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Lepidolite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

lepidolite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about lepidolite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Lepidolite, often known by the name of the "peace stone," is a prominent gemstone in the domain of spirituality. However, many people who want to incorporate the blissful effects of lepidolite do not know much about this gem. This comprehensive guide strives to unravel intriguing lepidolite facts. So let us dive into it.

  • Lepidolite Meaning
    • What is Lepidolite
      • Lepidolite Pronunciation
      • What does Lepidolite Look Like
      • What is Lepidolite Good for?
      • How is Lepidolite Made
      • How Much is Lepidolite Worth
      • Is Lepidolite Toxic
      • Is Lepidolite Rare
      • Can Lepidolite Get Wet?
      • Lepidolite Spiritual Meaning
      • Lepidolite Metaphysical Meaning
    • Lepidolite Chakra
      • Lepidolite Crown Chakra
    • Where is Lepidolite Found
      • Lepidolite in New Mexico
      • Lepidolite in Brazil
    • Lepidolite Benefits
      • Lepidolite Healing
      • Lepidolite Anxiety
      • Lepidolite for Sleep
      • Lepidolite for Heart
      • Lepidolite for Depression
      • Lepidolite for PTSD
      • Lepidolite Metaphysical Benefits
  • Lepidolite Properties
    • Lepidolite Healing Properties
    • Lepidolite Metaphysical Properties
  • Lepidolite vs Sugilite
  • Types of Lepidolite
    • Raw Lepidolite
      • Raw Lepidolite Meaning
      • Raw Lepidolite Healing Properties
    • Tumbled Lepidolite
    • Polished Lepidolite
    • Natural Lepidolite
  • Lepidolite Colors
    • Pink Lepidolite
      • Pink Lepidolite Healing Properties
    • Lilac Lepidolite
      • Lilac Lepidolite Meaning
      • Lilac Lepidolite Properties
    • Purple Lepidolite
      • Purple Lepidolite Meaning
    • Blue Lepidolite
      • Blue Lepidolite Meaning
    • Yellow Lepidolite
    • Green Lepidolite
    • Black Lepidolite
    • Lavender Lepidolite
    • Golden Lepidolite
  • Lepidolite Jewelry
    • Lepidolite Necklace
      • Lepidolite Necklace Meaning
      • Amber and Lepidolite Necklace
      • Raw Lepidolite Necklace
    • Lepidolite Bracelet
      • Lepidolite Power Bracelets
    • Lepidolite Pendant
    • Lepidolite Ring
    • Lepidolite Earrings
  • Lepidolite Uses
    • Lepidolite Beads
      • Lepidolite Beads Meaning
      • Purple Lepidolite Beads
      • Pink Lepidolite Beads
      • Lepidolite Mala Beads
      • Natural Lepidolite Beads
    • Lepidolite Sphere
    • Lepidolite Egg
    • Lepidolite Tower
    • Lepidolite Slab
    • Lepidolite Wand
    • Lepidolite Skull
    • Lepidolite Keychain
    • Lepidolite Pendulum 
  • Lepidolite Combinations
    • Lepidolite and Rose Quartz
    • Lepidolite and Tourmaline
    • Pink Tourmaline and Lepidolite
    • Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz
  • How to Use Lepidolite
    • How to Charge Lepidolite
    • How to Cleanse Lepidolite
  • Stones Similar to Lepidolite
  • Lepidolite for Sale
    • Lepidolite Price per Pound
    • Lepidolite Beads for Sale
    • Lepidolite Near Me
      • Lepidolite on Etsy
      • Lepidolite on Amazon
        • Lepidolite Jewelry on Amazon
        • Lepidolite Necklace on Amazon
    • Fake Lepidolite
      • Fake Natural Lepidolite
  • Conclusion

Lepidolite Meaning

What is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a crystal of the mica group, typically found in a lilac-gray or rose-colored shade. Lepidolite has the most lithium in terms of quantity as a mineral. Lepidolite crystal has a vitreous luster and white streak with tabular to prismatic crystal habit.

Lepidolite Pronunciation

Pronouncing lepidolite requires you to split the syllable into four parts: Lep·i·do·lite. According to International Phonetic Alphabets (IPA), the pronunciation looks something like this: /ˈlɛpɪdəlʌɪt/ or /lɪˈpɪdəlʌɪt/. The word itself originated in the 18th century by combining the Greek words lepidos and lite, where lepidos loosely translates to 'scale.'

What does Lepidolite Look Like?

