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Fluorite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

raw fluorite rock close up view showing detail with greenish color

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about fluorite, including its meaning, benefits and properties. Let's get started!


Fluorite, in its many, many forms, is the epitome of abundance, accessibility and affordability when it comes to crystal healing. We give you the most complete guide on the subject, including a discussion of forms of fluorite you likely never knew existed. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Fluorite Meaning
    • What is Fluorite
  • Fluorite Benefits
  • Where is Fluorite Found
    • Kentucky Fluorite
  • Fluorite Properties
    • Fluorite Healing Properties
    • Fluorite Metaphysical Properties
    • Fluorite Chakra
    • Fluorite Crystal Structure
    • How is Fluorite Formed
    • Is Fluorite Toxic
    • Fluorite vs Amethyst
    • Fluorite vs Fluoride
    • Fluorite in Water
  • Fluorite Colors
    • Rainbow Fluorite
      • Rainbow Fluorite Meaning
      • Rainbow Fluorite Healing Properties
      • Rainbow Fluorite Metaphysical Properties
      • Rainbow Fluorite Benefits
    • Green Fluorite
      • Green Fluorite Meaning
      • Green Fluorite Healing Properties
      • Green Fluorite Metaphysical Properties
        • Green Fluorite Benefits
        • Polished Green Fluorite
      • Purple Fluorite
        • Purple Fluorite Meaning
        • Purple Fluorite Healing Properties
      • Blue Fluorite
        • Dark Blue Fluorite
        • Blue Fluorite Meaning
        • Blue Fluorite Properties
        • Blue Fluorite Octahedron
      • Yellow Fluorite
        • Yellow Fluorite Meaning
        • Yellow Fluorite Healing Properties
      • Black Fluorite
      • Pink Fluorite
      • Red Fluorite
      • White Fluorite
      • Violet Fluorite
      • Clear Fluorite
      • Teal Fluorite
      • Blue Green Fluorite
      • Orange Fluorite
      • Golden Fluorite
      • Green Purple Fluorite
      • Brown Fluorite
    • Types of Fluorite
      • Raw Fluorite
      • Tumbled Fluorite
      • Banded Fluorite
      • Natural Fluorite
      • Alien Eye Fluorite
      • Phantom Fluorite
      • Fluorite Geode
      • Chinese Fluorite
      • Botryoidal Fluorite
      • Faceted Fluorite
    • Fluorite Uses in Everyday Life
      • Fluorite Cube
      • Fluorite Sphere 
      • Fluorite Dice
      • Fluorite Obelisk
      • Fluorite Wand
      • Fluorite Pyramid
      • Fluorite Lamp
    • Fluorite Jewelry
      • Fluorite Necklace
      • Fluorite Ring
      • Fluorite Bracelet
      • Fluorite Beads
      • Fluorite Earrings
      • Fluorite Pendant
    • Fluorite for Sale
      • How Much is Fluorite Worth
    • Fake Fluorite
      • Fake Fluorite from China

         eight pieces of gems shaped in prisms with varying sizes blue and purple color

        Fluorite Meaning

        The official fluorite definition is that of “a mineral consisting of calcium fluoride which typically occurs as cubic crystals, colourless when pure but often coloured by impurities”. This answers the question of whether fluorite a mineral, determining that it very much is. 

        The fluorite luster is considered vitreous, meaning it is a glass-like crystal.

        What is Fluorite 

        Fluorite is also sometimes called fluorspar. What is fluorspar? Aside from being just another name for these crystalline formations, fluorspar is also used in the production of hydrofluoric acid, usually found in refrigerators. 

        This considered, what does fluorite look like? This is a difficult question to answer, considering fluorite is a stone that can occur in just about any color ray energy under the sun, and even with multiple colors in one piece. 

        The shades and tones within a fluorite stone depend heavily on the levels of impurities and inclusions that find their way into the mineral during formation. The possibilities are really endless with these particular crystals. 

        Fluorite Benefits

        When considering what fluorite is used for, and its benefits, one needs to account for both its metaphysical and industrial qualities. Industrially, fluorite is an important stone, and it is commonly used as a flux for smelting. It is also used for the production of certain glasses and enamels.

        As mentioned earlier, fluorite is also a crucial component in the production of hydrofluoric acid. These are incredibly beneficial uses to the world of engineering and industrial evolution; there aren’t many crystals that contribute so significantly to the more tangible areas of modern society. 

