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Arfvedsonite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Arfvedsonite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about arfvedsonite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types and uses. Let's get started!


Nature has a bountiful reserve of its beauty, and one of its many gems is the arfvedsonite crystal. This rare and beautiful mineral is what we shall discuss in this article. 

So, let us delve deep and learn more about arfvedsonite.

  •  Arfvedsonite Meaning
    • Arfvedsonite Pronunciation
    • Arfvedsonite Origin
    • Arfvedsonite Other Names
    • Is Arfvedsonite Toxic
    • Arfvedsonite Meditation
  •  Arfvedsonite Benefits
  •  Arfvedsonite Properties
    • Arfvedsonite Metaphysical Properties
    • Arfvedsonite Healing Properties
    • Arfvedsonite Chakra
  •  Arfvedsonite vs Other Stones
    • Astrophyllite vs Arfvedsonite
    • Arfvedsonite vs Astrophyllite
      • Difference Between Astrophyllite and Arfvedsonite
    • Arfvedsonite vs Nuummite
    • Arfvedsonite vs Moldavite
  •  Arfvedsonite Types
    • Arfvedsonite Tumbled
    • Arfvedsonite with Garnet
    • Arfvedsonite with Garnet Properties
    • Raw Arfvedsonite
  •  Arfvedsonite Uses
    • Arfvedsonite Beads
    • Arfvedsonite Beads 6mm
    • Arfvedsonite Sphere
    • Arfvedsonite Tower
    • Arfvedsonite Skull
  •  Arfvedsonite Jewelry
    • Arfvedsonite Pendant
    • Arfvedsonite Bracelet
    • Arfvedsonite Ring
  •  How to Cleanse Arfvedsonite
  •  Arfvedsonite for Sale
    • Where to Buy Arfvedsonite
      • Arfvedsonite on Etsy
  • Conclusion

    What is Arfvedsonite?

    Arfvedsonite is a mineral occurring naturally on the earth and is a sodium amphibole mineral. The vibrant hues that the stone gives are unique and captivating, and the crystal forms in a monoclinic prismatic crystal system. The stone exhibits colors in the shades of greenish-black to bluish-grey. 

    Arfvedsonite Pronunciation

    The word sounds like 'Urrfwedsanight' when you speak it out in the right way.

    Arfvedsonite Origin

    The origin of the mineral is comparatively new and was discovered around 1823 by Johan August Arfwedson. Hence, it was named after its discoverer.

    Arfvedsonite’s Other Names

    There are a few other names of the stone. These are Arfvedsonite (of Brooke), Arfvedsonite, Soda-Hornblende, and Alkali amphibole (in part).

    Is Arfvedsonite Toxic? 

    Arfvedsonite comes under the non-regulatory asbestos group of minerals. The general consensus is that the mineral is toxic.

    Arfvedsonite Meditation

    The stone is considered to have a significant metaphysical impact. Thus, many people meditate on it. The arfvedsonite manifestation during meditation is positive, and it keeps negativity and depression at bay.

    Arfvedsonite Benefits

    Arfvedsonite has multiple benefits that healers and metaphysicians vouch for. Among the many benefits, here are a few that are worth mentioning:

    • It is believed that the stone awakens your higher chakras and the third eye. This brings positivity and wisdom into your life. The feelings of fear and shyness all but disappear after a point. It is particularly famous for bringing love and luck in life. An arfvedsonite palm stone can, for example, bring in all the positive energies in your life.
    • The stone is also treasured for its effect of repelling negative energy. It can protect you well from curses. An arfvedsonite point is efficient here because it not only acts as a healing stone but a fantastic protector for you.
    • The stone can also be a worthy addition to your list if you want to cure yourself of tension and anxiety. This stone fills your heart with belief and joy. The arfvedsonite zodiac effect is also profound on Geminis and Aries. 

    Arfvedsonite Properties

    Arfvedsonite Metaphysical Properties

    The metaphysical properties of this stone are well documented. There are a vast number of ways in which the stone can act as a positive energy source. You can get control of your emotions, enhance your ability, develop far-sightedness, and more.

    Arfvedsonite Healing Properties

    Arfvedsonite works on your mind and your chakras, reducing your stress and anxiety. This, in turn, results in several physical healing properties as well. We see a pronounced improvement in overall sleep quality as well, with the use of this stone. 

    Arfvedsonite Chakra

    The stone works on three chakras. These are the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, and the throat chakra. On the crown chakra, the stone helps in achieving a higher state of consciousness. The thoughts get well organized in the third-eye chakra. In the throat chakra, it helps in people becoming more confident about speaking out.

    Arfvedsonite vs Other Stones

    set of stones

    Astrophyllite vs Arfvedsonite

    The difference between astrophyllite and arfvedsonite is subtle. Astrophyllite comes in the colors of bronze or reddish-brown. This stone can also grow with other stones, like eudialyte and aegirine. In the case of arfvedsonite, the color always falls between bluish-black to black. Sometimes there is a dark-reddish color that grows with arfvedsonite, which is eudialyte. The arfvedsonite eudialyte is quite common. 

