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Moonwater and How to Make It: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about moonwater, including its meaning, benefits, types, and uses. Let's get started!


The mention of moon water is bound to conjure some intriguing mystical images and instill coolness and peace all around.

The elements of nature such as the celestial bodies, soil, plants, air, and water all have an interesting effect on us. The trick is to know how to use these elements to make the most of their believed benefits.

Curious to know more about moon water? Well, let us dive right into the subject.

  • What is Moon Water?
    • What is Moon Water Used for
    • What does Moon Water do?
    • Is it Safe to Drink Moon Water
  • Moon Water Benefits
  • Moon Water Types
    • Waxing Moon Water
    • New Moon Water
    • Full Moon Water
      • What is Full Moon Water?
      • Benefits of Drinking Full Moon Water
    • Super Moon Water
    • Dark Moon Water
  • Moon Water Uses
    • Full Moon Water Uses
    • Moon Water for Beauty
    • Moon Water in Coffee
  • How to Make Moon Water
    • How to Make Moon Water with Crystals
    • How to Make Full Moon Water
    • How to Make Blue Moon Water
    • How to Make Moon Water Tea
    • How to Charge Water with Moonlight
  • Moon Water for Sale
    • Buy Moon Water
  • Conclusion

What is Moon Water?

moon over water

Humans have always been fascinated by the moon. And rightly so; a white ball sitting in the sky thousands of miles away that can influence the waters on our planet has got to mean something, right? So, continuing with this fascination, humans decided to use this celestial body in their different forms of worship or to connect with spiritual realms.

The exact origin of moon water is unknown, but it is believed that people started using it in the early 19th century mainly for witchcraft and magic purposes. As the name suggests, moon water is simply water that has been sitting under the moonlight to absorb its energies.

Further on, we shall find out how to make moon water wicca.

What is Moon Water Used for?

Moon water has a special place in the world of spirituality. It is considered to be a wonderful cleanser and is used to purify the energies of a person, room, or even object.

Since the moon affects the ocean's tides on the earth, it has a very strong connection with the element of water, and this same connection is utilized by people to manifest their intentions and desires. There are various ways of using moon water such as moon water tarot, which we will explore later in this post.

What does Moon Water do?

Moon water science may not be proven, but it is widely believed. As mentioned before, moon water is considered to be a great cleanser. It can cleanse objects, places, and individuals of their negative energies.

It is useful in meditation and other spiritual rituals. The water is believed to calm one's mind and tame the chaos within. In some Ayurvedic scriptures, it is also believed to be useful in aiding fertility in women.

Moon water prayer accompanied with usage is believed to bring about significant changes in one's life.

Is it Safe to Drink Moon Water?

Moon-charged water is safe to drink as long as you make it using potable water. The best way to be sure is to make it yourself. Use clean jars and do not leave them unattended and open for too long in the open.

Also, it is best to not store the moon water bottle for endless days. Prioritize using the water and then making more since the moon appears every night. You can also make moon water spray for easier and quicker use.

Moon Water Benefits

Water that has been 'charged' under the moonlight is believed to have healing properties. Moon water chants and moon water spells are commonly used to amplify the benefits. It is known to improve not just the physical, but also the mental wellbeing of those who drink it. Here are its key benefits:

It is useful in keeping you charged and energized. Unlike regular water, this water has absorbed the energies and the powers of moonlight. Drinking it will transfer these energies to you and you will feel revitalized.

Drinking moon water, especially after a long, hard day, is believed to replenish your tired body and mind and make you feel relaxed.

It is a great cleanser. Throughout the day, we attract many energies and not all of them are positive. These negative energies need to be washed off. For outer dirt, you may take a bath, but to wash out the inner dirt, which is in the form of negative energies and vibes, you need something to cleanse you from within.

This is exactly what moon water does. It will refill your body with its positive energy, charged from the moon, and wash away the negative energies.

Moon water blessings are believed to make the skin glow. The moon, like a glowing ball in the sky, allows the water to absorb its glow and shine along with its energy, which it passes on to the drinker.

It is believed that if you make moon water a part of your daily beauty routine, you will start seeing some very evident positive changes in your skin as it starts to glow with radiance.

