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Rose Quartz Crystals: Complete Guide

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In this article, we reveal the secrets of rose quartz, including why you need it in your life and how to use it. Let's get started!


When it comes to love, there are no crystals quite as experienced in the field as rose quartz. Truth be told, there is a lot more than meets the eye with this particular stone — read on and we’ll tell you everything.  

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Rose Quartz Properties
    • Other Names for Rose Quartz
    • Rose Quartz Color
    • Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties
    • Rose Quartz Healing Properties
    • What is Rose Quartz Used for?
  • Rose Quartz Meaning
    • What Does Rose Quartz Represent?
    • Rose Quartz Birthstone
  • How to Charge Rose Quartz
  • Rose Quartz Jewelry
    • Rose Quartz Ring
    • Rose Quartz Necklace
    • Rose Quartz Earrings
    • Rose Quartz Bracelet
    • Rose Quartz Necklace Pendant
  • Rose Quartz Value
  • Where is Rose Quartz Found?
  • Rose Quartz Rollers
    • Rose Quartz Roller Benefits
  • Rose Quartz Geodes
  • Conclusion

Rose Quartz Properties

Rose quartz’ reputation precedes itself, as much of the world spends their time overanalyzing the subject of love: how to find it, how to keep it, or even how to feel it toward oneself. Any object that promises help in this regard is generally taken very seriously, even by those who would usually be considered skeptics of the metaphysical. 

The properties of rose quartz are vast, and can be broken up into both physical and nonphysical. Working with a rose quartz stone can do more for you than probably initially expected; many begin their journey with love in mind, but by the end find that they have gained so much more. 

A rose quartz crystal is a tool for all who are open to its guidance and frequency. You need nothing more than a hopeful nature and willing heart. Let’s begin… 

Other Names for Rose Quartz

As William Shakespeare so eloquently put it: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. This applies to our friend rose quartz, as it has adopted a number of different names due to its presence in places around the world. 

In the United States, it is not uncommon for rose quartz to be referred to as bohemian ruby. Throughout history, rubies have always been a considerably unaffordable gemstone, available only to the elite in society. Rose quartz, in the right shade, can resemble lighter rubies and was thus playfully named the ruby of the Bohemians, a community notorious for having little means but a flair for shiny goods. 

Some also refer to rose quartz as hyaline quartz. There are also references occasionally made to pink quartz, as well as the very innocent “love stone”. 

Rose Quartz Color

smooth and jagged white and pink crystal rocks

Rose quartz typically manifests as a brilliant shade of pink: the kind of pink found at children’s birthday parties, and on barbie dolls. 

The brightness of this color depends largely on the specific quartz deposit in question, and there are occasions where the stone manifests itself in a much lighter shade, and may even appear almost white in some lights. 

The darkest forms of rose quartz are never dark enough to appear red or magenta. At most, one may find a medium shade of pink. Generally, all of the rose quartz you will encounter in the modern market will be the very even and “pretty” pink we’ve come to expect from the stone. 

Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties

The most important of the rose quartz benefits is that of finding, keeping or amplifying love in all areas of one’s life. It’s this that so many seek from the stone, and the frequencies of its crystalline formation have perfected the art of working with the human love experience. 

Rose quartz will delve deep into your psyche and start with your perception of self worth. There is no form of external love in the world that can correct this kind of internal imbalance, and one cannot attract genuine love until this imbalance is corrected. It’s a tit for tat kind of situation. 

Then, there is an attraction process that takes place. That which we are seeing is always seeking us, and rose quartz knows this. It magnifies the energy of the heart and, in the process, our deepest desires are brought to fruition. 

You’ll likely find your levels of empathy are increased when working with this gentle stone: not only towards other people, but toward yourself as well. Your self-esteem and perception will never be the same, and you’ll be better for it. 

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

There are some physical healing qualities of rose quartz that users should be aware of. When there has been a heartbreak, or immense grief, rose quartz will work to remedy and heal all of the pain that has occurred so that the user may move forward. 

There is unfathomable support offered to the heart chakra by this specific stone, making seemingly impossible healing suddenly a possibility. Any betrayal you have experienced, or areas where you hold un-forgiveness, will be addressed and resolved so that your soul is no longer being held back by the trauma. 

One’s entire frequency will be cleansed and recharged over the course of working with rose quartz. The focus is on emotional pain, and pulling it from the cells of the body. In the process, all of your love woes will likely be resolved, existing relationships strengthened and your perception of self totally altered. 

Rose quartz may also promote better circulation in the skin of the user, bringing further benefit to the physical body. There are cultures throughout history who used this stone to bring fertility to their people, as the gentle energy was thought to prompt childbearing. 

What is Rose Quartz Used for?

To put it quite simply, rose quartz is used for unconditional love in all respects. There is nothing we can’t do, be or attract when coming from the unconditional love frequency, and this is one of the most important benefits of rose quartz. 

