very little known information on the toxicity of shattuckite, making it difficult to make a solid conclusion as to whether or not it is toxic.

              Shattuckite is made mostly of copper, silicate, and other trace minerals, making it act similarly to certain copper solutions and salts that can be toxic if consumed in large enough quantities. 

              However, there is still no hard evidence showing that shattuckite is toxic in any context. It is possible that due to its similarity to copper solutions and salts, shattuckite could contain some trace amounts of toxins, however this remains to be determined with further studies and testing. Given the lack of information, it is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to handling shattuckite. 

              While there is no indication of outright toxicity, it is highly recommended that you do not submerge shattuckite into water that you intend to drink. 

              Shattuckite Chakra

              Due to its deep blue hue, shattuckite is often associated with the throat chakra, and it works to clear blocks in this specific energy system. This stone promotes communication, encourages calming vibes and helps the user to understand their self-expression. In particular, its healing properties focus on allowing easier communication of truth and emotional needs. 

              This blue stone also helps the mind and spirit to open up and accept things in their most tender, feminine energy.

              Shattuckite is a powerful gemstone for those wishing to open and balance their throat, and finally be able to express their truth in alignment with their highest good. In this way, it encourages the user to speak out, discovering and relieving inner stress in turn.

              Shattuckite is both calming and energizing, which is fantastic for those seeking motivation and clarity. When placed on the throat chakra, this stone imparts a gentle vibration that highly sensitive individuals will probably be able to feel. 

              Shattuckite Healing

              Shattuckite is said to bring both emotional and physical healing. It encourages the release of negative emotions and past wounds, allowing one to let go of the pain and forgive oneself and others. In this process, one will also find they heal physical ailments more rapidly. 

              On a mental level, this stone is known to help one connect more authentically with aspects of themselves, aiding in personal growth and spiritual development, which in turn leads to healing on the mental plane.

              If placed near the body during sleep, Shattuckite will also help a person enter deep-state rest, which will help the body heal from any physical conditions faster. 

              Where is Shattuckite Found?

              Shattuckite was originally found in the Bisbee area of Cochise County, Arizona, and for a long time this was the only place one could excavate this particular stone. It is formed by weathering of copper ore bodies and forms as botryoidal or crystallized masses, which is why Arizona was the perfect terrain for its formation.

              While it is not very common, it can also be found in Namibia, Peru, Russia, Mexico, and Australia. It is often associated with the minerals scorodite, azurite, chrysocolla, malachite, and chalcophanite, all of which are abundant stones in these specific areas. 


              Shattuckite in Namibia

              Shattuckite deposits are found in Namibia and the nearby countries of Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.

              It is mined in many locations across the country, most notably in the Tsumeb copper mine of northern Namibia. The mine serves as the main source of the precious material and is actually one of the most impressive deposits in the world.

              That said, the mining of shattuckite mineral frequently involves the use of explosives to break apart large concentrations of the stones. This method has caused a great deal of environmental harm, as the resulting emissions of dust can have devastating effects on the air quality and nearby habitats.

              It has been suggested that more environmentally responsible methods of mining should be implemented in Namibia in order to reduce the impacts on the country’s natural environment.

              Shattuckite Properties

              As far as precious stones go, shattuckite is one that works on all levels: namely the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

              This isn’t something that all stones are typically able to do, which further adds to the rarity of this particular crystal, making it a sought after piece for any collector. 

              Shattuckite Metaphysical Properties

              Shattuckite is said to aid in acquiring mental clarity and enhanced knowledge, allowing its users to unlock immense intuition and spiritual awareness. It is believed to heighten clarity and allow one to find truth in the answers of important life questions.

              In addition, the stone is also said to open the mind to receiving angelic communication, adding another layer to its ability to invoke heightened awareness and knowledge within its wearer. 

              The deep blue tone of shattuckite is thought to be beneficial for stimulating both the third eye and crown chakras. These energetic centers associated with shattuckite govern intuition and spiritual connection, and the presence of the stone can help activate these chakras and accentuate higher knowledge.

              Shattuckite is an incredibly powerful talisman to keep close by; it can help its wearer receive insight into important life questions and enhance spiritual connection

              Shattuckite Healing Properties

              When it comes to the physical body, shattuckite is said to have a calming yet energizing effect, encouraging self-love while also cleansing the organs from negative energies.

              Shattuckite is simultaneously believed to enhance awareness of one's surroundings and give one insight into their spiritual gifts involving the physical body, such as clairsentience. 

