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Apache Tears: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

apache tears

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about apache tears, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Are you interested in finding out about apache tears crystals? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a thoroughly extensive guide about the apache tears crystal. Read on to answer all your questions that you might have if you’re just learning about this popular stone! 

  • Apache Tears Meaning
    • What are Apache Tears
    • Apache Tears Metaphysical Meaning 
    • What are Apache Tears Made of
    • What is the Story Behind Apache Tears?
    • Where to Find Apache Tears
      • Apache Tears in Arizona
      • Apache Tears in New Mexico
      • Apache Tears in Utah
    • Apache Tears Chakra
    • Apache Tears Healing
  • Apache Tears Properties
    • Apache Tears Healing Properties
    • Apache Tears Metaphysical Properties
  • Apache Tears Benefits
  • Difference Between Apache Tears and Obsidian
  • Apache Tears Type
    • Polished Apache Tears
    • Tumbled Apache Tears
    • Raw Apache Tears 
    • Natural Apache Tears
  • Apache Tears Jewelry
    • Apache Tears Bracelet
    • Apache Tears Ring
    • Apache Tears Pendant 
    • Apache Tears Necklace
  • Apache Tears Uses
    • Apache Tears Beads
  • How to Cleanse Apache Tears
    • How to Clean Apache Tears
    • How to Polish Apache Tears
    • How to Polish Apache Tears with Sandpaper
    • How to Charge Apache Tears
  • Apache Tears for Sale
    • Apache Tears Price
    • Apache Tears Bulk
    • Apache Tears on Amazon
  • Conclusion

Apache Tears Meaning

What are Apache Tears?

Apache tears are small, dark-colored pebbles made from obsidian minerals. These crystals are an advanced form of volcanic glass. There is a conchoidal fracture over the surface of the crystal.

Apache tears are a known and unique member of the family of obsidianites. It is also known as marekanite. The surface of the crystal has indented surfaces with angular or round edges over the crystal. The crystal has a dark-colored appearance and looks black while reflecting light from the surroundings.

In some lighting conditions, the apache tears crystal can show properties of translucence. The pebbles of apache tears are generally hard and have a reading of 5 on the Mohs scale.

Apache Tears Metaphysical Meaning 

Apache tears crystal is known for its magical metaphysical properties. The stone has claimed effects on the lives of the wearer. It may help you get rid of any kind of negative influences and energies from your life. The metaphysical properties allow you to develop a positive mindset and improve your finances.

What are Apache Tears Made of?

Apache tears are made of obsidian. The mineral obsidian is a precious and rare mineral. It is made from rock-cut minerals and has a sharp and shiny appearance.

What is the Story Behind Apache Tears?

The story of the formation of apache tears dates back to old age tales. There is a fable stating that apache tears were formed from the tears of sorrow of old and widowed women.

The women, after losing their husbands in the war, wept, and the tears resulted in the creation of the apache tears crystal. The crystal, as a result, is a symbol of strength and compassion. It symbolizes the love of the wives, old mothers, and sisters of the people who lost their lives in war.

Where to Find Apache Tears?

Apache tears crystals are predominant in the Arizona region. The United States of America has various deposits of the crystal in various regions. The apache tears crystal is present near dormant volcanic regions.

Apache Tears in Arizona

Arizona has rich deposits of apache tears crystal. These dark-colored pebbles are mined from the mineral deposits of Arizona.

Apache Tears in New Mexico

The volcanic areas of New Mexico produce a large number of products formed by the lava. These dormant volcanic regions have large deposits of apache tears in New Mexico. Industries and merchants from all over the world depend on these deposits for the supply of Apache tears.

Apache Tears in Utah

Utah has large deposits of apache tears crystal. The area surrounding the volcanic regions of Utah produces a large number of volcanic produce and apache tears are one of them. The crystal of apache tears in Utah is popular all around the globe for its fine texture and dark color.

Apache Tears Chakra

The chakras associated with apache tears crystal are the root chakra, sacral chakra, and heart chakra. Apache tears crystal is believed to activate the kundalini energy. The heart, root, and sacral chakras, when at work together, can create miraculous effects. 

The head, which is where all understanding happens, is believed to link with the heart, the domain of feeling, to lead to understanding and compassion. The sacral chakra and root chakra help you to stay positive and make you capable of handling difficult situations in life.

