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Moonstone: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

two pieces of smooth milky white oval stones


In this post, we reveal the secrets of moonstone, including its meaning, properties, uses and where to buy it. Let's dive in!


Magic moonstone can only be described as captivating, to say the very least. There’s nothing quite like it elsewhere on Earth, and humans have been working very closely with these stones since the dawn of time. Here’s everything we know for sure.

In this article we discuss the following:

  •  Moonstone Meaning
    • What is Moonstone
    • What is Moonstone Made of?
    • What Does Moonstone Look Like?
    • Moonstone Spiritual Meaning
  • Where to Find Moonstone
    • Indian Moonstone
  • Properties of Moonstone
    • Moonstone Healing Properties
      • What Does a Moonstone Do?
    • Moonstone Metaphysical Properties
      • What Chakra is Moonstone Related to?
  • Moonstone Uses
    • Moonstone Egg
    • Moonstone Wand
    • Moonstone Amulet
    • Moonstone Sphere
      • Black Moonstone Sphere
    • Moonstone Pendulum
      • Moonstone Pendulum Meaning
    • Moonstone Beads
      • Moonstone Mala Beads Meaning
        • Peach Moonstone Beads
    • Moonstone Yoni Egg
  • Benefits of Moonstone
    • Moonstone for Sleep
    •  Which Day to Wear Moonstone?
  • Rainbow Moonstone vs Moonstone
    • Rainbow Moonstone Meaning
    • Rainbow Moonstone Properties
      • Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties
      • Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties
    • Rainbow Moonstone Chakra
    • Rainbow Moonstone Benefits
    • Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry
      • Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
      • Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring
      • Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet
      • Rainbow Moonstone Necklace
    • Rainbow Moonstone Types
      • Raw Rainbow Moonstone
    • Rainbow Moonstone Price
  • Moonstone vs Other Stones
    • Pearl vs Moonstone
    • Sunstone and Moonstone
    • Moonstone vs Opal
    • Rose Quartz and Moonstone Together
    • Amethyst and Moonstone Combination
  • Different Types of Moonstone
    • Raw Moonstone
      • How to Identify Raw Moonstone
    • Natural Moonstone
    • Tumbled Moonstone
  • Moonstone Colors
    • Black Moonstone
      • Black Moonstone Meaning
      • Black Moonstone Metaphysical Properties
      • Black Moonstone Healing Properties
    • Peach Moonstone
      • Peach Moonstone Meaning
      • Peach Moonstone Properties
      • Peach Moonstone Chakra
      • Peach Moonstone Benefits
      • Peach Moonstone Raw
    • Blue Moonstone
      • Blue Moonstone Meaning
      • Blue Moonstone Benefits
    • White Moonstone
      • White Moonstone Meaning
      • White Moonstone Tumbled
    • Pink Moonstone
      • Pink Moonstone Meaning
    • Green Moonstone
      • Green Moonstone Meaning
    • Purple Moonstone
    • Gray Moonstone
      • Gray Moonstone Meaning
    • Yellow Moonstone
    • Red Moonstone
      • Red Moonstone Meaning
    • Brown Moonstone
    • Clear Moonstone
    • Orange Moonstone
    • Dark Moonstone
    • Golden Moonstone
    • Lavender Moonstone
  • Moonstone Jewelry
    • Moonstone Ring
      • Which Finger to Wear Moonstone Ring
      • Moonstone Engagement Ring
        • Moonstone Engagement Ring Meaning
      • Moonstone Wedding Ring
      • Men's Moonstone Ring
      • Raw Moonstone Ring
      • Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring
      • Blue Moonstone Ring
      • Black Moonstone Ring
      • Moonstone Ring on Amazon
      • Moonstone Ring on Etsy
    • Moonstone Necklace
      • Moonstone Necklace Meaning
      • Blue Moonstone Necklace
    • Moonstone Earrings
    • Moonstone Bracelet
      • Moonstone Bracelet Benefits
  • Buying Moonstone
    • Moonstone Price
    • Where to Buy Genuine Moonstone
      • Moonstone on Etsy
      • Moonstone Jewelry on Amazon
    • How to Tell if Moonstone is Real?
  • How to Care for Moonstone
    • How to Remove Scratches from Moonstone
    • How to Charge Moonstone

Moonstone Meaning

What is Moonstone

Moonstone crystal is a natural, Earth-made stone that holds the sheen of moonlight right there in its crystalline structure. It’s known for its ability to refract light, while offering an alluring, almost milky luster that makes for striking jewelry and home decor. 