        Where is Fluorite Found

        The fluorite locations are as abundant as these stones are to the crystal market. There are virtually no countries on the planet where fluorite does not naturally occur in some shape or form. 

        Specifically, where can you find fluorite? The most abundant deposits exist in South Africa, Russia, North America, China and France. In the Americas, it’s Mexico, Colorado, Missouri and Kentucky that have the most noteworthy fluorite mines. 

        Kentucky Fluorite

        170 years ago, the Hardin and Pope Counties in Kentucky became world-famous due to an unbelievable quantity of fluorite that was pulled from beneath the surface of the earth here. It was exquisite yellow and purple fluorite, with a crystalline structure of sound quality: something that has not been discovered for quite some time. 

        If you’re ever in this area, make time to get your hands on a piece of these stones that are still being pulled from the mines each year. 

        Fluorite Properties

        Fluorite Healing Properties

        Fluorite crystal healing can be broken down into both the physical and the metaphysical. Physically, fluorite healing gives users the gift of becoming utterly stress free, which in turn facilitates the healing of a myriad of different bodily conditions. 

        A highly stressed individual working with a fluorite gem will likely find their mood improving, digestion getting more powerful and their general levels of fatigue lowering. Blood pressure and tension headaches have also been known to become a thing of the past when working with fluorite. 

        Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

        Metaphysically, fluorite is an energetic neutralizer. Negative energy doesn’t stand a chance in the presence of these stones. 

        Fluorite will work to amplify your concentration abilities, as well how effectively you are  able to make decisions. If self-confidence is something you struggle with, this crystal may become an ally. 

        Interestingly, almost all users of fluorite report an improvement in their balance, both physically and emotionally. This is an interesting attribute for athletes who seek stones that can help them with coordination. While there is little hard evidence on how fluorite affects the human center of gravity, there is no doubt that there is benefit to be gained. 

        Fluorite Chakra

        Fluorite stones connect to the third eye and the crown chakras. They are highly metaphysical entities, and seek to guide energy up and out into the ether, rather than ground them into the earth. 

        Any chaotic energies lingering around these energetic hubs will be moved to where they can be better served and released. 

        Fluorite Crystal Structure

        Fluorite hardness is dependent on how and where the stone is formed. Some deposits contain much more durable forms of fluorite than others, owing to the levels of calcium and fluorine at the time of formation. 

        Fluorite has a cubic crystal system. It forms in perfect cubes, embedded within the surrounding rock.

        How is Fluorite Formed

        Fluorite is a late-forming mineral that requires felsic igneous rocks before it can crystallize. This typically happens as a result of hydrothermal activity, though is not necessarily always the cause of formation. 

        On occasion, fluorite can form within limestones, due to the natural hydrothermal activity that occurs with these stones. 

        five pieces of fluorite shaped into prism green in color

        Is Fluorite Toxic

        One of the most interesting fluorite facts is that fluorite can be exceptionally toxic, under certain circumstances. Fluorite contains fluorine, which is a soluble mineral compound that is only dangerous when leached into water, or ground into fine powder that can then be accidentally breathed in. 

        Similarly, should a piece of fluorite land in a coal-fire stove, this would cause a toxic smoke to emerge which would be potentially harmful to any who breathe it in.

        Fluorite vs Amethyst

        Purple fluorite is very often confused with amethyst, due to the uncanny resemblance between the two stones. 

        The easiest way to tell them apart is to take time to examine the crystalline structures of each stone. Fluorite has a very distinct shape accompanied by four planes of cleavage. It is also physically much softer than amethyst. 

        Fluorite vs Fluoride

        Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, with fluoride being the ionic form of fluorine. If fluorite is the crystal form, then fluorine is the gaseous form. Both of these contain fluoride. 

        The human body contains its own levels of natural fluoride, particularly in bones and teeth. 

        Fluorite in Water

        When exploring what fluorspar is used for, steer clear of any misinformation that suggests fluorite be used in conjunction with water. 

        Fluorite is a water-soluble crystal which will dissolve within a few minutes of being submerged in h2o. Consuming this contaminated water can cause skeletal fibrosis, a harsh and painful disease in the human body. 

        In places like India and China, certain crystal mines are not regulated, and fluorite is regularly leached into the water supply of nearby villages, leading to many cases of this condition in the people who live there. 

        Fluorite Colors

        Rainbow Fluorite 

        Rainbow Fluorite Meaning

        It’s not uncommon for fluorite to exhibit more than one color within its formation structure. When this occurs, it’s called rainbow fluorite crystal. 

