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Aventurine: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

aventurine stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about aventurine, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Not many crystals can be found in almost every color of the rainbow. Aventurine, however, is one of them. You can find this crystal in every color, from bewitching green to alluring orange. Read on to learn more about this unique stone and its many benefits. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • Aventurine Meaning
    • What is Aventurine?
      • How to Say Aventurine?
      • Is Aventurine Quartz
      • Is Aventurine Jade
      • Is Aventurine Toxic
      • What Color is Aventurine?
    • Aventurine Chakra
    • Aventurine as a Birthstone
    • Where is Aventurine Found?
    • How to Tell if Aventurine is Real?
  • Aventurine Properties
    • Aventurine Physical Properties
    • Aventurine Metaphysical Properties
    • Aventurine Physical Healing Properties
    • Aventurine Emotional Healing Properties
  • Aventurine Benefits
  • Aventurine vs Jade
    • Green Aventurine vs Jade
  • Blue Aventurine vs Sodalite
  • Aventurine Types
    • Raw Aventurine
      • Raw Green Aventurine
    • Polished Aventurine
  • Aventurine Colors
    • Green Aventurine
      • Green Aventurine Meaning
        • Green Aventurine Chakra
        • Green Aventurine Benefits
      • Green Aventurine Properties
        • Green Aventurine Healing Properties
        • Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties
      • Green Aventurine Uses
      • Green Aventurine Affirmations
    • Blue Aventurine
      • Blue Aventurine Meaning
      • Blue Aventurine Chakra
    • Blue Aventurine Properties
      • Blue Aventurine Healing Properties
      • How to Use Blue Aventurine
    • Yellow Aventurine
      • Yellow Aventurine Meaning
      • Yellow Aventurine Chakra
      • Yellow Aventurine Properties
      • How to Use Yellow Aventurine
    • Red Aventurine
      • Red Aventurine Meaning
      • Red Aventurine Properties
        • Red Aventurine Healing Properties
    • Orange Aventurine
      • Orange Aventurine Meaning
      • Orange Aventurine Chakra
      • Orange Aventurine Properties
        • Orange Aventurine Healing Properties
    • Purple Aventurine
      • Purple Aventurine Meaning
        • Purple Aventurine Benefits
      • Purple Aventurine Properties
        • Purple Aventurine Healing Properties
    • Pink Aventurine
      • Pink Aventurine Meaning
      • Pink Aventurine Chakra
      • Pink Aventurine Properties
        • Pink Aventurine Metaphysical Properties
        • Pink Aventurine Healing Properties
    • Peach Aventurine
      • Peach Aventurine Meaning
    • Black Aventurine
      • Black Aventurine Healing Properties
    • White Aventurine
    • Gray Aventurine
    • Blue-Green Aventurine
    • Brown Aventurine
    • Silver Aventurine
    • Tan Aventurine
  • Aventurine Jewelry
    • Aventurine Necklace
      • Aventurine Necklace Meaning
      • Green Aventurine Necklace
      • Red Aventurine Necklace
    • Aventurine Ring
      • Aventurine Ring Meaning
      • Green Aventurine Ring
    • Aventurine Bracelet
      • Aventurine Bracelet Meaning
      • Green Aventurine Bracelet
    • Red Aventurine Pendant
  • Aventurine Uses
    • Aventurine Beads
      • Green Aventurine Beads
      • Blue Aventurine Beads
      • Orange Aventurine Beads
      • Yellow Aventurine Beads
      • Red Aventurine Beads
    • Aventurine Glass
    • Aventurine Wand
    • Aventurine Pendulum
    • Aventurine Egg
    • Aventurine Chips
    • Aventurine Pyramid
    • Aventurine Ball
  • Where to Place Aventurine in the Home
  • How to Cleanse Green Aventurine
  • How to Use Green Aventurine for Luck
  • Buy Aventurine Near Me
    • Aventurine on Amazon
    • Aventurine Price per Carat
    • Blue Aventurine Price
  • Conclusion

Aventurine Meaning

What is Aventurine?

The meaning and origin of the name aventurine is a debated topic because there are many stories behind it. Some people say that the name ‘aventurine’ refers to its shimmering appearance. This unique shimmering property and the visual delight derived from minute particles, which are highly reflective in a larger structure, is called aventurescence. 

Another opinion on the name is that the word aventurine comes from the Italian word “avontura”. This word means chance. So it is believed that this crystal can fill your life with abundance and happiness.

