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Green Tourmaline: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

green tourmaline

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about green tourmaline, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


There are few gems as enticing as the green tourmaline stone. From its emerald green hue to its mystic healing powers, it is the perfect example of a stone that is beautiful inside and out. In this guide, we’ll cover the many different benefits of green tourmaline, its various forms and uses, and share some advice on which green tourmaline jewelry works best for your particular desires.

Even if you’re up to speed on everything green tourmaline related, we promise you’ll discover something new in this green tourmaline complete guide!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Green Tourmaline Meaning
    • What is Green Tourmaline
      • What is Green Tourmaline Good for?
      • Is Green Tourmaline Natural
      • Metaphysical Meaning of Green Tourmaline
      • How to Identify Green Tourmaline
    • Green Tourmaline Chakra
    • Green Tourmaline Benefits
    • Green Tourmaline Healing
    • Where to Find Green Tourmaline
      • Brazilian Green Tourmaline
      • Paraiba Green Tourmaline
  • Green Tourmaline Properties
    • Green Tourmaline Healing Properties
    • Green Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties
  • Green Tourmaline vs Emerald
  • Green Tourmaline vs Chrome Tourmaline
  • Green Tourmaline Types
    • Raw Green Tourmaline
    • Natural Green Tourmaline
    • Polished Green Tourmaline
    • Green Tourmaline Tumbled
  • Green Tourmaline Color Variations
    • Dark Green Tourmaline
      • Dark Green Tourmaline Meaning
    • Mint Green Tourmaline
    • Emerald Green Tourmaline
    • Light Green Tourmaline
  • Green Tourmaline Jewelry
    • Green Tourmaline Ring
      • Green Tourmaline Ring Meaning
      • Vintage Green Tourmaline Ring
      • Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring
      • Light Green Tourmaline Ring
      • Mint Green Tourmaline Ring
      • Raw Green Tourmaline Ring
      • Dark Green Tourmaline Ring
      • Green Tourmaline Gold Ring
      • Green Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds
      • Green Tourmaline Cabochon Ring
      • Green Tourmaline Rings in Australia
    • Green Tourmaline Necklace
      • Green Tourmaline Men's Necklace
      • Green Tourmaline Teardrop Necklace
    • Green Tourmaline Earrings
      • Green Tourmaline Stud Earrings
      • Green Tourmaline Drop Earrings
      • Green Tourmaline Earrings in the UK
    • Green Tourmaline Pendant
      • Natural Green Tourmaline Pendant
      • Raw Green Tourmaline Pendant
    • Green Tourmaline Bracelet
  • Green Tourmaline Uses
    • Green Tourmaline Beads
  • How to Clean Green Tourmaline
  • Green Tourmaline Price
    • Raw Green Tourmaline for Sale
    • Green Tourmaline Earrings for Sale
    • Green Tourmaline Price per Carat
    • Rough Green Tourmaline Price per Gram
    • Green Tourmaline Rings for Sale
    • Green Tourmaline Price in Zambia
    • Green Tourmaline Price in Kenya
    • Green Tourmaline on Etsy
    • How to Tell if Green Tourmaline is Real

Green Tourmaline Meaning

You’ve got loads of questions about green tourmaline. What is green tourmaline? What does green tourmaline look like? Where can you find it? We’ve got the answers. Join us as we discover the meaning behind this precious stone.

green tourmaline

What is Green Tourmaline?

Green tourmaline is an emerald-color precious stone also known as verdelite. Like all tourmaline, it is a crystalline boron silicate mineral. Green is just one of the many colors that tourmaline comes in, but it is a particularly special form of this natural stone known to improve intellect and communication.

What is Green Tourmaline Good for?

The green tourmaline crystal has a range of spiritual applications and benefits. It opens the heart chakra and infuses the spirit with energy and rejuvenation. If someone is struggling with emotional self-awareness and introspection, green tourmaline will likely prove a helpful sidekick. It allows its users to unpack and explore their emotions, leading to greater emotional intelligence and confidence. 

Is Green Tourmaline Natural?

