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Scolecite: Complete Guide (2024)

scolecite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about scolecite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


The scolecite crystal is a beautiful mineral with a unique crystal structure, making it a highly sought-after gem in the mineral kingdom. Here are the scolecite facts.

It is believed to be a powerful healing stone, with a strong calming energy effective in aiding relaxation of the mind and body. Scolecite is most often found in India, but can also be found in a variety of other locations around the globe. 

It has an exquisite white color with a gentle lustre, making it a highly desirable addition to any gem collection. This complete guide will explore the many benefits of scolecite, its uses, and its history of helping humans heal.

With its calming energy, it has been a go-to healing mineral for thousands of years. We’ll discuss how humans can use it in everyday life to help heal their minds and bodies and produce an overall feeling of peace and harmony. 

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  • Scolecite Color
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  • Scolecite Uses
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    • Scolecite Pendulum
  • Scolecite Cleansing
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Scolecite Meaning

The scolecite stone is a powerful and gentle spiritual stone that helps to connect the holder to divine source energy. It brings clarity, compassion and insight to your spiritual practice and encourages one to open to their spiritual gifts. It's helpful in clarifying and amplifying intuition and is used to open one up to receive guidance through meditation and channeling. 

It helps manage emotional distress and offers calming and soothing energy to one who experiences it. One can benefit from using the stone to amplify their clarity and to gain insight into the causes of distortions and illusions in life. The stone has a tolerant and inclusive energy that brings comfort and healing to the collective soul.

Additionally, the stone has the ability to dissolve karmic patterns to create deeper understanding and transformation of emotions. It helps to unify our individual needs and draw us closer to our highest path. It's an excellent stone to soothe the emotional body and allows one to receive messages from the Universe.

What is Scolecite

Scolecite is a rare, translucent to transparent, white to pink, grey or brown crystal of monoclinic symmetry. Monoclinic symmetry is a type of point symmetry that describes a crystal structure in which all the sides of a structure are not equal. This type of symmetry is one of the seven crystal symmetries, which also include triclinic, cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, hexagonal, and trigonal.

This stone has a soft, waxy and somewhat pearly lustre, and a brittle, cone-shaped fracture. It is mined in India, Brazil, Germany, the United States and Canada. Because it is a relatively soft stone, scolecite is not used too extensively in jewellery. Rather, it is primarily used for metaphysical purposes. It is believed to help with communication, particularly with spirits, guardian angels and ascended masters. It is said to bring calming and centering energies, and helps to reduce stress and confusion.

Scolecite Pronunciation

Scolecite is pronounced as follows. It’s pretty much spoken phonetically. Sc-o-le-site. It is worth noting that the “o” is not pronounced in the same way that the letter o is pronounced when someone is naming and describing the letter. It is pronounced as one would pronounce the letter o in the word “lot.” 

Scolecite Metaphysical Meaning

Scolecite is believed to enhance psychic awareness by opening a person’s heart to divine reconnection. It is called the “scolecite affirmation”. Through this process, it is thought to promote inner peace and emotional healing. Scolecite is also strongly connected to dream and astral work, helping to induce deep sleep, vivid and prophetic dreams, and revelatory dream sequences. 

From a spiritual perspective, this stone is believed to help the user disconnect from the limitations of the material world and open to one’s spiritual potential. In addition, it is believed to be helpful for connecting with higher realms of the unconscious, spiritual guides, and angelic presences. Scolecite is also used for meditation and shamanic journeying and can be used to amplify intention when these practices are observed.

Concerning the scolecite zodiac, scolecite is associated with Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. It is believed to bring emotional balance and to slow down the thinking process. It can help to release stress and clear blockages that hinder personal growth. It can also bring serenity and joy and can assist in developing patience and empathy. 

woman spirituality

Scolecite Benefits

Scolecite has a mild energy and is gentle on the nervous system, therefore facilitating soothing energy to the person who wears it. It can provide insight and clarity promoting positive thought patterns and action. It can be used for many different purposes in the metaphysical world. This beautiful stone has a very calming and tranquil energy that can help to dissolve stress, worry and fear and bring in a sense of peace and happiness. 

It can be used to aid meditation and promote a feeling of inner spiritual connection. Scolecite also works well with the third eye chakra, helping to strengthen intuition and open up psychic abilities. It is also beneficial for dream work and can help to open up clear communication with the spirit world. 

Scolecite is believed to assist in manifestation, helping to bring forth wishes and desires that are in line with higher divine truth. It can also be used to promote loyalty, fidelity and deep meaningful bonds in relationships. 

