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Ancestralite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

ancestralite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about ancestralite, including its meaning, properties, uses and benefits. Let's get started!


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘gemstones?’ Well, we all have the same thoughts on this one. The beautiful stones are primarily associated with jewelry, art, and treasure.  From fashionable pendants to elegant bracelets, gemstones do wonders. 

However, they possess massive healing powers too.  Unique stones work differently, but the ancestralite stone has won the hearts of naturopaths, yoga enthusiasts, and emotional fitness lovers. Read on to explore the width and depth of the magical ancestralite crystal.

ancestralite stone

  • Ancestralite Crystal Meaning
    • Metaphysical Meaning of Ancestralite
    • Ancestralite Chakra
  • Ancestralite Properties
    • Ancestralite Metaphysical Properties
  • Raw Ancestralite
    • Components, Color, Size, and Hardness
  • Ancestralite Uses
    • Ancestralite Beads 
    • Ancestralite Sphere
  • Ancestralite Jewelry
    • Ancestralite Bracelet
    • Ancestralite Pendant
  • Ancestralite for Sale
    • Ancestralite Jewelry for Sale
  • Summary


    Inner peace, positive energy, self-confidence, and awareness are the most fundamental things in life.  In a pressure-filled life, inner healing is vital. Like other crystals, ancestralite stones provide a balance for the mind, body, and soul.

    In her book, Crystals for Energy Protection, Judy hall states, “There are many simple-and-effective ways to enhance your energy level and boost energy protection that have been used for thousands of years, which include crystals, but the focus has to be on taking charge of your own thoughts and feelings." Ancient people believed in the healing magic of ancestralite. Just what is this powerful stone, and what properties and uses does it have?

    Ancestralite Crystal Meaning

    Also known as "the tumbled stone," ancestralite is one of the oldest precious stones. It is a variety of hematite sourced from deep within the earth’s crust.  For thousands of years, the stone has been a source of natural, powerful, ancient energy for mental peace and balance. 

    Ancestralite crystals originated from Minas Gerais state in Brazil. To date, the country is the primary source of these mineral-rich gemstones. 

    They have a very high iron content. This makes the color slightly different from one stone to the other. Ancestralite crystals have a dark grey or silver color. In some instances, you’ll find dark reddish shades.

    Ancestralite hardness resembles that of a rock. It is rugged and metallic. Interestingly, the goodness of ancestralite was discovered recently. It’s gaining popularity among lovers of yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing. 

    ancestralite crystal

    Metaphysical Meaning of Ancestralite

    Away from the straight definition, the precious stone is explained as one with magical powers to dig and wipe out unpleasant memories, ancestral ties, traumatic experiences, and emotions engraved deep in the subconscious mind. 

    Nature has its way of healing. The ancestralite stones are connected to the universe. They expose and erase the past to give way to a new, clear future.

    It’s simply about: “goodbye past, and hello tomorrow." 

    The ancient healers believed that it does this by creating support and balance for different energy centers in your bodies (chakras).

    What Exactly is a Chakra?

    The body is made of a massive network of nerves and organs.  These include the heart, lungs, and throat, among others. For healthy body function, they should work collectively.  

    Chakra is a word derived from the oldest language-Sanskrit. According to an article by Healthline.com, “In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centers in your body. These wheels or disks of spinning energy each correspond to certain nerve bundles and major organs.” The seven chakras should be free from any blockages to enhance the free flow of energy.

    Ancestralite Chakra

    Ancestralite is associated with the root chakra.  Just like its position - deep in the earth’s crust, - the root chakra is at the lowest part of your spine. Also known as “muladhara," it's meant to support, protect, shield, and heal.  

    Ancestralite chakra aids in movement and coordination. The ancestralite stone is said to have a connection with the earth and its therapeutic powers. It works through the root chakra.

    two ancestralite stones on a hand

    Ancestralite Properties

    What are the metaphysical properties of ancestralite crystals?

    What makes them stand out? Well, like other gemstones, ancestralite makes trendy jewelry you’d die to own. However, its healing powers are unique. 

    Ancestralite Metaphysical Properties

      1. Emotional healing through generating fresh energy

        The subconscious mind is full of memories, trauma, old stories, and karmic cycles gathered over time.  Unknown to you, there could also be generational cycles and ancestral ties from years back that interfere with your present and future.  

        Whether you hold it in your hands, place it in any pain area, or wear it on your finger, the minerals in ancestralite bring out all unwanted energy in your past and clears everything. It leaves you reborn. If used while meditating, you’ll get fresh energy to pursue a calm, fulfilled life.

          2. Ancestralite as a grounding stone

            Sometimes fear of the unknown, worry, pressure, and stress may generate feelings of despair and hopelessness. This may rob you of your peace of mind. Ancestralite grounds such negative emotions and promotes inner healing. 

            You can use it as a hand comforter when experiencing an unpleasant situation. This restores your peace. Further, it helps to improve your quality of life.

              3. Protection

                Our bodies have negative and positive energy. However, there has to be a balance between the two. Negative energy can easily disrupt your life. Ancestralite crystals offer protection from negativity while promoting positivity.

                The gemstone shields you from feelings of frustration or pain. It gives room for motivation and positive thoughts. Your mind can then focus more on personal growth.