Apache Tears Healing

apache tears

Apache tears pebbles are powerful stones and may help you by giving you protection against various diseases and physical ailments. It is claimed by many to possess healing powers that may cause cell regeneration and high oxygen concentration in blood.

The crystals keep you away from negative energies and boost your immune system. Apache tears crystals are powerful stones and may make things easier for you.

Apache Tears Properties

Apache Tears Healing Properties

The apache tears crystal is known for its various healing properties. There are many claims from people around the world that the stone has magical healing powers that help your body in amazing ways.

The crystals are believed to help you by increasing oxygenated blood concentration into your brain, leading to optimum brain performance and better memory.  

The crystal is also believed to boost your metabolism and keep your body fit. It helps in the better digestion of food and may cure diseases and problems related to digestion. Various organs like kidneys, lungs, heart, brain, and liver perform well in the close vicinity of apache tears crystal.

Apache tears crystal may also help you by keeping problems like depression and ADHD away by bringing calm and peace to your mind. The urge to go out, enjoy, and work comes with the constant use of apache tears crystal and may help in making a person more active. 

Apache Tears Metaphysical Properties

Apache tears show many claimed metaphysical properties. The crystal may help to maintain an emotional balance of your mind. It eradicates stress and may help you overcome past grief and sadness. Apache tears crystal might also help in getting rid of many phobias and improve self-confidence over the years.

Many people claim that apache tears crystal help you in improving your consciousness and making you more observant and mindful of day-to-day activities. People say that it creates self-awareness and you stop worrying about what others say about you. 

Apache tears crystal may help you increase concentration and help in practicing spiritual practices by calling on the third eye chakra. This makes you wiser in all domains of life.

The invoking of the third eye chakra starts energy flow from the mind to the throat area, allowing for better communication and effective persuasive skills. The stone may also benefit you by aligning your thoughts, building a better mindset, and making you at peace with yourself. 

It is believed that apache tears crystal help you in controlling anger issues and keeping calm in serious situations. People who cannot control their emotions and are easily provoked to extreme behaviors may use apache tears to get rid of these problems. Apache tears are ideal for curving your pessimistic behavior into an optimistic one. 

Apache tears crystal might be exceptional in invoking higher concentration and focus to experience deep meditation. Many people claim that apache tears crystal allows them to relax and helps them in taking deep meditations for longer durations.  

Apache Tears Benefits

The apache tears crystal serves many benefits to persons of different age groups. You can wear the stone in many forms of jewelry like rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets. 

The stone is of great help in spiritual practices. It makes your attitude optimistic about various challenges in your life. It is believed that close contact with the stone may help you experience deep meditation for longer durations.

The stone is believed to help you in your personal and professional life. Many traits like confidence, courage, emotional security, stamina, sound mind, and a better spiritual sense might be invoked in a person.

Difference Between Apache Tears and Obsidian

There is a tiny difference between apache tears and obsidian. The mineral obsidian is a large subgroup of various stones and apache tears are a part of the obsidian family. It is accurate to say that mostly all apache tears are obsidian, but not all obsidian is necessarily apache tears.

Obsidian and apache tears both are composed of glass made from volcanic eruptions. The color of both the crystals is the same. So, these crystals are similar to each other and are called by different names in different places.

Apache Tears Type

apache tears

Polished Apache Tears

Polished apache tears are the outcome of heavy industrial processes on the crystal. The polished apache tears are produced in many colors and vibrant designs to please a large market. It is made after processing the stone to give it an elegant and classy look.

Sometimes the stones are colored with various dyes to make them more alluring. Polished apache tears crystal is used to make attractive jewelry pieces and components of jewelry. These polished apache tear pieces are unique and can be fused to decorate buildings, offices, temples, and other historical places.

Tumbled Apache Tears

There are a variety of forms of apache tears and it is found in various shapes and sizes. The tumbled apache tears are a rough form of the apache tears crystal. Its physical appearance is irregular.

The stone has blunt edges, non-symmetrical patterns, and is used to make small-size pieces of apache tears crystal. Miniature-sized jewelry is prepared with the help of tumbled apache tears. This is due to its irregular shape and unsymmetrical patterns and because it is usually cheaper compared to other crystals.

