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Black Tourmaline Crystals: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

3 pieces of black tourmaline gems shapes into prism

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about black tourmaline, including its meaning, properties and how to clean it. Let's get started!


The most dominant of the dark crystals is that of black tourmaline. There isn’t a soul alive who can’t benefit someway, somehow, from working one on one with these specific stones. We’ve got everything you need to know… and we mean everything. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What is Black Tourmaline?
    • Where Does Black Tourmaline Come from?
  • Black Tourmaline Meaning
    • Spiritual Meaning of Black Tourmaline
    • Black Tourmaline Birthstone
  • Black Tourmaline Properties
    • Black Tourmaline Healing Properties
    • Is Black Tourmaline Magnetic?
    • Black Tourmaline Chakra
    • Black Tourmaline Benefits
      • Does Black Tourmaline Really Work?
      • How to Use Black Tourmaline for Protection
    • Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties
    • How to Tell if Black Tourmaline is Real
  • Black Tourmaline vs Other Stones
    • Black Obsidian vs Black Tourmaline
    • Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Together
    • Black Tourmaline with Mica
    • Shungite vs Black Tourmaline
    • Black Tourmaline vs Black Onyx
  • Black Tourmaline Side Effects
  • How to Activate Black Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline Raw vs Polished
    • Raw Black Tourmaline
    • Polished Black Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline Cleansing
    • Does Black Tourmaline Need to be Cleansed?
    • Will Black Tourmaline Dissolve in Water?
    • Charging Black Tourmaline
    • How to Charge Black Tourmaline
    • Programming Black Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline Uses
    • Where to Place Black Tourmaline in the House
    • Black Tourmaline in Bedroom
    • Black Tourmaline Pyramid
    • Black Tourmaline Palm Stone
    • Black Tourmaline Pendulum
    • Black Tourmaline Powder
    • Black Tourmaline Lamp
    • Black Tourmaline Chips
    • Black Tourmaline Wand
  • Black Tourmaline Jewelry
    • Black Tourmaline Bracelet
    • Black Tourmaline Necklace
    • Black Tourmaline Ring
    • Black Tourmaline Pendant
    • Black Tourmaline Beads
    • Black Tourmaline Earrings
  • Black Tourmaline for Sale
    • Where to Buy Black Tourmaline
    • Black Tourmaline Price
    • Fake Black Tourmaline

What is Black Tourmaline?

eleven pieces of tourmaline pebbles close up view

Occasionally called "Schorl black tourmaline", this is a hexagonal crystal derived from aluminum borosilicate. Tourmaline can occur in a range of colors, depending on how much iron, magnesium and other minerals are present at the time of formation, however the most common color is black.  

Where Does Black Tourmaline Come from? 

Black tourmaline crystal is one of few stones that occurs on every continent on the planet. The most significant deposits are situated in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Australia, Pakistan, Africa and the United States.

95% of tourmaline in the world appears in the color black, with the remaining 5% popping up in everything from pink to red, or violet to green. Black tourmaline stone was named “Schorl” shortly after it was found in Saxony, Germany, sometime in the 1400s. 

Though this is the first documented finding of black tourmaline in modern history, it is likely that more ancient civilizations had access to these stones and their powers long before the Western world came to know them. 

Black Tourmaline Meaning

Spiritual Meaning of Black Tourmaline 

It’s difficult to pin down an exact black tourmaline crystal meaning. These stones have a lengthy history, and have represented different things to different communities for longer than most of us can comprehend. 

For a while, black tourmaline was heavily relied upon by ancient magicians. They believed that they were only protected from the spells they were casting if there was black tourmaline present at all times. In many respects, these stones are still revered as such to this day, with a lot of individuals solely seeking protection in varied forms.

An alternate black tourmaline stone meaning is that this crystal is here to facilitate stronger connections between the human spirit and the Earth. 

Black Tourmaline Birthstone 

Natural black tourmaline is the official birthstone for the month of October. This month is shared with another precious stone, opal. 