                  4. Meditation

                    For yoga lovers, meditation is an integral part of the process. What makes it better is having a companion you connect with emotionally. The ancestralite stone has natural powers to guide and refresh you. Place it closer to your body for a deeper connection. You must be a believer in meditation to achieve healing.

                      5. ADHD, dementia, and anxiety disorders

                        The use of ancestralite stones provides relief from anxiety disorders and dementia. It is known for arresting anxious thoughts which aggravate the diseases. You can hold or wear it. Let the minerals and natural feel restore your inner peace. Remember: a calm mind/soul helps you to focus on your life's goal. We all need that.

                        A word of caution: despite all those properties described above, ancestralite doesn't take the place of your doctor. Crystals are therapeutic, but you still need to visit your therapist to consult about ADHD and other severe disorders. The explained benefits are purely metaphysical.

                        Raw Ancestralite

                        Ancestralite stones exist deep in the earth’s core. Before polishing and cutting, it has a rough, metallic texture. Since it’s usually in its natural form, raw ancestralite crystals come in varying shapes and sizes.

                        raw ancestralite

                        The stones derive healing energy from mother earth. Raw ancestralite hardness compares to that of a rock.

                        Color varies from dark grey to silver, with some being reddish-brown. This depends on the iron level in different stones. You can also see some beautiful stripes or bands. Cutting, shaping, and polishing raw ancestralite is only done by specialists. 

                        raw ancestralite

                        Ancestralite Uses

                        Artisans shape raw ancestralite into various items. You can have yours as a natural gemstone or a wearable piece of jewelry.  

                        Ancestralite Beads

                        The ancestralite beads are average in size. They are mostly round or oval-shaped and can fit in your handbag or trouser pockets. You can carry the magical power of chakra beads wherever you go. 

                        Ancestralite Spheres (Crystal Balls)

                        Just like the name suggests, ancestralite crystals are crafted into beautiful, ball-like shapes. The term 'sphere' means 'round.' It's derived from the Greek word 'sphaira.' 

                        According to Oakrock, “The sphere is an ancient and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, and infinity. It symbolizes both the earth and the whole universe.”

                        Ancestralite spheres may not be perfectly round. The mineral composition in natural rocks makes it difficult to cut and shape. Each mineral has a different shape which might dictate fracture lines.

                        You can hold the ancestralite sphere in your hands for comfort during a stressful situation. In moments of recollection/ meditation, have the sphere close to your body. Let the fresh energy reverberate through your mind, soul, and body.

                        Spheres are connected to the moon, stars, and universe. This makes them effective as part of crystal healing. Ancestralite spheres are widely used because they spread healing in all directions. You can place it on your painful back or injured muscle for some relief too. 

                        Ancestralite Jewelry

                        Ancestralite is one of the many gemstones. It is also crafted into beautiful jewelry. You can glam your wardrobe and heal your soul at the same time. Wear your ancestralite piece to work or school with ease. The following are some of the jewelry you’ll love.

                        Ancestralite Bracelets

                        How about marrying the beauty of a bracelet with emotional healing that comes with an ancestralite stone? Sounds impressive, right?

                        Healing chakra beads make quality bracelets.  Wear it if you believe in the therapeutic energy of crystal healing. This enables you to achieve inner peace and tranquility. 

                        Ancestralite Pendants

                        If you love pendants, you'll love this too. More so, you could be looking for a way to experience the benefits of ancestralite on the go. 

                        The ancestralite pedant is a great way to accessorize. You can wear it around your neck as you run your daily routines. It gives you calm, focus, concentration, and energy.

                        ancestralite pendant

                        Ancestralite for Sale 

                        Ancestralite is one of the oldest mineral stones, but it started gaining popularity in recent years. This makes it a rare gem.

                        We have explored different aspects of the ancestralite stone. I know you’re wondering where to source it. Whether you’d like a raw stone for your precious stones collection, jewelry, or a polished crystal ball, this guide will help.

                        Ancestralite Jewelry for Sale

                        Ancestralite is still a scarce commodity. As people discover its goodness, the demand is growing fast. Where can you get your ancestralite crystal, pendant, ring, or beads? Worry not. Various online stores sell all sorts of handmade ancestralite pendants, beads, rings, and stones. They have perfected the art of making jewelry over time, therefore, assuring you of quality items.

                        Whether you want jewelry for sentimental or spiritual purposes, there's a vast collection of handpicked, raw and polished pieces to suit your preferences. What’s more, these stores are online-based. You have the ability to see them from anywhere in the world. 

                        polished ancestralite


                        Like other gemstones, ancestralite crystals have immeasurable worth.  They can be shaped into beautiful works of art and jewelry. However, the stones are famous for their metaphysical benefits. 

                        From calming your nerves to providing inner healing-to offering relief from pain and anxiety disorders, ancestralite stones are a great companion.

                        Historically, they existed from ancient times. Despite this, the therapeutic value was discovered recently (10 years or so). Enthusiasts call it one of the newest in the world of precious stones. It is scarce as the demand is overwhelmingly high thanks to its numerous benefits.

                        The above guide will help you explore the world of ancestralite crystals, their benefits, uses, and places to source them. It’s time to experience the natural healing powers of minerals to achieve a fulfilled life.

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