Another name for aventurine is “the gambler’s stone”. This signifies the role of the aventurine crystal in luck and playing with a chance. It is said that this stone can bring the best of luck to the wearer. The crystal itself signifies prosperity and confidence. 

How to Say Aventurine

When you say aventurine, it should sound like uh-ven-chur-en. 

Is Aventurine Quartz

Aventurine is a type of quartz. It contains small mica, goethite, or hematite, along with quartz. 

Is Aventurine Jade

Aventurine is often confused with jade because they are both beautiful green-colored crystals, but they are not the same. Aventurine is a type of quartz. It is also sometimes called Indian jade and Australian jade, but this is misleading because aventurine is not a form of jade. 

Is Aventurine Toxic

Aventurine is made up of quartz. And quartz itself has a high silicon content. Now, it is well-known that silicon is not good for humans. In other words, it is toxic. But aventurine is a very stable crystal, so it is not directly toxic.

If you do not eat, drink, or breathe the crystal, it is not toxic. Ensure you take care of your crystal and do not grind it. It is also advised to avoid soaking your aventurine stone in water for extended periods of time. 

What Color is Aventurine

Aventurine is primarily green, but it is also found in other colors like orange, yellow, purple, red, and more. 

Aventurine Chakra

Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra. This heart chakra is called “Anahata” and is the chakra you want to work with if you are looking for love, passion, and growth. The best part is that this love and passion won’t just be fantastical, it will be strong, healthy, and healing for you. You will feel compassion and peace. 

Aventurine as a Birthstone

Aventurine is the birthstone of Cancer. Cancers are born between June 22 and July 22. Those born during this time can have some differentiating traits. They are susceptible to moodiness and anxiety. Since it’s important to control these negative emotions, aventurine can help! Aventurine is believed to clear out these emotions and help the wearer feel refreshed and at peace. 

Where is Aventurine Found?

aventurine stone

Aventurine is found in places that have naturally high energy. Countries that have mines containing aventurine include the diverse landscapes of India, the wild Amazon rainforest, the frigid corners of Russia, and even Chile and Brazil. 

You may find it interesting that aventurine plays a role in old legends. It is said that Aventurine was called ‘The Stone of the Amazons’. In this context, the Amazons don't refer to the rainforest. It refers to the tribe of Warrior Queens, and aventurine has been called their guardian stone. 

India is the largest producer of aventurine stones across the world.

How to Tell if Aventurine is Real?

There are a couple of simple ways you can check whether or not the aventurine crystal you have is real. The easiest method is to observe the color of the stone. If it is real aventurine, the stone will not be evenly colored in a single shade. Rather, the crystal will have different color depths. A stone that is too evenly colored or too saturated is probably not aventurine. 

Another thing you will notice in real aventurine is the aventurescence or shimmery property. There are flake-like inclusions in the translucent crystal that reflect light. 

Make sure that you don’t confuse aventurine with aventurescent glass. These two are quite different. 

Aventurine Properties

Aventurine Physical Properties

Aventurine is a type of quartz. What makes it unique is the abundant small flake-like inclusions in the quartz. These flakes reflect light in a way that makes the crystal look like it is shining. This sparkly property is called ‘aventurescence’ and some people say this is where the name ‘aventurine’ comes from. 

Aventurine is mostly green, but it is also found in colors like red, orange, yellow, brown, white, blue, and others. The crystals share most properties with quartz, but the inclusions alter some properties. Aventurine has a Mohs hardness level of 7, which is lower than that of most quartz. This is because of the inclusions, which weaken the crystal. 

The inclusions are usually hematite, goethite, or ilmenite. This means that the specific gravity of aventurine is higher than quartz. 

Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

Doesn’t aventurine remind you of the word adventure? This crystal is all about positive energy, enthusiasm, and chance. It is believed that this stone can help the wearer see alternative paths and possibilities. This is why it is associated with gamblers and is called a lucky stone for them. Perseverance and leadership qualities may blossom in the wearer. If you are using the stone, you may find your anxiety fading away.

Since the stone is connected with the heart chakra, you may also feel more love and compassion in your life. 

Aventurine Physical Healing Properties

Aventurine is said to have a healing impact for those who stammer or have severe neurosis. It can be beneficial for your blood pressure levels. It even works on stimulating and increasing metabolism so you may shed those extra pounds. Aventurine crystals have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. This means that these crystals can help with allergies, acne eruptions, muscle injuries, and even migraines. 