It’s wise to gift all October babies a piece of black tourmaline, no matter how far along in life they are. These individuals tend to benefit quite a lot from the frequencies of these stones. Wearing tourmaline in unison with opal has also proven to be quite a powerful energetic duo. 

Black tourmaline is also the unofficial stone for the Libra zodiac, even for those individuals who don’t fall under the October calendar. 

Black Tourmaline Properties

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties 

On a physical level, black tourmaline healing is concerned with toxins in the body, and pushing them out so that the individual may once again thrive in their own skin. It is also said to balance the immune system, preventing viruses from taking over when the chakras are weak or compromised. 

Stress and anxiety seem to fall away when black tourmaline is around. This releases a lot of subconscious tension from your organs, allowing them to flow with ease and perform their daily duties in the healthiest manner. 

hand holding tiny piece of black tourmaline line texture close up view

Generally speaking, double terminated black tourmaline is seen to be twice as powerful and effective as regular black tourmaline. 

Is Black Tourmaline Magnetic? 

Black tourmaline has a naturally high concentration of both iron and magnesium. Together, these make the stones slightly magnetic, in a physical sense. 

It is not likely that you will get your crystals to stick to a fridge or other metal objects, but there is the possibility of feeling a slight reaction toward other magnets or attractive surfaces. 

Black Tourmaline Chakra 

Black crystals are associated with the root chakra, also known as the red energy center. They are grounding forces, so they pull the energy of the individual down toward the Earth so that they might feel at peace in their current state of existence. 

For individuals who struggle with that head-in-the-clouds feeling, black stones can be incredibly helpful in anchoring their body and mind to the Earth, and lift lethargy or feelings of existential confusion. 

Due to its powerful energy, black tourmaline can be used to balance and activate all seven chakras when the intention to do so is set.

Black Tourmaline Benefits 

The biggest benefit that comes from black tourmaline is the element of protection. Black tourmaline protection is something that has been sought after for centuries, from people from multiple different walks of life. 

Another benefit is the very subtle, yet very tangible benefits that these stones bring to the human body. They are as much physical healers as they are metaphysical, which isn’t always the case when working with energetically charged stones. 

Those that aren’t able to jump on board with the ‘airy fairy’ nature of crystals still manage to give credit where it’s due. Black tourmaline helps a lot of people with anger management, whether they understand how or not. 

Does Black Tourmaline Really Work? 

It does. This is one crystal that doesn’t need too much faith or blind knowing in order to facilitate growth and work in the necessary areas. 

Even nonbelievers will reap the benefits of black tourmaline simply by being in its presence. They won’t necessarily know how, but they’ll be unable to deny that some things have shifted for the better, though credit to the stone is unlikely. 

For believers and crystal enthusiasts, the potent frequency of these stones can be felt at first encounter. They offer a strong, sure presence; one that comforts the user from day one, laying the appropriate foundation for healing and work to take place. 

How to Use Black Tourmaline for Protection? 

When it comes to protection, black tourmaline works best when it is physically near the individual it needs to protect. 

This is best achieved by wearing black tourmaline as jewelry, or keeping a piece near to your person at all times. You can house a small piece in your pocket, or place one on your desk at work. The more contact you have with these stones, the better. 

Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties 

These crystals are intensely concerned with negative energies: the ones that surround you, attempt to find you, and even those ones that come out of your own thoughts. 

Negative thoughts are essentially banished by black tourmaline, and there is a stillness and clarity that enters into the mind instead. If you struggle with feelings of unworthiness, black tourmaline will banish those, too. 

two pieces of raw unpolished black tourmaline close up view

The human aura is over the moon when it comes into contact with black tourmaline. It is driven back into perfect balance, and any zones of weakness are repaired and strengthened. This is an extremely crucial attribute for the human spirit when working with healing crystals, and often more than one stone is required to complete the job. Black tourmaline gets it done all on its own. 

How to Tell if Black Tourmaline is Real 

We can tell you how to identify black tourmaline, but we encourage you to not be too hard on yourself should you continue to confuse these stones with black onyx or apache tear. 

