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White Howlite: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about white howlite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


White howlite: the veiny, snow-colored stone that promises to fill the void that is seemingly perpetual in the human experience. No, we’re not kidding! Use this guide to familiarize yourself with all there is to know about it, including metaphysical uses!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • White Howlite Meaning
    • What is White Howlite?
      • What is White Howlite Good for?
      • White Howlite Spiritual Meaning
    • White Howlite Chakra
    • White Howlite Benefits
  • White Howlite Properties
    • White Howlite Metaphysical Properties
    • White Howlite Healing Properties
  • Magnesite vs White Howlite
  • Natural White Howlite
  • White Howlite Jewelry
    • White Howlite Necklace
    • White Howlite Earrings
    • White Howlite Bracelet
      • White Howlite Bracelet Meaning
      • White Howlite Bead Bracelet
      • White Howlite Diffuser Bracelet
    • White Howlite Ring
    • White Howlite Pendant
      • Natural White Howlite Pendant
  • White Howlite Use
    • White Howlite Beads
      • White Howlite Mala Beads
    • White Howlite Plugs
    • White Howlite Pendulum

        White Howlite Meaning

        Not to be confused with regular howlite, white howlite crystal looks a lot like blue cheese, only with black veins instead of blue! It’s a stone that offers numerous benefits to any user, even inexperienced individuals who are new to the crystal world can enjoy an ease of use with this specific gem. 

        What is White Howlite?

        White howlite stone is a white crystalline mineral composed of hydrated calcium borate. The stone was first discovered in 1868 by Canadian mineralogist Henry How in Nova Scotia. It was the American geologist, James Dwight Dana, who named the stone ‘howlite’ after its original founder a few years later. 

        Sometimes you’ll find this form of howlite being sold under the names ‘white turquoise’ or ‘white buffalo stone’. This is due to the fact that any jewelry that is traditionally made using turquoise, can be easily replicated using white howlite; Turquoise and howlite have a very similar composition and hardness, which makes for easy swapping between designs!

        What is White Howlite Good for?

        Other than being a great place holder in traditional turquoise jewelry, howlite is a stone that has earned its place in the history books. It’s uses have been documented over centuries, for the purpose of everything from physical ailments, to metaphysical healing. We’ll delve deeper into each one of these throughout this guide, so stay with us!

        White Howlite Spiritual Meaning

        As far as spirituality goes, white howlite is a fantastic stone for those who are only just starting out on the path. Spirituality looks different for everyone, but howlite is a stone that seeks balance and ease for the user, no matter what their unique journey may present them with. 

        Howlite is a deeply spiritual stone; as are all crystals with a white hue. White isn’t part of the color wheel for a reason… it’s actually the ultimate culmination of the entire color spectrum combined, producing a white hue. This makes the white crystal a suitable aid for the full chakra system, as opposed to just one single zone, which isn’t something that every precious stone can offer. 

        White Howlite Chakra

        This brings us to howlite and the corresponding chakra in the human energy system. As we noted above, white stones typically reflect the entire colour spectrum, which means that they can work closely with whatever chakra is in need! That said, white is typically also associated to the opening of the crown chakra… the gateway to the heavens, if you will. 

        When the crown chakra is opened up, the light from above is able to flow in and make its way though the rest of the body, for the benefit of the individual in question. This means that one can use howlite as an initiator of that gateway, and for the purpose of calling in the healing white light that we all have access to. 

        White Howlite Benefits

        The main benefit that we want to highlight when it comes to white howlite, is really its versatility when it comes to energetic zones and effectiveness. The fact that this crystal isn’t localized (only intended for one specific energetic zone), makes it an ally that one can keep on hand for just about any energetic emergency. 

        More than this, there is great benefit in “befriending” one stone for the purpose of different energetic balancing. What we mean by this is that perhaps you’ll use your howlite on your solar plexus for realignment of whatever energies are arising in this zone, and then a few days later you’ll use the same stone to rebalance the throat.

        Crystals are highly intelligent entities, and have a sort of muscle-memory to them. The intelligence of the howlite will retain the information it gathered when it worked on your solar plexus, and use it to best provide balancing on your throat. 

        White Howlite Properties

        Now that the foundation has been laid, we can dive right into the specific properties of white howlite gemstones. As with all crystals, howlite offers both physical and metaphysical properties to the user, which means that it work on both planes of reality. 

        As energetic beings, we are always having a multidimensional experience that involves things happening in our physical reality, and thus corresponding things happening in the metaphysical. When there is an imbalance in the one, it usually indicates an imbalance in the other, so working toward the rebalancing of either one is usually a dual-healing experience. 

        Let’s take a closer look, shall we? 

