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Aegirine: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Aegirine: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

In this article we reveal everything you need to know about aegirine, including its meaning, properties and benefits. Let's get started!


In this piece, we will be exploring the history, metaphysical properties, uses and more on a beautiful crystal by the name of aegirine. On the rarer side, this crystal is sometimes found alongside other minerals and crystals which, in conjunction with aegirine, is trusted all around the globe to have various positive and sustainable effects on one's physical body, emotional wellbeing and mental clarity. Keep reading to find out more about this crystal — you just may want to if you would like to introduce balance into your life!

In this article we will discuss the following:

  • The Meaning of Aegirine
    • Aegirine Pronunciation
    • What is Aegirine Used for?
    • Is Aegirine Rare?
    • Where is Aegirine Found?
  • Aegirine Properties
    • Aegirine Metaphysical Properties
    • Aegirine Healing Properties
    • Aegirine Chakra
  • Aegirine vs Black Tourmaline
  • Aegirine Crystal Benefits
  • Aegirine Colors
    • Purple Aegirine
  • Aegirine Uses
    • Aegirine Orthoclase Sphere
    • Aegirine Beads
  • Aegirine Jewelry
    • Aegirine Necklace
    • Aegirine Pendant
    • Aegirine Ring
    • Aegirine Crystal Bracelet
  • How to Cleanse Aegirine
  • Aegirine for Sale
    • Aegirine Price
    • Aegirine on Etsy

The Meaning of Aegirine

Aegirine or acmite, as it is sometimes referred to, is a sodium iron silicate mineral commonly formed in alkali-rich volcanic rock. It may often be mistaken for black tourmaline, but rest assured, it is a very different crystal — slightly rarer, finding its strength in different energies and under direct sunlight, you’ll see the difference in color.

black jagged raw crystal white background

Aegirine Pronunciation

Aegirine (ˈiːdʒɪˌriːn) seems to be pronounced very differently all across the internet from what we could gather, the “ae-“ is either pronounced as a flatter ‘ee’ sound or a rounder ‘ay’ sound, whereas the ‘g’ is sometimes pronounced softly, similar to a ‘j’ sound, and other times pronounced as a hard ‘g’. This results in, phonetically, either ‘ay-je-reen’, ‘ee-guh-reen’, ‘ay-guh-reen’ or ‘ee-je-reen’. Pronunciation is important but it seems that any expert should understand and accept either pronunciation for this rarer stone. This is because of the simple fact that the way this crystal is pronounced varies across world’s languages and dialects.

What is Aegirine Used for?

This beautiful crystal has many purposes; it is well known as one of the noblest, strongest stones and one of the minerals that make up the nebula stone. The qualities aegirine possesses, from being good for the heart to assisting with self-esteem to repairing nerve damage and healing properties on a metabolic level, this crystal is often used to balance the energy frequencies in one's physical body.

Is Aegirine Rare?

Yes, as mentioned above under aegirine crystal meaning, it is quite rare as far as finding crystals easily is concerned, however sometimes you might have some aegirine in your possession already without even knowing it! Black specks found in charoite are actually aegirine specks and these two stones combined create a perfect balance of energies for meditation, communication, and healing.

Where is Aegirine Found?

Aegirine was discovered in 1835 in Norway and got its name from Ægir, the Scandinavian god of the sea. It can be found in Russia, Canada, South Africa and the USA. As we mentioned before, it is a sodium iron silicate mineral commonly formed in alkali-rich volcanic rock.

Aegirine Properties

Aegirine’s chemical formula is NaFeSi2O6 and this proved that acmite and aegirine were actually one and the same. The word acmite came from the Greek ἀκμή "point, edge”, in reference to the typical pointed crystals found in aegirine. Its Mohs hardness varies from 5 to 6, and its specific gravity is between 3.2 and 3.4.

hand holding black gold jagged raw crystal

Aegirine Metaphysical Properties

The aegirine gemstone works on three different levels with humans - the physical, emotional and spiritual self. It has been known to create a protective barrier with powerful defenses against negative energy. This aids in warding off the various kinds of emotional, psychic and physical attacks the bearer of this crystal might face. Wearing it (in jewelry form) stimulates joy and happiness, working powerfully to combat stress, anxiety, depression and destroying negative thought patterns.

Aegirine Healing Properties

If you suffer from any physical pain or ailments, the aegirine mineral can be very useful to help heal your physical body. It is specifically used for metabolic system improvements as well as muscles and nerve damage repair. Overall it boosts the body’s immune system and other healing systems. If you are sensitive to low frequency vibrations from cell phone towers or the internet (to name a few), this electro-magnetic frequency protection crystal can help to restore your energetic balance.

Aegirine Chakra

The chakra that an aegirine gemstone targets is the root or base chakra. The base chakra is the root of all spiritual and physical energy in the body and when this is unbalanced it leads to fatigue and lack of motivation or zest for life, you may feel this manifesting as a need to be constantly stimulated by external sources. Balancing and re-aligning your root chakra leads to strong leadership and individuality. 