The lepidolite stone can sometimes assume a grayish appearance. This dark hue is because of a slight change in the lepidolite mineral structure. Usually, the lepidolite crystal has a crystalline pseudohexagonal structure. This feature often exhibits the traits of perfect cleavage and transparency. This rock comes in pink, red, or purple colors. Besides these typical hues, some rare specimens can bear colorlessness and yellow hues.

What is Lepidolite Good for?

lepidolite stone

Lepidolite is known for its unique stress-reducing properties. The crystalline lepidolite mineral, thus, gets transformed into a wearable lepidolite gem. The general notion in the spiritual community about this gem is that it can help channel one's awareness and heal profound emotional damages and blockages.

How is Lepidolite Made?

Inside the mine, the process of late-stage magmatic crystalization forms pegmatites, greisens, and hydrothermal quartz veins. In these, lepidolite manifests itself in the shape of disseminated particles, flat sheets called "books," and aggregates of finer grains and curved sheets. 

How Much is Lepidolite Worth?

Lepidolite mineral is a prominent source of lithium. With that said, the rough lepidolite price varies from $5.49 USD per pound to $5.99 USD per pound.

Is Lepidolite Toxic?

When it comes to the usable lepidolite gemstone, it does not deliberately exhibit any toxicity. Nonetheless, their solubility in acids can make them hazardous in rare cases.

Is Lepidolite Rare?

The existence of lepidolite minerals is genuinely rare. It is because of the rare transpiration of the geochemical occurrences that results in these beautiful crystals. Furthermore, the lepidolite lithium-ion cannot readily substitute other minerals for its lean countenance. 

Can Lepidolite Get Wet?

Being a friable crystal, the lepidolite rock does not get wet for an extended period. However, submerging in water can take away the shine and texture of the glossy lepidolite gemstone.

Lepidolite Spiritual Meaning

Lepidolite gets conceived as a quintessential energy cleanser in the larger spiritual world. Lepidolite, popularly known as the lullaby stone, effectively harmonizes and balances the chakras to bring out the sense of inner wisdom, love, intuition, and trust. It helps in connecting to the cosmic oneness.

Lepidolite Metaphysical Meaning

The Lepidolite Libra connection is an approvingly whispered subject in the spiritual domain. Upon the metaphysical plane of existence, the people with the zodiac sign of Libra can overcome their struggles in life and be more sharp, wise, and ingenious. 

Lepidolite Chakra

Seven major energy junctions, also known as chakras, can get influenced by the presence of a potent gem. Lepidolite gemstone is often associated with the crown chakra. Lepidolite stone helps psychological stoppages from the heart chakra and the third-eye chakra. 

Lepidolite Crown Chakra

The inherent energy of the subtle body, also known as Prana, is responsible for balancing your crown chakra. Psychological conditions like stress, illness, and emotional conflicts can imbalance the Prana within the system. A lepidolite gem can help clear the blockages to recalibrate the flow of Prana to form a highly functioning crown chakra or Sahasrara

Where is Lepidolite Found?

lepidolite stone

Lepidolite is found in countries including the US, Brazil, Australia, etc. Blue lepidolite is available in Western Australia, where it was discovered in the vicinity of a small town named Yalgoo for the very first time. At this location, 450km north of Perth, the rough lepidolite stone is predominantly blue. 

Lepidolite in New Mexico

The Harding Pegmatite Mine in New Mexico is a former adit mine that pulled lithium, beryllium, and tantalum from a Precambrian pegmatite sill. This is a former beryl quarry, an abode for the rarest lepidolite stone on the planet.

Lepidolite in Brazil

Brazilian tumbled lepidolite is very popular for their creativity in shape and texture. Araçuaí, Minas Gerais is where the highest density of the Brazilian lepidolites is located.

Lepidolite Benefits

Lepidolite Healing

In modern reiki practices, lepidolite palm stone gets extensively used for boosting energy and promoting restfulness of mind via meditation and relaxation. On the other hand, lepidolite stone for autism is also garnering attention worldwide by its ability to help with complex problems like autism and Alzheimer's. Lepidolite with pink tourmaline has helped patients with leg cramps and extremely painful tendonitis. 

Lepidolite Anxiety

An anxious mind can benefit from the stabilizing property of lepidolite. Going one step at a time with the titration approach can grant long-lasting mental power to cope with modern-day frustration. 

Lepidolite for Sleep

Lepidolite, being the stone of transition, attracts soothing and gentleness in your life. By breaking the dreary patterns of anxiety, lepidolite promotes deep and quality sleep that revitalizes any individual after a stressful day. 