If it has not yet been directly experienced, unconditional love is something we all need to experience in our Earth-based lifetime: if not in this one, we’ll keep reincarnating until we do. It makes sense to seek the experience now while you have the chance, and whilst these vibrational tools are so freely available to help you do so. 

Rose Quartz Meaning

Worldwide, the pink quartz meaning is that of universal love and loving abundance. These crystals have been present for quite a significant portion of our recorded history, and were likely relevant even before that. 

In 7000BC, there existed a land known as Mesopotamia, which today is Iraq. There is evidence to suggest that rose quartz beads had meaning and value to the people of this land, and were used quite religiously in everyday healing. 

Later on, between 800-600BC, the Assyrians began to craft rose quartz jewelry for use amongst the populations, and this trend influenced the Ancient Romans to do the same. 

What Does Rose Quartz Represent?

Today, the general rose quartz crystal meaning is slightly varied depending on where in the world the stone is being used. 

Some see rose quartz as the ultimate representation of universal love and wellbeing, whilst others see this stone as a representation of more innocent love, such as friendship.

A lot of people choose to gift their platonic friends rose quartz as it is a non-romantic stone, as opposed to the more fiery red gemstones intended for passionate love and spouse-energy. 

piece of pink crystal rock placed on a deck of tarot cards

For many, rose quartz is merely a representation of inner peace and heart-centeredness. A lot of people automatically associate rose quartz with the heart chakra, because it is assumed that this is where all things love originate. 

While rose quartz does work closely with the heart, this chakra is actually not its main energetic connection. Rather, rose quartz is linked to the root chakra, where it seeks to cleanse us from the base upward, so that we might enjoy better connection to our physical experience. 

There are large communities involved in energetic healing that believe rose quartz to have been sent as a tool purely for physical healing. Rejuvenation of the physical body is possible with rose quartz, and those who dedicate time and energy into this practice reap quite remarkable results. 

Rose Quartz Birthstone

Rose quartz is the birthstone for all those born in the month of January. It’s a wonderful crystal to gift to any child born in this month, or those who celebrate existing birthdays during this time. 

The frequencies of those born in the January zodiac are synced to that of the rose quartz crystalline structure, and they will find gaining benefit from these stones somewhat second nature. 

How to Charge Rose Quartz

When learning how to use rose quartz, you’ll also have to become familiar with how to cleanse and recharge your stone. Only through this process will you keep the stone in its optimal state of functioning, and in perfect harmony with your personal frequency. 

Luckily, most forms of quartz crystal are compatible with water, unlike some crystals that dissolve on contact. Rose quartz is safe to use in water, and water-cleansing techniques are recommended though not imperative. 

Use any of the following methods to cleanse and recharge your rose quartz crystal:

  • Hold rose quartz under running water for a minimum of one minute. 
  • On the night of the full moon, leave your rose quartz outside and retrieve it the following morning. Rose quartz loves the gentle, feminine lunar energy. 
  • Create a saltwater solution and submerge your rose quartz in it for up to 24 hours. 
  • Burn sacred incense or herbs over your rose quartz, using prayer to set the intention for recharge. 
  • Bury your rose quartz outside in your garden, and retrieve the stones only after 48 hours. 

pair dangling earrings placed on top of a pink unpolished crystal rock

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose Quartz Ring

Working with rose quartz is a slow and steady process; this is not a crystal that brings tremendous change overnight, but rather it works with the root causes of disarray so that they can be permanently rectified for future benefit. 

Wearing this crystal as jewelry is a wonderful way of incorporating it into the majority of your existence, allowing it to tend to the frequencies most in need of readjustment. A rose quartz ring offers a user a very subtle benefit, but it’s a worthwhile companionship nonetheless. 

A rose quartz ring is considered the ultimate token of friendship. It’s a platonic symbol that can be gifted to your loved ones year round. 

Rose Quartz Necklace

If you’re partial to keeping your gemstones closer to your heart chakra, then a rose quartz necklace is one way of doing so day in and day out. Since rose quartz is so closely involved in work on the heart, wearing a necklace containing the stone invites valuable work to be done even while you are not intending for that to happen. 

This is a popular item to gift to people born during the month of January, as rose quartz necklaces are quite easy to find. Since this is quite a durable form of quartz that can be safely used in water, users don’t have to remember to take their rose quartz off every time they shower or swim, which makes it one of the more appealing gemstones to wear as jewelry. 

Rose Quartz Earrings

There is something quite powerful about placing two identical crystals on either side of the head. This is a meridian zone, and where important energetic healing takes place. Earrings containing rose quartz will offer the healing properties of the stone to these specific meridians throughout the time of wear, and there will be tangible benefit to your crown and third eye chakras. 

It depends on the size of the stone, but usually rose quartz earrings offer gentle healing and very subtle frequencies. It’s rare to feel overwhelmed by too much contact with rose quartz, as is possible with some more potent stones, such as moldavite or azeztulite.  

Rose Quartz Bracelet

gold necklace with six round smooth pink stones pendant

Another fantastic form of crystal jewelry is that of the rose quartz bracelet. Though not a meridian point per say, the wrist is still an important energetic hub for the human body, and there is much benefit in wearing crystals right up against the skin. 