              Physically, Shattuckite is thought to help aid enduring physical pain and assist with detoxifying the body of heavy metals. It can also alleviate headaches, assist with increasing circulation, and promote the growth of healthy skin and bones. Shattuckite is thought to help activate the healing energies of other crystals as well as to help balance the endocrine system.

              Additionally, it promotes feelings of serenity and peace and can be used to bring deep relaxation to the nervous system overall. 

              Shattuckite vs Azurite

              Azurite and shatticaite share a visual similarity and are thus often mistaken for one another. Azurite is also an intense blue copper mineral formed by the weathering of copper ore deposits and it occurs in the same areas as shattuckite.

              It is also associated with malachite, but it tends to be more common in nature. Azurite is composed of copper carbonate hydroxide and typically occurs as botryoidal or tabular aggregates of azure blue crystals. 

              Shattuckite and azurite are both valued for their brilliant blue and green colors, and both are found in copper ore deposits, which explains the widespread confusion between the two. However as we know, shattuckite is far more rare and the radial fibrous crystal habits make it more valuable than azurite to the trained eye.

              Shattuckite vs Chrysocolla

              As we know, shattuckite and chrysocolla are typically formed in shared mines, and tend to be associated with one another in the crystal world. Chrysocolla is composed of copper silicate hydroxide mineral and is easily identifiable because of its blue and green color.

              Typically, it occurs as massive chalky botryoidal crusts or fibrous encrustations. Chrysocolla can often be found with azurite, malachite and cuprite. Although both shattuckite and chrysocolla are both associated with copper ore deposits, they are very different minerals.

              Shattuckite, as we know, is rarer and consists of crystals with a fibrous structure, while chrysocolla is far more common and exhibits a botryoidal structure.

              Is Shattuckite the Same as Chrysocolla?

              No, shattuckite and chrysocolla are very different compounds, despite forming under largely similar conditions. While they do hold very similar blue/green hues, their composition could not be more different and any seasoned crystal-collector would know the difference off the bat!

              Shattuckite Types

              There are two distinct types of shattuckite that one can expect to find available for purchase. They are raw versus tumbled, and we’ll dive into the differences of each below.

              Raw Shattuckite

              Raw shattuckite, also known as shattuckite rough, is the mineral in its most original form (straight out the mine, essentially). The formation may be irregular, sharp or even bulky… it completely depends on how the stone was shattered on site and what formations occurred as a result. 

              Raw shattuckite can be aesthetically pleasing in larger pieces, but for people looking to use the stone on their physical body, the sharper edges can prove uncomfortable or distracting. This is where our second type of shattuckite makes an appearance… 

              Shattuckite Tumbled

              Tumbled shattuckite is essentially just raw shattuckite that has been put through a tumbling process. What this means is that the stone is placed into a barrel-like device that will roll the stone around for a long period of time, and in the process, the sharp, rough edges of the raw stone will be tumbled down into smooth, polished surfaces. 

              These types of shattuckite are great for jewelry, or for the purpose of holding in one’s hand during meditation (super comfy!). They make great additions to any alter, and are generally considered to be more beautiful than rough stones. 

              Shattuckite Jewelry

              As mentioned earlier, shattuckite is a very soft stone, rating as low as 3.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that it’s actually not all that suitable for the purpose of jewelry making; one knock and the stone will chip or even shatter entirely.

              That said, this hasn’t stopped artists from making use of shattuckite in their jewelry creations, and you can definitely still find it available via retail platforms. 

              Shattuckite Cabochon

              A cabochon is a gemstone that has been carefully faceted via shaping and polishing. A good reference for this would be a diamond in a ring: distinct edges, refracting lines and smooth surfaces. 

              Although rare, shattuckite can also be found in cabochon cuts, and is typically created using a matrix of the stone, which preserves its natural structure and clarity. The best shattuckite cabochons are judged for their intense, vivid blue-green color and good clarity.

              The cabochons are usually round or oval shape with a domed top. Some shattuckite cabochons even have trace amounts of malachite or azurite in them, which adds visuals to the gemstone's beauty. One of the best qualities of a shattuckite cabochon is its ability to take on a high-luster shine.

              Once cut and polished, the stone is able to reflect and refract light in a mesmerizing way. This gives the cabochon an eye-catching brilliance and makes it a sought-after item for collectors!

              shattuckite earring

              Shattuckite Pendant

              Pendants make for the best kind of shattuckite jewelry, due to the fact that they are less likely to be bumped! Rings and bracelets are at the whim of the arms and wrists, and the risk of contact with hard surfaces is far greater. 

