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Howlite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about howlite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Are you interested in finding out about howlite crystals? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a thoroughly extensive guide about howlite crystals. Read on to answer all your questions that you might have if you’re just finding out about this popular stone!

  • Howlite Meaning
    • What is Howlite
      • Howlite Pronunciation
      • What is Howlite Good for?
      • What Kind of Gem is Howlite
      • How Much does Howlite Cost
      • Is Howlite Toxic
      • Can Howlite Get Wet
      • Howlite Spiritual Meaning
    • Howlite Chakra
      • Howlite Crown Chakra
    • Howlite Benefits
      • Howlite for Sleep
      • Howlite Stone for Breath
    • Howlite Meditation
      • How to Meditate with Howlite
    • Howlite Healing
    • Where is Howlite Found
  • Howlite Properties
    • Howlite Healing Properties
    • Howlite Metaphysical Properties
    • Howlite Spiritual Properties
  • Howlite vs Turquoise
    • How to Tell the Difference Between Howlite and Turquoise
    • White Turquoise vs Howlite
  • Howlite vs Magnesite
    • Difference Between Howlite and Magnesite
  • Dyed Howlite vs Turquoise
  • Howlite Types
    • Dyed Howlite
    • Raw Howlite
    • Natural Howlite
      • Natural Howlite Meaning
    • Tumbled Howlite
  • Howlite Colors
    • White Howlite
      • White Howlite Meaning
        • What is White Howlite Good for?
        • White Howlite Chakra
        • White Howlite Benefits
      • White Howlite Properties
        • White Howlite Metaphysical Properties
        • White Howlite Healing Properties
      • White Howlite Uses
        • White Howlite Beads
          • White Howlite Mala Beads
    • Blue Howlite
      • Blue Howlite Meaning
        • Is Blue Howlite Natural
        • Blue Howlite Chakra
      • Blue Howlite Properties
        • Blue Howlite Healing Properties
      • How to Use Blue Howlite
    • Yellow Howlite
      • Yellow Howlite Meaning
      • Yellow Howlite Properties
    • Red Howlite
      • Red Howlite Properties
    • Black Howlite
      • Black Howlite Meaning
    • Green Howlite
      • Green Howlite Meaning
    • Purple Howlite
      • Purple Howlite Meaning
      • Purple Howlite Properties
    • Pink Howlite
      • Pink Howlite Meaning
      • Pink Howlite Properties
    • Turquoise Howlite
      • What is Howlite Turquoise
      • Turquoise Howlite Properties
        • Turquoise Howlite Healing Properties
    • Orange Howlite
  • Howlite Jewelry
    • Howlite Bracelet
      • Howlite Bracelet Meaning
      • Howlite Bracelet Benefits
      • White Howlite Bracelet
      • Blue Howlite Bracelet
      • Howlite Couple Bracelet
      • Men's Howlite Bracelet
    • Howlite Necklace
      • Howlite Necklace Meaning
      • White Howlite Necklace
      • Blue Howlite Necklace
      • Synthetic Howlite Long Necklace
      • Red Howlite Necklace
      • Pink Howlite Necklace
    • Howlite Pendant
      • Natural White Howlite Pendant
    • Howlite Earrings
      • White Howlite Earrings
      • Blue Howlite Earrings
    • Howlite Ring
      • Men's Howlite Ring
      • White Howlite Rings
      • Blue Howlite Ring
  • Howlite Uses
    • Howlite Beads
      • Howlite Beads Meaning
      • Howlite Skull Beads
      • Red Howlite Beads
      • Turquoise Howlite Beads
      • Howlite Cross Beads
      • Black Howlite Beads
      • Blue Howlite Beads
      • Pink Howlite Beads
    • Howlite Tower
    • Howlite Pipe
      • Howlite Pipe Review
    • Howlite Egg
    • Howlite Skull
      • Howlite Skull Meaning
    • Howlite Pendulum
    • Howlite Chips
    • Howlite Heart
  • Howlite Combinations
    • Blue Calcite and Howlite
    • Howlite and Magnesite
    • Howlite and Hematite
    • Amethyst and Howlite
    • Howlite and Moonstone
  • How to Cleanse Howlite
  • How to Clean Howlite 
  • How to Dye Howlite
  • Buy Howlite
    • Howlite Beads Wholesale
    • Fake Howlite
  • Conclusion

Howlite Meaning

Howlite is a white-colored gemstone. It has a beautiful white shade with different alluring patterns. The crystal is used for making interesting artifacts and a wide range of pieces of jewelry. Spiritual practices around the world require howlite crystal and the stone has powerful metaphysical and healing properties. The stone is also known as the snow leopard stone due to its whitish appearance similar to the snow leopard.

What is Howlite

Howlite is a gemstone with a mineral composition of earthy calcium borosilicate. The chemical formula of howlite is Ca2SiB5O9(OH)5. It is a powerful gemstone and it is believed the stone has metaphysical and healing properties.

Howlite Pronunciation

The pronunciation of howlite gemstone is hau̇ˌlīt or how-light.

What is Howlite Good for?

Howlite is good for making jewelry products and various artifacts for decoration. It is also good to use in spiritual practices and healing practices.

What Kind of Gem is Howlite

Howlite is a white-colored gemstone used for various purposes. It is a calm and peaceful gem and signifies tolerance, reality, and light. It symbolizes happiness and peace in life and is a symbol of positivity.