Yes, green tourmaline is a natural stone composed of iron, aluminium, sodium, magnesium, lithium, and potassium. It is a cyclosilicate made up of a trigonal crystal system, and it is formed through strong hydrothermal activity. A higher quantity of lithium creates the emerald green color of this precious stone. 

Metaphysical Meaning of Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline gems are rich in metaphysical properties. They promote transcendentalism, so they are excellent companions for meditation in nature and deepen human connections to nature.

Green tourmaline eases transitional phases, too. They assist in coming to terms with global shifts, the emotional impacts of aging, and life changes including travel, new jobs, and relationship transitions. 

a woman doing meditation

How to Identify Green Tourmaline

You might mistake green tourmaline for emerald due to its rich, grassy hue. However, there are a few giveaways that help ensure that you are in the presence of an authentic green tourmaline crystal. Firstly, make sure that your stone is prismatic with long, visibly flat faces and round edges.

If your stone has sharp edges or is entirely round, it’s likely not a natural green tourmaline gem. Identifying small striations on your crystal is another indication that your stone is a green tourmaline. However, if the stone scratches easily once it’s in your possession, then it is most probably not the precious stone you’re hoping for. 

Green Tourmaline Chakra

Green tourmaline locates the majority of its powers in the heart chakra, creating balance and connection to the natural world. It fuels the heart with positive vibrations and joy, encouraging grounded-ness and compassion for others as well as the self.

Green Tourmaline Benefits

Because green tourmaline has such profound effects on the heart chakra, it is rumoured to improve overall heart health. It heals plants and humans alike, encouraging growth through transitional stages and boosting energy. If you struggle with tiredness and low energy, green tourmaline might just be the answer to your prayers. 

Green Tourmaline Healing

woman jumping on air

Green tourmaline is known to be a powerful healing stone. It targets the heart chakra, and as a result, it can assist in recovering from heartbreak, opening the heart to nature, and connecting you with your Mother Gaia. There is some speculation around green tourmaline’s positive effect on the immune system, and it has even been considered unofficially as an antidote for attention deficit disorder.

Where to Find Green Tourmaline

Often, you will find green tourmaline in quartz rather than in its pure form. However, we have some tips on where to source your green tourmaline. The gem is found in Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, and the United States. You can purchase green tourmaline on Etsy and Amazon, but it is often sold in crystal stores, too. 

Brazilian Green Tourmaline

If you wish to purchase emerald-green tourmaline, you would be best off having it imported from Brazil. The country is famous for its highly coveted green tourmaline, so much that green tourmaline is often referred to as “Brazilian tourmaline”. For a more blue-green hue, one would find an authentic, illustrious specimen in Namibia, Nigeria, and Mozambique.

Paraiba Green Tourmaline

If you’re looking for a top-notch green tourmaline stone, Paraiba is where it’s at. These especially incandescent gems were discovered in Paraiba, Brazil in 1989 and are known for being rich in color, as well as being highly sought-after.

Green Tourmaline Properties

While it is most certainly a beautiful gem, the true green tourmaline value resides in its healing and metaphysical properties. This precious stone is a must-have for your bedroom shelf.

Green Tourmaline Healing Properties

Is that your heart chakra filling up with joy and harmony, or is that just green tourmaline? The precious gem is a powerful heart chakra mender, to the extent that it has even been thought to improve overall heart health. Green tourmaline is a grounding force, and anxieties and stress seem to dissipate in the presence of it. 

Green Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

If you’re looking for spiritual realignment or emotional uplift, green tourmaline is the stone for you. It symbolizes growth, energy, new beginnings, and an open heart. This unique crystal improves communication and life force, encouraging those in its presence to comprehend their emotions and de-stress.

As a result, users of green tourmaline will experience a rejuvenated joy for life. In addition, it invites you to grow with nature and deepen your relationship to the natural world. For total self-reflexivity and connection to the world around you, green tourmaline leads the way.

Green Tourmaline vs Emerald

Easily confused at first glance for their regal grassy color, green tourmaline and emerald are different both in terms of physical properties and metaphysical properties. While emeralds generally have a hexagonal crystal system, green tourmaline is trigonal-shaped and has longitudinal striations.