Raw Apache Tears 

Raw apache tears are the purest form of crystal. The extracted pure form of the crystal from the ore of apache tears is known as raw bloodstone. The raw gemstone does not go through any industrial processing. A lot of other minerals are found mixed with the ore of raw crystals.

A wide variety of minerals and salts are present in the raw apache tears crystal. The industrial processing of apache tears crystal helps in the formation of jewelry such as rings, pendants, and alluring artifacts used in the decoration of various objects.

Natural Apache Tears

Natural apache tears are extracted from the parent ore and are free from other common ore minerals. Natural apache tears crystals are industry-ready and can be used as a raw material for further processing.

Many factories are set up to extract natural apache tears from raw apache tears crystal. Natural apache tears are free from impurities and do not undergo industrial processing. These natural apache tears are further polished to give them an attractive and shiny appearance.

Apache Tears Jewelry

The dark-colored apache tears stone is an absolute treat to the eyes. Its attractive shade and rich textures make it a complete fit for jewelry. The stone is used on a large scale to manufacture pieces of jewelry for the masses.

The charming qualities, premium looks, and hard nature of the crystal are excellent for jewelry making. Apache tears jewelry is unique, as it might help you experience the plethora of its metaphysical and healing properties.

Many people claim that the jewelry made from apache tears helps them to balance their emotions and provides mental strength to them. The stone may also keep negativity and dark energy away from you.

It is important to first get the apache tears crystal from a crystal shop or an online store that you want in your jewelry, and then get it set by an expert jeweler that knows how to work with such gemstones.

Always look for authentic stone in the market and check all the standards before purchasing apache tears jewelry. This will save you from any fraud or duplicate products.

Apache Tears Bracelet

Apache tears bracelets are perfect companions to wear, as they are easy to use and come in a wide variety of designs. People of all ages can select an apache tears bracelet of their choice.

These bracelets made from apache tears stone come in various quirky colors and might help you experience the claimed spiritual effects of the stone.

Apache Tears Ring

You can add to your collection some alluring and aesthetic rings made from apache tears crystal. The rings come with natural black-colored stone and polished crystal in different other shades.

These rings look beautiful and charming. The person wearing apache tears crystal ring might feel the magical powers of the gemstone.

Apache Tears Pendant

The apache tears crystal is shaped into suitable forms to make an apache tears pendant. Apache tears pendant comes in various colors, patterns, and designs suitable to the different tastes of the wearer. These pendants are available in all sizes and are suitable for individuals of all ages.

The pendants made from apache tears stone are very useful. They might help people to experience the claimed metaphysical and healing properties of the gemstone. The sharp cuts and sparkling nature make the pendant colorful and attractive.

Apache Tears Necklace

apache tears necklace

Beautiful and attractive apache tears necklace is the most popular jewelry made from apache tears crystal. The necklace looks beautiful and is often loved by women of all ages. They add a charming look and shine brightly at events and parties.

The necklace is an excellent way to keep apache tears crystal in the proximity of your throat chakra. The stone is known for its claimed effects on the mental health and emotional strength of the individual.

Apache Tears Uses

Apache tears crystal is a very useful crystal and is quite popular in the gemstone world. The stone has many uses, including its significant role in the jewelry world. The apache tears gemstone is used to create amazing and unique jewelry pieces.

It is also used to create amazing artifacts like paperweights, attractively designed rocks, and cut-shaped crystals to decorate homes and official buildings. The stone is also popular for its claimed metaphysical and healing properties in the spiritual world. The crystal is also used to produce apache tears beads, pendulums, and rock balls.    

Apache Tears Beads

Apache tears beads are small spheres made from apache tears crystals. The shape is further used in various jewelry and artifacts to give them an elegant finish.

These beads are available in dark black color similar to the apache tears natural color. Beads of apache tears can be produced into different colors including dark green, light green, blue, pink, golden, yellow, blue, transparent, and many others with the help of artificial polishing.

These apache tears crystal beads are used to create different jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants, necklaces, and many others. Many claims suggest that apache tears crystal beads are useful in overcoming many challenges in your life and removing negative influences.

The stone is a perfect companion to seek positivity and adopt an optimistic mindset. These apache tears crystal beads possess amazing healing properties that may improve the health of various organs and might boost your immune system.

How to Cleanse Apache Tears

Crystal needs to be cleaned frequently to maintain their bright luster and smooth surface. There are many claims that suggest frequent cleaning of gemstones helps in receiving the best effects of their metaphysical and healing properties on your life. You can cleanse apache tears on a frequent basis by following the below-mentioned method.