        Rainbow fluorite may be a combination of blue, purple, green and yellow. The portions of each color are not important, and it is highly unlikely to ever find two pieces of rainbow fluorite that are exactly alike.

        Rainbow Fluorite Healing Properties

        What does fluorite do when in rainbow ray energy? Reduction of stress is tangible when working with rainbow fluorite, as is increased balance and improved physical abilities. In particular, the natural bodily functions perform better and can become less susceptible to disease. 

        Because fluorite contains such a high dose of calcium and fluoride, its frequency is complementary to that of our teeth and bones.

        Rainbow Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

        Fluorite is also an intuition strengthener and emotional balancer. Rainbow fluorite will work to block out any electromagnetic pollution seeking to enter your energetic sphere. 

        There is a protective nature to fluorite energy. It’s different from protection stones such as onyx or obsidian, but it still serves to help the user maintain a sense of security whilst navigating the physical world. 

        Rainbow Fluorite Benefits

        One of the most notable benefits of raw rainbow fluorite is the way in which it works closely with the upper chakras, while never neglecting to energetically balance the lower chakras. 

        In this way, full bodily alignment can be achieved, because the unblocking of the lower chakras is what actually activates the higher ones — not the other way around. This is an important distinction to remember when working with crystal healing of any kind; focus on the lower chakras, and the upper ones will always follow. 

        Green Fluorite

        Green Fluorite Meaning

        When crystals emerge within green ray energy, they take on an entirely different meaning relative to all other forms. Green fluorite crystal is a stone of growth and renewal. 

        It works differently relative to rainbow fluorite in that it connects more to the lower energetic centers, as opposed to the higher, which we will get into shortly. More than this, green fluorite is a distinctly recognizable form of this crystal-type, and one of the most abundant green stones on Earth. 

        Green Fluorite Healing Properties 

        Green fluorite is deeply connected to nature, and will bring the natural order of the universe into every fiber of your being. In the process, your vital nutrients will be stimulated. 

        Arthritis can be addressed with regular work with green fluorite. It also has the potential to heal scars, both emotional as well as physical. If you are experiencing sore throats, stomach ulcers or insomnia (regardless of stress levels), green fluorite can help. 

        Green Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

        Fluorite in green ray energy will automatically connect more to the heart chakra than all other stones. This is where one can make use of fluorite for the purpose of heart-centered healing and the balancing of any pain that may be lingering in the area.

        Green stones are also luck-bringers by nature. This can help in the realm of increased prosperity, attraction of opportunities, and carving out new life paths. 

        Green Fluorite Benefits

        Fluorite in green ray energy is the most beneficial of all the fluorites for the purpose of immune system regeneration. This is a cellular regenerative stone which can be used for the purpose of physical healing in whatever capacity is needed. 

        The connection to the heart chakra is another noteworthy benefit of green fluorite; there aren’t other fluorite forms that can work so closely with this facet of the human experience. 

        Polished Green Fluorite

        Polished stones are always more preferable for “close encounter” kinds of work. They are more comfortable to place on the human body itself, as any sharp edges would have been removed. 

        Polished green fluorite can easily be rolled over the skin and used to stimulate energy in different zones, whereas raw fluorite forms make for better display pieces in the home. 

        raw fluorite rock close up view showing detail with greenish color

        Purple Fluorite

        Purple Fluorite Meaning

        A purple fluorite crystal is the most protective form of fluorite known to the planet, even more so than that of rainbow fluorite. It is thought that a piece of purple fluorite becomes more and more protective the longer it is used, which is likely due to an increased connection between user and stone. 

        Purple Fluorite Healing Properties

        When in purple ray energy, fluorite becomes a dream-stone. It will work quite hard to protect you when in a dream state, defending any negative energies or psychic attacks from making their way into your subconscious. 

        It’s an incredibly radiant entity, and will work toward increasing your light body so that you can move though the world in a far more cohesive manner. 

        Blue Fluorite 

        Dark Blue Fluorite

        Blue is the most uncommon form of the fluorite gemstone, albeit one of the most beautiful. This dark fluorite has a lot of collectors scouring the internet with intent to find a piece large enough for energetic work; if you happen upon one, make it yours to own if the means are available to you!

        Blue Fluorite Meaning

        Fluorite in blue ray energy is an incredibly gentle, patient and trustworthy form of these calcium-rich stones. It’s got a distinctly more subtle and inviting presence, one that resounds in calmness and safety. 