The strong connection of aventurine with the heart means that it's also great for good heart health and can lower cholesterol. 

Aventurine Emotional Healing Properties

Aventurine is great for emotional healing. If you feel you’re always stuck in vicious cycles of trust issues and trauma, aventurine can help you escape from these cycles and you may find the strength to let go of these negative emotions. It is believed that if you wear aventurine, you will feel more grounded and will gain the wisdom to get through difficult times and to make correct decisions.  

You will see yourself become more resilient and you might even feel yourself facing anxiety less often. The crystal is said to bring creativity, peace, love, and compassion to the wearer. 

Aventurine Benefits

Aventurine is said to bring luck and prosperity. Not only will you find your desires coming to life, but you will also see yourself working on these plans with renewed vigor. This hard work will help you cross many milestones of success. 

When you start using aventurine crystal, you may start feeling more clarity in your thoughts. This will help you make better decisions - like a leader. People will trust you to help them and you will emerge as a wiser and more experienced person. The stone also helps in professional situations by soothing anxiety during meetings and presentations. 

Aventurine can ease feelings of pain and loss and can lend a hand in times of difficulty. It can also protect the body by protecting you from electromagnetic radiation and negative energy. This crystal supports the glands and parts of the body, especially those that are part of the nervous, cardiovascular, and excretory systems. It may also help stimulate your metabolism for easier weight loss. 

Aventurine vs Jade

aventurine and jade stones

Aventurine is often confused with jade because of its similar appearance. The confusion arises most often between green aventurine and jade. 

Green Aventurine vs Jade

Green aventurine is confused with jade sometimes because both are green stones. This creates a problem. Dealers can easily sell green aventurine, calling it jade. This is beneficial for them because green aventurine is much cheaper and more common than the highly sought-after jade crystals.

Green aventurine is a type of quartz of chalcedony. It has small flake-like inclusions which make it stand out, especially when these flakes reflect light. The sparkling property of aventurine is called aventurescence. They are mined mostly in India, Brazil, and Russia. Aventurine is mostly green but is also found in almost every other color you can think of like blue, silver, black, pink, and so on. 

Jade is a more expensive and rare crystal and is the name given to two crystal structures, namely, nephrite and jadeite. Jade does not show the property of aventurescence. If you look at the history of jade, it has a major role in China and its culture. 

Blue Aventurine vs Sodalite

There is an uncanny resemblance between blue aventurine and sodalite. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between the two, so you are not handed the wrong stone when you plan to buy one. 

Both stones are deep blue in color and have flaky inclusions which reflect light. Both stones can have cloudy partitions in them too. One factor you can use to differentiate between blue aventurine and sodalite based on their appearance is the slight difference in the flaky inclusions. Sodalite usually has white flakes with a yellowish tinge and blue aventurine’s flakes are usually pure white. 

Both blue aventurine and sodalite are potent crystals with powerful healing properties. Sodalite is associated with the throat chakra and focuses on emotional healing.

Aventurine Types

Raw Aventurine

Raw aventurine is jagged and looks like a colored block of ice from afar. These crystals are found in many colors and hues and have characteristics of flaky inclusions in them. 

Raw Green Aventurine

Raw green aventurine is probably the most commonly found type of aventurine. It can be found in almost any shade of green and they are beautiful to look at. These can be tumbled to form smooth stones or carried around as they are to benefit from their almost magical properties. 

Polished Aventurine

Polished aventurine can be used directly to make jewelry. When aventurine is polished, it almost seems like it is glowing because of the light that is reflected by the flaky inclusions in the crystal. You can buy these to carry with you in a crystal bag too. 

Aventurine Colors

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is the most common and most popular type of aventurine. It is the stone of luck and chance and if you are tired of continuous misfortune or just want a boost of luck, this might be the crystal to bring into your life. Not only does green aventurine attract luck, but it is also believed to have calming energy, which can help reduce emotional turmoil and make you open to new experiences.

Green Aventurine Meaning

Green is the color of clovers and leprechauns and money - all things connected to luck and fortune. Green is also the color of green aventurine, so it comes as no surprise that green aventurine is hailed as a very lucky crystal. 