How Much does Howlite Cost?

The cost of howlite starts from as low as $25 USD and can go to very high prices. The jewelry pieces made from howlite crystal are very expensive. Howlite stone and its products are available on all gemstone shops and online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

Is Howlite Toxic

The howlite stone consists of various minerals and can react with different substances to become toxic to you. It is not recommended to taste or touch howlite crystal or its product with your tongue.

Can Howlite Get Wet

Yes, if kept in water the gemstone can get wet. Try to keep it away from water and other liquids.

Howlite Spiritual Meaning

howlite tower

Howlite stone is known widely for its spiritual meaning. The spiritual properties of the stone are mentioned below in the article.

Howlite Chakra

Howlite activates the third eye chakra in the body. This is known as the master chakra and can bring many changes to the body.

Howlite Crown Chakra

Howlite has a significant effect on the crown chakra. The crystal invokes the crown chakra and helps you to connect with the higher realm. Crown chakra opens the door for happiness, peace, calm, maturity, and well-being in your life. It is associated with higher intelligence and supernatural powers.

Howlite Benefits

Howlite gemstone serves various benefits. It is a spiritually powerful stone and believers of spirituality rely on howlite for its magical powers. The benefits of howlite are mentioned further below.

Howlite for Sleep

Howlite is an interesting stone, and its mystical properties might aid you in getting a sound sleep. People who suffer from stress and depression and troubled sleeping patterns might cling to howlite crystal or its product to experience stress-free life and a night of better sleep. People suffering from lack of sleep or disturbed sleep cycles might also benefit from the howlite crystal.

Howlite Stone for Breath

Howlite stone is a powerful tool that helps you by boosting your respiratory system. The magical effects of howlite on our lungs are claimed by the users of the stone. It is said that howlite might increase your lung capacity and enable you to get better breath and high stamina. Runners and athletes may use howlite to experience longer breaths and endurance.

Howlite Meditation

Howlite crystal is used as a medium for deep meditation. The crystal is an excellent way to keep your thoughts in control and focus on the depth of your inner strengths. You can dive deep into intense meditation with the use of howlite crystal. 

How to Meditate with Howlite

The crystal makes you feel at ease and slows down your intense wandering of thoughts helping you to become calm and composed. You can meditate by keeping the howlite crystal in front of your eyes and trying to concentrate on it. Some people wear or keep the crystal close to them and close their eyes. Both the methods are efficient; try the one that suits you and helps you to get better results while meditating.

Howlite Healing

Howlite gemstone is known for its powerful healing properties. It might work positively on all your body tissues and help organs to heal. The healing properties of howlite crystal are mentioned below in detail.

Where is Howlite Found?

tumbled howlite

Howlite is found in many parts of the world. It was first discovered in Canada. Since its appearance in Canada, howlite is now mined around the globe. At present, the predominant deposits of howlite are present in Los Angeles, California. Both deposits account for the largest source of howlite across the globe.

Some other deposits of howlite are found in Mexico, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Tick Canyon, California, and Nova Scotia.

Howlite Properties

Howlite Healing Properties

Howlite is popular for its amazing healing powers in the spiritual world. There are many claims regarding the healing properties of the stone experienced by many users. Some of the healing benefits of the stone include:

  • It might help you clean and purify your body fluids, such as blood and lymph. The toxins are eliminated from your body fluids and it cleanses them from the inside out to make you feel fresh and energetic.
  • There are many claims that suggest the howlite crystal helps you by enhancing your creativity. The stone brings your creative side out and makes you more flexible and optimistic in your work.
  • The stone might act as a shield and give protection from various diseases, viruses, and other bad influences on health. Howlite is an essential gemstone that helps you from several infections and repairs body tissues.
  • The howlite stone is known by many to draw certain energy from the surroundings and help people to get rid of high-stress and toxic situations in life. People suffering from mental disorders like anxiety and depression might find howlite useful to them.
  • It might help many body organs and tissues such as the spleen, bladder, kidneys, intestines, heart, lungs, and many others. The stone’s claimed powers help improve blood circulation and heart health.
  • The stone has a profound effect on the function of the circulatory system. It makes the heart muscle stronger, increases flexibility, and maintains blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure and other heart-related problems can use howlite crystal.
  • There are many claims that suggest that the stone is very useful in curing infections, inflammation, and other disorders of the body. The stone increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the cells of the body and promotes quicker recovery.
  • Serious ailments like cancer, diabetes, and HIV-AIDS may be controlled with the help of howlite crystals.

Howlite Metaphysical Properties

There are many metaphysical properties of howlite crystal as per the claims put forward by users of the crystal. Some of the claimed metaphysical properties of howlite crystal include:

  • The howlite stone is known by many for its power and connection to money. The bearer is said to attract a lot of money and financial success in his or her career. Business life becomes stress-free and economic conditions can improve drastically.
  • The howlite stone is linked to improved wealth and better social positioning. There are many people who share their experiences about reaching new heights in their business and career with the use of howlite crystals.
  • The crystal might help you gain confidence in life. People talk about the changes they experienced in their personalities. It helps in bringing your best version to the surface and can make you feel cool and confident. It might help you become a favorite of many people and you may receive love from different people in your life.
  • The crystal is super powerful for your brain. It may help you have a better understanding of things and improve your social skills. Maturity about life and the skill to access situations in a better way can be gained through the use of howlite crystal.