Many would describe moonstone’s personality as holding the essence of the moon, and working to anchor this energy down into the earth where all can benefit from it. 

What is Moonstone Made of?

Scientifically speaking, moonstone is of the orthoclase feldspar group, and is made from potassium aluminum silicate. The result is a pearly stone with an undeniable gleam, especially when allowed to catch the light of day. 

four pieces of gray oval shaped smooth stones close up view

What Does Moonstone Look Like?

The facade of moonstone will vary depending on the origin of the stone and the minerals that were present at the time of formation. For the most part, one can expect moonstone to fall somewhere between opaque and semitransparent. 

The bodily colors for moonstone vary across a spectrum. 

Moonstone Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, moonstone symbolism is rooted in the energy of the moon, which is thought to be the provider of all listed moonstone powers. 

As far as moonstone history goes, folktales believe these stones to have been formed by the moonbeams themselves. During a full moon, moonstone was particularly praised and valued. 

The moonstone zodiac falls under that of Gemini, relating to those born during the month of June. 

Where to Find Moonstone

Moonstone’s origins span the globe, with generous deposits situated everywhere from Armenia to the Alps. Austria, Australia, Poland, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the United States and even Mexico are able to supply the global commercial demand for moonstone quite sufficiently. 

Indian Moonstone

India remains the sole distributor for high quality moonstone that is both affordable and accessible. A lot of retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and begun advertising their Indian moonstone as though it is something that is rare and highly sought after, when in reality there is no shortage of moonstone in this region and more than enough to go around. 

Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone Healing Properties

A moonstone gem will work very closely with the human digestive system. This usually leads to the eradication of conditions such as anxiety and depression. 

A quality piece of moonstone will assimilate the nutrients present in the body, while simultaneously pushing out toxins and reducing any retention of fluids that are simply no longer serving the individual in question. 

Degenerative conditions that attack the eyes, skin, hair and organs will likely be reversed after long term use of moonstone and/or opal moonstone. 

What Does a Moonstone Do?

Of all moonstone abilities, it’s the energy of the stone that needs to be seen as the real benefit. Moonstone energy is one of the more unwavering frequencies that an individual will encounter within the crystal healing world. 

It does not discriminate, requires no pre existing conditions in order to take action, and will work quite religiously with anyone who opens their mind up to the possibilities that lay dormant. 

Moonstone is a powerful healer, both physically and metaphysically. All that is required is an open mind and an accepting heart. 

Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

The best moonstone qualities are empathy and compassion. More than this, moonstone’s effects include the ability to tap into higher intelligence and enhance one’s innate clairvoyant abilities. 

Moonstone holds a distinct feminine energy, but it is no way threatening to the divine masculine. Instead, this energy is creative and intuitive, working to create a better life experience for the individual in question by inspiring action, and by reducing stress and emotional imbalance. 

What Chakra is Moonstone Related to?

Moonstone magic is versatile when it comes to the chakra body. For some, moonstone will feel more powerful in the solar plexus, while others may find that they get far more stimulation when working with the sacral chakra and the moonstone crystal. 

Working with the chakras, moonstone seeks balance and comfort when it comes to emotions. It knows that the emotional guidance system is what guides the being at all times, and, when this is out of whack to any degree, the individual may become misaligned and headed down a path of most resistance. 

two pieces of smooth milky white oval stones

Moonstone Uses

Moonstone Egg

What is moonstone used for? This is a long list to try to cover, but we’ll give it our best shot! Moonstone eggs are becoming more frequently encountered entities: there are pieces of moonstone rock that have been tumbled into the shape and size of an egg-like sphere. 

It is said that meditating with moonstone eggs in one’s hand will work to stimulate the divine feminine, and they also make for great massage tools over the physical body. 