First, inspect the stone for straight, grooved lines that flow in the same direction. Black tourmaline is a structured stone with very straight formation layers, and these can often be seen with the naked eye. 

If you’re still not convinced, try to scratch the blade of a knife with black tourmaline. The real deal will leave a very clear mark on even the strongest of metals. 

There are some very dark forms of green tourmaline that look black in regular lighting. Hold black tourmaline up to the light of the sun, and inspect the color from here. Usually, a greenish tinge will become apparent. 

Black Tourmaline vs Other Stones

Black Obsidian vs Black Tourmaline 

Black tourmaline and black obsidian look very much alike, and have a lot of similar properties, including their protective nature. Unlike tourmaline, however, black obsidian does need regular cleansing and recharging, and cannot do this on its own. 

Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass, which makes the crystalline structures of these two stones vastly different. Tourmaline forms under the Earth as a result of rock crystallization and mineral interaction, while obsidian requires lava and rapid cooling in order to come into existence. 

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Together 

Black tourmalinated quartz occurs when black tourmaline and clear quartz are fuzed together under the earth. When this happens, a new and improved crystal entity is formed, offering an extensive range of properties to those who happen upon them. 

Black tourmaline quartz is considered to be a lucky charm of sorts, in spite of the fact that most luck bringing stones fall under green ray energy. The addition of the quartz crystal makes the stones more powerful physical healers, as well as allies to spiritual growth. 

Black Tourmaline with Mica 

On the odd occasion, black tourmaline is found with strands of silvery pink deep with the rock body. This is known as mica, and it’s a unique and uncommon crystal that likes to cling to the tourmaline structure. 

Mica is naturally calming, and offers the user restful sleep and general relaxation. Since black tourmaline is often used for the purpose of better rest, this is a great stone combination to work with if you experience night terrors or insomnia. 

Shungite vs Black Tourmaline 

Shungite is also a protective stone with an affinity for negative energies. Instead of housing them deep within the crystalline structure as tourmaline would, shungite actually filters these frequencies in and out, day by day. 

It’s more of a protector through transformation, as opposed to a protector through absorption. Shungite is an energetic neutralizer, while black tourmaline is more of an energetic amplifier. 

Black Tourmaline vs Black Onyx 

raw black rock places on a concrete surface close up view
Onyx is the most frequently mistaken stone to tourmaline; there is no glassy distinction to be made here: these two look and feel uncannily similar. 

To the more trained crystal lover, onyx will be quite notably more dense and earthy. This can sound extremely abstract to someone who hasn’t spent much time with either of these stones. 

Differences aside, these are both root-focused crystals with powerful protective natures. 

Black Tourmaline Side Effects

Because black tourmaline is such a powerful grounding force, there is potential for individuals who have not felt grounded in a while to feel particularly drained when first starting to work with these stones. Wearing black tourmaline may cause a sense of lethargy or mild exhaustion, but know that this is never to your detriment and rather for your greater good. 

The notion of black tourmaline radiation is also a point to consider. Yes, these are EMF (electromagnetic field) absorbing entities, and no, there is no risk of radiation contact to a user even if the stone itself has been subjected to harmful rays that it has worked to deflect away from you. However, some people like to conduct a very basic black tourmaline EMF test in order to track the levels present within their stones. 

How to Activate Black Tourmaline

All crystals are activated using thought and intention. There is nothing more that is needed, and any healers who try to convince you otherwise have compromised their own integrity. 

In order to activate black tourmaline, hold the stone in the palm of your hand and send the intention for activation from your mind’s eye into the stone. Allow the intention to bounce between your heart and your head, so that the crystal can develop a sense of what is needed, as well as what is deeply desired. 

You may also use prayer or meditation to activate your stones. 

Black Tourmaline Raw vs Polished

Raw Black Tourmaline 

A rough black tourmaline stone is not common, but not unheard of. Most people like their tourmaline shiny and polished, as the raw versions can sometimes look like pieces of unrefined charcoal. 