Howlite Spiritual Properties

Howlite is known for its various spiritual properties. The stone helps you to experience tranquility and peace. It makes you capable of enjoying the spiritual side of things and connects you to the higher realm. The stone powers you to experience meditation and aids you to become efficient in several other spiritual practices.

Howlite vs Turquoise


Turquoise gemstone is a popular crystal, and it remains in demand throughout the year. The gemstone turquoise closely resembles howlite stone. Many manufacturers and sellers use howlite instead of turquoise to create fake artifacts and jewelry of howlite. Similarly, it is used to adulterate amounts of turquoise gemstone in jewelry making and other uses. Howlite is known as an imitation of howlite. In nature, the howlite stone is smooth and softer than turquoise and is very hard to differentiate between the two. 

You can differentiate between the two by judging the surface of both the crystals. Howlite is more sensitive to scratches and is smoother as compared to turquoise.

White Turquoise vs Howlite

White turquoise and howlite are very similar gemstones. They look very close to each other when looked at from a distance. Still, turquoise is softer than howlite and is more smooth in nature.

Howlite vs Magnesite

Howlite and magnesite are two different forms of gemstones. These two resemble each other and have similar metaphysical and healing properties. These stones are sometimes used together in spiritual and healing properties. They compliment each other and may help you in plenty of ways. Howlite is good for the mind and magnesite balances your heart and soul. The jewelry items prepared from both the gemstones are beautiful and vibrant.

Dyed howlite vs Turquoise

Dyed howlite can be colored similar to the color of the turquoise crystals. Dyed howlite and turquoise of the same shade look very similar. Both the crystals are useful for adding peace to your life. Turquoise is the symbol of the deep ocean and limitless sea while howlite denotes peace, calm, and happiness. These gemstones are ideal to experience amazing healing properties and metaphysical properties.

Howlite Types

Dyed Howlite

The industrial use of crystals has introduced the polished form of howlite. It is made after processing the stone to give it an elegant and classy look. Sometimes the stones are colored with various dyes to make them more alluring. Polished howlite is used to make attractive jewelry pieces and components of jewelry. These polished howlite pieces are very costly and can be fused to decorate temples and other historical places.

Raw Howlite

raw howlite

Raw howlite is the most natural and vulnerable form of the crystal. The extracted pure form of the howlite crystal from the ore of howlite is known as raw howlite. The raw gemstone does not go through any industrial processing and looks plain, simple, and natural. A lot of other minerals are found mixed with the ore of raw crystals. A wide variety of minerals and salts are present in the raw howlite crystal. Raw howlite is available in different shapes and sizes. These raw pieces of howlite stones are cut into distinct shapes and sizes to make the crystal symmetrical and attractive. The industrial processing of raw howlite crystals helps in the formation of jewelry, such as rings, pendants, and alluring artifacts used in the decoration of various objects.

Natural Howlite

Natural howlite is extracted from the parent ore and is free from other common ore minerals. It is the purest form of the howlite crystal. Natural howlite has a distinct egg-like white color. The shade of natural howlite resembles the white feathers of a dove or white eggs of birds. The stone has a characteristic use in the spiritual world. It is connected to tranquility, calm, peace, happiness, silence, depth, and longevity. Natural howlite is used to craft various tools and other products for general use. The crystals are industry-ready and can be used as a raw material for further processing.

Natural Howlite Meaning

Natural howlite has a specific meaning. It is the most natural and pure form of crystal. If used in its raw and pure form, the crystal might provide you with the best effects of its spiritual and metaphysical properties.

Tumbled Howlite

Howlite is found in various shapes and sizes. The tumbled howlite is a rough form of stone. Its physical appearance is irregular. The stone has blunt edges, non-symmetrical patterns, and is used to make small-size pieces of howlite crystal. It is also used to make small howlite jewelry. Tumbled howlite crystal is usually cheaper compared to other varieties of howlite crystal because of its irregular shape and unsymmetrical patterns.

Howlite Colors

White Howlite

The white howlite crystal is the natural and purest form of the crystal. In the entire article, we have predominantly discussed the white howlite gemstone.

White Howlite Meaning

White howlite crystal is meaningful in various spiritual practices. The metaphysical and healing properties of the stone add a different meaning to the crystal. It is also used for making various artifacts and pieces of jewelry.

What is White Howlite Good for?

White howlite is good for a lot of things. Some of the uses of white howlite are:

  • White howlite gemstone is used primarily in the jewelry industry to create interesting and colorful jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings. Bracelets, pendants, and more.
  • White howlite gemstone is used to create alluring and interesting artifacts like beads, towers, dice, and more.
  • White howlite is also used to experience the physical, metaphysical, spiritual, and healing properties of the crystal.
White Howlite Chakra

White howlite is used to invoke the crown chakra in our body. The effects of howlite on the crown chakra are claimed by the spiritual practitioners of the crystal.

White Howlite Benefits

There are various benefits of white howlite. These benefits are described in detail throughout the entire article.

White Howlite Properties

Howlite gemstone has a number of properties including physical, spiritual, healing, and metaphysical properties.