Moonstone Wand

What else are moonstones used for? A moonstone wand is another common tool. Moonstone wands are used to either detect or direct energy in a certain direction, so that better flow can be obtained and healing can occur. 

Moonstone Amulet

Moonstone amulets have become quite sacred pieces in modern day crystal usage. Though gentle, these are highly protective stones, so more and more people are seeking the benefit of having a larger sized amulet around their necks as opposed to more dainty moonstone necklaces. 

Moonstone Sphere

A moonstone sphere stands proudly in a space, as a crystal ball would. These spheres are made by tumbling large pieces of moonstone until they form perfect balls, which can then be used during meditation, or during a massage in respect of the physical body. 

Black Moonstone Sphere

We’ll dive into black moonstone a little later, but the spheric versions of these stones are preferable to some as they hold a fairly more absorbent crystalline structure that has the ability to ward off more evil than regular moonstone. 

Moonstone Pendulum

Moonstone Pendulum Meaning

Moonstone is a powerful crystal, and can thus be used for the purpose of pendulum work. A pendulum is used to indicate the direction of flow of energy, or to answer simply yes or no directed questions. 

A moonstone pendulum should be properly suspended from a conductive metal or string. Sterling silver or copper works well with these stones. 

Moonstone Beads

Moonstone beads are a great and inexpensive way of getting involved in the world of moonstone healing. These beads are usually made using the off cuts of stones that would otherwise be thrown away, so there is an abundance of them and they sell for very cheap. 

Moonstone Mala Beads Meaning

Using moonstone beads, you can DIY your own moonstone jewelry or prayer amulets. The latter is sometimes known as Mala beads, which are strings of beads that are considered to be particularly sacred in India. 

Peach Moonstone Beads

Sometimes, moonstone takes on a peachy luster, and these beads are preferred for the purpose of bracelet making in some parts of the world.

Peach moonstone beads are not as easy to find as regular moonstone, and they will likely need to be sourced from more specialized retailers. 

Moonstone Yoni Egg

Moonstone is a common crystal used in the making of yoni eggs. Yoni eggs are egg-shaped stones that one inserts into the vagina for the purpose of healing and or stimulation of sexual energy. 

The eggs are polished and sterilized, making them safe for insertion into the body. 

Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone for Sleep

Part of the effects of moonstone protection is the reduction of emotional stress. In turn, the mind is given much relief, and it becomes naturally easier for the brain to fall asleep at night. 

In ancient times, the stone was given to people who suffered from insomnia, and the energy of the moon would be filtered through to them until they were in such a pacified and tranquil state that they had no choice but to doze off. 

white geode crystal silver ring with encrusted in the middle

 Which Day to Wear Moonstone?

In astrological contexts, it is considered good practice to wear moonstone on Mondays between 5am and 7am. This is a very old and possibly outdated ritual, as there is no indication that moonstone ceases to work for users at any other time during the week. 

History also maintains that moonstone is best worn on the smallest finger of the right hand. 

Rainbow Moonstone vs Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone comes in many different hues and color rays, and the most common within the commercial market is that of rainbow moonstone. 

Rainbow moonstone is technically not moonstone at all, which is why these versions of the stone sell for so much cheaper than authentic moonstone. Rainbow moonstone is merely translucent labradorite, and it has been widely accepted as a close enough alternative.

Rainbow Moonstone Properties

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties

Rainbow moonstone offers harmony, balance and hope, in the same way that genuine moonstone can. More than this, rainbow moonstone adds the experience of inner confidence and endurance, strengthening the user over time for the purpose of benefiting their physical experience. 

Rainbow moonstone might result in the experience of visions or premonitions of things that are not yet abundantly clear. 

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Like regular moonstone, psychic intuition and perception are amplified when working with these stones. They hold very similar metaphysical properties, and are considered to be light-bringers. 

If you struggle to connect with your spirituality, these are fabulous stones to work with, even as beginners. 

Rainbow Moonstone Chakra

Unlike regular moonstone, rainbow moonstone works closely with the crown chakra, where the entire spectrum of light is situated. When this chakra is open and in perfect flow, intelligent infinity will come through us and work to balance out the six chakras below it. 