Lepidolite for Heart

Staying true to a higher sense of purpose has always had to do with love and wisdom. Lepidolite with rubellite can stabilize your palpitating heart almost instantly. While ensuring you do not have blockages in your anahata or heart chakra, this combination can alleviate work stress and infuse courage and ease in everyday life.

Lepidolite for Depression

To bring joy and light of hope to your disturbed mindscape, you can use reiki meditation. Use a pink petalite with a lepidolite pendant to fill your surroundings with soothing energy. Although it needs the practice of mindfulness to get rid of chronic depression, using lepidolite gem this way will ensure maximum effect.

Lepidolite for PTSD

Post-traumatic disorders can undoubtedly disturb one's life and scatter into uncountable fragments. To deal with this situation, crystal therapists recommend the use of lepidolite. With the soothing energy and relaxing attribute, you can balance your emotions and nurture emotional intelligence to manage your anger more effectively. 

Lepidolite Metaphysical Benefits

Lepidolite stone can force away negativity from life and attract the favor of lady luck to change the course of your life. The representation of peace gets a profound association with the cosmic connection to human intelligence. It can get unlocked by prudent usage of this stone.

Lepidolite Properties

Lepidolite Healing Properties

For complete emotional healing, you need to orient your thoughts through the cosmic chaos of your earthly anxiety. The soothing lepidolite can help you orient your focus and find peace to heal your emotional issues and find a way to rejuvenate yourself.

Lepidolite Metaphysical Properties

When the energy junctions of our bodies get blocked, it can adversely affect our wellbeing. Lepidolite is rich in metaphysical healing, which awakens the possibility of higher wisdom, purpose, and emotional intelligence in an individual. In your journey to conquer your inner demons, let the lepidolite crystal be your spiritual torchbearer. With its help, be indestructible and unstoppable in your thriving reality.

Lepidolite vs Sugilitesugilite

Purple is a common color in a variety of gems and stones. The purple hue is relaxing and exciting at the same time. However, understanding the distinction between gems of similar shades is necessary to get the desired effects from a reiki healing session. Here, we discuss the inherent differences between lepidolite and sugilite.

Lepidolite is a lavender purple crystal, which is defined by the perfect unidirectional cleavage and flakey texture of glittery crystallines. This phyllosilicate mineral exhibits pearly luster and is mostly found in granite pegmatite with its signature lepidolite hardness. Lepidolite is known for its pacifying abilities, and it is used to relieve bodily tension and instill restful sleep in individuals.

Sugilite, a grape jelly-colored gem, is a primary target of gem collectors for its elegant touch and deep color profile. Pronounced as SOO-ge-lite, this gem belongs to the cyclosilicate family. Wealthy collectors get their hands on the rarest translucent variety of sugilite, which shines like a purple heart. This crystal gets called the "love stone" in the realm of spirituality, which helps light the chakras to harness the wisdom of the cosmos and the spiritual love to protect the soul from malignant energy. When held near the forehead, it extends to strength and confidence in a person contributing to a more positive life.

Types of Lepidolite

Raw Lepidolite

Raw lepidolite is a variant widely known for its antidepressant properties. The "stone of transition" is linked with healing diseases like stress and depression.

Raw Lepidolite Meaning

The metaphysical significance of a raw lepidolite crystal is immeasurable. A lepidolite gemstone can help reorient old energy patterns that bring luminosity to an individual's inner sphere of awareness. This practice again can bring hopefulness into life. 

Raw Lepidolite Healing Properties

Emotionally disturbed individuals often find the antidepressant properties of this stone help treat their psychological turbulence and imbalance, and subsequently, they find more tranquility and purpose in life. Upon use with reiki meditation techniques, the lepidolite stone works as an excellent relaxant. 

Tumbled Lepidolite

Tumbled lepidolite is a popular variant of lepidolite that helps clear electromagnetic pollution from within the nervous system, brings tension relief, and brings relief from several mental disorders. A tumbled lepidolite with a dark purple hue can help relieve allergies and epilepsy. 

Polished Lepidolite

These gorgeous gemstones often get used as wearable jewelry items. Use these in tandem with a concrete lepidolite affirmation to have maximum effect.

Natural Lepidolite

Natural lepidolite has the chemical formula K(Li,Al)3 (Al,Si,Rb)4 O10(F,OH)2. It promotes fast polysulfide redox reaction for high-rate lithium-sulfur batteries, which can be a reliable replacement for current Li-ion technology.