White Howlite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of white howlite are very similar to howlite metaphysical properties and are described in that section.

White Howlite Healing Properties

The healing properties of white howlite are discussed in detail in the section on the healing properties of howlite.

White Howlite Uses

White howlite is used to create a wide range of artifacts and pieces of jewelry. The stone is also used for its spiritual, physical, healing, and metaphysical properties.

White Howlite Beads

white howlite beads

White howlite beads are beads created from the natural howlite crystal. These beads are white in nature and signify tranquility and calmness. These beads are used in various artifacts and jewelry items.

White Howlite Mala Beads

White howlite is used to create interesting mala beads. These pretty malas prepared from white howlite are used for spiritual practices. People also use white howlite mala during meditation and other practices.

Blue Howlite

Blue howlite is a form of howlite crystal. It is made from the same mineral composition as natural white howlite. The crystal has a distinct blue color. The shades of blue add beauty and elegance to the crystal. 

Blue Howlite Meaning

Blue howlite is a special kind of howlite crystal. The blue color is the color of thought and calmness. People who wear howlite gemstones of blue color might experience divine spiritual powers of the stone.

Is Blue Howlite Natural

Blue howlite is available in both natural and artificial forms. The natural blue howlite is found in tracer amounts and it resembles the turquoise crystal. Industrial polishing has also resulted in the invention of artificial blue howlite. It is present in large amounts and available easily in almost all crystal stores throughout the globe.

Blue Howlite Chakra

Blue howlite has significant effects on the various chakras of our body. The blue color is the color of the throat chakra. Blue howlite might help you improve communication with people. You can develop persuasive skills and may perform better at interviews and ceremonies.

Blue Howlite Properties

Blue howlite gemstone is used for its several spiritual, healing, metaphysical, and physical properties. 

Blue Howlite Healing Properties

Blue howlite is associated with the throat chakra. You might experience the healing effects of the stone on your respiratory system and the circulatory system. Lung capacity might increase with the consistent use of blue howlite. People suffering from heart-related problems like abnormal blood pressure and blockages might find the crystal helpful.

How to Use Blue Howlite

You can use blue howlite for several things. The crystal is used to create various kinds of artifacts and pieces of jewelry. You can use blue howlite to experience the calming healing and supernatural metaphysical properties of blue howlite.

Yellow Howlite

Yellow howlite is another form of howlite crystal. The color of yellow howlite is similar to the color of sunflowers and the bright rays of a yellow sun. Some forms of yellow howlite are very similar to the colors of mango.

Yellow Howlite Meaning

Yellow howlite is closely associated with the brain and intuition. The crystal means a lot in the world of spirituality and meditation. Yellow howlite can help you meditate for long hours. It might help students by increasing their concentration and memory power.

Yellow Howlite Properties

Several physical, healing, spiritual, and metaphysical properties are linked with yellow howlite gemstone. Yellow is the color of brightness and friendship. The yellow howlite gemstone might help you increase good friendships in your life. You may start living a bright and vivid life. The crystal might help you develop a positive and vibrant personality.

Red Howlite

red howlite

Apple-like colored red howlite is another form of howlite gemstone. The gemstone is available in different shades of red.

Red Howlite Properties

Red howlite has a number of spiritual, metaphysical, healing, and physical properties. Red is the color of blood and love. People might experience better relations and improved bonds with blood relatives. The red howlite crystal might help you receive love in your life.

Black Howlite

Black howlite gemstone is black in color. The dark bright black shade is used to create interesting jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and many others. The black howlite stone is also used to create several artifacts including howlite beads, black howlite towers, black howlite dice, black howlite pendulums, and many other interesting artifacts.

Black Howlite Meaning

Black howlite is one of the most significant forms of howlite crystal in the spiritual world. Black is the color of darkness and illness. The crystal is capable of absorbing all negative influences and energies from your surroundings. There are various claims that the constant use of black howlite helps one to get rid of sadness in life.

Green Howlite

Green howlite gemstone is a green-colored howlite crystal. It is available in a number of patterns and designs. The crystal is available in various shapes and sizes.

Green Howlite Meaning

Green howlite gemstone is one of the popular kinds of howlite. Howlite in shades of green is rarer. Green is the color of nature and healing. People who wear green howlite products might experience the amazing healing properties of the green howlite gemstone.

Purple Howlite

Purple howlite is a form of howlite crystal. It has a distinct violet color. The crystal is loved by many and is used to prepare various artifacts and jewelry items.

Purple Howlite Meaning

Purple howlite is often a rich shade of purple. The purple color in howlite signifies the darker things. Purple is the color of the jungle and wilderness. It might help you by bringing sanity into your life and absorbing all negative influences.

Purple Howlite Properties

Purple howlite has a number of physical, healing, chemical, spiritual, metaphysical, and surface tension properties. These properties are very similar to the general properties of howlite gemstone.

Pink Howlite

Pink howlite is a form of howlite crystal. The pink-colored howlite gemstone looks pretty to the eyes.

Pink Howlite Meaning

Pink howlite crystal has a pink-colored surface. The crystal signifies love, calmness, human nature, and relationships. Pink is the color of gentleness and honesty. It might help you bring the best version of yourself out to the world.

Pink Howlite Properties

Pink howlite has a plethora of physical, chemical, healing, spiritual, and metaphysical properties. These properties are similar to the general properties of a howlite crystal.