Moon Water Types

There are mainly two types of moon water, and that is because there are two phases of the moon: waxing and waning. 

The waxing phase is the fortnight when the moon grows in size. It starts at the new moon and is completed at the full moon. Waning, on the other hand, is the latter fortnight when the moon reduces in size. It starts at the full moon and is completed at the new moon phase. 

Based on these phases, the water you make will also be of the two types. The water that you make in the waxing phase will essentially be your 'growing water'. With the rightly worded intentions, it will help you grow whatever it is that you wish to grow in your life; for example, your plants, money, love, fondness, etc.

On the other hand, the moon water made during the waning phase will be your 'reduction water' and it will help you reduce things such as your stress, anxiety, worries, or even your weight. The key is to have the right intention while using this water.

Waxing Moon Water

Waxing moon water is made during the growing phase of the moon. Keep your water jar out under the moonlight from new moon to full moon and you will have waxing moon water at your disposal. You can use this to grow anything such as your plants, money, intelligence, affection, health, or work position.

Dark Moon Water

Dark moon or new moon water is great to use when you are setting an intention. Since it is the beginning of the lunar cycle, it is in sync with your intentions of making something grow. This water is also known as waxing water and can be used when you want to make something increase, just like the moon. 

New Moon Water

The new moon is seen as the beginning of things. This is considered a good time to set intentions, especially if you're a beginner. As the moon grows over the next fortnight, so does its strength. long with that, the power of your intentions is also considered to grow.

The procedure for making new moon water is the same as regular moon water. It can be used as a period for fertile imagination and the manifestation of desires. New moon water rituals are common among people who practice wicca.

Full Moon Water

full moon

Full moon water blessing is really special. It can be used as waxing water. Since it is the completion of the moon cycle, many people use this opportunity to set a prayer instead of a want or desire.

They thank the moon for all they have and for the strength that its energies have been giving the person. You can also use full moon water as a final ritual completion towards a particular intention.

Some people follow a full moon bath ritual that is considered to cleanse them of all the negative energies they might have attracted over the past month.

What is Full Moon Water?

Full moon water is the water that has been charged under moonlight on a full moon night. The procedure for making full moon water is the same as discussed previously, except that it can only be done on the night of a full moon.

Benefits of Drinking Full Moon Water

Drinking full moon water is known to cleanse our body and soul of negative energies.

It gives a calm and relaxing effect and relieves our stress.

If the water has been set with an intention, then it is also believed to help in fulfilling that intention.

Drinking full moon water makes you feel cooler from within as your anger and anxiety are soothed and you are left feeling at peace.

Super Moon Water

The super moon is a rare phenomenon when the moon appears considerably larger and much closer to us. It can occur three or four times a year. The simple logic is that since the moon is closer to us, its powers are amplified.

You should always seize this opportunity to make and store supermoon water that is power-packed with its magnified energies. If you set it with the rightly-worded and thought-out intentions, this water may prove beneficial in improving your life, relationships, health, and state of mind. Similarly, pink moon water is also very powerful.

Moon Water Uses

Moon water can be used for a variety of uses such as in food and beverages, to water the plants, to cleanse your stones and crystals, and for beauty purposes.

Full Moon Water Uses

Full moon water can be used to cleanse or charge your crystals. The full moon is the night when the moon is full and shining its brightest. At this time, its power is also considered to be the strongest. Water has receptive energies and, in this case, works as a psychic sponge.

It will absorb all the powerful positive energies from the moon and will pass it on to the person who drinks it. Full moon water can also be used for bathing.

There are extensive full moon bath rituals that many people follow to cleanse their minds, body, and soul from all the negativity that they may have attracted.

Moon Water for Beauty

Some people believe that moon water makes the skin glow with radiance. Just as the moon glows mystically on a dark night, so will your skin if you make moon water a part of your daily beauty regime.

Since it is a natural cleanser, it will take away all the toxicity and negativity from the skin, clean impurities, and make the skin youthful and clear.

Moon Water in Coffee

Few will debate about the fact that coffee is the best way to wake up every morning. And what will make it even better is adding moon water to it. Mornings require energy, vitality, and something to kick-start your day.