If you’re open to raw crystals, you’re likely to get more bang for your buck; these are not cut down to be more visually appealing, and you’ll receive a greater surface area for a lower price point. 

Raw black tourmaline is best for at home display, or for the purpose of cleansing spaces as opposed to people. 

Polished Black Tourmaline 

When a piece of large black tourmaline is put into a tumbling machine, it is rolled and rolled until the sharp edges disappear and the stone takes on a more polished look and feel. 

A black tourmaline tumbled stone is considered more aesthetically appealing, and would be used in the making of jewelry. These stones are also considered to be more comfortable for contact with the human body, so healers might use polished tourmaline when working directly with your chakras. 

Black Tourmaline Cleansing

Does Black Tourmaline Need to be Cleansed? 

six pieces of raw unpolished black tourmaline placed on a yellow surface close up view

Technically speaking, black tourmaline is a self-cleansing stone and does not require external influence in order to stay in prime working condition. 

This being said, there are some enthusiasts who report their crystals work far better after a period of cleansing and recharging. This is likely due to the ever changing frequencies on our planet, and the accelerated rate at which EMFs are emitted into the environment. 

In the 1400s, black tourmaline could easily cleanse itself as there was only a fraction of the radiation we have today. Now, black tourmaline might just get a little overwhelmed by the frequencies, and not be able to self-cleanse as successfully. 

In short, it is better to cleanse and recharge your black tourmaline just as you would any other crystal in your collection. 

Will Black Tourmaline Dissolve in Water? 

Can black tourmaline get wet? Yes, it can indeed. This is a water-safe stone and will not dissolve even after long periods of submersion in water. 

Charging Black Tourmaline 

Tourmaline has a unique preference in the way it likes to be recharged after long periods of use. 

It’s recommended that, once a month, tourmaline be submerged in a saltwater solution. This can be a mixture you prepare yourself, or it can be saltwater taken from an ocean. 

Leave the stone to soak overnight, and rinse it with fresh water the following morning. Allow it to dry and bake in the sunlight for a few hours, before resuming regular usage as needed. 

How to Charge Black Tourmaline 

The aforementioned method may be the most preferred for the stone, but it is not the only route to charging black tourmaline. 

If you’re wondering how to cleanse black tourmaline without using water, the answer is to use the light of the full moon. Each month, place the stone under the stars and allow the moon to charge the crystal overnight, retrieving it only the following morning. 

You can also bury your tourmaline underground and leave it here for up to 48 hours, allowing the frequency of the earth to cleanse and charge the stone. 

Alternatively, burn incense or sacred herbs over your black tourmaline, setting the intention for cleansing with your mind. 

Programming Black Tourmaline 

A crystal grid is a fantastic way of programming black tourmaline for a specific intention or role. This allows for your needs and wants to be shifted into the stone in a very gentle manner, with the support of other crystals around it to hold the frequency high. 

If crystal grids are not yet something you’re into, then you can easily program black tourmaline simply by holding it in the palm of your hand and setting your intentions for working with this stone. Speak to it as though you were speaking to any other living entity; there is no wrong way of doing this. 

Black Tourmaline Uses

Where to Place Black Tourmaline in the House 

So, what is black tourmaline used for the most? The answer would be home cleansing and protection. 

Modern homes are filled with EMFs that filter in and out all day everyday. Your microwave, WiFi router, computers and other electronics emit harmful radiation that is inevitably absorbed by your body, whether you like it or not. 

eight pieces of polished black tourmaline pebbles close up view

These stones should be strategically placed in the home in places where EMF radiation is most prominent. Next to electronics, in the living room, and near any signal routers that provide your home with connectivity. 

Black Tourmaline in Bedroom 

If you are seeking protection during sleep from a crystal, then may we recommend sleeping with black tourmaline. Night terrors, insomnia and sleep paralysis can be significantly eased by placing black tourmaline under the pillow. 

Similarly, if you’re simply seeking a more restful, uninterrupted sleep, these stones can offer gentle aid and gradually work with your subconscious mind in other areas of healing that are necessary for your journey. 

