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Benitoite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

benitoite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about benitoite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Enhance the power of your consciousness with the blissful energy of benitoite crystals. This divine crystal is deeply connected to the third eye chakra, which guides you to get closer to communion with yourself. Benitoite gemstone has real vibrations that let you listen to your voice, mind, and soul. What's behind this rare American beauty? How does it connect you to yourself? 

You have reached the perfect place to learn some interesting aspects about the benitoite gem. In this article, you will learn:

  • Benitoite Meaning
    • Benitoite Pronunciation
    • Where is Benitoite Found
      • Benitoite in California
  • Properties of Benitoite
    • Benitoite Metaphysical Properties
    • Benitoite Healing Properties
  • Benitoite and Neptunite
  • Benitoite vs Sapphire
  • Benitoite Types
    • Raw Benitoite
  • Benitoite Colors
    • Blue Benitoite
    • Pink Benitoite
  • Benitoite Jewelry
    • Benitoite Ring
      • Benitoite Engagement Ring
      • Benitoite Mens Ring
      • Blue Benitoite Ring
    • Benitoite Necklace
    • Benitoite Pendant
    • Benitoite Earrings
    • Benitoite Bracelet
  • Benitoite Uses
    • Benitoite Nails
    • Benitoite Beads
  • How to Find Benitoite Gems
  • Benitoite for Sale
    • Benitoite Price
      • Benitoite Ring Price
      • Benitoite Price per Carat
    • Raw Benitoite for Sale
    • Benitoite Jewelry for Sale
    • Benitoite Ring for Sale
    • Benitoite on Amazon
  • Conclusion

Benitoite Meaning

In the alignment of soul, mind, and body, we discovered human self-awareness. Benitoite crystal has some positive energy, with conspicuous implications related to all the aspects of self-awareness. The pure benitoite gemstone represents protection and remarkable physical development. There are some metaphysical and healing properties of the benitoite mineral that work closely with the third eye chakra to encourage consciousness levels.

Benitoite Pronunciation

When you say benitoite, it should sound like beni - toh - ite.

Where is Benitoite Found?

Benitoite crystal has a connection to the divine universe. This powerful gemstone was first discovered in the remote location of the San Benito mountains, which is located in California, United States in 1907 by prospector James M. Couch.

A place where it was found first indicates the name of this powerful crystal.

Benitoite in California

As we just discussed, the benitoite stone was first discovered in the San Benito Mountains in California. This place is the only place in the world where the purest benitoite crystals can be found and this makes it a relatively rare gem in the history of the gem world. There are some other regions where benitoite can be found, but the purest gem quality is missing in these regions.

Benitoite is known as California’s official jewel. This extremely rare gemstone is usually blue and is a barium titanium silicate mineral found in hydro-thermal rocks. The prospector first called it sapphire because of its similar color, but when the stone was sent to the University of California, Berkeley in 1909, Dr. Luderback discovered that this gemstone was new and unknown. Later, this stone was named benitoite since it was first found near the San Benito River in San Benito County, California.

Properties of Benitoite

Benitoite Healing Properties

Benitoite crystal

Benitoite crystal is all about healing and protection. It has remarkable healing properties that can make an impact. Some of the major healing properties of benitoite gem are as follows:

  • Benitoite gemstone is believed to purify your soul with its healing properties. It connects you to the ultimate healing power. If you are trying to boost your energy, keep yourself closer to benitoite gem when you feel exhausted. This is a very energizing gemstone. It lifts your mood with positive vibes and, at the same time, keeps you calm and relaxed.
  • Benitoite stone gently brings calming and soothing energy when you are feeling worn out and drained. Its bright, happy energy fills your mind with fresh vibes and keeps the negativity away from you.
  • This stone helps you to discover what problem you actually have, and why you have that problem. It clears the path between you and your mind to understand the situation better.

