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Brookite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Brookite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about brookite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


The earth’s surface is home to many fascinating stones, crystals, and minerals; properties and qualities of which are unknown to many. In this article, we will discuss the rare crystal brookite. 

  • Brookite Meaning
    • What is Brookite Used for
    • Where is Brookite Found 
      • Where to Find Brookite in England
  • Brookite Properties
    • Brookite Metaphysical Properties
    • Brookite Spiritual Properties 
  • Brookite Types 
  • Brookite Jewelry 
    • Brookite Rings
    • Brookite Pendants
  • Brookite Uses 
    • Brookite Beads 
    • Brookite Flagpoles 
  • Brookite for Sale 
    • Brookite on Etsy
  • Conclusion 

Brookite Meaning

Brookite is a variant of titanium dioxide and occurs in four known natural forms of minerals of the same structure but in different compositions. Brookite is a rarer form of these minerals with its unique photocatalytic activity that captures reactions with light. 

The name was coined in the 17th century by French mineralogist Armand Levy for Henry James Brooke, who was an English crystallographer. 

Brookite ‌occurs in small forms with spikes and is usually found in the matrix of another stone or quartz. Another distinctive quality of brookite is its smell, which helps distinguish it from other crystals, but looking for smells from purchased crystals is not a way to authenticate the genuineness of these crystals. 

What is Brookite Used for? 

Brookite is a crystal associated with high-frequency vibrations that help one strengthen their connections with their spiritual guides and get in touch with their innate spiritual abilities. It has multiple colors but is usually found in darker colors like black, brown, gray, or dark gray and similar colors. Sometimes, copper or reddish hues may be found in these crystals. 

It is said to guide a person through the ups and downs of life and help navigate their path towards their higher purpose. Motivation, faith, and mindfulness are qualities the crystal is believed to help with and ultimately lead a more purposeful life. 

It helps in attracting the right energies and even retaining them. It helps in expanding awareness and getting in contact with your spiritual and angelic guides. They are positive stones and help you rise to the challenges presented to you. 

Where is Brookite Found? 

It is a relatively uncommon crystal found in multiple places in the world, but usually, the finer ones come from the Alpine clefts of Switzerland and the Himalayas, particularly in the Pakistan district, and some places in Arkansas in America. 

Where to Find Brookite in England?

It is found typically in Wales, UK, coming from the hills of Snowdonia in northwestern Wales. 

Brookite Properties

Brookite Metaphysical Properties 

The crystal is believed to be tied to positive vibrations and will help you get through life with a better understanding of your actions and chakras. It is said to fuel you toward a life of better emotional understanding and to help you overcome weaknesses and hurdles. 

It is said to be a great aid for meditation and has proved to help calm the mind. Brookite may also help in furthering one’s spiritual journey. It is believed to enhance one’s psychic abilities and help further strengthen intuition and psychic capabilities. 

Brookite is believed to have strong healing capabilities and help aid in recovery from an illness or injury. It is said to make the recovery process faster, helping harness the outer and inner energy and use it toward healing and recovery. Crystal experts believe ‌it helps with circulatory problems, boosts recovery immensely post-surgery, and may also potentially help with the healing of major organs. It may also help with fertility issues and help stimulate fertility and your ability to conceive. 

This stone holds a great amount of energy and may help you channel yours to the best of your abilities. 

Brookite Spiritual Properties 

It is said to help with the alignment of all the chakras and create a more balanced inner energy. It is also believed to help with the cleansing of auras, harnessing and keeping the good, and helping one get rid of the negative and bad aura in and around them. 

The overall balance of energy that is said to be achieved by this crystal ultimately helps in elevating one’s spiritual energy. This stone may help you view your life and its hurdles in a more optimistic light and may allow you to tackle issues from the get-go with a positive outlook. This viewpoint alone can result in an overall higher quality of life. 

These crystals resonate with higher chakras and, in particular, the soul star chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakra as well. They help you change your perception of life and open your brain to a realm of possibilities that you may have deemed impossible before. These stones can particularly help with seeing your body and soul as one.  

Brookite Types


Brookite is the orthorhombic variant of titanium dioxide. The other three forms that occur are akaogiite (monoclinic variant), anatase (tetragonal variant), and rutile (tetragonal variant). 

Brookite Jewelry

The crystal can be worn in many forms of jewelry, like pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Brookite Rings 

Brookite rings are aesthetic and can be worn to feel their healing powers and aid in meditation and seek higher spiritual guidance.

Brookite Pendants 

There are many options available for brookite pendants and can be seen in different colors, sizes, and cuts. When worn, one can harness all the benefits that the crystal holds.  

Brookite Uses

Brookite stone may motivate you and help you have a more positive outlook on life and its challenges. It helps you believe that there are better options than giving up and helps you fight your way through challenges. It helps you feel a stronger sense of self, which will enable you to see yourself in a different light and gain a perspective that you did not have before. 

This crystal channels high vibrational energy and helps in clearing the opening of chakras in the body. It deepens both spiritual and physical awareness and bridges connections between the same. It strengthens communication with one’s spiritual guides and allows the journey of self-discovery to reveal and combat one’s deepest fears and limitations. 

Working with higher chakras, this crystal may help in many brain or mental activities. Although it is said that this crystal helps with higher chakras, it is also sometimes believed to help with base chakras and sacral chakras.

Brookite is believed to foster stability and balance, allowing one to have more meaningful life experiences along with keeping negative energies at bay. It aids in having a more calm and collected approach toward life and not giving in to one’s anxieties. 

It helps your body in absorbing and assimilating all the nutrients and, overall, helps achieve a higher form of physical health. It is also believed to protect the body from harmful radiations from certain electronic devices and harmful effects of UV lights and protect the skin. 

Brookite Beads 

Brookite beads are available in many colors and gradients with a subtle look. They are a beautiful, versatile accessory that is an excellent way to incorporate the crystal into everyday life.  

Brookite Flagpole 

Brookite telescopic windsock poles with pole stakes 3 to 6 meters long are the perfect way to display your flag when camping, at weddings, and even at festivals. They are sturdy and can withstand high winds. 

Brookite for Sale


Brookite is available on Etsy and the price for these crystals ranges from $20 - $200 USD.  

It is also available in forms of jewelry like pendants, bracelets, rings, and chains, among others. 

Raw forms of this crystal are also available for sale and their prices depend on where the crystal is found. 


Brookite is a high vibration ascension stone that helps contact your spiritual guides and promotes calmness and mindfulness. It can guide you through your spiritual journey and help you attain your spiritual, physical, and mental goals.  

Along with this, it has healing properties that help through recovery from major surgeries, illnesses, or circulatory issues. Ultimately, it may help by stimulating your brain in ways you never thought of before and opening your mind to realizations and understandings of life and the universe. 

The stone is a very beneficial tool for meditation and helps in connecting with one’s spiritual and angelic guides to further their journey. This crystal serves as a means toward enlightenment and leading a life with a higher purpose. 

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