Aegirine vs Black Tourmaline

These two crystals are often mistaken for one another due to their dark color. Aegirine is however a much more powerful crystal than black tourmaline, as it redirects negative energy away from itself whilst simultaneously spreading light in the environment that it is in. Black tourmaline on the other hand soaks up any negative energy which exists around it and uses that energy to be able to spread light. When in the company of someone carrying a lot of negative baggage with them, you are more protected by aegirine than black tourmaline.

Aegirine Crystal Benefits

The aegirine stone is powerful and it therefore has quite a few benefits, however we would like to highlight the two main benefits of this crystal. Firstly, it is powerful in promoting a strong sense of self worth. Some people battle with finding a balance between being individualistic but still fitting in and connecting to society, this crystal aids in finding that sweet spot in the ebb and flow of energies. Secondly, it is great at removing negative energies and preventing the intrusion of negativity into your body. Use this crystal to regain your power and free yourself from negative thought patterns that have been rooted deeply in your soul.

Aegirine Colors

To the naked eye, aegirine looks black, however it is most commonly found as a dark green specimen. The purer the color and more translucent the color is, the more likely it is to be cut into a gem. It also occurs in variations of black, brown, dark green and a reddish black.

Purple Aegirine

slab of purple raw crystal rock

There is no such thing as purple aegirine, however there is a special crystal that grows alongside and in between aegirine only. Together they form a beautiful artistic pattern of black and purple swirls. This crystal is known as charoite or sugilite and the blend of these two crystals was first found in South Africa.

Aegirine Uses

Aegirine has many uses, apart from being aesthetically pleasing and often being used as an ornament in the home or as a statement jewelry piece it is also used to protect humans from negative energy, building self-confidence, re-aligning the root chakra and for clearing and cleansing a person’s aura.

Aegirine Orthoclase Sphere

Aegirine often grows in-between orthoclase, which is a feldspar mineral and is often found in granite rocks. When these two crystals form an inter-growth it creates a beautiful sand color with sharp shards of black (from the aegirine) in between and it is quite rare to find these together. A polished sphere of this inter-growth makes for a beautiful ornament for the home.

Aegirine Beads

Aegirine can be cut and polished into small round beads, each bead will look slightly different from the next due to the slight color variations in the crystal, some being slightly green and some more brown when looked at in the sunlight. Perfect for a bracelet!

Aegirine Jewelry

Wearing aegirine on your person in jewelry form does not only add a lovely touch to your style, but allows you to reap the full benefits of this crystal wherever you go. These benefits include physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

Aegirine Necklace

There are various ways in which aegirine can be incorporated into a necklace, ranging from beads and polished pendants to uncut versions of the crystal. Crystal inter-growth, such as sugilite and aegirine mentioned earlier, is particularly beautiful due to the patterns and color variations and make for a great polished pendant for a necklace.

hand holding three beaded chain necklace with black crystal pendant

Aegirine Pendant

An aegirine pendant can help one to align one's energies from head to toe, allowing you to make the most of the energy that is stored in various parts of the body and mind. The dark shards of an uncut and unpolished pendant give it a bold and mysterious look, making it perfect for a statement jewelry piece.

Aegirine Ring

Holding aegirine in your hand (or near your hand) has specific healing powers, which includes eliminating negative energy from the aura of people that you come into close contact with. This can protect you from absorbing these negative energies into yourself, making it perfect to be worn in ring form. 

Aegirine Crystal Bracelet

When wearing an aegirine crystal bracelet, it is important to take note of which hand you wear it on. Your left hand is the receiving hand (Yin) and your right is the giving hand (Yang). As you might have gathered, aegirine is a powerful crystal in aiding in the removal of negative energies and we would therefore advise that you wear it on your right hand.

How to Cleanse Aegirine

Cleansing aegirine involves submerging it in a bowl of water and sea salt for around 20 minutes, the water acts as a physical and energetic cleanser. Afterwards it should be placed in direct sunlight for approximately one hour, the sun’s energy will recharge the crystal.

Aegirine for Sale

Aegirine is most commonly sold as wands, which are long shards of this crystal. It is also found in various shapes and sizes in jewelry, as mentioned previously. This misspelling of this crystal is also very common, so if you see ‘aegerine’, then the person selling it is probably talking about aegirine.

Aegirine Price

The price of aegirine varies quite drastically, this is due to color and purity of the stone for sale.

The average price for a palm sized wand of aegirine is around $15-$20. On the other hand for example a 46.8 ct (50 x 45 x 20 mm) aegirine retails for $285.

Aegirine on Etsy

If you want to buy aegirine, it is very easy to get your hands on your very own aegirine crystal or jewelry item on Etsy! Most of the retailers ship worldwide, from what we have gathered. Just make sure to read reviews first to make sure that other customers are satisfied with their purchase and that their crystal arrived in a safe and secure parcel, ensuring that it cannot break en route to you. 


After joining us on this journey, and finding out all about the mystical benefits and undeniably visually striking aesthetic of aegirine, did it help you to decide if this is the right stone for you? If you are searching for harmony and clarity in your interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal personal thought processes; if you are simply in need of some assistance quitting a bad habit; or if you just feel a little low on self-esteem — be sure to keep an eye out for aegirine when shopping for your next crystals, we say this one really is a gem.

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