        White Howlite Metaphysical Properties

        White howlite is a powerful stone in the metaphysical world. It has a calming yet powerful energy that can help balance and ground its wearer. Its natural properties hold the potential to ease anxieties, reduce stress and promote patience and peace. It can also enhance creativity and aid in the power to manifest goals and dreams. Metaphysically speaking, this crystal activates all of the chakras, allowing its wearer to collaborate deeply intuitive and spiritual insights. 

        It can also reduce thinking mind chatter and open up channels for communication. White howlite also helps to eliminate intrusive thoughts, anger, and stress, and can be helpful to those who struggle with insomnia. Combining its calming and spiritual properties, white howlite can foster a sense of inner peace and acceptance. By keeping it close to the heart, it can enhance its wearer's spiritual journey in a positive and peaceful way.

        white howlite

        White Howlite Healing Properties

        White howlite is a powerful healing crystal when it comes to the physical perspective. It can be used to stimulate the immune system, promote healing of fractures, and soothe pain from severe illnesses.

        This stone also helps with physical illnesses like headaches, kidney stones, and digestive issues. It is believed to accelerate healing of bones and muscle, as well as reducing inflammation caused by physical trauma. By calming the mind and emotions, white howlite can also improve clarity and stability in a person’s body. 

        This crystal is a powerful aid for aiding recovery from physical trauma, surgery, and childbirth. It can be used to protect the wearer from infections and disease by setting energy boundaries and shielding them. It is a highly effective crystal for treating chronic pain, bodily fatigue, and increasing endurance. It can help the body become more resilient and resistant to illnesses and diseases by stimulating the lymphatic system and purifying it.

        Magnesite vs White Howlite

        Often mistaken for one another, magnesite and white howlite share many physical similarities, including white and light pink coloring and feathery texture. Both gemstones have an array of medicinal and healing properties and are commonly used as a stress reliever. However, there are some important distinctions between the two stones. 

        Magnesite contains a high concentration of magnesium and is often set against a background of hematite or pyrite as it naturally forms in fractured, compacted cubes. Magnesite is commonly used to support creative expression, self-reflection, and communication due to its calming and spiritual effects. White howlite is a calcium silicate with a flecked or banded appearance. It's often used in the form of healing jewelry as it is easier to work with when compared to magnesite.

        Overall, both of these gemstones have similar properties but differ in terms of their shades, structures, and effects. Magnesite is more commonly used to foster communication, creative expression and spiritual pursuits whereas white howlite, as we know, is better suited for aiding with spiritual progress, emotional healing, and patience.

        Natural White Howlite

        Natural white howlite, or howlite in its most raw, natural form, is a beautiful form of gemstone that is frequently used in jewelry and decorative purposes. The formation of howlite occurs through the process of hydration, where atoms of calcium and silicate bind together to create this unique stone.

        Howlite is often characterized for its milky white tone and apparent streaks of grey throughout, although some pieces may appear completely white or with an amalgamation of white and grey patterns.

        White Howlite Jewelry

        Howlite is a great stone for jewelry making, as we’ve noted numerous times throughout this article. Rating a mere 3.5 on the Mohs scale, this isn’t a particularly hard stone, but when set in the correct piece of jewelry, it has been known to last a long time. 

        White Howlite Necklace

        In terms of the white howlite zodiac, this stone is associated with the sign of gemini. Howlite necklaces make for great gifts for your gemini friends and family, calling fourth experiences of high excitement and blessings for them. 

        Zodiacs aside, anyone can find benefit in wearing howlite around the neck for long periods of time. As mentioned, this is a great stone for throat charka work, so wearing it close to the skin means you can tap in and out of its healing energy as needed.

        White Howlite Earrings

        As we move into the upper chakras, white howlite really comes into its own. The crown chakra is at the top of the head, which means that any stones worn in the ears are in close enough proximity for consistent work to occur as you go about your day. 

        White howlite earrings are also stunning; comparable to pearl or moonstone earrings that really catch the eye when worn out in public. Expect many compliments and questions, especially if your cut of howlite happens to contain the unique veins that occur in some deposits. 

        White Howlite Bracelet

        When it comes to using crystals for physical healing, we like to recommend wearing a bracelet comprised of said stones. This is because the wrists happen to be the most direct route into the bloodstream, so having the healing vibrations up against this skin, means that the benefits can be delivered to wherever they need to go in the body.

        White howlite bracelets make for a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection, and great platonic gifts if you are looking for something for a friend or family member. 

        white howlite bracelet

        White Howlite Bracelet Meaning

        Howlite bracelets are often worn to help bring about a relaxed and restful state, allowing for deeper insight and connection to the Divine. Howlite encourages patience and helps to reduce impulsivity which makes it a great stone for those seeking inner peace.

        White howlite bracelets are a great way to take advantage of the stone’s qualities for everyday use. The bracelet is an easy, attractive piece of jewelry that can be worn as an outward reminder of the importance of taking time to connect to inner peace.