Turquoise Howlite

Turquoise howlite contains both the howlite and turquoise gemstone. It can have the colors and the mixed properties of both howlite and turquoise gemstone. People use this crystal to use and experience the properties of both stones.

What is Howlite Turquoise?

Howlite turquoise is a combination of turquoise crystal and howlite crystal. This combination of howlite and turquoise is used by many for its vibrant colors and beautiful products.

Turquoise Howlite Properties

Turquoise howlite has various healing, spiritual, physical, metaphysical properties, These properties might be experienced by wearing the products made from turquoise howlite crystal. 

Turquoise Howlite Healing Properties

There are several healing properties of turquoise howlite. The combined gemstone is ideal to heal your heart and mind. Problems related to the nervous system and circulatory system might heal with the help of turquoise howlite.

Orange Howlite

orange howlite

Orange howlite is an interesting type of howlite gemstone. It is one of the rarest forms of howlite stone. The crystal resembles the color of orange fruit. It is a vibrant colored stone and signifies energetic behavior and excitement. The constant use of orange howlite might help you make your dull and boring life happier and vibrant. 

Howlite Jewelry

Howlite jewelry is dazzling and looks calming to the eyes and adds depth to your look. The distinct white color makes it an ideal choice, and the bright glow of the howlite crystal helps you to attract many eyes. Its attractive shade and rich textures, having vibrant colors, make it a complete fit for jewelry.

The howlite stone is used in the jewelry industry on a large scale to manufacture pieces of jewelry for the ever-expanding market of howlite jewelry. The unique jewelry made from howlite crystal might help you experience the amazing range of its metaphysical, spiritual, and healing properties.

Many people claim that jewelry made from howlite helps them to get better in life and boosts their social relations. It is also said to help them to get rid of anxiety and provides a sense of calmness and security in life. The stone may also keep negativity and dark energy away.

It is important to first get a howlite crystal from a crystal shop or an online store, and then get it set by an expert jeweler that knows how to work with such gemstones. This allows you to craft your jewelry as per your needs. You can get jewelry pieces of your size and choice.

If you are buying howlite crystal, always look for an authentic stone in the market and check all the standards before purchasing howlite jewelry. This will save you from any fraud or duplicate products.

Howlite Bracelet

Handy, easy to use, and quirky bracelets made from howlite are excellent to wear on special occasions like parties and marriages. You can carry these bracelets easily on a daily basis too. Howlite crystal helps you to experience the wonderful metaphysical and healing properties of the stone. People of all ages can wear a howlite bracelet of their choice. 

Howlite Bracelet Meaning

Howlite bracelet is a jewelry piece crafted with the help of howlite crystal. It conveys an important meaning in the wearer's life. Howlite bracelets can be used to witness the spiritual and metaphysical properties of howlite crystals.

Howlite Bracelet Benefits

Howlite bracelet serves many benefits including its primary role in the fashion industry and the fashion world. You can wear it on special occasions for parties and weddings. The bracelet looks nice and catches many eyes in the crowd. It helps you in pulling-off an elegant look. 

White Howlite Bracelet

White howlite bracelet is made from natural white-colored howlite. The serene and saint white looks extremely simple to wear. Practitioners of spirituality and meditation can wear white howlite bracelets to connect better with the spiritual world. The white howlite bracelet might help you dive deep into long sessions of intense meditation. It is an absolute game-changer when it comes to focus and concentration.

Blue Howlite Bracelet

A Blue howlite bracelet is a jewelry piece made from howlite crystal. It has the calm and soothing color of the sky. The blue color is a symbol of tranquility and peace. A blue howlite bracelet might help you feel connected with others and at peace with life.

Howlite Couple Bracelet

Howlite couple bracelets are paired bracelets made from a single howlite gemstone. It is a symbol of connection and a strong bond. The crystal helps you to experience a strong connection with your partner. People having crises in their relationships might use the howlite couple bracelets.

Men's Howlite Bracelet

Men’s howlite bracelets are created from howlite gemstones. These bracelets are ideal for men and can be carried easily. You can wear these bracelets to enjoy the spiritual properties of howlite crystal.

Howlite Necklace

howlite necklace

Howlite necklaces are loved by people of all ages. It is one of the most popular jewelry pieces made from howlite crystal. Necklaces made from howlite crystal possess outstanding designs and look very attractive. The amazing designs and colorful patterns are appreciated by women of all ages.

They add a charming look and shine brightly at events and parties. The necklace is an excellent way to keep howlite in close proximity to your body to experience the spiritual properties of the stone. The stone is known for its claimed effects on the spiritual and physical aspects of your life.

It brings mental strength and peace to your life. You can get better at making decisions and become wise with the use of howlite crystals. It brings positivity to your mental being and adds an optimistic side to your personality.

Howlite Necklace Meaning

A howlite necklace is a piece of jewelry made from howlite crystal. The crystal is mainly used by women of all ages. You can flaunt your howlite necklace at parties and other special events. Regular everyday necklaces made of howlite crystal are also available that you can wear on a daily basis. You can buy these products from online sites like Amazon and Etsy.

White Howlite Necklace

White howlite necklace is made from natural howlite stone. It has a whitish shade and is a symbol of peace and tranquility. People suffering from stress and bad situations in life might try wearing white howlite necklaces.