Rainbow Moonstone Benefits

The biggest benefit of working with rainbow moonstone has got to be the duality of forces that one gets from both the moonstone component and the labradorite component. There is no way of hiding from one’s true nature with rainbow moonstone; it is incredibly liberating and freeing, albeit gentle and tranquil. 

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

A rainbow moonstone pendant is a common find, as a lot of people are partial to wearing this type of moonstone around the neck. From here, the upper and lower chakras are all able to benefit from the frequency of the stones. 

Rainbow moonstone pendants can also double as pendulums, if need be. 

silver ring with smooth tear drop shaped stone close up view

Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring

In recent years, it’s become fashionable for rainbow moonstone cabochons to be turned into contemporary engagement rings that replace diamonds altogether.

Faceted moonstone can be cut in such a way that it takes on the same shapes and angles that diamonds would usually exhibit, only you’re getting the healing benefits of the stones in the process. 

A rainbow moonstone ring is thought to be a wonderful representation of love and commitment, especially since it is so deeply rooted in the divinity of the feminine. 

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

A rainbow moonstone bracelet is best suited to anyone who is seeking the physical healing properties of these stones for the benefit of their body. Crystal bracelets sit on the wrists, which offer a direct path throughout the rest of the body, with the result that the healing frequencies can get to wherever they are needed. 

Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Unlike a real moonstone necklace, a rainbow moonstone necklace places labradorite right by the heart chakra, where it knows how to thrive. 

Labradorite and the heart work in tandem, as these stones technically fall under green ray energy. That being said, there is also a lot of blue in labradorite stone, so wearing them close to the throat chakra comes with great benefit as well. 

Rainbow Moonstone Types

Raw Rainbow Moonstone

This is an unlikely find in today’s market, and if you are ever so lucky as to find raw rainbow moonstone being sold, we recommend taking the plunge and making it your own!

Most rainbow moonstone is tumbled and polished very early on after being mined, in order to make it more visually appealing to buyers. Raw rainbow moonstone is great for home display, or for physical crystal contact on the human body. 

Rainbow Moonstone Price

Rainbow moonstone can go from anywhere between $1 a piece (pebble sized), to $40 for a high quality cabochon fragment intended to be inlaid into precious metal jewelry. 

Keep your options open when shopping for rainbow moonstone, as there is always going to be a piece for every budget somewhere out there. 

Moonstone vs Other Stones

Pearl vs Moonstone

Moonstone has a pearly nature to it, and thus the two stones are often compared, and even confused. The best way to tell them apart is to simply consider moonstone hardness: moonstone ranks a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, while pearls come in at just 4.5. 

Moonstone is more durable and will last much longer than pearls ever will. That being said, moonstone can make for a great alternative stone when pearls are not available, especially when making jewelry. 

Sunstone and Moonstone

Aside from both being members of the feldspar group, sunstone and moonstone are vastly different crystals. Sunstone is lively, bright and holds the energy of the sun throughout its crystalline frequency.

As we know, moonstone is quite the opposite, being of a more tranquil, placid nature with the essence of the moon radiating from its every pore. 

These two stones can be used interchangeably throughout different times of the month when different energies are being called for.

one oval shaped iridescent white smooth stone black background

Moonstone vs Opal

Opal is a stone that is very often mistaken for moonstone, as the two share uncanny similarities. Opal or opalite is a form of silica, while moonstone, as we know, consists of sodium, potassium and aluminum. 

Opals are more rare, and thus more expensive, than moonstone. The two are used interchangeably as the birthstone for the month of June due to their familiarity and resemblance, and because gifting someone moonstone is a lot more reasonable price-wise than gifting someone genuine opal. 

Rose Quartz and Moonstone Together

A lot of people are interested in using moonstone and rose quartz simultaneously. Moonstone is the stone of fertility and the divine feminine, while rose quartz can be used to attract or amplify love into one’s physical experience. 

It is believed that working with the stones in unison makes for quite the cocktail of romance, sensuality and is, essentially, a love potion. 

Amethyst and Moonstone Combination

Those who struggle with insomnia are encouraged to work with amethyst and moonstone at the same time. Putting them next to your bed as you slumber will connect your subconscious mind to the underworld, as well as to the moon that presides over the sleeping hours.