Emeralds also make way for wisdom and patience, while green tourmaline’s power is in its promotion of joy and relaxation. However, these two stones unite in their ability to open the heart chakra and ease emotional stress. If you have Taurus and Gemini placements, green tourmaline and emerald are ideal to keep side by side.

green tourmaline gem

Green Tourmaline vs Chrome Tourmaline

Strangely enough, chrome tourmaline and green tourmaline can appear identical in color. The “chrome” in chrome tourmaline refers not to its hue but to its traces of chromium that create its emerald green shine.

While chrome tourmaline appears particularly forest-like in color, it differs chemically from green tourmaline and consequently lacks some of green tourmaline’s metaphysical lustre.

foggy forest

Green Tourmaline Types

So, you’ve got a penchant for the green tourmaline crystal? We do, too! But before you go to the checkout counter, let’s fill you in on some of its different forms. 

Raw Green Tourmaline

You’ll know you’re in possession of raw green tourmaline when it’s chunky and has small longitudinal lines along its surface. If it’s rounded and totally smooth, it’s probably polished, tumbled green tourmaline. Raw green tourmaline is ideal for meditation practices as it is relatively untouched and is inherently more earthly, allowing you to connect fully to nature and open your heart chakra.

Natural Green Tourmaline

You might be wondering, is green tourmaline rough in its natural state? Is green tourmaline natural in color? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Due to green tourmaline’s natural striations, it will have a slightly rough surface.

However, it isn’t rough in the same way as a rock or a piece of wood. Its striations follow the same direction, so while it has a bit of a hard edge, there is order to its many small ridges. Its color is natural, too, as it results from large deposits of lithium.

Polished Green Tourmaline

While raw, natural green tourmaline is ideal for meditation and body-nature connection, polished green tourmaline makes for beautiful jewelry and home décor and it still holds much of its metaphysical prowess. Its smooth surface will feel at home in the palm of your hand and its natural color will be enhanced by a polished shine. Sounds like a win to us!

Green Tourmaline Tumbled

Because green tourmaline is naturally quite hard, it is a perfect candidate for tumbling. If you’re not a fan of green tourmaline’s organic quality, this option is for you. Tumbled green tourmaline will appear flawless and smooth, and it will remain even more durable than it is in its natural state. Tumbling is a great way to preserve precious gems like green tourmaline and use them for jewelry and pendants!

Green Tourmaline Color Variations

Tourmaline comes in a range of shades including the green tourmaline color. However, even green tourmaline itself forms in a number of different hues. 

Dark Green Tourmaline

Dark green tourmaline has a particularly royal, mystical tone to its color. Green tourmaline embodies all of its metaphysical properties regardless of its shade. However, dark green tourmaline can also be used in the manifestation of financial gain. 

Dark Green Tourmaline Meaning

The darker the green, the stronger its effects. Dark green tourmaline is for crystal-lovers who are serious about connecting with nature and rejuvenating their heart and spirit. It symbolizes emotional development and relaxation.

Mint Green Tourmaline

If you find yourself in the presence of a mint green tourmaline, you can count yourself lucky. These gems are extremely rare and sought after, and they are primarily found in and exported from Namibia. The high iron and titanium traces in mint green tourmaline give the gemstone its unique, joy-inducing color. Carrying this precious stone on you will guarantee tranquility and self-reflexivity. 

Emerald Green Tourmaline

Emerald green tourmaline is possibly the most lusted after of all the many tourmaline colors and shades. It has often been thought to bring true love to its owners, as well as prosperity and harmoniousness. 

Light Green Tourmaline

Light green tourmaline is the perfect partner for mild growth. If you want to experience the benefits of green tourmaline without moving too quickly and feeling overwhelmed, light green tourmaline will gently guide you to where you want to be.

Green Tourmaline Jewelry

green tourmaline pendant

If you want to access green tourmaline powers throughout your day, what better way to do it than by wearing the precious stone as jewelry? Plus, your gorgeous accessory will make your friends green (wink) with envy.

Green tourmaline is a favorite for jewelry lovers thanks to its illustrious color and regal quality. Even better, by keeping it on you at all times in the form of a ring or a pendant, you have the privilege of accessing its benefits twenty four hours a day!