Blue Howlite Necklace

Blue howlite necklace is made from beautiful blue howlite crystal. It looks alluring to the eyes and adds a sense of depth to your look. The blue howlite necklace is a symbol of refined thoughts and deeper understanding. People who want to do better in their studies or sharpen their memory might try a blue howlite necklace.

Synthetic Howlite Long Necklace

Long synthetic howlite necklaces are prepared with the mixing of synthetic material that resembles the howlite crystal. These necklaces look similar to howlite necklaces and can be used at parties and other events.

Red Howlite Necklace

Red howlite necklace is made from a distinct shade of red howlite. The crystal is a symbol of love and relationships. You might improve your relationships with the help of a red howlite necklace.

Pink Howlite Necklace

The pink howlite necklace is made from howlite gemstone and has shades of pink. The necklace looks pretty. Women loved to wear pink howlite necklaces on special occasions.

Howlite Pendant

Howlite pendants are excellent pieces of jewelry prepared from refined and well-cut howlite gemstone. The stone piece used in pendant making is chosen with care for its rich color and bright shine. The pendant made from howlite crystal is easier to carry and looks beautiful to the eyes. It helps you to experience the metaphysical and healing properties of the crystal.

Natural White Howlite Pendant

Natural white howlite pendant is prepared from the natural white howlite gemstone. It has the same qualities as mentioned above.

Howlite Earrings

howlite earrings

Howlite earrings are prepared by mixing howlite crystal and other popular metals used in the jewelry industry like gold, silver, platinum, and other bright alloys. These earrings look beautiful and are available in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. The earrings made from howlite crystal are beautiful and might help you get rid of negative influences in life. The earrings may act as a catalyst to make your personality optimistic and positive. The earrings may also help you in getting rid of mental instability and depression.

White Howlite Earrings

White howlite earrings are made from natural howlite having a white egg-like color. These earrings help you to gain sanity and understand the complicated nature of things. You might get better at understanding people and creating new bonds with the help of white howlite earrings.

Blue Howlite Earrings

Blue howlite earrings are blue in color. These earrings are available in both dark and light shades of blue. Howlite rings having a sky blue shade are most popular among teens and might help them to do better in their work and studies.

Howlite Ring

Rings made from howlite are alluring and aesthetic rings that you can add to your jewelry box. These rings are eye-catching and add an interesting look to your outfit. The rings come with natural white shades of howlite stone and polished crystal in different shades. These rings look beautiful and charming. The person wearing rings made from howlite crystal might feel the healing powers and metaphysical properties of the gemstone.

Men's Howlite Ring

Howlite men’s rings are specially designed in such a way that it suits men of all ages. These rings look beautiful and are loved by men.

White Howlite Rings

Howlite rings made of natural howlite are white in color. It is a common ring made from natural howlite. 

Blue Howlite Ring

Blue howlite ring is crafted from blue-colored howlite stone. The ring looks fine and has a deep impact on the thoughts of the wearer. Its blue color signifies happiness and maturity. 

Howlite Uses

Howlite Beads

Howlite beads are small spheres made from howlite crystals. The shape is further used in various jewelry and artifacts to give them an alluring look. These howlite beads are available in the natural colors of the howlite crystal and look vibrant. The natural color of the howlite crystal adds depth to the stone, and it looks soothing to the eyes.

Thanks to industrial polishing of the crystal, howlite beads are also available in different colors, including dark green, light green, blue, pink, golden, yellow, blue, transparent, and many others.

These howlite beads are used to create different jewelry pieces, such as rings, pendants, necklaces, and many others. Many claims suggest that howlite crystal beads are useful in making your life free from stress.

These beads might make you perceptive about several aspects of life by kindling your thought process with clarity and honesty. The stone might help you be more confident and optimistic.

These howlite beads possess amazing healing properties that may improve the health of various organs and might boost your immune system.

Howlite Beads Meaning

Howlite beads are small beads made from natural and selected small crystals of howlite. These beads convey a meaning of calmness and peace in life. These beads are harbingers of prosperity and good health in life. 

Howlite Skull Beads

Howlite skull beads perfectly combine small bead-like skulls. This is an interesting gothic type artifact created from howlite crystal. These howlite skull beads are available in various colors in the market and are used as artifacts and in threads to prepare necklaces and garlands. You can use these small skull beads made from howlite to experience the spiritual, healing, and metaphysical properties of the gemstone. 

Red Howlite Beads

Red howlite beads are simple and bright-looking howlite beads having a red color. These beads look beautiful and are captivating because of their red color. The shades of red in howlite crystal are significant spiritually as they signify intense growth and pure emotions and feelings like blood. The stone will improve your blood relations and help you to get better at life.

Turquoise Howlite Beads

Turquoise howlite beads are made from both turquoise crystal and howlite crystals. The beads have a fixed proportion of both the crystals. The fusion of the two helps the wearer to experience the metaphysical, spiritual, and healing properties of turquoise and howlite crystals. The turquoise howlite beads are available in the market in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Howlite Cross Beads

Howlite cross beads are small miniature crosses in the form of beads. Garlands and necklaces are prepared with the help of these crosses. These crosses are used as artifacts in many places. The use of howlite cross beads is predominant in Christian people. Cross is the symbol of Christianity and howlite crosses are considered pure and divine. The howlite cross beads are used in churches and the spiritual practices of Christianity. Anyone who wants to experience the divine powers of the cross combined with howlite’s spiritual and healing properties can wear these howlite cross beads.