        Blue fluorite is an opportunity for very different work to occur. 

        Blue Fluorite Properties

        If you are seeking to experience life through a more trustworthy point of view, blue fluorite can help. Similarly, if you are in need of acting more responsibly, you’ll find an ally in blue fluorite. 

        You’re likely to develop an increased sense of patience and acceptance for the ways in which life has unfolded. If there are unresolved differences that exist in your life, you’ll be guided to bring these to completion. 

        Blue Fluorite Octahedron

        These devices are used for deep fluorite healing work that seeks to bring about a sense of calm over a user. In sacred geometry, the octahedron is affiliated with the element of air and the heart chakra. 

        Use blue fluorite octahedrons as a way of directing energy for a specific healing purpose. 

        Yellow Fluorite 

        Yellow Fluorite Meaning

        Yellow fluorite is the fluorite form that offers an increased sense of grounding to the user. It’s unique in its abilities, and is one of the more magnetic forms of fluorite due to its sunny disposition. 

        Yellow fluorite is an intuition enhancer. 

        Yellow Fluorite Healing Properties

        There is something undeniably positive about yellow fluorite. Creativity will be amplified, especially in group scenarios, making it a wonderful co-creator for anyone who works in cohabitated spaces. 

        Yellow fluorite stimulates the mind, and will likely amplify psychic abilities and visualizations. Expect a better connection to your personal intellect to emerge, too. 

        Black Fluorite

        Black fluorite is uncommon, and is known as the great astral cleanser. Any trance of negative energy will be lifted and transformed, so that you might gain better connection with your higher self. 

        Pink Fluorite

        Pink, black and colorless fluorite are the three most rare forms of this stone. Like green fluorite, the pink variety of these stones are also concerned with the heart chakra, and general purification of the heart space.

        palm holding six pieces of pink fluorite top view

        It will help you to stay in alignment when life throws curveballs, allowing you to see very clearly how each moment contains love.  

        Red Fluorite

        Red fluorite is one of the most striking of these stones, with a tone like the red of summer cherries. 

        Red stones correlate to the red energy center, so red fluorite will stimulate your root chakra, albeit very gently. They are interesting in that they are not directly grounding, but offer a natural grinding effect simply via the balancing of the center itself. Work with them directly over this area for the best results. 

        White Fluorite

        White fluorite is just a milkier version of clear fluorite, and occurs due to slightly higher levels of certain minerals under the ground. 

        White fluorite offers an angelic energy, and does not need to be worked with in close proximity in order to provide benefits. Merely having this crystal around will allow it to tap into your subconscious mind and dig up and remove the stuff that is not serving you. 

        This is a wonderful crystal piece to have around the house. 

        Violet Fluorite

        Violet fluorite is a name sometimes used interchangeably with purple fluorite. They tend to look like striped crystals with very distinct layers embedded within the crystalline structure. 

        Refer to the aforementioned section on purple fluorite to learn more about the properties of these stones. 

        Clear Fluorite

        Clear or colorless fluorite is not common, and can be very difficult to detect if picked up by the untrained eye. It looks very much like clear quartz, or simply like glass, and thus often goes undetected or mislabeled by retailers. 

        It offers users mental, emotional and physical clarity. Your intuitive and psychic abilities will be naturally brought forward, while your aura can be simultaneously cleansed. 

        Teal Fluorite

        Teal fluorite is a highly sought after stone, and was first found in a fluorite deposit in Belgium. This teal stone embodies everything about flow, which is actually how fluorite originally got its name. The Latin word for flow is “fluo”, as in fluorite. 

        This, too, is an angelic embodiment of the stone, and offers a more gentle, gradual form of energetic work. 

        Blue Green Fluorite

        Sometimes fluorite occurs with an equal amount of both green and blue. It can look like a blended teal, or it can be more distinctly divided between the two colors. 

        These stones hold the properties of both green and blue fluorite, which we have listed above. They are wonderful hybrid stones through which to seek energetic healing work. 

        Orange Fluorite

        Orange fluorite stone looks very much like citrine, though it is rarely pale and always quite rich in color. 

        Fluorite goes orange due to a high presence of manganese ions at the time of formation. Use orange fluorite to work with the sacral chakra, located roughly two inches below the belly button. 

        Golden Fluorite

        Golden fluorite is another way of referring to yellow fluorite. These stones connect to the yellow energy center, or the solar plexus. 