Green Tourmaline Ring

Green tourmaline rings look like small pieces of magic on your finger. They have an inherently royal effect, so you won’t be able to help feeling elegant when you put it on. Wear it while meditating, and place the gem on your heart space to feel its effects. 

Green Tourmaline Ring Meaning

So, you love the look of green tourmaline rings, but you’re a person of substance and expect something more underneath that bottle green shine. A green tourmaline ring symbolizes heart chakra protection and positive energy. It is said to attract abundance, love and joy, and it holds the essence of the natural world – drawing us closer to nature.

Vintage Green Tourmaline Ring

Green tourmaline rings have been roaming the planet for quite some time, and there is a plethora of unique and diverse vintage green tourmaline rings for you to choose from. If you’re struggling to locate vintage green tourmaline rings in person, you can find a special few on Etsy.

green tourmaline ring

Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Want an engagement ring with real meaning behind it? We’ve got your back. Green tourmaline engagement rings represent an open, honest, deeply loving marriage. Go for a darker green tourmaline if you want to solidify the strength of your connection.

Remember, your ring needs to fit into your lifestyle. Would you prefer wearing a diamond every day, or would you opt for the illustrious green tourmaline? Personally, we’re leaning toward the latter!

Light Green Tourmaline Ring

During the summer, a light green tourmaline just sets the right mood. It’ll really sparkle in the sun, which is fitting because it will provide you with nothing but joy and connection to nature throughout your day. 

Mint Green Tourmaline Ring

Oh, mint green tourmaline rings! So beautiful, so rare. While these babies are hard to find, it is possible to get one on Etsy. However, always make sure that you’re getting authentic mint green tourmaline, because its pacifying, joy-inducing effects are not to be missed.

Raw Green Tourmaline Ring

So you want to go a little more rustic? We understand. Raw green tourmaline rings are naturally quite smooth apart from small striations. The little quirks that make up a raw green tourmaline ring make it feel all the more authentic, allowing its effects to truly seep into your mind and body. 

Dark Green Tourmaline Ring

We prefer dark green tourmaline in the autumn and winter months. There’s just something about wearing a dark green tourmaline ring while sitting by a fireplace or while brown leaves fall to the floor outside your window that feels kismet. That being said, green tourmaline effects are stronger the darker and richer its color. So, if you’re set on maintaining an open heart chakra throughout your day, a dark green tourmaline ring is a wonderful companion. 

Green Tourmaline Gold Ring

A green tourmaline gem on a gold ring is nothing less than harmonious. The colors compliment one another in a regal – yet earthy – marriage. Speaking of marriage, a green tourmaline gold ring is an ideal engagement ring. With green tourmaline representing an open heart and gold representing success and abundance, a triumphant marriage is on the cards. 

Green Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

If the object of your desire is something expensive and one of a kind, a green tourmaline ring with diamonds is right up your alley. Small diamonds surrounding your magnificent green tourmaline gemstone will remind you how special and elegant your crystal is. 

Green Tourmaline Cabochon Ring

A cabochon ring made of green tourmaline resembles a magic crystal ball that only tells you good fortunes. You might just find yourself staring at your ring in the same way you might gaze into a lover’s eyes. And don’t stop yourself! Meditating on a green tourmaline cabochon’s beauty will relax and enlighten you.

Green Tourmaline Rings in Australia

While green tourmaline is sourced from a number of countries all over the globe, Australia is not one of them. However, due to green tourmaline’s immense popularity, you can still find it in a number of crystal and rock stores throughout Australia. You can also order green tourmaline rings on many online stores including Etsy. But before you open a new tab to purchase your first green tourmaline ring, let’s talk about necklaces for a bit!

Green Tourmaline Necklace

A green tourmaline necklace hangs gently over your heart chakra, keeping your heart vibrant and open to new possibilities. Quite frankly, we can’t recommend a green tourmaline necklace enough. It’ll bring joy to your heart space on a daily basis and keep you calm during stressful situations. If you’re going through a difficult time, don’t pass up the opportunity to let a green tourmaline necklace console you. 