Lepidolite Colors

Behold the magnificent lepidolite gemstone and be mesmerized by its several vibrant colors that will set your spirits free into the realm of out-of-the-body experiences. 

Pink Lepidolite 

This magnificent lepidolite mineral has a small percentage of manganese that makes it appear cotton candy pink. 

Pink Lepidolite Healing Properties

You might start believing in miracles once you begin to see the miraculous result of using pink lepidolite crystal. It is believed that the pink lepidolite gemstone possesses massive mood-stabilizing power. The high lithium content helps control anxiety. Lepidolite lithium plays a vital part in anti-anxiety treatment. 

Lilac Lepidolite  

lilac lepidolite

The color displays the soothing and therapeutic nature of the lepidolite crystal because it is believed to be the treatment for medical conditions like anorexia, massive stress that leads to anxiety attacks, and various diseases that affect the nervous system. 

The finely ground lilac lepidolite gem is used in decorative pieces, such as animal carvings, pieces of jewelry, toasters, rechargeable batteries, and more. Its wide array of usages makes it an all-rounder in the truest sense of the term. 

Lilac Lepidolite Meaning

The stunning stone is a component of phyllosilicate mineral that has a connection with the mica group. This brittle lepidolite mineral is found as scaly clusters in nature. 

Lilac Lepidolite Properties

The beautiful lavender color of the lepidolite mineral adds to the glamor of the lepidolite gemstone. The stone is often called the “peace stone” that helps maintain mental peace and emotional balance. It helps calm the nerves and hormonal imbalances that can lead to fierce mood swings. The very sight of the soothing lilac shade of lepidolite mica stone imparts happiness by increasing the dopamine levels in the body.  

Purple Lepidolite 

Purple Lepidolite Meaning

Purple lepidolite has lithium content in it. It is a minor ore of lithium metal that imparts slightly purple in color. Purple lepidolite has nurturing abilities, and that is why it is also called the “grandmother stone.” 

Blue Lepidolite

Dark blue lepidolite is a slight deviation from the dark lilac lepidolite. This gem is a spiritually elevated material that helps in improving emotional stability.

Blue Lepidolite Meaning 

Dark blue lepidolite is considered to be a tool of transformation. A transformation from the terrestrial through the ethereal to the cosmic.

Yellow Lepidolite

Yellow lepidolite is rare and can be discovered in Itinga, Minas Gerais, and Brazil.

Green Lepidolite

The rarest and very charming hue of yellow-green lepidolite was discovered by Richard Schooner at the Strickland quarry in Portland, USA. 

Black Lepidolite

Black lepidolite is the most sophisticated and rare color of lepidolite. This gem can work to dispel all the intense negative energy around you. 

Lavender Lepidolite

The lavender lepidolite is the most sophisticated crystal that can regulate mood and emotions in an anxious person. The Himalaya mine of San Diego, California, is an excellent place to find this kind of lepidolite crystals. 

Golden Lepidolite

Golden lepidolite is a variant of yellow lepidolite but with a hint of translucent gleam. This rare crystal is a pure delight for any gem collector. 

Lepidolite Jewelry

Lepidolite Necklace

lepidolite necklace

The lepidolite gemstone is used to make stunning handcrafted necklaces that ensure you skate through life with confidence. You can also opt for the delicate lepidolite tourmaline crystal that will make your jewelry piece look exquisite. 

Lepidolite Necklace Meaning

This is a powerful piece of jewelry that has the dynamic power to calm your senses and help you relax. Wearing this necklace not only adds charm to your delightful demeanor but also helps you gain confidence and composure even in the toughest of situations. 

Amber and Lepidolite Necklace

Generally, yellow lepidolite is used with the spark of amber to make a beautiful necklace that is both radiant and powerful. This piece of masterful creation can be used by teens and young adults. Kids sometimes face problems with remaining attentive, and they can also become restless. Lepidolite healing powers can help your child find self-control and emotional equilibrium.  

Raw Lepidolite Necklace

Live in the present and suppress the inner demons that push you into depression. Let there be light in your life. Using a raw lepidolite necklace can help you heal physically and emotionally by covering your spiritual being with positive healing energies. Welcome lepidolite with pink tourmaline raw necklace and make your everyday life smooth and filled with positivity.  

Lepidolite Bracelet

Are you a fan of bracelets? Why not adorn your beautiful arms with lepidolite stone? Lepidolite hardness is a bit on the lower side. Hence, try to wear the bracelet with utmost care. If in doubt, check out the images of stone polished lepidolite today to order yours because adding this exotic bracelet to your jewelry box will bring you inner peace, mental stability, the ability to focus on minute things in life, and more. Pink petalite with lepidolite bracelets looks alluring. 