              Pendants can be used in necklaces, earrings or even as pendulums. They make for thoughtful gifts that are suitable for platonic scenarios where the wearer may love the stone, but gifting a ring may be a little inappropriate!

              Shattuckite Bracelet

              These forms of shattuckite jewelry are incredibly rare, and often people need to have them custom made with stones they have found either whilst traveling or sourced from retailers on eBay and the likes. 

              Shattuckite bracelets, however, are a great way to have the healing properties of the stone make contact with the blood stream via the wrists. The gentle vibration of the crystal will move its way through the skin and into the veins, delivering the healing frequency to wherever it needs to go in the body (namely the organs). 

              Shattuckite Necklace

              As mentioned above, a shattuckite necklace is more common than hand jewelry, due to the fact that pendants are the safest forms of this very soft crystal.

              This is also ideal since shattuckite is mainly connected to the throat chakra, so having a necklace containing this stone hang in this area means that you’re getting the direct benefit of the communication and truth-telling properties that the crystal is said to usher in. 

              Shattuckite Ring

              While they are beautiful, shattuckite rings are not really a type of jewelry that we would be quick to recommend the purchase of. Rings are in the line of fire as we go about our day. They are bumped on car doors, handbags, cellphones… the list continues.

              Shattuckite is far too soft a stone to endure this kind of contact frequently. One or two bumps may be okay, but the contact that our hands make with foreign objects every day is asking a bit too much of this gentle stone. 

              That said, there are some gorgeous cabochon shattuckite rings available, and the rarity of the stone makes it desirable as a commitment symbol, or even wedding ring. 

              Shattuckite Uses

              Once we move away from jewelry, there is a whole world of alternative uses for the shattuckite stones. When it comes to using crystals for healing purposes (be that emotional, spiritual, mental or physical), the different types of crystal cuts can make a big difference to how we receive the properties that are promised. Read on and we’ll explain further!

              Shattuckite Sphere

              Crystals spheres are collectable items that look great on any alter or mantlepiece. They resemble mystical crystal balls that most of us recognize from childhood books, and when used properly, can aid in healing quite profoundly. 

              Spheres are particularly useful to hold onto in the palm of one’s hand whilst meditating. They are also most ideal for physical contact with the body, as one can roll them with ease and they do not cause any physical discomfort on the skin.

              Holding or simply being near the Shattuckite Sphere can catalyze the connection between the physical and spiritual and also attune the mind and body to a higher vibratory frequency for self-discovery and exploration. 

              Spheres are believed to manifest its energy by connecting with all chakras and allowing a gentle energy of connection and peace to flow throughout the body.

              Shattuckite Beads

              Again, we’re always going to be fans of any crystals that sit on the wrists, especially beaded bracelets that allow for all-day, direct contact with the blood stream.

              Beads can be created from shattuckite in many forms and sizes. Some of the most common are round beads and faceted nuggets, while others include barrel-shaped beads, rectangular beads and oval beads. 

              While bracelets are most common, these beads can also be used to create beautiful necklaces, earrings and other pieces of jewellery. One of the main advantages of using shattuckite beads is the beautiful color and the unique radial fibrous pattern of the crystals.

              Shattuckite Pendulum

              Earlier we looked at shattuckite pendants, and noted that these are also ideal for the purpose of creating a shattuckite pendulum.

              A pendulum is a tool that is used in spiritual healing, divination and energy work, and they also allow for communication with the spiritual realm and can be used to ask questions and receive answers from spiritual guides and entities. 

              When a shattuckite pendulum is used, it helps to open up energy channels and can be used to track the flow and depth of energy via a swinging motion that will happen. 

              Shattuckite For Sale

              If you’re looking to buy shattuckite… we’re going to wish you a bit of luck! We’ve reiterated how rare these stones are, and how sought after they remain for crystal collectors everywhere. Finding a genuine piece to buy isn’t as easy as a quick trip to your local crystal shop, nor are you likely to find them widely available online. 

              Your best bet are e-commerce sites such as eBay, Amazon and, the crystal-community favorite, Etsy. 

              Shattuckite on Etsy

              On Etsy, there are a variety of forms of shattuckite include everything from jewelry with shattuckite cabochons, beads, and ready-made items, to larger chunks of the raw ore. Many artisans feature sets of earrings and necklaces with larger cabochons, as well as rings and bracelets with smaller cabochons. 

              No matter what you're looking for, there's something for everyone!

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