        As noted above, golden fluorite is used to support an increase in creativity, cooperative group work and an overall sense of happiness. Refer to the yellow fluorite section for more information!

        Green Purple Fluorite

        Green and purple fluorite is one of the more common manifestations of rainbow fluorite. It happens when the other color rays are not as prominent, making it look as though only these two colors have manifested themselves in the crystal. 

        See our rainbow fluorite section for the full breakdown of the metaphysical and physical healing properties of rainbow fluorite!

        Brown Fluorite

        Brown fluorite is simply orange fluorite that has not encountered sufficient manganese ions. It holds the same properties as orange fluorite, with slightly more grounding effects. 

        Types of Fluorite

        Raw Fluorite

        A raw fluorite crystal may also be referred to as rough fluorite. These are stones that have not been polished to be more aesthetically appealing, and they may exhibit rough edges or an asymmetrical body. 

        Raw fluorite is generally better for home use, while polished stones tend to be more comfortable for contact with the physical body. 

        Tumbled Fluorite

        When stones are polished and shaped, they have been through the process of tumbling. Tumbling involves placing rough stones into a machine and having them roll around until all sharp, rough edges are gradually erased.

        Tumbled stones fit more comfortably in the palm of the hand, and are thus better for mediation and other close contact work. 

        Banded Fluorite

        Banded fluorite are those forms of fluorite that have multiple colors in one stone. The colors tend to exhibit themselves in stripes, or bands, that layer throughout the stone itself. 

        Rainbow fluorite is an example of banded fluorite. 

        Natural Fluorite

        Natural fluorite rock occurs on all continents, in many different regions. Often, a retailer will declare a stone as “natural” in a description due to the amount of counterfeit crystals that are in circulation. 

        This is not to say that a stone that is not specifically described as “natural” is therefore likely a fake. Using natural as a characteristic is a practice adopted by some sellers, not all. 

        Alien Eye Fluorite

        Alien eye fluorite is one of the most rare and unique forms of fluorite, and it is not easy to get a hold of. 

        The center of the stone is a vivid green, and it usually forms in a perfect cube. Surrounding the cube is a jet black color that works to perfectly frame the cube/diamond in the center. The center of the alien eye is sometimes called octahedral fluorite. 

        It’s one of the most enjoyable crystals to observe with the naked eye. It is considered to be a luck-bringing stone, especially if you are lucky enough to find one in the first place. 

        Phantom Fluorite

        Like the alien eye, phantom fluorite is another unique and wonderfully bewitching crystal. This is known as a “negative crystal”, with regards to how it is formed. 

        pieces of bluish fluorite pebbles top view white background

        Phantom fluorite is a stone with a distinct cube in the middle, surrounded either by fluorite that is either clear or colored in hue. The surrounding crystal may be a blend of different fluorites, in a sort of ombre fashion, or it might be a single solid shade. 

        Fluorite Geode

        Contrary to what you may have read, geodes are not a crystal form of fluorite. The fluorite mineral does not form within a geode cavity; it never has, and probably never will. 

        Geodes are sphere-like rocks that are broken open in order to reveal the crystalline clusters within. They typically occur with amethyst, quartz and kyanite stones. 

        Chinese Fluorite

        A large amount of the world’s fluorite supply comes out of China. Here, deposits are abundant and these stones are continuously mined to cater to the global demand. 

        Fluorite deposits are so common in China, in fact, that the country experiences high cases of poisoning from fluorine having leached into nearby water supplies. 

        Botryoidal Fluorite

        Perhaps the most beautiful fluorite formation to exist, botryoidal fluorite is a lilac colored stone with a soft, bubble-like structure that looks like cotton candy. 

        These can form in geodes, contrary to how fluorite is typically formed. 

        Faceted Fluorite 

        Faceted fluorite are those stones that have been cut and shaped into more structured gems. They feature multi-faceted surfaces, similar to how a stone on the crown jewels would have been shaped. 

        Fluorite Uses in Everyday Life

        Fluorite Cube

        Because fluorite naturally occurs in cubes, it is often cut right out of the rock and sold as is. This is known as cubic fluorite, and might look a lot like a cube of purple, green or blue Turkish delight. 

        Fluorite Sphere 

        Fluorite cubes are very easy to shape into spheres using the tumbling process. They are great for healing work on the body, and for clutching during meditation. 

        A rainbow fluorite sphere is the most common find, followed by purple fluorite and green fluorite. 