Lepidolite Power Bracelet

Get a lepidolite gemstone power bracelet today to ward off the evil effects of stress, anxiety, and negativity on your health.  

Lepidolite Pendant

If you love fashion and are looking for massive spiritual upliftment, you can rely on lepidolite. The lepidolite gem pendant acts as the driving force to keep you focused on your yoga routine or meditation for ultimate chakra healing.  

Lepidolite Ring

Nothing could beat the beauty of the lepidolite crystal healing ring. The rings possess the natural, vibrant hue that suppresses the turbulent feelings you feel inside. This ring can be a precious addition to your jewelry box. 

Lepidolite Earrings 

When fashion meets custom-made spiritual jewelry, something as brilliant and bright as the lepidolite spiritual earring is created. Beauty is redefined when you don the lepidolite earring to look and feel fabulous.  

Lepidolite Uses 

It is believed that lepidolite palm stone is a spiritual healer. It is an effective emollient to the soul for those experiencing extreme mood swings, emotional instability, or anxiety issues. 

It reconstitutes one’s anxieties and depressions and negative energies into connecting one’s higher realm.

This deep emotional healing gem is also known as a “grandmother stone” and is very soft and brittle. 

It is pink to purple in color and belongs to the phyllosilicate mineral of the mica group. By using it every day, this stone of transition opens the crown chakra and brings cosmic awareness.   

It goes with every metal base for jewelry purposes.

Lepidolite is a variety of muscovite mica and is also used for glassmaking.

It helps in relieving nerve pain and joint problems.

Lepidolite Beads

The beautiful and dreamy appearance of these crystals set onto beautiful jewelry pieces goes well with every ensemble. 

Purple Lepidolite Beads

Wearing purple lepidolite beads is said to encourage a sense of calmness and tranquility by clearing a person’s electromagnetic aura. It is said to be effective for treating bipolar disorder. 

Pink Lepidolite Beads

Rose pink lepidolite beads are a unique kind and look the best when used in combination with lighter rose quartz beads. Along with chakra cleaning and spiritual healing, it is also used to ensure financial stability and Vastu correction. 

Lepidolite Mala Beads

Lepidolite mala beads can be your guiding light as far as your spiritual quest is concerned. 

Natural Lepidolite Beads

Natural lepidolite beads are great for healing and are affordable. This signature gem deposit is mostly found in Brazil, Canada, Manitoba, Japan, Russia, California, Afghanistan, and more. 

Lepidolite Sphere

A beautiful lepidolite sphere is a handmade piece with remarkable characteristics. Its spherical shape emanates the highest level of frequency in every direction.

Lepidolite Egg

lepidolite egg

This egg shape is usually man-made and works as a vital tool in crystal healing, reflexology, and zone therapy. It possesses and emits the same frequency, similar to its spherical shape.

Lepidolite Tower

Crystal towers are usually for amplifying intentions. Intensifying and channeling energy is done best with a lepidolite tower to enhance self-awareness. 

Lepidolite Slab

Lepidolite slabs can be of any size and dimension. Its unique shape and quality are believed to reduce hunger and insomnia. 

Lepidolite Wand

This wand is meant to be kept indoors to keep the vastu right. It is also believed to attract supportive friends, particularly for city-dwellers.

Lepidolite Skull

A brilliant handcrafted item that promotes healthy sleep cycles, eases stress, and assists in decision-making. 

Lepidolite Keychain

This handcrafted reiki healing stone is a unique gifting option, particularly when it comes in handy as a keychain. A lepidolite keychain is a thoughtful way of expressing concern for someone special.

Lepidolite Pendulum

The combination of healing and pendulum gives a deep sense of peace and positive energy. It balances energy and promotes cosmic awareness.

Lepidolite Combinations

When lepidolite is combined with a few precious gems such as rubellite, it is likely to add value when combined.

Lepidolite and Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is believed to be one of the finest healing crystals and a gem for bringing unconditional love. It's also claimed that back during the Egyptian and Roman eras, women used this beautiful gem to clear their complexion and prevent wrinkles. Since lepidolite is a powerful peace stone, combining these two stones can enhance one's love, peace, and self-confidence.

Lepidolite and Tourmaline


Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that helps one balance all their chakras. It creates a barrier for negative energy and promotes love and good health. When combined with the lavender gem lepidolite, it offers protection and self-confidence. 