        White Howlite Bead Bracelet

        Beaded jewelry is the more affordable and common form of crystal adornments. You can find beaded pieces particularly bracelets, at just about any esoteric store or even local market. Beaded howlite bracelets are made using tumbled howlite stones that have a smooth, polished look to them. A great addition to any beaded jewelry or bracelet stack collection!

        White Howlite Diffuser Bracelet

        Diffuser bracelets are all the rage! What are they? These are beaded bracelets that are made with unpolished versions of stones that remain porous. The stones can then be soaked or dripped with essential oils, that will then seep into the crystals and diffuse the aromatherapy throughout the day for the wearer. 

        Diffuser bracelets allow the wearer to combine the healing properties of the stone, with the benefits of aromatherapy, for an enhanced experience. 

        White Howlite Ring

        Typically, a stone rating 3.5 on the Mohs scale isn’t all that suitable for ring-making purposes. This is because the hands are bumped most often throughout the day, and the risk of your white howlite stone coming into harsh contact with a surface is extremely high. This can lead to fracturing, cracking or shattering, and is obviously not ideal for any kind of jewelry investment. 

        White Howlite Pendant

        Pendants are typically the best for white howlite when it comes to jewelry. They can be used for necklaces, earrings or even pendulums, and have far less risk of breaking compared to bracelets or rings that lead movement-rich experiences. 

        A white howlite pendant is used as a pendulum when suspended from a chain or string that provides enough slack when dangled in front of the user. The stone will intuitively move depending on the guidance or question from the instructor, and reveal universal truths that can help with decision making, 

        Natural White Howlite Pendant

        Most white howlite pendants are made with tumbled or polished stones, due to the fact that shiny things tend to sell quicker in the world of jewelry. That said, some people have a particular affinity for more raw, rough crystals; those that have yet to be polished and give a more organic look & feel. 

        You can find these at any reputable crystal shop, or on retailing sites such as eBay or Etsy. 

        White Howlite Use

        How we use any given crystal is up to the individual in question. Stones have the ability to really aid us in life, to support us in various ways, or to help unblock energies that have become stagnant and we don’t even realize!

        How you choose to work with your white howlite will be your prerogative… but here are a few modes and methods that we’d like to shed a bit more light upon: 

        White Howlite Beads

        As we know, howlite can be used to make jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. They can also be used as a part of anxiety relief jewelry. The stone works to calm and soothe minds, reducing stress and bringing peace to the wearer. When used in this manner it is best to use smaller sized beads that can be held in the hand or place near the body. 

        White howlite beads can also be used in stringing, weaving, and macrame projects. They offer a lighter, easier alternative to some stones such as turquoise. The creamy white tones can be easily combined with other colors to offer an interesting texture or contrast. When placed near the body, they can draw out tension and serve as a reminder to stay calm.

        White Howlite Mala Beads

        White howlite mala beads have a history that dates back centuries. Originally used in various types of jewelry like traditional mala necklaces and bracelets, howlite mala beads were popular amongst ancient and medieval Indian cultures. The primary use of howlite mala beads was for spiritual protection and guidance, as it was believed to bring calming energies and invoke inner peace and higher spiritual understanding. 

        Today, white howlite mala beads remain popular around the world because of their unique properties and spiritual symbolism. For generations, spiritual and healing practitioners have used white howlite to help promote clarity and stillness of the mind - perfect for meditative and calming ritual practices like yoga, chanting, and prayer. In fact, many cultures still refer to white howlite as “the dreaming stone.” 

        White Howlite Plugs

        White howlite plugs are wearable ear plugs typically made from the stone. The plugs have become increasingly popular for anyone interested in wearing unique and stylish ear jewelry.

        White howlite plugs are typically double flared, meaning they have a larger back flare to keep them from slipping out of the ear, and also are light in weight and can come in unusual shapes for a stylish look.

        white howlite

        White Howlite Pendulum

        Using a pendulum for the first time is always an eye-opening experience. Here’s our step-by-step breakdown to guide you through your first use: 

        1. Hold the white howlite pendulum in your right hand, with the longest chain at the palm and the point facing away from you. 

        2. Make sure to relax and be in a calm, meditative state before using the pendulum. 

        3. Begin by asking a question with a definite answer, such as yes or no, to test its functionality. 

        4. Hold your arm steady with the hand making a fist and the pendulum extending from the fist. 

        5. The pendulum will move in different directions depending on the answer to each question. A clockwise motion indicates “yes” while anti-clockwise indicates “no”. 

        6. To ask more detailed questions, mark a piece of paper with 4 quadrants, representing different answers (i.e. “strongly agree”, “agree”, “disagree”, “strongly disagree”). 

        7. Hold the pendulum over the paper and let it move towards the answer it is indicating.

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