Black Howlite Beads

Black howlite beads are beautiful dark beads having a black color. These beads are soothing to the eye. The black color signifies the intense absorbing property of the beads. These beads can absorb negativity and darkness from your life to make your life stress-free and happy. People who wear black howlite beads may experience improved situations and better results in their work.

Blue Howlite Beads

Eye-catching and soothing blue-colored beads made from howlite crystal are referred to as blue howlite beads. The color of the deep ocean and the limitless sky blue is a symbol of peace and extravagance. This crystal brings a sense of calm to your life and makes you capable of achieving anything in your life. These beautiful howlite beads are available at all stone shops and online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

Pink Howlite Beads

Pink howlite beads are pretty beads made from howlite crystal. These beads have a distinct pink color and they signify compassion and love. There are many claims that the wearer of pink howlite beads might see significant growth in their relationships.

Howlite Tower

howlite tower

The howlite crystal towers are long cylindrical structures with pointed ends. These towers are used for decoration and serve other uses as well. Howlite towers are available in a variety of shades having distinct patterns and lavish designs.

Many people keep these towers in homes and offices for their claimed metaphysical properties and healing powers of howlite. Keeping towers in offices and households might be helpful for your family and work.

Howlite Pipe

Howlite pipes are long cylindrical pipes made from howlite crystals. These pipes made from howlite are interesting decorative artifacts and are primarily used for decorative purposes.

Howlite pipes are available in a large number of alluring designs with bewildering and eye-catching patterns of colors and artwork. You can keep this howlite pipe in homes, offices, and other buildings to bring out the best of the spiritual and metaphysical properties of the howlite crystal.

Howlite Pipe Review

Howlite pipe is an excellent product made from howlite crystal. It looks pretty and catches the eyes of people. You can also use it to bring charm and prosperity into your lives. It is recommended to handle howlite pipe with care.

Howlite Egg

Howlite eggs are structures that look like natural eggs of birds and animals. These eggs are made from howlite crystals. The howlite egg is generally white in color. It is used for various purposes like decoration, spiritual practices, and muscle healing. Howlite eggs are known to radiate energy at pressure points in our bodies resulting in growth in muscle tissue and various cells of our body. Ruptured and damaged muscles may improve with the application of a howlite egg.

Howlite Skull

Howlite skulls made from howlite crystal are excellent artifacts that can be used to keep them in your spaces and offices and industries. These howlite skulls look interesting and bring good fortunes to the places where they are kept. You can keep them in your studies to see better and more efficient results, keeping them in offices increases the chances of higher economical returns.

Howlite Skull Meaning

Howlite skull is a Gothic artifact. It is a reminder of mortality and helps keep us humble. It reminds us of our mortal nature and helps us to see the positive in our lives and force us to cherish the sweetness of life. 

Howlite Pendulum

Pendulums made from howlite are very useful, as they are very accurate and efficient. The pendulum made from howlite is available in different sizes with various circumference and radius lengths.

Howlite Chips

Howlite chips are made from howlite crystals. Howlite chips are small rough shaped pieces of howlite. These are the leftovers produced from the cutting and shaping of howlite crystals in the industries. These chips are further used to make miniature-sized artifacts of howlite. These interesting artifacts are available in beautiful designs with astonishing colors.

Howlite Heart

A heart-shaped crystal is made from the purest howlite crystal. It is white in color and is closely associated with feelings and intense desires. The howlite heart might help you overcome your negative feelings. It helps you to thrive on your passions and makes you compassionate towards other people in your life. You can achieve improved relations and good friendships over time with the help of a howlite heart. It can be used as a decorative piece in houses and as well as in workplaces.

Howlite Combinations

Howlite crystal is a great combination material as it can quickly mix with other crystals or minerals. It is mixed with various other stones to make interesting artifacts and jewelry. Some of the most popular and favorite combinations of howlite are mentioned below.

Blue Calcite and Howlite

Blue calcite and howlite go well together. The combination is an excellent way to create a mixed gemstone with the potential to ease out your mind. It helps your mind in amazing ways and makes you positive and happy.

The combination of blue calcite and howlite crystal is often used in the jewelry industry to create bright and beautiful pieces of jewelry including earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, and more. The metaphysical and healing properties of both stones come out powerfully when they are combined. You can experience the best effects of these properties when howlite and blue calcite are mixed together.

Howlite and Magnesite

Howlite and magnesite are excellent companions and are often combined together to create interesting pieces of crafts and pieces of jewelry. A wide range of artifacts like pendulums, beads, dice, towers, cylinders, hearts, and chips are made from the combination of howlite and magnesite. These artifacts are double powerful as they possess the properties of both crystals and can help you improve your lifestyle in a significant way.

Howlite and Hematite

Howlite and hematite are used to create large kinds of products. These two are combined together to get the best out of their properties. Howlite and hematite might be combined together to heal people suffering from lack of sleep. The combination of howlite and hematite is used to induce a deep night of sleep. You might get the well-required rest with the use of howlite and hematite combined together.

