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Celestobarite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about celestobarite, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


The earth's surface is a colossal natural storehouse of enchanting minerals and gemstones of varying shades, colors, compositions, properties, and structures. Some of these gemstones are very well known across the world and are hugely coveted for their mystical properties. 

On the other hand, there are hundreds of other minerals that are relatively lesser-known. However, these lesser-known minerals are also loaded with various interesting properties. These are no less beautiful than the more famous gems and are also equally appealing to the eyes. 

Celestobarite is one such natural gemstone that you might not hear about very often. But it not only looks fascinating but possesses mystical properties, too.

In this article, let us find out about celestobarite stone, and uphold its beautiful secrets in front of our eyes.

  • Celestobarite Meaning
    • What is Celestobarite
    • Where is Celestobarite Found
  • Celestobarite Properties
    • Celestobarite Healing Properties
    • Celestobarite Metaphysical Properties
  • Conclusion

Celestobarite Meaning

Celestobarite crystals are found in various shades of coral, cream, and orange, and are charming to look at. It may or may not come with prominent whitish bands and is typically opaque. But this gemstone is more than just its pretty looks; it is hailed in the metaphysical world as a shamanic oracle. 

Celestobarite is said to possess supportive energies that are highly beneficial during meditation sessions and shamanic journeys. Crystal healers and metaphysical experts say that celestobarite stone has the power to bring clarity to our vision and understanding of things surrounding us. It is believed that this gemstone can help us find the answers to things that do not seem clear and enable us to make informed decisions in life.

What is Celestobarite?

Celestobarite stone is also sometimes found in shades of salmon pink and orange with fibrous gray or blue bands. It is primarily composed of celestite and barite, which explains its name. Celestite mineral is composed of strontium sulfate. So celestobarite is essentially a composite mineral that contains strontium sulfate and barite. Both chemical ingredients are present in equal proportions in celestobarite crystal, thereby denoting the beautiful blending of intellect and emotions in its metaphysical powers. 

As such, celestobarite is regarded as a harmonic gemstone that can help instill harmony and balance in all areas of our lives, including marriage alliances and business partnerships. 

This gemstone is a huge favorite among singers, artists, counselors, meditation experts as well as interior designers, and fashion experts. Celestobarite is also said to be beneficial for the zodiac signs Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra. It can help Aries natives to identify and preserve their unique attributes even while they immerse themselves in partnerships and compromises through harmony and agreement. Sagittarians can gain the clarity to see equal value in both emotions and intellect with the help of celestobarite crystals.

Where is Celestobarite Found?

Celestobarite stone is available relatively easily. It is found in different parts of the world, including England, Denmark, Poland, Australia, and the USA. 

Celestobarite Properties

Celestobarite comes with a wide variety of interesting properties that constitute both the healing and metaphysical powers. Whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, and chakra healing, or metaphysical aspects that you are concerned with, this mystical gemstone possesses many fascinating qualities.

Celestobarite Healing Properties

As already mentioned, the celestobarite stone is said to be a shamanic oracle that can clear our understanding and vision of life's happenings. It is said to help us find answers to things that seem unclear and confusing and arrive at proper decisions. 

Celestobarite is often said to be a multidimensional gemstone you can use to explore the different layers of your being and better understand who you are. It also aligns with some of our chakras or energy points and acts as a shielding force that protects us. This stone is also said to help align our soul with the physical needs and struggles that we undergo in our daily lives so that we can overcome all hurdles and keep moving ahead. But interestingly, even though this stone carries massive powers, it does not come across as overpowering. Instead, it emanates sweet and soothing vibrations. 

Celestobarite is used to promote physical healing by helping open up our minds which can help us better understand the realities of the world. It is also said to keep our minds stable and powerful. Further, since it contains barite, it is beneficial for our brain and memory as well. It can stimulate our vision, soothe our digestive system, calm our nervous system and heal the soreness of the throat. 

With its emotional healing abilities, celestobarite crystal enables its wearer to keep an open mind in dealing with different circumstances that might otherwise appear difficult. It can empower us emotionally to make tough decisions that might alter the course of our lives — how we act and respond to the external environment and function.

This gemstone also aids spiritual healing and upliftment. It helps us get connected with the highest guiding forces that exist in this universe by channeling high-frequency vibrations through us for healing. When you meditate with this gemstone, you can connect with your guardian angel and spirits. It also helps us communicate with visions and understand what it is that we saw. Since it is a shamanic gemstone, it can promote balance in our thoughts by acting as our guiding light and guardian. 

Celestobarite helps us remember that nothing in our lives remains constant — everything keeps changing with time. So we need to find happiness and acceptance in all that we do. Celestobarite is also said to stimulate dreaming and dream recall with greater ease. 

Along with these, celestobarite is also helpful in chakra healing. It beautifully resonates with our base and crown chakras and keeps them active. Hailed as a journeying stone, it is also said to align with our solar chakra.

Celestobarite Metaphysical Properties


Celestobarite is widely coveted by crystal healers and shamans for its metaphysical properties. Since it is a shamanic stone, it is said to bring decisiveness, stability, and joy into our lives. Metaphysical experts say that this gemstone elevates and enriches our minds to see our lives from different perspectives so that we can be in a better position to make the right decisions. In moments of utter indecisiveness, it can help us arrive at meaningful decisions with wisdom and conscience. 

Regarded as a stone for harmony, celestobarite crystal is excellent for harmonizing, especially in choirs, marital relationships, and business partnerships. It helps recognize all voices and deems each one of equal importance. This is the reason why this gem is said to be the perfect choice for singers, artists, counselors, and mediators, among others. It helps them detect and realize the actual worth that lies on both sides, and allows them to combine them for the greatest good. Celestobarite is often recommended for bringing balance and harmony in friendships and relationships by offering a deeper and clearer insight into what needs to be seen.

Celestobarite is also said to be great for detoxifying our body, beating chronic exhaustion, and also overcoming addiction. It also has deeply motivating effects that may cleanse and rebalance our chakras, enabling us to go after our dreams with nothing holding us back. It helps release trapped negative emotions like fear and obsession and pushes us towards personal freedom of the mind. We can overcome feelings of shyness or hesitation and focus on our strength and mental confidence to speak out. 

The greatest metaphysical benefit of celestobarite lies in guiding us to find out our true spiritual purpose in life — our true calling  — and how we can achieve our purpose in life. This is brought about by its ability to open up our senses to receive guidance from the higher energies in the cosmic world — the angelic realms. We may attain a higher sense of mindfulness and step into our personal powers to use them for our greater good. 

Celestobarite stone encompasses our past, present, and future to open up our senses during shamanic journeys. Since it is a shielding stone, it also keeps us guarded during such journeys and keeps us suspended between the soul star chakras and the earth. It acts as a shamanic anchor for both the upper and lower worlds’ journeys and stabilizes our energy to the core of our planet and at the center of the galaxy.

According to some metaphysical practitioners, celestobarite stone also bears an affinity with the joker energy or coyote, which helps represent the darker side of life joyfully and acts as a reminder that nothing is constant in this world. It is also said to help us take a step back and be able to laugh at ourselves.


Celestobarite is one of the less talked about gemstones, but it brings with it intense power and capabilities to stimulate our intuition, wisdom, and vision. It not only looks fascinating but is also a powerful shielding stone and a shamanic oracle that can help us transcend the past, present, and future.

If you wish to clearly understand life's confusions and make informed decisions with great wisdom and conscience, this might be the stone for you. And it is also the right choice for those who want to know and attain their purpose in life. 

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