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21 Best Crystals for Addiction (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about the best crystals for addiction, including for smoking addiction, drug addiction, food addiction and shopping addiction. Let's get started!


Overcoming addiction can end up feeling like a toxic relationship between your choice of substance and yourself. You’ve told yourself countless times that you would stop, and that you wouldn’t go back after you have stopped, and yet you end up finding yourself enjoying the temporary highs of what could potentially ruin your life. There is no problem in indulging in something that makes you feel good once in a while, but when you start depending on it to get through your day, to get through negative feelings or to deal with life’s stresses, then you may have a problem. However, all is not lost. You can overcome your addiction through willpower, support and strategic techniques. One of these techniques includes the use of crystals, which will be discussed in this article along with a list of the best gemstones for addiction. 

In this article we discuss:

  • Introduction 
  • Healing Crystals for Addiction 
    • Healing Crystals for Smoking Addiction
    • Healing Crystals for Drug Addiction 
    • Healing Crystals for Food Addiction 
    • Healing crystals for Shopping Addiction 
  • Best Crystals for Addiction 
    • Amethyst for Addiction 
    • Carnelian for Addiction 
    • Lepidolite for Addiction 
  • How to Use Crystals for Addiction 
    • Crystal Grid for Addiction
    • Chakra Bracelet for Addiction 
  • Conclusion 


Everybody has been addicted to something, whether it be food, alcohol or something more serious like drugs. All of us have been there. No one ever starts something and chooses to be addicted to it; rather, it is a habit that we form overtime. Other circumstances in our lives such as feelings of hopelessness, conflict and other problems can strengthen the negative habit overtime. Addiction is a disease and is something that affects everyone around you and can end up destroying your life. 

Addiction is a brain disorder which is characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli. 

The user will seek repeated exposure to the substance as it is perceived as intrinsically rewarding, but overtime the addiction continuously proves to be detrimental compared to the temporary joy it brings. Healing crystals can be used as a holistic tool when deciding to break your addiction. 

Crystal healing has deep and ancient roots in multiple cultures, where humans used crystals to connect to the Earth. Cultures like the Chinese, Hindus, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians relied on crystals to play a role in their lives ranging from spiritual to practical uses. 

Crystals are natural objects that are made from minerals, and sometimes a combination of minerals. The methodology behind healing crystals is that the specific stone carries a vibration. Crystals such as quartz are even able to generate electricity, hence it is used in applications such as watches as it keeps a constant frequency. It is suggested  that crystals can help us create energy within our own bodies, which helps restore balance in our lives.    

Most crystals have properties that help people who are seeking to recover from all types of addictions. For example, ruby is thought to be even more energizing than carnelian as it stimulates self-awareness and clarity which helps in the process of recovering from an addiction. It is also used to promote physical recovery which makes it the perfect crystal to use at the start of the recovery process. 


Another good stone is amber, which is not really a crystal but fossilized tree resin. It is also known for its positive energy and can help draw feelings of fulfilment, accomplishment and satisfaction within oneself.


Healing Crystals for Addiction

Healing Crystals for Smoking Addiction

People who become addicted to smoking do not see their addiction as a big deal, but smoking is extremely toxic for the body and can lead to fatal results such as lung cancer or even death.

The following crystals can replace the use of tobacco and smoking as a means to alleviate stress. 

Black onyx is a good stone as it provides supportive energy that helps deal with withdrawal symptoms and thereby  facilitates the process of recovery. The user of this crystal will also experience calming effects as this stone will centre and ground them, which will in turn have a balancing effect on the body. 

black onyx

Another good stone is the aquatic agate. This stone  puts a stop to self-harming behaviours such as smoking and other addictions. It is able to go to the root of the underlying causes of a smoking addiction and resolve repressed traumas which may have led to this habit. 

aquatic agate

Lastly, there is snowflake obsidian which calms the user from the inside and can thereby help stop tobacco cravings as well. It instils powerful rejuvenation in the cells of the user and can therefore relieve the user’s stress, dampen the urge for nicotine and reveal the truth behind smoking. 

snowflake obsidian

Healing Crystals for Drug Addiction

People who indulge in drugs are those who become obsessed with the feelings of euphoria and energy that the drug produces in the body. Good gemstones for drug addiction include the following.

For starters, a good crystal to overcome a drug addiction is selenite, which is a crystallized form of mineral gypsum. This stone not only provides calm to the user but also helps to cleanse the body and environment of negative energies. This stone provides a good influence by promoting harmony during a difficult time, which can improve strained relationships with family and friends. 


Another helpful stone is aventurine, also known as the ‘fairy stone’. It helps promote different opportunities of success for the user. Since drug users are trying to break bad habits and change their life, this stone can promote the creation of opportunities which can offer a chance at a new lifestyle. 


Lastly, one can try using lepidolite, as it promotes hope which is vital when one is trying to break free from a drug addiction. It is said to help stabilize emotions, enhance the ability to accept oneself and impart tranquillity, which are all vital in the stages of drug recovery. 


Healing Crystals for Food Addiction

When it comes to eating food, it can be difficult to know when to stop. This is because when you are addicted to food you often feel like you are filling a void that will never end. 

The best stones to tackle overeating are apatite and citrine, which are both really helpful at controlling appetite and the urge to overindulge. Citrine is a powerful stone that can also help in weight-loss.


Black obsidian is also good for overcoming sugar addiction (which is also a food addiction) as well as carnelian, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

black obsidian

Lastly, gemstones like amber can have a big difference when it comes to eating healthier food and losing weight.