It is also believed that this crystal pairing will make for memorable dreams that are easy, lighthearted and non-invasive. 

Different Types of Moonstone

Raw Moonstone

Polished moonstone is the industry standard for most moonstone being sold in the current market. Raw moonstone is wonderful to look at, and offers a glimpse into the remarkable world that is mineral formation. 

Raw moonstone usually exhibits a distinct blue luster that catches the light like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a rock. 

How to Identify Raw Moonstone

To identify genuine, raw, uncut moonstone, one need only adopt the 15 degree angle method. Authentic moonstone cannot refract light at an angle greater than 15 degrees, in any direction. 

Any stone that is still shimmering when tilted at an angle greater than 15 degrees is a fake, and can be determined to be a replica or counterfeit stone. 

Natural Moonstone

Often, retailers might use the phrase “natural” to describe a piece of moonstone rock that they are selling. This isn’t always referring to what we assume to be moonstone in rough form, but rather it may simply be an effort to make the point that their product is genuine and formed beneath the surface of the earth, without human intervention. 

This is the prerogative of each individual retailer, and is not to say that all moonstone that is void of the word “natural” within the product description is fake. Use your discretion with each and every retailer that you encounter. 

Tumbled Moonstone

Tumbled stones are made by placing pieces of large moonstone into a tumbling machine. This machine will then toss the stone around quite violently, until all rigid edges and sharp lines are eventually worn away and the crystal starts to take on a more rounded, polished facade. 

Tumbled moonstone is considered to be more visually appealing to a lot of people, and it makes for more attractive crystal jewelry. 

Moonstone Colors

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone Meaning

The moonstone color chart is a broad spectrum, and one that we will slowly dissect by taking a look at each and every potential shade in Earthly existence. 

Black moonstone is a variant of moonstone that was recently discovered in Madagascar. It’s not as dark as moonstone tourmaline, but rather offers a metallic grey luster mixed with streaks of beige and brown. 

Black Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Black moonstone holds all of the listed properties of regular moonstone, but it has the added element of protection due to the now darker nature of certain parts of the stone. 

Any negative energies that are seeking to infiltrate the energy body of the user will be blocked and expelled before they can do any harm. This is a big shift for these stones, as this is not typically something that moonstone has been able to offer users despite connecting them so deeply with clairvoyance and repelling potentially harmful energies. 

Black Moonstone Healing Properties

Black moonstone is considered an excellent healer for the colon and general digestive system. The liver, kidneys and spleen seem to also benefit quite greatly from work with these stones. 

eight pieces of cube like shaped smooth creamy white stones placed on a hand

Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone Meaning

Peach moonstone is really a semi-precious variant of quartz and moonstone combined. The stones are natural, not man made, and are actually quite abundant as opposed to rare. 

In earlier centuries, however, it was not yet known just how much peach moonstone the Earth had to offer humankind. So, these stones were largely presumed to be on the rarer side, and were traded and bartered as semi-precious, alongside garnets, sapphires and rubies. Their nature has since shifted quite drastically, and they are now sold on par with quartz and regular moonstone. 

Peach Moonstone Properties

Peach moonstone is a supporter of the heart and mind. It does not have time for worries and anxieties that work to hold you back in everyday life, and it gets to work right away in alleviating these very heavy energies. 

Peach moonstone wants you to see the best in people, including yourself. It has a very loving energy that is unconditional, and it can be a powerful teacher for those who struggle in this area. 

Peach Moonstone Chakra

We use peach moonstone for work with the sacral chakra, and for the purpose of bringing to light emotional patterns that may be being repeated by our subconscious and holding us back. 

Confidence and composure are natural side effects when the sacral chakra is stimulated, so these are two great benefits that also come with peach moonstone’s role in our daily life. 

Peach Moonstone Benefits

One of the most notable benefits that we’ve found in peach moonstone is that these crystals are very good at providing emotional support for overly sensitive or intuitive children. 