        Fluorite Dice

        The natural cube formation of fluorite inspired some enthusiasts to produce dice from these entities. Fluorite dice look exactly like regular dice, and have numbers 1 through 6 on the respective sides. 

        Usually, fluorite dice are hand carved. While they can generally handle quite a hefty impact, fluorite is not particularly known for its hardness, so there is always high risk of cracking or breaking.

        Fluorite Obelisk

        Better described as a fluorite tower, a fluorite obelisk is a freestanding crystal point that has a flat base and holds itself up. 

        Towers are used to direct energy in specific directions, or to absorb the energy of a space through one point and into the crystal body. You are likely to find these being sold with the description of “fluorite generator”. 

        Fluorite Wand

        A fluorite wand is similar to that of the obelisk, however it has fluorite points on both ends, and not a flat edge on one side. 

        Again, these are used for the purpose of directing energy in specific directions, or to detect energetic blockages by running them over the body. 

        diamond shaped gem pieces grouped together in green and purple

        Fluorite Pyramid

        Crystals shaped like pyramids are quite powerful healing tools, as they can be placed directly onto the chosen chakra and will either send energy up and out, or pull energy down and in. 

        Fluorite pyramids are also great collectors items and make for striking display pieces. 

        Fluorite Lamp

        Fluorite is now being made into lamps, and they bear similarities to the Himalayan salt lamps we’ve come to know and love. 

        When crystals are penetrated by light, they emit stronger frequencies. There is great benefit to having a crystal lamp in your home. They can be used to purify, protect or amplify the existing energies of the space. 

        Fluorite Jewelry

        Fluorite Necklace

        One of the best ways to reap the rewards of everyday crystal healing is to wear the stones as jewelry, every day. 

        A fluorite crystal necklace is a great piece for anyone who is seeking heart-centered work from the fluorite stone. Green fluorite would be the best color ray for heart healing purposes, however rainbow fluorite, pink fluorite and even blue fluorite make for worthwhile alternatives. 

        Fluorite Ring

        Fluorite is a gentle enough stone to wear daily, and there are no known side effects bar the potentially devastating outcome should fluorite powder ever be ingested. 

        A fluorite ring is a wonderful way of enjoying consistent contact with the stone, at a much more muted frequency. Crystal rings should be worn during mediation, and they will amplify your practice. 

        Fluorite Bracelet

        Anyone seeking physical healing benefits from fluorite might consider wearing the stone on their wrist as a bracelet. 

        Fluorite Beads

        A lot of glass jewelry is actually made using banded fluorite beads. Similarly, fluorite can be bought relatively inexpensively in bulk when in the form of beads. 

        Crystal beads are made with the offcuts of larger crystals. They are wonderful for DIY purposes and homemade jewelry projects.

        Fluorite Earrings

        Since fluorite is naturally connected to the upper two chakras, wearing it as earrings means they will be in constant communication. 

        As mentioned, fluorite is gentle enough to wear for long periods of time, even in such close proximity to the head. Some people are more sensitive to others, so should you ever feel as though the stones may be draining you, simply take a day off between wears.

        Fluorite Pendant

        A fluorite pendant can be used as a necklace or as a pendulum. Scientifically speaking, fluorite is not necessarily sensitive enough to be used as a reliable pendulum reader, but it can definitely detect energies in areas like the palm and third eye. 

        Hang your fluorite pendant from the rearview mirror of your car for an added element of protection. 

        Fluorite for Sale

        How Much is Fluorite Worth

        When you find a fluorite crystal for sale, take note of the retail price and compare it to the fluorite price chart you can find available online. This will give you a good indication as to the current fluorite value, and whether or not you’re being duped by the retailer in question. 

        This aside, you’re never going to have to fork out much before becoming the proud new owner of a fluorite stone. A palm-sized piece of natural fluorite can be sourced for well under $20, while bulk packs of fluorite beads go for roughly the same amount. 

        Fake Fluorite

        Fake Fluorite from China

        We already touched on the problem of synthetic fluorite that circulates the crystal market. The irony is that while China supplies the most real fluorite to the world, they also supply the most amount of fake fluorite, too. 

        Counterfeit crystal factories are a massive problem in the world, and any crystals that can be replicated using glass and dye, are. Be vigilant, always buy from reputable sources, and when in doubt, do some digging! Retailers who have reviews from past customers are always a good place to start. 


        We hope you have enjoyed this post on fluorite!

        If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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