Healing Crystals for Shopping Addiction

When it comes to having a shopping addiction, it becomes a pattern. First, one experiences emotional distress and ends up buying something to soothe their negative feelings, which ends up becoming a pattern. Furthermore, people often develop shopping habits from feeling as though they do not have enough in their lives.

A good stone to release unwanted patterns is hematite. Looking at this stone can remind you of the reasons you wanted to quit your addiction in the first place and help you continue on your journey. 


Other suitable stones are  the golden tiger eye and sunstone, as both of these stones increase happiness, satisfaction, encourage positive behaviour and increase the user’s confidence. 

tiger eye

Lastly, it would be helpful to carry a stone which increases prosperity, and citrine stone is a great example for that.   

Best Crystals for Addiction

Amethyst for Addiction

This is known as the stone of sobriety, as it is exceptional when it comes to dealing with an alcohol addiction. It literally translates to a Greek word which means ‘not drunk’. This rich, purple stone helps one to resist the urge to drink by increasing their willpower. It can also be used as a detoxifying agent when alcohol consumption has stopped, as it can help the user physically heal faster. 

It aids in addiction by alleviating the withdrawal symptoms, as it weakens pain on a physical, psychological and emotional level. It is known for clearing negative energy and instils the wisdom needed to overcome any negative thought patterns.


Carnelian for Addiction

This is another stone of sobriety which motivates the user and also enhances endurance. It allows the user to make better decisions, which is perfect when it comes to addiction as the user needs to be motivated not to carry on destroying their life. This gives the user the power to break off bad habits and start the day on a good first step. 

This stone is very good at curing marijuana addictions, as it inspires the user to live their lives to the fullest, which is what someone who is trying to stop smoking marijuana would want due to their low mood and lack of energy. 


Lepidolite for Addiction

This stone helps best when the user is recovering from a heroin addiction. It stimulates the brain’s pain centres which ends up alleviating the mood swings and addiction. It’s a stone of transition that helps release and recognize negative behavioural patterns that are detrimental to the user and replaces them with positive changes. This stone promotes self-love, patience and optimism. It helps with stabilizing mood swings, which often come with stopping an addiction, and it can also help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. 


How to Use Crystals for Addiction

Crystal Grid for Addiction

In order to set up a crystal grid specifically designed to overcome addiction, you will need several stones. However, it is possible for you to use any of your own stones which you feel called to use. When overcoming addiction, you need to make sure your crystals help with addiction, courage, love and protection. 

Here is a guide of the best crystals for overcoming addiction which you can use in your grid:

  • For addiction: amethyst or amber – however, you can use the crystals listed above for your specific addiction 
  • For protection: black tourmaline or black onyx
  • For courage: citrine 
  • For love and forgiveness: rose quartz
  • For balance in moods: lepidolite
  • To absorb negative energy: smoky quartz

In order to set up your grid, you will need a pyramid or obelisk-shaped crystal, such as rose quartz, for the centre of the grid. The next thing that you will do is place the other stones around the centre stone. Underneath your centre stone you will place a picture of the person for whom you are praying; this could be a picture of yourself, as well as an affirmation in present tense affirming what you wish to achieve. 

crystal grid

Chakra Bracelet for Addiction 

A chakra bracelet is a bracelet worn around the wrist that works with positive energy. It is believed that these bracelets should be worn on your left hand as this is believed to be the feminine side of the body which is open to receiving. 

Chakra bracelets usually have the following healing stones for addiction: 

  • Lava rock and black tourmaline in order to get rid of negative energy 
  • Amethyst, which reduces stress and balances emotions 
  • Red tiger’s eye, which boosts confidence 
  • Rose quartz, which offers self-love to the user 
  • Prehnite, which gives you a better sense of intuition 
  • Sunstone, which allows you to make wishes and experience fulfilled needs and desires 

When all of these stones are placed together on one bracelet, it is known as a 7 chakra healing bracelet. Such a bracelet will have a number of benefits for the user if they believe that the bracelet will indeed help them.

When wearing the bracelet, one may feel a sense of calmness run throughout their body, which can further be increased through meditation. However, you must be warned that this bracelet does not give you supernatural powers but rather puts you in a peaceful state of mind. 

Chakra bracelets are worn to increase positive energy by creating a utopia in one’s mind that puts them in an optimistic mood. Furthermore, there is a belief that the 7 chakra bracelet connects to the seven chakras in the body and helps in adding to the life force in your body. 

Therefore, when it comes to addiction, the 7 chakra bracelet can balance the user’s chakras which will end up making them feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. The crystals used in the bracelet are the crystals which aid in recovery and help maintain sobriety and encourage inner peace. 

chakra bracelets


Healing crystals may come in different sizes, colors and stone types – but the one thing that they all have in common is that they can help you tap into positive and healthy energy in order to help support yourself through your recovery, whatever the addiction you may be facing. However, crystals are merely a tool to recovery and most of the hard work should come from within. 

At the end of the day, you will not only need crystals to heal yourself, but also the support of family and friends, a grounding faith and the desire to surrender your will and your addictions. The best addiction treatment will be a combination of all these things in order to kill the addiction at the root, preventing a situation where one may relapse. 

For those who are dealing with an addict, remember that the addict needs to be the one who wants to change. They need to reach a point of rock bottom where they want to change their own life. However, you can help by supporting them and educating them about ways to help get past their addiction, including techniques such as using healing crystals. You can also use crystals to help support yourself through the journey of having to deal with an addict, as it is often a harder job caring for an addict than being the addict themselves. 

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