Amethyst and Howlite

The combination of amethyst and howlite acts as an ideal tool for protection against negative energy. The combination of these two will keep your home and offices safe from negative influences and will attract positivity and good health. Using amethyst and howlite in combination might turn your fortunes for good pretty quickly.

The combination of howlite and amethyst is also used to prepare pieces of jewelry and various artifacts. These artifacts can be used for decorative purposes. Jewelry and artifacts made from the combination of amethyst and howlite might help you experience the metaphysical and healing properties of these stones.

Howlite and Moonstone

Howlite and moonstone have a similar whitish and milky appearance and both of the crystals are combined to produce amazing products. The artifacts and pieces of jewelry crafted from the combination of howlite and moonstone gemstones possess the qualities of both the stones and look beautiful.

The wearer or the user might experience the deep and spiritual properties of both stones in a single product. The combination of howlite and moonstone brings a sense of calm and composure to your day-to-day life and makes you free from the burdens of life.

How to Cleanse Howlite

It is necessary to clean your howlite crystal frequently to experience optimum effects of the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone. The simplest way to clean howlite is to wash it using lukewarm water. Natural sources of water like rainwater or river water work best as they cleanse the stone and provide the needed minerals to nourish it. Do not use any type of soap or detergent on the stone as it can cause damage to the stone surface.

How to Clean Howlite

You can easily clean howlite products and gemstones with the help of a soft and smooth cotton cloth. Do not use any harsh cloth or cleaning tool to clean howlite crystal.

How to Dye Howlite

Howlite is dyed in industries with the help of advanced machines and permanent dyes. These permanent methods equipped with advanced AI tools help in quickly adding shades to the natural color of howlite. This has enabled industries to manufacture howlite crystal pieces into all colors and several patterns and designs.

Buy Howlite

howlite earrings

Howlite crystal is a powerful healer and helps people to get a better perspective of life. It has a positive aura and can transform your personality into a decisive and thinking character. The varying bands of colors and their attractive appearance make it extremely popular in the jewelry industry.

Howlite crystals are used to make attractive jewelry pieces and various artifacts. The gemstone is also used for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties. Howlite gemstone, being a popular stone in the market, is available at many big shops and online sites that sell precious gemstones.

A wide variety of howlite crystals and their products having different designs, colors, and patterns can be bought from the nearest crystal stores in your area or through online home delivery sites. The plain shades and the soothing effects of the crystal make it an absolute favorite of many people. The market for howlite crystals is ever-expanding and the demand for the crystal and this product is increasing at a sharp rate.

Howlite Price

The howlite crystal is an exotic and alluring gemstone. Howlite is a rare crystal and its amazing spiritual qualities are responsible for its high prices in the market. The price per piece can start from $55 USD. It can go even higher depending on the shape, size, and quality of the crystal.

There are a plethora of howlite crystal products circulating in the market with different colors, shades, and shapes. You can get these howlite products at valuable prices through online stores like Amazon and Etsy and also from local shops near you.

Howlite Beads Wholesale

The howlite crystal is one of the most demanded crystals in the gemstone market. It remains in huge demand throughout the year. The wholesale market of howlite beads is reaching greater heights with each passing day. The wholesale howlite beads suppliers directly sell the crystal to many industries and small shops after acquiring it from mines and extraction centers.

Wholesale sellers keep plentiful amounts of howlite beads with them. You can buy howlite beads from a wholesale seller at comparatively lower prices. Many industries, online shopping stores, and big business owners buy howlite beads at cheaper costs from wholesale markets and sell single pieces of the crystal at higher prices to make profits.

You can get different types of howlite crystal products in the wholesale market, starting with prices as low as $30 USD. Different howlite products have different prices and the costs vary with the change in shape and size of the stone.

Fake Howlite

Howlite is a popular gemstone due to its calming nature and peaceful shades. It looks extremely beautiful and people love to wear products crafted from howlite. The ever-increasing market of howlite crystals and their use in the jewelry industry has led to the creation of man made artifacts that mimic howlite crystals.

These man made crystals similar to howlite are grouped under the category of fake howlite. These artifacts look very close to howlite and are extremely difficult to distinguish between real howlite and fake howlite. Artifacts crafted from fake howlite products are cheaper than real howlite and are extremely useful to get a desired and stunning look.


Howlite gemstone is known for its effects on the emotional and physical aspects of our lives. The stone is signified by its characteristic white color. The white color of the crystal is similar to the color of bird eggs. It brings peace, calm, and prosperity into your life. White is also the color of saints and calmness.

The crystal helps you to manage your emotions and keeps you in balance in different aspects of your life. The gem has monoclinic geometry. The howlite crystal is now available in various shades and patterns due to industrial polishing. The bright colors and rich diversity make it attractive and useful in various industries.

The crystal is found in various forms and is crafted in industries to produce products of various shapes and sizes. The howlite stone is known for its claimed metaphysical and healing powers. 

There are many claims suggesting that the stone may help you build a prosperous career and get rid of grief in life. The stone may also help you to adopt a positive mindset in your life.

The howlite crystal, because of its claimed spiritual and metaphysical properties, is becoming popular in the jewelry industry. People inclined towards spirituality are bound to find out about this extraordinary gem and incorporate howlite into all kinds of jewelry pieces and artifacts. The howlite crystals are available on different online stores near you and are also available at online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

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