Green Aventurine Chakra

Green aventurine chakra works most closely with the heart chakra. If your heart chakra is out of balance, you will feel many negative emotions, like jealousy, in your life. You will feel too dependent on others and won’t be able to take control of your life and your decisions. 

Green aventurine brings your heart chakra into balance and infuses you with willpower and energy. The clarity of thought that comes with this crystal can help you to make decisions.

Green Aventurine Benefits

Green aventurine has great energy which fills you with the will to understand yourself, work harder and achieve your goals. 

This stone can enhance creativity and bring you new ideas. Along with your own ideas, you will also be receptive to those of others. This will result in harmonious partnerships and fruitful jobs. 

If you feel like you are in emotional turmoil, be it a past traumatic event or a heartbreak, you can use green aventurine to soothe you. It has a gentle vibrational energy that can break your vicious cycles of overthinking. 

Green Aventurine Properties

Green Aventurine Healing Properties

Green aventurine is beneficial for the heart. It has regenerative energy and is believed to increase fertility and help in early conception. It can lower cholesterol levels and prevent heart attacks. It assists the glands like the lungs, the adrenals, and the thymus gland. It also improves the functioning of the nervous system. 

Green aventurine, if used while taking homeopathic treatment, can speed up the treatment. It can alleviate symptoms of skin inflammations like acne and eczema. 

Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

Green aventurine, like its color, is for growth and harmony. It helps balance male and female energies and pushes you to be more present and open to what is happening now. You will find the energy to chase your goals and achieve them when you start using green aventurine. 

Green Aventurine Uses

Green aventurine has been used by crystal healers to heal anxiety and soothe the mind. The crystals are used to make jewelry items like rings, necklaces, rings, and pendants. You will also find decorative pieces made from green aventurine. Some of these include green aventurine pendulums, spheres, wands, and pyramids. 

Green Aventurine Affirmations

When you are using green aventurine, you can use these affirmations to increase the positive effect on your mind and body:

  • I will attract abundance and luck.
  • I am a magnet for good things.
  • I am happy. 
  • I am blessed.
  • I have good people around me. 
  • Everything happening to me is for the best. 
  • I will create the life of my dreams. 
  • I am grateful for all the good things happening in my life. 
  • I am determined to achieve all my goals. 
  • Life is working in my favor. 
  • I am in control of what happens in my life. 
  • I am successful every day. 
  • I am proud of myself.
  • I am powerful and confident. 
  • I am focused on my goals. 

Blue Aventurine

blue aventurine

Blue aventurine can be found in very light, whitish blues to deep shades of sapphire. The blue color of blue aventurine is due to the presence of dumortierite in the crystal. You may have heard about blue aventurine in connection with the zodiac signs Libra and Sagittarius. 

Blue Aventurine Meaning

Blue aventurine has a soft glow, which is a reminder of the glow of spiritual guides. The crystal serves as a connector between mind and heart. An intuition-boosting stone, blue aventurine can bring you to understand your own truth and deepest desires. 

It is also known as a healer of the mind and is said to bring psychic abilities to the wearer. 

Blue Aventurine Chakra

Blue aventurine is connected primarily with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. When the throat chakra is out of balance, there is a constant feeling of dread and underconfidence. You may feel insecure about your thoughts and scared to voice your thoughts and opinions to others. This can lead to a vicious cycle of low confidence and a feeling of pent-up emotions. Aventurine can bring the throat chakra back in balance and you may find yourself opening up more. This can lead to progress in the workplace and your professional life. 

Blue aventurine also stimulates the third eye chakra, which is most important for spiritual and manifesting experiences. If you bring this crystal into your life, you may notice an increase in focus and a decrease in negative experiences, like nightmares and paranoia. 

Blue Aventurine Properties

Blue aventurine is said to have many properties of healing and change. The crystal can bring peace and calm to a person living in a lot of turmoil. The stone can also increase focus and concentration in everything you do. 

Beyond emotional benefits, blue aventurine may also have a protective influence. It can protect travelers and their luggage on a trip by ensuring a smooth, hassle-free journey. 

The properties of blue aventurine can be compared with properties of crystals like sodalite or lapis lazuli. These crystals are all linked with love, positive energy, and warmth. 

Blue Aventurine Healing Properties

Blue aventurine is believed to alleviate symptoms of common ailments like sinus pain, weak eyesight, migraines, and also allergies like eczema. It can even help with insomnia by bringing peace. 