Green Tourmaline Men's Necklace

Oh, you thought we were just talking to the ladies? Why should men be exempt from the joys of green tourmaline? We promise it’ll compliment your soul and your physique, especially if you have green eyes. For a more masculine touch, browse for a dark – possibly raw - green tourmaline pendant on a black string or silver chain. 

Green Tourmaline Teardrop Necklace

Don’t cry! A green tourmaline teardrop necklace will dry those tears right up. These necklaces are harder to find, but they’re worth the extra effort. You’ll feel like a Greek goddess with this variation of green tourmaline jewelry, while your heart will feel open and energised. 

Green Tourmaline Earrings

Green tourmaline earrings come in all different shapes and sizes. From polished and dangling to small and raw, there is undoubtedly a green tourmaline earring out there that fits your aesthetic! Wearing green tourmaline earrings on a night out or for a first date will ease your social anxiety and optimize your communication skills. Plus, you’ll look like a million bucks.

Green Tourmaline Stud Earrings

Tell me about it, stud! Green tourmaline stud earrings will make you want to tuck your hair behind your ears constantly – just to give everyone around you a glimpse of your mystique. Understated yet bold, elegant yet fun, green tourmaline stud earrings are for diverse and discerning jewelry-buyers who recognize their own natural beauty. 

Green Tourmaline Drop Earrings

The bigger, the better? With green tourmaline earrings, that might just be the case. More green tourmaline in your life is always a good thing, and that’s what makes green tourmaline drop earrings so very enticing. While these shimmering jewels will nestle into your neck, calming your mind and recharging your spirit, they’ll also up your sex appeal in a big way!

Green Tourmaline Earrings in the UK

If you’re in the UK and you’re looking to protect your energy with some gorgeous green tourmaline earrings, you’re in luck. You can purchase drop earrings, studs, and everything in between in the UK. If you’re struggling to find what you want, Etsy is a good place to start.

In the UK, mixing pink tourmaline with green tourmaline is very popular for jewelry. Both pink and green tourmaline connect to the heart chakra and calm the mind and body, so your solar plexus and heart space will be bursting with joyful energy if you decide on this combo. 

Green Tourmaline Pendant

Hang a green tourmaline pendant around your neck or carry it with you for heart protection. We highly recommend a green tourmaline pendant during breakups, losses, and major transformations. Having a green tourmaline pendant with you will encourage you to embrace change and find silver linings during difficult transitional periods. 

Natural Green Tourmaline Pendant

To ensure that you reap its benefits, make sure that your green tourmaline pendant is natural. Your spirit will experience a rapid rejuvenation. If you’re feeling tired of your day-to-day and your life force is dwindling, or if you’re spread too thin and anxiety is working its way through your body, a natural green tourmaline pendant will give your body and soul a quick makeover and you’ll be left with a skip in your step. 

Raw Green Tourmaline Pendant

Look for striations along the surface of your green tourmaline pendant to make sure it’s raw. Slightly rounded edges are also a major giveaway when it comes to raw green tourmaline.

While some prefer a more polished aesthetic, a raw green tourmaline pendant has that “witchy” look that will appeal to your psychic abilities and make you stand out in a crowd. Wearing a green tourmaline pendant will allow you to access its full force, giving it full reign to open and cleanse your heart chakra. 

Green Tourmaline Bracelet

green tourmaline bracelet

It’s all in the wrist! The wonderful thing about a green tourmaline bracelet is that its effects aren’t limited to helping you. By holding hands, hugging, or resting your hand on another person’s chest (with their permission of course), you can share your green tourmaline joy and positivity with those around you.

Or maybe even just get matching bracelets with your closest friends! Doing so will inspire healthy communication and trust between you and your squad. 

Green Tourmaline Uses

While green tourmaline’s uses are mainly metaphysical and spiritual, the precious gem also has a few physical applications. Loose green tourmaline, when heated or rubbed, becomes electrically charged. Charging green tourmaline in this way activates its ability to pull dust particles towards it.