How to Clean Apache Tears

The easiest way to cleanse apache tears is by washing them under running water. The best source of running water for cleaning apache tears are rainwater, pond water, or water from a lake or river water. Natural water is rich in minerals and it helps in nourishing the apache crystal while washing.

If natural water from these above-mentioned sources is not available, you can also use underground or tap water to cleanse your apache tears crystal. Do not use any type of soap or detergent on the stone as it can cause damage to the stone surface.

How to Polish Apache Tears

You can easily polish the apache tears at home in your free time or during holidays. You need a clean dish of your choice beforehand. Prepare a solution of table sugar and water. It is important to keep the solution saturated.

Drop the apache tears crystals into the dish and slowly add the sugar water to the mixture. The apache tears will get a cover of the polish over the surface. After the process of polishing, handle the tears crystal with a soft cloth or a soft cushion.

How to Polish Apache Tears with Sandpaper

If you have old pieces of apache tears with impurities and dust over the surface, use sandpaper to clean the surface before polishing. The sandpaper removes the irregularities and impurities from the surface of the apache tears crystal. After cleaning the pebbles, the above-mentioned process can be applied to polish the apache tears crystals.

How to Charge Apache Tears

It is important to charge your apache tears crystals frequently to maintain their energy levels at the highest. Natural light is the ultimate source that invokes energy in the crystal.

The best way to charge your apache tears crystal is by keeping it under the moonlight. The stone can also be charged by keeping it over the soil for three to four hours under direct sunlight.

Apache Tears for Sale

apache tears

Apache tears crystal is a powerful stone and is used to make attractive jewelry pieces and various artifacts. The gemstone is also used for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties.

Apache tears crystal, being a popular stone in the market, is available at many big shops and online sites that sell precious gemstones. A wide variety of apache tears crystals having different designs, colors, and patterns can be bought from the nearest crystal stores in your area or through online home delivery sites.

Apache Tears Price

The apache tears crystal is an exotic and unique gemstone. The rarity and sanctity of the stone are responsible for its high prices in the market. The price per piece starts from $40 USD. It can go even higher depending on the shape, size, and quality of the crystal.

There are a plethora of apache tears crystal products circulating in the market having different shades and shapes. You can buy these products at different prices through online stores and local shops near you.

Apache Tears Bulk

There is a huge demand for apache tears crystals in the market. The wholesale market of apache tears crystal is flourishing to greater heights than ever before. These markets are ideal for local shopkeepers and store owners as they can get apache tears crystal at comparatively lower prices.

Many industries, online shopping stores, and big business owners buy apache tears crystals in bulk at cheaper costs from wholesale markets and sell single pieces of the crystal at higher prices to make profits.

A wide variety of apache tears crystal products are available in the wholesale market. You can purchase many products in bulk from these markets at prices as low as $20 USD. The prices of the apache tears crystal in the wholesale market vary from product to product and depend on the size and shape of the crystal.

Apache Tears on Amazon

Beautiful and unique apache tears, crystal, and jewelry pieces in bright and beautiful colors are available on Amazon. The popular home delivery site now makes it possible for you to buy various quirky and attractive apache tears products within a few clicks without stepping out of your homes. All sorts of jewelry pieces and other products of apache tears are available on the site.  


Apache tears crystal is known for its influence on the emotional aspect of our lives. The crystal helps you to manage your emotions and keeps you in balance in different aspects of your life. The gem has a bizarre and asymmetrical shape, giving it a unique look.

It is predominantly found in the United States of America. It has unique characteristics, which make it attractive and useful in various industries. The crystal is found in the form of small pebbles and it comprises a precious mineral called obsidian. The stone is known for its claimed metaphysical and healing powers. It has a characteristic dark black color, giving an eye-catching appearance to the stone.

There are many claims suggesting that the stone may help you build a prosperous career and get rid of grief in life. The black appearance gives it a solid look and signifies its effect on the dark aspects of your life. The apache tears pebbles are becoming popular in the jewelry industry.

People inclined towards spirituality are bound to find out about this extraordinary gem and incorporate it into all kinds of jewelry pieces and artifacts. The apache tears crystals are available on different online stores near you and also available at online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

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