How to Use Blue Aventurine

You should carry a blue aventurine with you at all times. If you can’t carry it all the time, you should at the very least carry a tumbled blue aventurine stone to important meetings and business dealings. The crystal may help bring luck and ensure you speak your thoughts clearly and concisely. Interview experiences can also become much better if you carry a blue aventurine stone with you. 

Yellow Aventurine

Yellow aventurine is all about determination and perseverance. If you want it, yellow aventurine can bring you the strength to double down and get to work on it. 

Yellow Aventurine Meaning

The unique and beautiful yellow aventurine crystals are bright and have a beautiful warm glow. They might even make you think of the bright sun. And this is exactly what they are known for as well. Yellow aventurines can bring hope, optimism, and warmth to your life. 

Yellow Aventurine Chakra

Yellow aventurine is linked to the solar plexus chakra, also called the manipara. This chakra is located in your stomach area and is responsible for the feeling of control you have in your life. Being a control freak can be just as bad as having no control at all. This is why you need yellow aventurine to help bring balance to this chakra.

Yellow Aventurine Properties

When it comes to healing, yellow aventurine offers many benefits. If you face digestive or urinary issues, this crystal may help you. It is also said that yellow aventurine may have a healing effect on sinus problems and skin-related ailments. 

How to Use Yellow Aventurine

Yellow aventurine will be most beneficial for setting goals and working on them to achieve them. 

You should start by choosing a goal. Be realistic and choose a practical goal. Be as specific as you can and think of every detail the way you envision it. 

Then, sit down in a quiet place where you can focus and take a stone of yellow aventurine in your hand. Close your eyes and visualize a time when you have achieved this goal. Don’t hold any thoughts back. Let it all flow and let the energy of yellow aventurine flow into you and boost your confidence. 

Once you have spent some time envisioning the result, take a piece of paper and write down your intention briefly. Place it in an open place where it won’t be disturbed and place your yellow aventurine stone on top of it. 

Now it’s time to get to work. Don’t let doubts fill your mind and keep working with a clear heart and mind. In due time, you will see yourself doing very well and hopefully at the point you imagined.

Red Aventurine

Red aventurine can be found in many hues of red. The most prized are the bright-blood red aventurine crystals, but these crystals are also found in maroon to a pale red color.  

Red Aventurine Meaning

Red aventurine is linked to manifestation. The seemingly magical properties of this stone are believed to help the wearer make their wishes come true. The crystals will drive you to action, meaning that you will take steps towards what it is you want to achieve. You will be prepared for all vicissitude and it won’t affect you as much.

Red Aventurine Properties

It is said that red aventurines are great to stimulate creative minds. If you have any kind of artist’s block like readers’ block or writers’ block, red aventurine should be your go-to. The crystal may help by unleashing your imagination.  

Red Aventurine Healing Properties

Ayurveda says that the body runs because of the life-giving energy called prana. Prana is the fire that propels us to move and do everything. Red aventurine, so close to the color of fire, is believed to act kind of like a fuel for the prana. 

The crystal also works with the root chakra and clears out any blockages you might have. It is also an emotional healer and can help you deal with difficult emotions. 

If you want to focus on physical health, red aventurine is known to be beneficial for the reproductive system and any related ailments. The red color of the stone is the same as the color of your heart. So, the crystal has a positive effect on the cardiac system and helps to lower cholesterol. 

Orange Aventurine

orange aventurine

Orange aventurine is rare and is composed of pyrite and mica. The citrus-colored stone is not just full of benefits but is comforting to look at, too. You will be able to find orange aventurine in very light orange-yellow to deeper shades of orange. 

Orange Aventurine Meaning

Also called the “whisper stone”, orange aventurine quiets loud, intrusive thoughts and brings stillness to the mind and body. The crystal is an all-around healer. It is also associated with good luck and prosperity. 

Orange Aventurine Chakra

Orange aventurine can balance the heart chakra and sacral chakra. If the sacral chakra is out of balance, you may act selfish and arrogant. An orange aventurine crystal can help you release those negative emotions and ensure that you are true to yourself. 

Orange Aventurine Properties

The properties of orange aventurine are somewhat similar to the properties of red and yellow aventurine. 

Orange Aventurine Healing Properties

Orange aventurine is a healer. It is great for your blood and heart because it promotes the production of blood. It strengthens your liver, too. Orange aventurine also acts as an emotional healer by refreshing creativity and reminding you of your dreams. 