Metaphysical Properties of Benitoite

Just like healing properties, benitoite crystal has metaphysical properties as well. When it comes to self-awareness & inner peace, benitoite stone can nourish your mind. Some of the major metaphysical properties of this gemstone are as follows:

  • When you connect yourself with benitoite crystal, it purifies your mind and soul from negative energy. It brings joy and happiness by connecting you to yourself so that you can hear your own voice and soul.
  • Benitoite stone works closely with the third eye chakra. It enhances your thinking ability to simulate some unexplored consciousness levels. Benitoite stone is the eye of your soul. It keeps and protects information beyond the surface level.
  • Once you keep benitoite stone with you, you will get closer to communion with the divine. It controls your ability to see the big picture and connect to intuitions.

Neptunite and Benitoite

Neptunite and benitoite make a beautiful combination of delicate & saturated colors. Neptunite was first discovered in the Narssarssuk pegmatite of West Greenland in 1893. It is usually found in black color. The name neptunite is deeply connected to Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, because of its association with Aegirine.

Benitoite crystal combined with neptunite crystal makes a well-formed aesthetic crystal. This combination of crystals is very rare to find in one piece. A perfectly composed and well-balanced condition of benitoite and neptunite is found in the famous Dallas gem mine in San Benito County, California.

Benitoite vs Sapphire

In 1907, when benitoite was discovered for the first time in San Benito County of California, the prospector James Couch mistakenly called it sapphire because of its similarity in color. Later, the University of California found it previously unknown and named it benitoite. Some of the major differences between benitoite and sapphire are as follows:

  • Benitoite is more costly than sapphire.
  • Benitoite is a rarer gemstone than sapphire.
  • Sapphire is harder (9) than benitoite (6 to 6.5) on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Benitoite crystal is usually found in combination with natrolite, joaquinite & neptunite and these all are the rarest gemstones to be found.
  • Benitoite has a specific gravity of 3.65 while sapphire’s specific gravity varies between 3.9 to 4.1

Benitoite Types

Raw Benitoite

Raw benitoite gemstone is the rarest beauty found in dark blue color. It is impossible to find a new benitoite stone since the production of this gemstone had halted.

Raw benitoite has more shine and brilliance than a diamond. The clarity and color of expertly cut benitoite stone look brighter than the average gemstone. This crystal is as flawless as sapphire, while a lot of rare gemstones have numerous flaws and rarely have a flow-free appearance.

Benitoite in Association with Another Gemstone

Benitoite crystal also comes in association with other rare crystals. Frequently, it is found in combination with neptunite, natrolite, joaquinite, serpentine, and albite. This set of combination of gemstones with benitoite makes it a very rare and beautiful piece.

Benitoite Colors

benitoite crystal

Color, shade, and clarity make benitoite crystal a beautiful and rare gemstone. Usually, benitoite is found in dark blue color but it is also found in some other colors. Every color of benitoite crystal has its own rare identity, and it looks brighter than diamond.

Blue Benitoite

Blue is the most common color of raw benitoite. It was first discovered in sapphire blue color in the San Benito Mountains. Its smooth and sharp-edged shape makes it look beautiful in blue.

Colorless/White Benitoite

Benitoite crystal is rarely found in the gemstone world, and the white and colorless benitoite stone is extremely rare to find. This fascinating crystal is full of sparkles and is comparable to a diamond. When it comes to jewelry, it can harness the power of your uniqueness.

Pink Benitoite

Along with the shades of blue, white, and colorless, benitoite is also found in pink. Its rarity and elegant spark make it stunning.

Benitoite Jewelry

Jewelry is a personal thing. When it comes to bringing prosperity and abundance in your life, beautiful ornaments featuring benitoite crystal look stunning when it shines like a diamond. Every jewelry made of benitoite stone has its specific meaning and vibe. If you are buying benitoite stone, always look for pure authentic stones in the market.

When you wear benitoite jewelry, it encourages you to stay calm, focused, and glamourous in all aspects of life. If you are struggling with self-confidence and communication, you should wear benitoite jewelry to boost your courage.

