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Chlorite: Complete Guide (2024)

chlorite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about chlorite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


An interesting mineral, chlorite is found with many crystals and adds to the beauty of them all. Here is what you will learn about this alluring mineral in this article:

  • Chlorite Meaning
    • What is Chlorite
    • What is Chlorite Used for
  • Chlorite Properties
    • Chlorite Metaphysical Properties
    • Chlorite Healing Properties
  • Chlorite Types
    • Chlorite Raw
  • Chlorite Varieties
    • Chlorite Serpentine
    • Silver Chlorite
  • Chlorite Colors
    • Green Chlorite
      • Green Chlorite Quartz Meaning
    • Black Chlorite
    • White Chlorite 
    • Brown Chlorite 
    • Minty Green Chlorite
    • Blue Chlorite
  • Uses Of Chlorite
    • Chlorite Clay
    • Chlorite Quartz Beads
  • Chlorite Quartz for Sale
  • Conclusion

Chlorite Meaning

The word chlorite comes from the Greek word “chloros” which means color. It has an interesting green color which gives the crystal its name. 

What is Chlorite?

Chlorite is a mineral that is an aluminosilicate of magnesium and iron. It is found as a part of many rocks and crystals, like quartz and mica. Chlorite is usually green but is also found in other colors like pink, yellow, green, white, red, and black. 

What is Chlorite Used for?

Chlorite is believed to have powerful powers of cleansing and purifying. It is used to cleanse chakras and the aura of a person. 

Chlorite is also linked to rebirth and regeneration and can help you make an efficient start to a new venture or any event in your life. 

Chlorite Properties

Chlorite Metaphysical Properties

Chlorite is known to be a powerful cleanser. The mineral can purify your energy and cleanse your chakras of any unwanted blockages. This can help you function more efficiently and with fewer issues with physical and mental health. 

Chlorite crystals can also help in the process of chakra alignment. Increasing energetic connections and promoting harmony within the body is another role this crystal plays. 

If you meditate with crystals, you can add chlorite into your meditation routine as well. This can help create bonds with the earth as well as higher realms. As you meditate, you will feel your senses heightened, but no experience will be overwhelming. 

Chlorite Healing Properties

Chlorite is known for its powers of aiding cell regeneration. This means that it can control cell mutation and cell growth, preventing chronic diseases like cancer.

The crystal is also great for emotional healing as it can disperse the clouds of negative thoughts that may have accumulated in your mind over time. It can bring relief from emotional turmoil. 

Chlorite Types

Chlorite Raw

Raw chlorite is not found too easily because chlorite is almost always found in conjunction with other minerals, most commonly quartz. You can choose to buy raw chlorite quartz and fashion it into the jewelry or decorative piece of your liking. 

Chlorite Varieties

chlorite stone

Chlorite Serpentine

Serpentine is a pale green-colored crystal that is primarily used to make decorative pieces and ornaments. Serpentine is often found with chlorite and this is referred to as chlorite serpentine. 

Silver Chlorite

Silver chlorite is exactly what it sounds like. It is chlorite found with silver, and the formula of the chemical compound is AgClO2. It is a shock-sensitive material and is yellow in color. 

Chlorite Color

Green Chlorite

Green chlorite is usually pale green with brown or white inclusions. It seems dull but has a glossy finish and perfect cleavage.

Green Chlorite Quartz Meaning

Green chlorite, when combined with quartz, has an even more powerful cleansing effect than simple chlorite on its own. It is also good for pent-up emotions like anger or frustration, as it can give you a path to release these emotions without hurting anyone. 

Black Chlorite

Black chlorite has a mystical dark gray color and is linked with space and the higher realms. 

White Chlorite 

White chlorite gives you a feeling of intense spirituality and divinity. It is a crystal that can soothe the mind and body. The crystal brings a feeling of peace and well-being to the wearer. 

Brown Chlorite 

You will rarely find a specimen of chlorite that is all brown. Most other colors like green chlorite have brown inclusions in them. 

Minty Green Chlorite

Minty green chlorite refers to the chlorite pieces, which have a leafy green color along with creamy-white inclusions. These are quite calming to look at and look good in pendants and earrings. 

Blue Chlorite

Blue chlorite is found in pale to deep shades of blue. The blue color of blue chlorite has a soft glow, which is a reminder of the guiding light of spirits. The crystal serves as a connector between the chakras. 

Uses of Chlorite

Chlorite Clay

Chlorite clay is a somewhat deceptive name. It does not refer to clay which is made up of chlorite, but rather the sedimentary clay-like material in which chlorite is found. 

Chlorite Quartz Beads

You will find that chlorite quartz beads are unique and will add something interesting to your collection. These work as great filler beads in necklaces or bracelets that have other stones. You can also make a necklace, bracelet, ring, or rosary entirely out of chlorite quartz beads. 

Chlorite Quartz for Sale

You can buy chlorite quartz online on platforms like Etsy and Amazon, or you can visit a jewelry shop. 


Chlorite is one of those minerals which has many great properties but also works well with other crystals, too. With quartz, it forms an amazing purifier and cleanser. Mostly, chlorite is pale green with brown and white inclusions, but you may also find it in black or white. 

The mineral has regenerative properties, and it is believed to help prevent chronic illnesses like cancer and disperse accumulated negativity. 

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