Often, these young ones aren’t able to express their feelings in concise ways, because they are not certain of the human words that match the frequency of the feelings they are experiencing. It can be a lonely road to walk, but peach moonstone facilitates their growth and the opening of the throat so that they can better navigate these experiences. 

Peach Moonstone Raw

In the present market, raw peach moonstone is uncommon but not impossible to find. Look to more specialized crystal dealers to find these specimens, particularly those on e-commerce platforms such as eBay. 

Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone Meaning

Most forms of natural moonstone hold a natural blue sheen that refracts the light that catches the stone. Sometimes, these stones are named blue moonstone. 

Essentially, there is no physical difference between blue moonstone and regular moonstone, other than the fact that one has been cut at the presence of a sheen, and the other is merely the surrounding rock where the sheen did not reach.

Blue Moonstone Benefits

All of the healing properties and benefits of regular moonstone are also held within blue moonstone. The biggest difference is merely the appearance, and many people consider blue moonstone to be more aesthetically appealing compared to regular moonstone. 

Blue moonstone has a more dreamy, heavenly feel to it, and those who tend to have their head in the clouds might gravitate more toward this form of moonstone compared to regular moonstone rock. 

White Moonstone

White Moonstone Meaning

When moonstone doesn’t hold that blue sheen we mentioned earlier, it may simply be referred to as white moonstone. It is these stones that look a lot like pearls, and are likely to be confused as such. 

White moonstone holds all of the listed moonstone properties, and makes for a beautiful (and affordable) addition to any crystal collection. 

White Moonstone Tumbled

White moonstone is easily tumbled and often used in the making of crystal jewelry. It is the most affordable form of moonstone on the market, so it is not hard to come by in both raw and tumbled forms. 

Tumbled white moonstone is great for work on the physical body, and it can be easily rolled over the skin. 

one oval shaped white smooth stone black background

Pink Moonstone

Pink Moonstone Meaning

Pink moonstone is rare and is actually known as pink flake moonstone. It’s the stone for lovers and is said to ignite passion and romantic compatibility in even the most unlikely of individuals. 

Pink moonstone is highly feminine, and a lot of men with blockages in their own femininity may struggle to work with this stone. 

Green Moonstone

Green Moonstone Meaning

Another relatively uncommon form of moonstone is that which appears in green ray energy. Green moonstone shifts the work of the stone into the third eye, which is a territory that was previously not covered by moonstone rocks. 

Green moonstone is a stone of mystery and magic, as well as of love and compassion. It works to help us “go with the flow” in all areas of life, as well as to maintain composure in situations that seek to pull us from our own truth. 

Purple Moonstone

Before moonstone turns gray, it takes the form of purple ray energy. If mined in time, one can enjoy the healing benefits of purple moonstone, which is sometimes confused for amethyst. 

This is a highly intuitive and emotional stone, one that seeks answers from above as opposed to below. Purple stones tend to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras simultaneously, which makes purple moonstone an ally to anyone who needs better flow in these zones. 

Wear purple moonstone as earrings for maximum effect. 

Gray Moonstone

Gray Moonstone Meaning

It’s relatively common for gray moonstone to occur at the time of stone formation. Gray moonstone is a powerful entity, one that is used by anyone who is seeking to peer beyond the veil of illusion that rules the physical world. 

If you want to work more closely with unseen realms, then gray moonstone is going to become your ally. This is also the best variant of moonstone to use during the energy of the new moon, as opposed to the full moon. 

Yellow Moonstone

Peach moonstone sometimes forms in a much lighter hue that appears almost yellow. When this happens, it is likely to be described as yellow moonstone, but it holds all of the same healing properties as peach. 

Keep this in mind when shopping for unique pieces of moonstone!

Red Moonstone

Red Moonstone Meaning

Sometimes called fire moonstone, red moonstone occurs when a stone is on its way to taking on a brown or gray hue, but is excavated before it can properly do so. 

Red moonstone is interesting because it moves moonstone into the root chakra, making it a grounding stone, which is not something that moonstone typically offers. 

Brown Moonstone

Brown moonstone is common, though there are very few retailers who bother with the sale of it. Commercially, it is simply not seen in the same light as the more etheric looking counterparts, so selling it tends to be very difficult for most retailers. 