Moon water is believed to be refreshing and so adding it to your coffee is sure to not just awaken you, but keep you energized and fresh for a longer period. It is also a great way of starting your day with a good share of calm energies that you can carry with you throughout the day. 

How to Make Moon Water?

So how do you make moon water? Making moon water is easy, and all you need is a few things from around the house. You will need an open dish or a mason jar. Use a glass jar or any transparent jar, so that the moonlight can seep into it.

Using a jar is handy since you can also store the water for a few days in it. Leave it on your windowsill, terrace, balcony, or any place where the moonlight is clear and visible. Leave it overnight and bring it inside the house at the break of dawn.

How to Make Moon Water with Crystals?

You could use crystals to make moon water to boost its effects. To do this, you simply have to place a crystal of your choice on top of the jar of water so it can absorb the same moonlight.

Some people also keep crystals submerged in the water. You might not want to drink it later, but if you are using it for other purposes such as cleaning or watering plants, then submerging crystals is a good way to go about it.

How to Make Full Moon Water?

a person whose about to touch water

To make full moon water, you need to follow the same procedure, but on the night of a full moon. The powers of the moon are believed to be the strongest on the full moon night and so it is advisable to make moon water on every full moon night to make the most of its energies.

You could also add herbs to the water to make it more beneficial.

How to Make Blue Moon Water?

Blue moons are a rare phenomenon that occurs once every two to three years. Moon worshippers or lunar experts treat this occasion as a very special one. To make blue moon water you will need a transparent mason jar, distilled or spring water, and a water crystal.

Keep the water and crystal under the blue moon and remember to bring it in just before sunrise. Your water will then have captured the strong and rare qualities of the blue moon and, coupled with your intentions, it can make a huge difference in your life.

How to Make Moon Water Tea?

Moon water tea is nothing but regular tea, except that instead of using plain water, you will use moon water to steep the tea leaves. It adds an extra boost to your tea and will keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day. It is also known to soothe your mind, especially if you are facing any sort of stressful situation and need a break.

You can either use moon water in a general sense to benefit from the energy of the moon, or you could set an intention with it. Setting an intention is nothing but defining what you would like to use the water for.

You can talk to the water and the moon, make a little prayer and say it out loud or in your mind while keeping the water under the moon. This way your water will not just be charged with the moonlight but also with your intentions. It will work towards fulfilling your intentions. 

How to Charge Water with Moonlight?

To charge water with moonlight, you will require the following items:

  • A mason jar or glass jar or any open bowl.
  • Stones or crystals that you work with such as selenite, clear quartz, or moonstone. These stones are also known as moon water transformation stones.
  • Herbs or dried flowers of your choice such as mugwort, lavender, or rosemary (optional)
  • A place under direct moonlight such as a balcony, terrace, or windowsill.

For moon water manifestation, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill the bowl or jar with water, preferably spring or distilled water. Make sure it is potable.
  2. Add your crystals either to the water or on top of the jar.
  3. Leave it overnight under the moonlight.
  4. Bring the jar in before sunrise, fasten the lid, and store it for future use.
  5. Your moon water is now ready.
  6. You can use this water for various purposes, such as bathing, cleaning, cooking, and even beauty rituals.

And this is the easiest solution for those who ask how to make quick moon water. 

Moon Water for Sale

Moon water can be found in crystal shops or even shops selling religious items. The price depends on the authenticity of the shop. However, making moon water is such an easy process that people seldom buy ready-made bottles. An advantage of making it yourself is that you can be sure it is safe to drink.

Buy Moon Water

If you would still like to try readymade, store-bought moon water, you can check out your local crystal shops. Even Etsy and Amazon sell moon water at affordable prices.

They come in lovely little bottles. You can check out the details and moon water pictures on those websites before buying. There are many varieties too such as jasper-infused moon water with the purpose to protect and nurture you from stress or tough situations.

You can check out moon water in stores that match your intentions too.


Moon water is one of the easiest items to prepare in the world of spirituality and mysticism. It can be your first step to connecting with the higher elements of nature, and many believe that it works.

So why not try it out yourself, and experience how it might change your life for good!

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