Benitoite Ring

Benitoite Engagement Ring

Benitoite engagement rings are a bit difficult to find. When you search online for a benitoite engagement ring, it shows results for sapphire and tanzanite rings. Instead of that, you can search for “benitoite rings online”, and you will see some gorgeous rings for sale. Another possible way to get your engagement ring is to buy benitoite gemstone and then make a customized ring of your choice from a professional jeweler.

Benitoite Men’s Ring

Since benitoite is a rare stone, it has huge demand and popularity in men’s jewelry as well. Men’s rings featuring benitoite gemstone are available in a crystal store and online delivery sites.

Benitoite Necklace

Wearing a necklace made of benitoite stone brings a spark of light into your attire. These beautiful necklaces with meaning bring the wearer luck, protection, and serenity.

Benitoite Pendant

Benitoite’s shine, similar to that of a diamond, makes the pendant glow from the inside out. These beautiful pendants made with white and blue stones look beautiful on a woman of any age.

Benitoite Earrings

benitoite earrings

Benitoite earrings are one of the most popular and in-demand pieces of jewelry. Benitoite earrings are made in different shapes with raw benitoite stones. These earrings are easily available online and also you can buy a raw gemstone and make a beautiful earring of your choice from a professional jeweler.

Benitoite Bracelet

Benitoite bracelets are always up to the mark with their uniqueness. Bracelets associated with the benitoite stone can give you that confidence and encouragement once you wear them.

Benitoite Uses

Benitoite crystals bring joyous and pleasant energies with their presence. It works closely with a person's third eye chakra, which allows you to feel optimistic while channeling your inner happiness. There are some creative uses of this beautiful crystal as well

Benitoite Jewelry

Benitoite stones are known for their beautiful color and clarity. Sometimes it works better than a diamond. Like a crystal, this precious gemstone is used to make jewelry. This benitoite jewelry looks beautiful and also works spiritually with its healing and metaphysical properties.

Benitoite Beads

Benitoite crystal is also used to create beads that are used in necklaces, bracelets, and rosaries. Its color and shine make it beautiful to wear.

How to Find a Benitoite Gem

Since the benitoite gem is such a rare gemstone, it is in huge demand all over the world. Benitoite gemstone comes in different colors, like blue, white, colorless, and pink. The dark blue benitoite gem is considered the best benitoite.

Benitoite for Sale

Benitoite Price

Benitoite Ring Price

A pure and authentic benitoite gemstone ring price range starts from $800 USD to $2500 USD approximately.

Benitoite Price per Carat

There are price differences according to the color and carat of the stone:

  • White benitoite stone costs around $1600 USD per carat
  • Light grayish benitoite stone costs around $2300 USD carat
  • Light violet-blue benitoite stone costs around $2800 USD carat
  • Deep medium blue benitoite stone costs around $4200 USD carat

Raw Benitoite for Sale

Raw benitoite stones are easily available on online market platforms. There are some trusted crystal sellers who are selling the best quality benitoite stones at your nearest crystal store in your area and also through online delivery as well.

Benitoite Jewelry for Sale

Benitoite Ring for Sale

There are many designs of benitoite rings available in the market. Some of these designs have single benitoite stones and some are a combination with diamonds. You can find the best design of your choice online and at your nearest crystal store.

Benitoite on Amazon

One can find benitoite stone or benitoite jewelry on Amazon. But there is a very small collection of benitoite stones on Amazon.


Benitoite crystal is known for joyous and calming energies that connect you to your mind and soul. It eliminates the negative energy from your mind and gently brings protection and happiness.

It is deeply connected to the person’s third eye chakra and improves the ability to think. First discovered in San Benito County, California in 1907, this gemstone is beautiful in color and clarity. Jewelry made with this stone looks precious since this stone is compared with the diamond. One can buy benitoite jewelry easily from their nearest crystal store and also at online delivery sites like Etsy and Amazon.       

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