Pink Tourmaline and Lepidolite

To bring in an absolute sense of love, peace, and self-confidence, the incredible combination of pink tourmaline and lepidolite gem is like magic. 

Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz

Lepidolite bears lithium. The formation of lepidolite is only possible where there is a higher concentration of lithium. Its combination with quartz makes it a precious lepidolite gemstone. 

How to Use Lepidolite?

Here are a few ways to use lepidolite:

This beautiful purplish solitaire has diverse use and features. It is considered a pendulum in connecting one with one's higher self. Keeping this at home creates protection, tranquility, and calmness. The ultra-smooth vibration regulates sleep and mood disorders. 

Chakra healing: Lepidolite Libra is related to the zodiac sign Libra, and it is the seventh chakra positioned at the crown of the head. Therefore, the lepidolite gem works best for Libras.

Lepidolite healing powers: It helps in relieving nerve pain and joint problems.

For more positivity and better concentration at work, one can keep a lepidolite tower in the office.

Keeping this pink gem closer in the form of pieces of jewelry such as brooches helps in emotional and anxiety stability and negativity stays at bay.

Lepidolite stone for autism: The powerful soothing and calming vibration of this stone is believed to be effective for souls with autism disorders. 

How to Charge Lepidolite?

To maintain the lepidolite’s energy, healing properties, and power, charging this crystal becomes pivotal. Some of the highlighted ways to keep this gem precious are as follows:

Keeping it under full moonlight overnight is the best way to keep this pinkish gem charged.

Soaking it in rice for prolonged hours. This technique can also be done with sea salt.

How to Cleanse Lepidolite?

Cleansing this stone is a challenge. Let’s explore. 

As the mineral structure of the gem is incredibly soft, please try to avoid harsh cleaning techniques.

To clean lepidolite, it should be kept with dark colors for cleansing. This helps to get rid of negativity.

One of the most common methods is smudging it using bay leaves, rosemary, and sage. 

Another effective method is waving the selenite wand and cleaning the crystal quartz over lepidolite.

Stones Similar to Lepidolite

There are varied stones similar to lepidolite. Some are amblygonite, beryl, cassiterite, columbite, feldspar, spodumene, topaz, tourmaline, and quartz.

Lepidolite for Sale

lepidolite stone

The metaphysical powers of lepidolite palm stone made it widely acceptable and increased its demand in gemstone markets. 

Lepidolite Price per Pound 

The pink, purple, rose-red, white, or yellowish crystals are mainly found in Brazil, Canada, Manitoba, Japan, Russia, California and exported worldwide. Their prices range from $6 to $700 per lb (USD).

Lepidolite Beads for Sale 

Compared to other healing minerals, lepidolite stone is pretty affordable, and you can also find lepidolite beads for sale on different websites. 

Lepidolite Near Me 

Several websites sell 100% authentic natural lepidolite. You can search the nearest stores that sell lepidolite crystal or beads near you or make the purchase online from bonafide websites.   

Lepidolite on Etsy

The lepidolite gemstone is also available at Etsy.

Lepidolite on Amazon

Find a wide range of lepidolite ornaments, healing crystals, pendants, beads, towers, and more on Amazon at pretty affordable costs.  

Lepidolite Jewelry on Amazon

Lepidolite jewelry can easily be found on Amazon. The beads have 7.5mm to 8.5mm measurements. Use the funky beads bracelet. The bracelet length is about 7 inches, containing round beads pricing around $9.89 USD.

Lepidolite Necklace on Amazon

Raw lepidolite necklace on Amazon looks super fashionable and wearing it every day would mean opening up to positivity. A sober necklace, with the detailing of sterling silver and lepidolite gemstone, can make a world of difference in your life.  

Fake Lepidolite

The soft luster of lepidolite makes it a unique kind of crystal. This real purple gem would not attract a magnet when a magnetism test is performed. But, a fake lepidolite gem attracts magnets. 

Fake Natural Lepidolite

A natural lepidolite stone feels cool when you touch it compared to a fake one. 


Combining lepidolite healing powers with positive lepidolite intentions and affirmations can help an individual ‌ transcend their psychophysiological nature. The delightful and pacifying color can relieve all the pressure of your life and promote serenity inside your life.

Remember, washing in water for too long can result in an ugly crack or an unpleasant change in color. In extreme cases, your beloved gemstone can crumble and dissolve away. So, take care of your lepidolite gemstone or lepidolite tourmaline for extensive use.

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