    Arfvedsonite vs Nuummite

    Whereas arfvedsonite is a true mineral and shows splashes of brilliance in color, nuummite is classified as a rock. There is no particular spraying of hues in nuummite as opposed to arfvedsonite. The crystal structure is also different. Arfvedsonite is monoclinic, and nuummite is orthorhombic.

    Arfvedsonite vs Moldavite

    The color difference is quite noticeable between these two, with the bluish-black to the black coloration of arfvedsonite against the green hues of moldavite. Moldavite comes in the glass category and is amorphous, whereas arfvedsonite is a crystal and sodium amphibole mineral.

    Arfvedsonite Types

    Arfvedsonite Tumbled

    Arfvedsonite tumbled stones are very potent and bring light to your inner self. They can give you purpose in your life and help you take bold steps. It is also called the marriage stone, as it promotes harmony between partners.

    Arfvedsonite with Garnet

    Arfvedsonite in itself is a potent stone. When combined with garnet, it becomes tremendous. Arfvedsonite with garnet properties includes a combination of strength and grace. The garnet adds protection and a calming effect to the powerful metaphysical properties of arfvedsonite.

    Raw Arfvedsonite

    The stone by itself gives you all the benefits that we have already discussed earlier. The arfvedsonite rough stone brings light and purpose to your life, instills courage, and so much more.

    Arfvedsonite Uses

    Arfvedsonite Beads

    One of the forms in which the stone can be used and its benefits cultivated is beads. Wristlets and bracelets made of arfvedsonite beads 6mm are very common. You can wear them every day and get the positive effects of this stone. Polishing arfvedsonite beads is easy and keeps the jewelry like new for a stunning look.

    Arfvedsonite Sphere

    The healing power of the arfvedsonite sphere and its psychic capabilities will leave you flabbergasted. Many people opine that after using the arfvedsonite crystal sphere, their lives have changed. The gorgeous golden streaks add charm to the arfvedsonite sphere.

    Arfvedsonite Tower

    Unlock the metaphysical properties of this stone and vivify your mind, body, and soul from deep within. Most often, it is used during meditation to cleanse the crown chakra. Note that polishing the arfvedsonite tower keeps the glamorous look of the lovely piece intact. 

    Arfvedsonite Skull

    These beautiful pieces are masterfully carved out of the mesmerizing arfvedsonite stone that possesses healing properties. If you have embarked on your spiritual journey, make these skulls your companion. These will cleanse the aura’s seven energy fields, and help you stay focused. 

    Arfvedsonite Jewelry

    Arfvedsonite bracelet

    Arfvedsonite Pendant

    As it is, the arfvedsonite stone looks gorgeous. However, keeping it on your body can do you plenty of good. Keep the handmade arfvedsonite pendant near your throat chakra to enhance your positive energy. You will then be able to communicate with people effectively with the arfvedsonite granite pendant. 

    Arfvedsonite Bracelet

    Wear the trendy arfvedsonite bracelet to have a composed approach towards life. Who doesn't like to have a well-organized and structured life? You can opt for handmade arfvedsonite with garnet bracelets. These look cool and do the magic in your life as they should. 

    Arfvedsonite Ring

    Change the trend and propose to the love of your life with an arfvedsonite ring. This way, you will help your treasured one to have a better life and keep the romance sparkling. The arfvedsonite stone is a known natural healer and contains positive energies to bring freshness to life. Arfvedsonite tumbled stones go into making spectacular rings with beautiful sterling silver. 

    How to Cleanse Arfvedsonite?

    Cleansing arfvedsonite stone is the fundamental step towards experiencing its brilliant manifestations. The cleansing and charging of your arfvedsonite stone will show you wonders. Now let us look at the steps to cleanse the arfvedsonite stone: 

    Step 1

    Wear a mask and gloves before cleansing the arfvedsonite stone, because it belongs to the asbestos class of minerals. Hence, the toxicity. Wash it in clean water. 

    Step 2 

    To keep the negative energies away, you have to smear sage all over the stone or keep it under the dazzling light of the full moon. 

    Step 3

    If you want the drill to be a little less elaborate, here's what you can do:

    If you have a selenite or clear quartz wand, use it to circle thrice around the arfvedsonite stone. Repeat this method every time after you use the stone for meditation or healing or chakra cleansing, and more. 

    Arfvedsonite for Sale

    Where to Buy Arfvedsonite

    When you are interested in purchasing this beautiful stone, where would you go? The mineral is not very common and may not be readily available in your nearby gemstones store. You can try a host of reliable online stores to buy arfvedsonite from.

    Arfvedsonite on Etsy

    At Etsy, the search result for arfvedsonite can give you options from many sellers at different prices that you can choose from.


    As we embarked through our journey, discussing and understanding the different aspects of this unique stone, we can safely conclude that it is beautifully positive. The stone awakens your chakras and fills your life with positive energy that will help you do wonders. This is a stone that everyone should have, not just for its looks, but also for its metaphysical powers.

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