Black Tourmaline Pyramid 

How to use black tourmaline when it is in the shape of a pyramid is somewhat of a confusing task for most beginners. 

Pyramid shaped crystals are fantastic energy directors, as they send frequencies up and out. If you lay flat on your back, with a black tourmaline pyramid placed atop one of your seven chakras, the stone will work to draw any negative energies up through the base, and release them out through the point. 

It’s a very direct and effective method of guiding energy in the direction you desire it to go, as opposed to letting the stone have free reign over what it wants to do with the vibrations. 

Black Tourmaline Palm Stone 

Palm stones are used predominantly for the purpose of meditation. Their size and structure allows for the comfortable placement of the crystal in the palm of the hand as one settles into an altered state. 

Black tourmaline palm stones are excellent crystals to place under your pillow for aid during sleep, as they are usually quite flat and undetectable. 

Black Tourmaline Pendulum 

Tourmaline is the best black stone to use in the form of a pendulum. Since it is incredibly sensitive to EMFs and other energies, these crystals can move with ease in the direction that the energy is inspiring them to go. 

A black tourmaline pendulum can often double as a necklace, or vice versa.  

Black Tourmaline Powder 

There has been a great increase in popularity of black tourmaline in powder form. Black tourmaline powder can be used to fertilize soil, or it can be scattered across the surface area of a garden for the purpose of protection. 

Some people like to bathe with a small amount of black tourmaline powder in their bath water, using the combination of h2o and crystals to cleanse their entire physical body. 

Black Tourmaline Lamp 

When hit with light, crystals tend to emit more radiant and powerful frequencies. A black tourmaline lamp is a great piece to add to any home space, as it will deliver subtle healing properties, day in and day out. 

You can also DIY a tourmaline lamp by placing a generously sized piece of black tourmaline directly beneath an existing lamp head, allowing the light rays to bounce directly onto the stone. 

Black Tourmaline Chips 

Because of the wide variety of uses one gets out of this singular stone, no piece is seen as too insignificant in size. 

The offcuts and chips of tourmaline stones are often collected and sold off in bags of substantial quantities. A person might fill a vase with them, or have them cover a plate that can then be placed next to an object of concern, such as a microwave or WiFi router. 

Black Tourmaline Wand 

Like tourmaline pyramids, wands are alternative modes of directing energy in a very specific and thoughtful manner. 

A black tourmaline wand is great for work with the physical body, as it lays perfectly across the chakras and can send energy in one direction or another. Similarly, crystal wands are very useful for the purpose of scanning the aura and detecting blockages. 

Black Tourmaline Jewelry

Black Tourmaline Bracelet 

For those seeking physical healing from these crystals, a genuine black tourmaline bracelet is the way to go. The wrists are the most direct path of entry into the human bloodstream, and thus energetic healing in this area has the potential to be delivered throughout the rest of the body with great ease. 

3 pieces of black tourmaline gems shapes into prism

Black Tourmaline Necklace 

Black tourmaline gemstones are not generally too concerned with the heart chakra, however if this is an area for which you are seeking protection they will absolutely take on the task. 

A black tourmaline crystal necklace puts the stones in close enough proximity to the heart so that negative energies may never find their way into your heart center. If you feel your heart may be under psychic attack by a certain someone, this kind of necklace will be a great ally to have around. 

Black Tourmaline Ring 

If you aren’t seeking intense protection from a black tourmaline stone, but merely just some light work and a bit of energetic neutralization, a ring is the way to go. 

Wearing black tourmaline on your hands is a great way of protecting your aura from the radiation that your cellular device gives off as you use it, as well as the frequency that is sent out whilst typing on a computer. 

Black Tourmaline Pendant 

Black tourmaline crystal points are easily turned into pendants or pendulums. These offer a myriad of uses, but one of our favorites is the easy suspension of these stones in areas where protection is most needed. 

Hang a tourmaline pendant from the rear view mirror of your vehicle, or suspend one from the mobile that hangs above the crib of a baby.  