If you’re into more one of a kind stone variants, brown moonstone is a great alternative to regular blue or rainbow moonstone. 

Clear Moonstone

Because moonstone varies from opaque to transparent, the latter versions may be called clear moonstone in retailing descriptions. There is nothing unique or different about these stones other than their more glass-like appearance, and they hold all of the same properties listed for regular moonstone. 

Orange Moonstone

Peach moonstone, mentioned above, might be called orange moonstone by certain retailers. The properties remain the same, and the body of the stones may vary from opaque to transparent orange, depending on the origins. 

Dark Moonstone

Black moonstone is the official name for all forms of dark moonstone, and some retailers prefer it considering that black moonstone technically isn’t black at all. 

Dark moonstone holds the unique protective properties that are not usually offered by regular moonstone, which is what makes them so universally appealing to serious crystal collectors. 

Golden Moonstone

Golden moonstone is rare, and looks a lot like a delicate lemon drop with a very pale and subtle gold hue. One usually needs a big budget in order to come to own a very small piece of these stones, and they are notoriously difficult to track down. 

many pieces of bluish white different sizes and shapes smooth polished stones

Golden moonstone is a powerful emotional balancer, and a reliever of all mental stress. This is the only form of moonstone that is dubbed a luck-bringer. 

Lavender Moonstone

Lavender moonstone is an uncommon and rarely used alternative name for purple moonstone, especially when said stones form in a particularly dull hue. 

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Ring

Which Finger to Wear Moonstone Ring

Some old husband’s tales state that moonstone rings are best worn on the smallest finger of the right hand, and that one can tap into great benefit by wearing these crystals on Monday mornings between 5am and 7am. 

Today this is taken with a grain of salt, and the crystals are open to working with any finger, on any hand, on any day. 

Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone Engagement Ring Meaning

A vintage moonstone engagement ring retails for close to what a brand new diamond ring might, and these are quickly becoming the latest in engagement fashion in the western world. 

It is said that moonstone can offer one luck in love, which is what so many couples seek from their romantic partnerships these days. Each year, moonstone is replacing conventional diamonds by the masses. 

Moonstone Wedding Ring

Conventionality aside, a genuine moonstone ring is a powerful symbol to bring into a wedding context. The divine feminine is all that we need when it comes to forming longstanding, healthy partnerships, so offering these rings as a symbol of this energy is quite the profound statement. 

A moonstone wedding ring also offers a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it a strong stone for everyday wear. 

Men's Moonstone Ring

In today’s world, a lot of men struggle in connecting to the divine feminine energy that is present within us all. The wearing of a moonstone ring is thought to help with the formation of this energetic connection, and will serve to make men more balanced in the process. 

Moonstone rings are unisex, and should not be deemed strictly feminine just because they offer the essence of femininity within their crystalline structure. 

Raw Moonstone Ring

Though uncommon, raw moonstone rings are very eye-catching, statement pieces of jewelry. You’re more likely to find these on more creative platforms such as Etsy, where jewelry makers get particularly experimental with their jewelry making. 

Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring

The best metal in which to set moonstone is said to be sterling silver. It is a conductor of energy, and will work with the flow of the stone as opposed to against it. 

Gold and moonstone are not all that compatible, and crystal workers maintain that sunstone is a better pairing with this particular metal. 

Blue Moonstone Ring

Blue moonstone rings are highly sought after, and relatively easy to find. Everyone wants that moonstone that refracts the light via the blue sheen, giving the illusion of something very mystical and magnificent. 

Blue moonstone rings are alluring, but they are not rare, and one should never fork out a ton of money to become the proud owner of one. 

Black Moonstone Ring

Black moonstone rings are great because they have the added element of protection for the individual who wears them. Black moonstone wards off negative energy, which is something regular moonstone is not able to do, so having this on your finger as you go about your day can be extremely beneficial in the long term. 

Moonstone Ring on Amazon

Amazon is a great platform to use in search of your perfect moonstone ring. There are retailers from around the world who use it to showcase either pieces they have imported, or rings they have made themselves. 

Take careful note of the reviews and feedback that previous customers have left with regards to their purchase from the retailer in question. 