The wrists offer direct energetic paths into the bloodstream, so anyone who is seeking the physical healing benefits of rose quartz should opt for this form of wear. From here, the stone can make contact with your blood and cells, offering revitalization from the outside in. 

Rose Quartz Necklace Pendant

It can be useful to invest in a rose quartz necklace with a removable pendant. This allows for the stone to be in use even when the necklace is not being worn; crystal pendants have a multitude of alternate uses. 

Suspending crystal pendants from one’s car rear view mirror is one way of keeping the frequency of the stone around you more often than not. Similarly, crystal pendants can be used as pendulum stones, allowing you to ask direct questions to the rose quartz and for it to answer back (when suspended and used correctly). 

Rose Quartz Value

Like amethyst, rose quartz is one of the most abundant stones to Planet Earth, which is good news for anyone looking to invest in a piece of this crystal. The ease of availability drives the cost of this stone right down, and one should ideally never be paying more than around $10 for a decent sized piece of rose quartz. 

Often, retailers actually offer a bulk deal on rose quartz, because the stone is so freely available. It’s not unlikely to find a bag of palm-sized rose quartz being sold for around $12. 

A common trend is for people to place different sized rose quartz stones in their garden or pot plants. This way, the loving vibrations of the stones filter out into nature, and thus protect the home at large. 

Naturally, rose quartz jewelry may be slightly higher in price as there is creative labor involved in its making. Usually, you’ll be paying for the gold or silver holding the stone, not so much for the stone itself. 

Where is Rose Quartz Found?

Also like amethyst, there are rose quartz deposits found in most countries around the world. These deposits are usually easily accessible, and are wonderfully abundant once opened so that excavation can begin. 

Most of the rose quartz that is in circulation today is sourced in Brazil, Madagascar, India and South Africa. There are also reliable deposits across Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Namibia (many forms of quartz are found here). 

As mentioned earlier, Mesopotamia was the location of one of the earliest known deposits of rose quartz during the ancient times. There is also evidence that suggests the Ancient Egyptians had access to a source of rose quartz for their own use. 

Rose Quartz Rollers

vitamin c serum bottle pink gua sha jade roller and crystal rocks

There are ancient Chinese skincare techniques that have recently come full circle, offering new beauty trends to the contemporary market. Jade rolling and the art of gua sha is one of them, which is performed with the intention of promoting circulation under the skin so that a rejuvenation process can take place. 

Jade rollers were first on the scene, thanks to the naturally cool properties of this stone. Not long after, rose quartz rollers were found to do the same job, and offered a longer-lasting coolness as well as better benefits when it comes to smoothing wrinkles. 

Rose quartz rollers look like razors, and feature smooth cylindrical pieces of the stone at each end. They glide over the skin with ease once a serum is applied, and are intended for daily use in order to gain maximum benefit. 

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

As mentioned, the major benefit of a rose quartz roller is how naturally cool the stones are able to stay, even as the temperature of the skin seeks to warm them up. What this means is that you’ll get longer-lasting anti-inflammatory effects, helping the skin to release any puffiness that may have set in overnight. 

Rose quartz rollers can also be used to banish the bags under one’s eyes, if any, as well as promote cellular restoration in the process. Over time, there will be a noticeable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, as the cells and collagen have had the chance to replenish. 

Sensitive skin tends to work well with rose quartz, due to the very gentle and balancing effect that the crystals have on the body. If you are highly reactive to most beauty products, rose quartz can help them to enter the pores in a manner that is less shocking to the body, resulting in less redness/reactivity. 

Rose quartz rollers are naturally harder than jade ones, so if you accidentally drop your tool there is less risk of it cracking or shattering. 

Rose Quartz Geodes

raw pink geode crystal close up view white background

One of the most beautiful forms of any crystal is that of its most natural form. Raw rose quartz, in its natural habitat, forms on the inside of what are known as geodes. 

Geodes are essentially giant hollow rocks, also known as cavities, that offer the perfect internal environments for crystal formation to take place. Quartz is partial to these environments and, after thousands of years, one can break open the cavity and reveal the geode within. 

Rose quartz geodes have seen much popularity in recent years thanks to an internet trend that involved decorating cakes to look like exposed geodes. They are now sought after home objects and, due to the affordability of rose quartz, are generally pretty affordable. Geodes can retail for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the specific crystal, and luckily the beautiful rose quartz is the most financially accessible form. 


When it comes to home, personal and energetic use, rose quartz is one of the most versatile and easy-to-work-with stones, especially for beginners. We like to encourage our readers to always have a piece of this particular stone on hand, whether it be for current work or as a preventative measure for whatever life may offer in the future. 

Grief, heartbreak and general lows are unavoidable experiences by all who live the Earthly experience, so having a crystal nearby that understands these energies can help soften the blow for future woes. 

There is great power in pink ray energy; let rose quartz show you the way. 

If you are interested in incorporating rose quartz into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of rose quartz. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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