Black Tourmaline Beads 

Making your own crystal jewelry is an inexpensive way of tapping into this side of energy work. Black tourmaline is by no means a rare or uncommon stone, and because of this, beads are relatively easy to find. 

Crystal beads are generally made by tumbling the offcuts of stones into spheres before drilling minute holes down the center for threading. They are energetically charged and just as effective as all other crystal forms. 

Black Tourmaline Earrings 

If you are concerned about radiation and the effect it may be having on your mind, then wearing earrings that contain black tourmaline stones is one way of reducing your exposure. 

This duo sits on either side of the skull, protecting both hemispheres from potentially harmful attacks as you go about your day. Due to the potent nature of these stones, it is not uncommon to feel lethargic or drained due to periods of long exposure. Should you experience this, simply leave a day or two between wears. 

open palm holding three pieces of raw unpolished black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline for Sale

Where to Buy Black Tourmaline 

To buy black tourmaline is relatively easy considering the way in which all continents and regions of the world are logistically connected in this day and age. Since black tourmaline occurs naturally on every continent, it’s likely you can purchase some right in your hometown, and not even have to deal with shipping from external locations. We recommend looking for black tourmaline online, at markets or from your local esoteric store. 

Black Tourmaline Price 

As mentioned, black tourmaline is an abundant and recurrent crystal. There is no need to splurge on these stones, and anyone who attempts to make you do so is not acting with good intentions. 

A fingertip sized piece of raw black tourmaline can retail for less than a dollar. Palm sized tourmaline can go from anywhere between $10 to $30, depending on the cut and quality of the stone.

Buying bulk black tourmaline will save you a lot of money. A kilogram of raw, unpolished tourmaline can be purchased for a little over $60. 

Fake Black Tourmaline 

As with all crystals, there is always the possibility of encountering fake or replica stones being sold off by certain retailers. 

Polished black tourmaline is very easy to duplicate using glass and dye, while raw tourmaline is much harder to fake. Always purchase black tourmaline from a reputable retailer and, if possible, look at the customer reviews from those who have come before you.


We hope you have enjoyed this post on black tourmaline. Any questions? Leave us a comment below!

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Mar 29, 2022 • Posted by Healing Crystals Co.

Hi Sharlene, thanks for your question! Tourmaline is very commonly placed at the front door of homes to protect the inhabitants from negative energy, so you could certainly bury pieces around your home in order to achieve the same effect. However, it is generally better if the crystals are visible and exposed to the air and light rather than buried, unless you are trying to cleanse and recharge them. We hope that helps and good luck!

Mar 29, 2022 • Posted by Sharlene

Can I bury black tourmaline around the exterior of my home to protect it and it’s occupants?

Nov 23, 2021 • Posted by Healing Crystals Co.

Hi Neha, thanks so much for your question! That is a very interesting situation. One might interpret the situation to suggest that the tourmaline had served its purpose and that it no longer served you. You might give some thought to whether any of your life circumstances have changed which might warrant using a different crystal moving forward. We hope that helps and good luck!

Nov 23, 2021 • Posted by Neha

Hi. I have a black tourmaline pendant, which I was wearing with a black thread. I wore it for almost 6-7 months but then one day it fell off on its own. There was no opening on the thread or the pendant’s metal wire frame. It is a mystery that how it fell off. Can you please guide me about the reasons for this strange behavior of black tourmaline? What is it trying to say to me?

Nov 16, 2021 • Posted by Healing Crystals Co.

Hi Jill, thanks very much for your question! That is a very interesting. Some believe that tourmaline can absorb negative energy, so some might suggest that the tourmaline did so in this case and released it into the water, which made it taste bad. It is an interesting point to ponder. We hope that helps!

Nov 16, 2021 • Posted by Jill

I put a glass of water next to a black tourmaline stone that also happens to be sitting in front of my WiFi router. When I picked up the water to take a drink, the water tasted charged and metallic. When I moved the water to a different place in the room, it went back to its normal taste. What caused the water to taste so different? Was it good or bad?

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