Purple Aventurine

Purple aventurine owes its color to lepidolite, which is included in addition to the quartz. Often, purple aventurine is confused with strawberry quartz, but you can distinguish them by looking for the flaky white inclusions that are present only in purple aventurine. 

Purple Aventurine Meaning

Purple aventurine is for the spirit and the soul. With this crystal, you may find that your deepest fears and problems are healing and leaving you happier. You may be able to take intense spiritual journeys that will leave you feeling calm and collected. 

Purple Aventurine Benefits

Purple aventurine works with the crown chakra and brings back that balance to your life. It was sewn into the clothes of Greek warriors because it was believed to bring courage. It is said that the crystal can help you if you are facing a crisis of faith by making you believe again. 

Purple Aventurine Properties

Purple Aventurine Healing Properties

Like most aventurines, purple aventurine may be beneficial for those who suffer from severe anxiety and depression. It is believed to help streamline the working of organs in the body, especially the heart, and can increase blood production in the body. This crystal can make you feel safe and lift your spirits when you are feeling low. 

Pink Aventurine

Pink Aventurine Meaning

Pink aventurine reminds us of love and living life boldly and to the fullest. The crystal can pull you out of difficult situations and give you the courage to chase your dreams. 

Pink Aventurine Chakra

Pink aventurine is most closely linked with the heart chakra. It is important for love, courage, and openness in your life. 

Pink Aventurine Properties

Pink Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

Pink aventurine is here to tell you that love is so important in your life. It can help you attract positive energy and good people around you. The stone may help you bridge the disconnect between you and others in various situations and relationships.  

Pink Aventurine Healing Properties

Healers use pink aventurine to treat ailments of the heart and circulatory system. It is used for children, adults, and elderly people alike to ease problems of sleep like insomnia. 

Peach Aventurine

Peach Aventurine Meaning

Peach aventurine has benefits similar to orange aventurine. It is linked to increased optimism and happiness. It helps the wearer let go of pent-up feelings and traumatic experiences that may have built up over time. 

Black Aventurine

When you see a black aventurine, the first thing you will be reminded of is a sky full of stars. This is because of the black color of the crystal with white flaky inclusions which stand out against the dark background. 

Black Aventurine Healing Properties

A crystal of black aventurine may be able to help you make deeper connections with the metaphysical realm. You will feel grounded, but at the same time, have a sense of your divine nature. 

White Aventurine

white aventurine sphere

White aventurine is quite divine. It is a crystal that can soothe the mind and body. The crystal brings a feeling of peace and well-being to the wearer. It is closely linked with the crown chakra and can also act as an agent when you are trying to manifest something dear to your heart. 

Gray Aventurine

Gray aventurine can work well for formal, everyday use. It’s not too bright, but still unique enough to catch the eyes of passersby. 

Blue-Green Aventurine

Blue-green aventurine is a beautiful sea-green color. Not quite blue or green, the crystal has properties of both blue and green aventurine. It is a calming stone and brings you the energy of the sea. 

Brown Aventurine

Brown aventurine is usually woody brown or a bit deeper - like the color of coffee. It is said to help with issues you may face with your back and other joints in the body. 

Silver Aventurine

Silver aventurine is not as easily available as other colors of aventurine, but it’s definitely not rare. Many times, silver aventurine is classified as white or colorless aventurine. Silver aventurine is known to be a crystal for clarity. It gives you the ability to understand yourself and the situations you face in depth.

The crystal has been known to help with skin ailments like psoriasis and rosacea. It can also balance hormone levels.

Tan Aventurine

Tan aventurine is a lighter hue of brown aventurine. It can be paired with brighter colors, like red or pink, to make an attractive piece of jewelry.

Aventurine Jewelry

Aventurine Necklace

A necklace made from aventurine is beautiful and is a good accessory for anyone. The piece of jewelry has an alluring look and shines brightly whenever you wear it. Keeping the aventurine crystal close to your body may help you experience the healing and metaphysical properties of the stone. Since the stone will lie close to your heart, you will feel the positivity and sense of protection that this crystal brings. 

Aventurine Necklace Meaning

An aventurine necklace stands for protection. A crystal that is lying close to your heart will protect you from unseen negativity and bad influences. You can wear the necklace every day to benefit from it. 

Green Aventurine Necklace

A green aventurine necklace almost looks like a necklace with a jade crystal. It is beautiful and emits a soft glow that will light up your face. 