Moonstone Ring on Etsy

Etsy is another great platform for the purpose of buying and selling crystal jewelry. Here, retailers get extremely creative and you’re likely to find more one of a kind purchases, as opposed to mass produced jewelry.  

Generally, Etsy is considered to be higher in quality compared to that of Amazon or eBay, but it’s still a good idea to read reviews and feedback where available. 

Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone Necklace Meaning

A moonstone necklace is a great choice of jewelry for anyone who wants the benefits of moonstone to interact with their heart or their throat. 

Balancing these chakras is never easy to do, so crystal necklaces are often brought in to do the work as the user goes about their day, paying little mind to the frequencies at play. 

Blue Moonstone Necklace

A blue moonstone necklace will work to keep you in a tranquil, peaceful space of heart-centered connection. This will likely result in the opening of your throat chakra quite naturally, as blue ray energy tends to gravitate toward this energetic hub. 

Blue moonstone necklaces are common and not expensive, but those inlaid into sterling silver may see prices on the rise. 

Moonstone Earrings

If tapping into clairvoyance and the psychic realms is of interest to you, then wearing moonstone on either side of your head, as earrings, is always a good idea!

From here, the stones will be able to make frequent contact with your upper chakras, and open up the flow of intelligent infinity through your entire being. Moonstone is a gentle enough crystal that wearing it so close to the brain is harmless and comes with no potential side effects. 

Moonstone Bracelet

Moonstone Bracelet Benefits

The benefits that come from moonstone bracelets are those associated with the healing of the human body. Bracelets sit on the wrists, which is the most direct path into the human bloodstream. 

From here, moonstone will be able to deliver its healing frequency through to the rest of the body. These are very valuable pieces, though they will retail at a lot less than other forms of crystal jewelry due to the general affordability of crystal beads.

Buying Moonstone

Moonstone Price

An official moonstone cost is difficult to determine, as it is very much dependent on the origin, quality, cut and type of moonstone in question. Moonstone value is therefore very subjective and relies on a lot of different contexts before it can be evaluated. 

There are some forms of moonstone that will retail for as little as $1 a piece, and then there are very high end, cabochon cuts that sell for upward of $100 a piece, and even more if they have already been laid into precious metals. 

What’s wonderful about moonstone is that it is not exclusive of anyone; somewhere out there there is a piece for every person and every budget. 

Where to Buy Genuine Moonstone

Your best bet for the purchase of genuine moonstone would be online, via any trusted e-commerce platform or specialized brand website. 

Moonstone on Etsy

Etsy has an abundance of moonstone for sale at all times, and most of it is relatively high quality. This is a great place to find moonstone crystal jewelry, with creatives from all over the world making use of this platform to market their goods. 

Moonstone Jewelry on Amazon

Amazon, as we know, is another platform with a lot of moonstone on offer. This one is slightly less regulated than Etsy, so you’ll need to take some time in reading through reviews and past experiences of previous customers. 

How to Tell if Moonstone is Real?

Fake moonstone is a problem within the contemporary crystal market, particularly when one is looking to buy genuine moonstone jewelry. 

The best trick for determining real from fake, when it comes to moonstone, is the 15 degree angle method. Always remember that genuine moonstone cannot refract light past a tilt of 15 degrees. If it does, it is fake and has been made by a human being. 

How to Care for Moonstone

How to Remove Scratches from Moonstone

Moonstone is a durable crystal, but it is prone to scratching over time. In order to remove scratches, all you need to do is use a bit of crystal polish combined with water, and rub into the stone using a piece of felt. 

How to Charge Moonstone

Use any of the following methods for the cleansing and recharging of moonstone:

  • Leave moonstone under the light of the full moon once a month, retrieving it only the following morning. 
  • Bury moonstone in the garden, and leave it here for up to 48 hours. 
  • Burn incense or sacred herbs over your moonstone crystals. 
  • Use prayer or meditation to cleanse your moonstone. 
  • Place moonstone on a bed of Himalayan salt and let it recharge here when not in use. 
  • Place moonstone up against any self-cleansing crystal, such as selenite.


We hope you have enjoyed this article on moonstone! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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