So, if you need to clean a small crevice or a pipe, green tourmaline can come in handy! Because green tourmaline can conduct electricity, it is used as an electrical tuning circuit for radio waves. Green tourmaline is also a helpful antidote to motion sickness and has been regarded as an aphrodisiac for decades.

Green Tourmaline Beads

Due to green tourmaline’s hardness, it is an ideal stone for jewelry and beads. Beading with green tourmaline will calm your nervous system and engage all of your senses – awakening you to the joys of life. Beading with seafoam green tourmaline is said to improve your energy levels and leave you feeling deeply and wholly rejuvenated.

green tourmaline beads

How to Clean Green Tourmaline

We understand how important it is that your crystals stay fresh and looked-after. Green tourmaline responds best to warm water and a microfiber or very soft cloth. Green tourmaline does attract and absorb negative energy in order to remove it from your space.

To cleanse your green tourmaline of any negative energy it might have accumulated, let it soak overnight in salt water. Letting your green tourmaline bask in the sunlight once every month is another way to ensure it keeps working its magic.

Green Tourmaline Price

If you have decided to buy green tourmaline, we have to congratulate you on all the light and connection that you’re about to receive. That being said, let us guide your process a bit. You must first understand that green tourmaline differs greatly in price depending on its hue, imperfections, where it is sourced from, whether or not it is polished, and more.

Whether your budget is that of a millionaire, or you can’t afford to spend more than ten dollars, there is a green tourmaline out there for you. Ideally, you’ll want a medium tone green tourmaline (not too dark or too light) as medium tone tourmaline is generally more vivid and bright. These are often more expensive, but they are worth it in the long run due to their never-ending colorful shine and quality. 

Raw Green Tourmaline for Sale

Don’t we all just need some raw green tourmaline in our lives? You’re in for some good news, because you can find raw green tourmaline just about anywhere – online stores like Etsy, jewelry stores, and crystal and rock stores.

Green Tourmaline Earrings for Sale

Green tourmaline is an extremely popular jewel for earring designers as a result of its ethereal glow and regal look. You can purchase green tourmaline earrings at markets, online stores, and jewelry stores. Make sure to speak to the store-owner or read the stone’s description thoroughly to ensure that you’re purchasing good quality, authentic green tourmaline.

Green Tourmaline Price per Carat

Generally, green tourmaline price per carat ranges from $7 to $30. However, as we mentioned previously, green tourmaline prices range drastically. For example, the most highly coveted form of green tourmaline (paraiba tourmaline) can go up to $10,000 per carat depending on its hue and size. 

Rough Green Tourmaline Price per Gram

If you’re buying from wholesalers, green tourmaline will usually cost around $1 to $4 per gram. Still, as we know, that price can skyrocket depending on location, color, size, and quality.

Green Tourmaline Rings for Sale

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or just want to add another pretty piece to your jewelry collection, you can find what you’re looking for on a variety of online stores. Just hit “search”!

Green Tourmaline Price in Zambia

Prices can range more than the Andes when it comes to Zambian tourmaline. You could be looking at anything from $15 a piece to $500 a carat.

Green Tourmaline Price in Kenya

Kenyan green tourmaline will roughly come to about $50 a carat, but that can shift based on a variety of factors. 

Green Tourmaline on Etsy

You can grab just about everything green tourmaline related on Etsy – jewelry, cabochons, raw pieces, you name it! Prices do range, but you can always find a sweet deal on Etsy and buy authentic green tourmaline at a cost that suits you.

How to Tell if Green Tourmaline is Real

Finally! You’ve got your green tourmaline and you can’t wait to take it home with you. But, how do you know it’s legit? If you have a piece of natural green tourmaline, you should be able to identify its prismatic crystal system and striations along its surface.

Slightly rounded edges are a major giveaway, too. Green tourmaline might also include other colors (as seen in watermelon tourmaline). However, these different colors shouldn’t mix and merge in an authentic green tourmaline stone. If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of your green tourmaline, request proof of origins from the seller.

green tourmaline gem in a lab


We’ve reached the end already! Thank you for staying with us on our full exploration of green tourmaline. We hope you’ve learned many new things about one of our favorite stones.

Wishing you joy and light on your green tourmaline journey!

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