Red Aventurine Necklace

Red aventurine will look amazing hanging from your neck. The reddish glow that the stone will emit will make you look younger and make you feel fresh and happy. It may also attract some love into your life. 

Aventurine Ring

aventurine ring

Rings made from any type of aventurine are durable and look great. These rings are not just good for their looks, they also add a unique glow to your outfit.

Aventurine Ring Meaning

When you think of it, a circle reminds us of continuity. It is a symbol of the unending and complete. The circular shape of a ring represents a smooth and contained flow of energy. This is what an aventurine ring can bring to you.

Green Aventurine Ring

A green aventurine brings not only protection and good energy but also good fortune. If you have to attend an important business meeting or simply just need some good luck in your life, a green aventurine ring is the ornament for you. 

Aventurine Bracelet

A bracelet is one of the most simple and best everyday accessories. If you like to color coordinate your bracelets with your outfits, then you are in luck because aventurine is found in almost every color. You can choose to make the bracelets from aventurine beads or aventurine cabochons or even using raw aventurine stones. 

Aventurine Bracelet Meaning

An aventurine bracelet signifies perseverance and luck. The bracelet can help you find the strength to get through difficult situations and make your way to good times and success. 

Green Aventurine Bracelet

A green aventurine bracelet is a fun accessory. You can pair it with a dress or jeans and it will always look good. 

Red Aventurine Pendant

A red aventurine pendant will bring you the positive energy you crave every day. The stone has an exotic look, which means it will look great even with formal outfits for parties or weddings. 

Aventurine Uses

Aventurine Beads

Green Aventurine Beads

Green aventurine beads are the most common type of aventurine beads you will find. These beads are so beautiful that people often confuse them for the much more expensive and exclusive jade. The beads are usually light green in color but can have many hues of light green in a single bead. 

Blue Aventurine Beads

Blue aventurine beads are one of the most versatile aventurine beads because you can wear them with almost anything. The royal blue color goes with everything from your everyday jeans to a stunning evening gown. 

Orange Aventurine Beads

Not a lot of orange stones are translucent but orange aventurine is. You will love the different hues of orange you can see in only one bead. What’s more, orange aventurines are connected with luck and prosperity. 

Yellow Aventurine Beads

In your yellow aventurine beads, you will see every hue from the lightest lemon yellow to deep mustard. These aventurine beads are eye-catching, with their shimmery properties. When you are wearing these beads, you are sure to turn some heads your way. 

Red Aventurine Beads

Red aventurine is said to make dreams come true by enabling you to manifest them. So, red aventurine beads can make a great new addition to your outfit. You can wear them in a necklace or a bracelet. 

Aventurine Glass

Aventurine glass, better known as ‘goldstone’, is colored glass with flake-like inclusions which reflect light. Due to these inclusions, it is often confused with aventurine. But, aventurine glass, or goldstone, is man-made glass whereas aventurine is a natural stone. 

Goldstone is available in colors like blue, green, and red and is often shaped and used to make different items like beads, hearts, pendulums, spheres, and more. 

Aventurine Wand

aventurine wand

An aventurine wand is a great object to introduce into your space. The vertical shape of the wand signifies growth in all aspects of life. Crystal wands have been used by healers for centuries in many ways. An aventurine wand can be used as a massage tool and for detecting blockages. 

When you start using an aventurine wand, you might notice that your body feels relaxed. If you are using it for a massage, you should use it sort of like a rolling pin. Direct contact with your skin is the best way to feel the healing properties of the aventurine wand.

Aventurine Pendulum

Crystal pendulums are not the pendulums that you might see on a great grandfather clock. These are carved crystals that can help in detecting the points of energy blockage in the body. An aventurine pendulum can help clear any energy blockages that might be present in the body and help ensure a continuous and smooth flow of energy.

Aventurine Egg

An aventurine egg is a unique decor item. The egg, sitting on your desk or mantel will emit a warm glow and fill the room with positive energy. Not only that, an aventurine egg is good for healing emotional trauma and regulating the flow of energy in the body. 

Aventurine Chips

Aventurine chips are found in all colors of aventurine. These can be used in flower vases or under glass for home decor. They add a pretty look as well as benefit everyone in the house. 

Aventurine Pyramid

An aventurine pyramid is an ideal addition to your home or workspace. It is believed that these pyramids can absorb a lot of negative energy as well as electromagnetic radiation. In this way, it extends a protective influence over you and your family members. 

Aventurine Ball

Aventurine balls can be found in many sizes. You can find large - crystal ball-like aventurine balls and you can also find balls as small as beads. Having an aventurine ball around you can make you feel energized and optimistic about everything going on around you.

Where to Place Aventurine in the Home

Aventurine has a protective aura that extends to the wearer and to the surroundings where it is kept. If you are an insomniac or have trouble speaking, you can try keeping an aventurine stone under your pillow while you sleep. The energy of the crystal will soothe your mind and nerves, and you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. Another option is to invest in an aventurine dreamcatcher and hang it near your bed. This can also help with nightmares and night terrors. 

A green aventurine pyramid should be placed near the main entrance of the home. The reason for this is that the aventurine pyramid can absorb toxic energy coming in from outside and protect your house from these.

If you have a meditation room, an aventurine can be placed there. This will bring an added sense of calm to the room. 

If you put an aventurine on your desk, it can help you by absorbing negative energy as well as electromagnetic radiation and other pollutants like smog. 

How to Cleanse Green Aventurine

Like any other crystal, you should clean green aventurine too so that you can reap the maximum possible benefits. You should cleanse your green aventurine crystals at least once a month. If you can, you can even cleanse them weekly. 

Wash your aventurine stone in water. Keep it under running water for 60 seconds. Then, place it in the sun for a while to dry. You can also wipe it dry with a soft cloth. To recharge the energy of this stone, you should leave it overnight under the full moon. 

You can place your aventurine with crystals like selenite, which will have a charging effect on your aventurine stone. You can also place your crystal on Himalayan salt and leave it for 48 hours.

How to Use Green Aventurine for Luck

aventurine stones

Knowing the right way to use any crystal can ensure that you benefit from its many properties. Here are the best ways to use green aventurine if you want to attract some luck:

Carry it with you! - This is probably the easiest way to benefit from green aventurine. You can keep a small crystal in your pocket, bag, or wallet at all times. 

Sleep with it - The many benefits of green aventurine extend into the night too. You can keep a crystal under your pillow and you may find that you are sleeping better. The crystal drives away intrusive thoughts and brings a sense of peace and calm. 

Keep it around you - If you are not comfortable carrying the crystal around, you can put it in your home, office, or in your meditation space. The best part is that green aventurine is found in many forms. You can choose to invest in a green aventurine wand, a pyramid, a sphere, a pendulum, and many more options. This piece will act as a decor piece and will bring a novel and unique look to the place.

Meditate with it - If you are someone who meditates regularly - with or without crystals - you will find it easy to incorporate this into your routine. Even if you don’t meditate, all you have to do is sit with the crystal in your hand and think about what you want to achieve. Think of it as infusing your thoughts into the crystal and then just keep this crystal around you as you are working every day. Luck will surely find you and you will soon accomplish these wishes. 

Use it in your bath - Submerging a green aventurine crystal in your bath water can be a spiritually healing experience. You will feel rejuvenated and more joyful. 

Buy Aventurine Near Me

Aventurine is found in many countries across the world and this is why it is quite easily available too. You will be able to find aventurine items in jewelry stores, online stores, and on platforms like Amazon and Etsy. 

Aventurine on Amazon

A wide range of aventurine products can be found on Amazon. You will find aventurine beads, trembled aventurine stones, aventurine pyramids, spheres, and almost every other product there is. If you are looking for different colors of aventurine online, you should be able to find these too. 

Aventurine Price per Carat

The price of an aventurine depends on where you are buying the crystals and their quality. Usually, the price of a green aventurine is between $3 USD and $30 USD. This cost also varies when it comes to other colors of aventurine. 

Blue Aventurine Price

Blue aventurine is rare and thus, more expensive than green aventurine. One carat of blue aventurine is usually priced between $5 USD and $50 USD. 


Aventurine is a healing stone. There is no doubt about that. It benefits the cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as other hormone-producing glands in the body. If you are looking for a specific color of crystal, it is highly likely that aventurine will fulfill your needs. It is found in almost every color you can think of and is a versatile stone.

If you like what the crystals offer and are planning to invest in one, you can buy jewelry or a unique decor piece like an aventurine wand or a pyramid. The many benefits offered by aventurine and its stunning looks make it essential for everyone. 

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