The energetic vibration emitted by scolecite can also be used to synchronize with other crystals to increase their energetic and healing properties. It is a wonderful stone to have in a home or work space as it helps to reduce disharmony and promote harmony, peace and balance. In conclusion, scolecite is an excellent stone for those wishing to bring balance into their daily lives.

Scolecite Healing

The healing powers of scolecite are remarkable. Its healing powers are said to be helpful in releasing anger, liberating stress and fear, and restoring inner peace and satisfaction. It is also believed to facilitate unconditional love and can lead one to self-discovery.

Additionally, it is said to have a calming effect on the mind and body, and its energy helps to stabilize energy fields and create a clearer vision. It is often associated with creative energy, and it can be used to enhance creativity and support self-expression.

As a magical stone, it can provide spiritual guidance on any issue that requires a shift in consciousness, and it is known to help dissolve energetic blockages that prevent progress or growth. All in all, scolecite is a powerful healing stone that has the potential to help bring about desired change in your life.

Scolecite Chakra

Scolecite is a very beautiful and rare crystal, and many associate it with the crown chakra. The crown chakra, or “sahasrara”, is linked to higher consciousness and connecting with the divine. Through the vibrations of scolecite, it can activate and purify the crown chakra, and promote a sense of peace and inner calm, which allows for easier access to higher realms and knowledge. 

Many of its healing properties encourage spiritual development and provide deep, peaceful meditative states. By connecting with the crown chakra, it can help a person to explore deeper aspects of themselves and discover their own truth.

While helping bring balance to the crown chakra, scolecite also offers energetic protection. It can help to protect one from negative energies that can prevent spiritual growth. Scolecite helps create a positive pathway of communication with the divine, so one can open up to their own higher consciousness and gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

scolecite chakra

Scolecite Properties

In this next section we’re going to be covering the different properties of scolecite. These properties include its healing properties as well as its metaphysical properties. Read on to find out all you need to know!

Scolecite Healing Properties

Scolecite’s properties have made it a popular healing stone. In addition to healing emotional trauma, it can help with calming hyperactivity and decreasing stress and anxiety. By stimulating the third-eye chakra, it helps with mental clarity and enhancing one's psychic ability. 

Scolecite's energy of deep relaxation and stillness works on the body to induce a peaceful, calming, and stress-relieving energy. It is also believed to help heal illnesses of the nervous system. Thus, scolecite has powerful healing properties that defy explanation and can aid with accessing higher consciousness, receiving spiritual inspiration, and healing emotional trauma.

Scolecite Metaphysical Properties

Scolecite activates the third-eye and crown chakras for accessing higher consciousness and connecting with divine energy. It allows one to receive insight and inspiration from a deep spiritual level of awareness and can open the doorway to ethereal realms as well as enhance lucid dreaming and astral traveling experiences.

It gives access to cosmic energies to facilitate inner healing and bring forth healing and transformation of the soul. The gentle, peaceful vibrations of scolecite aid in lucid dreaming and creative visualization.

Scolecite vs Selenite

selenite crystal

Scolecite and selenite are two important minerals found in the earth's crust. They both belong to the monoclinic crystal group and have very similar properties. Scolecite is a hydrous calcium and aluminium silicate mineral with a soft and waxy texture. It is usually colorless or white in color, and can sometimes have a pinkish tinge. 

Selenite is a soft variety of gypsum and it is colorless and transparent. It is a bit harder than scolecite and often occurs in tabular and blade shaped crystals. Both minerals are also very popular in metaphysical applications. Scolecite is said to bring peace, calmness and divine insight. It's most often used in meditation and can bring clarity and understanding. 

Selenite is believed to increase physical energy and mental clarity. It can also help in connecting with higher realms, and bringing love and light into one's life. Both are wonderful minerals to work with and can bring many benefits.

Scolecite Types

Scolecite can form in a variety of environments, including volcanic eruptions or hydrothermal solutions. Its crystals are usually tabular in shape, often forming tufts or mats. Scolecite also occurs in vein-like masses or as druses in cavities in metamorphic rocks. There are also a few rare colors of scolecite, such as orange, red, yellow, blue, and brown.

In addition, scolecite can have other combinations of colors including: grey, black, green, and pink. Some varieties contain trace amounts of titanium, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc. Scolecite is used as an ornament or in jewellery, as well as for its metaphysical properties, generally to increase a peaceful state of mind.

Scolecite Raw

Raw scolecite is a crystal found in geological formations across many parts of the world. It is most commonly found as colorless, white, or pale yellow crystal clusters or solid masses.

It has a unique hexagonal shape, typically with negative crystal faces (V-shaped dips) on the centerline of its prism faces. The physical structure is often described as resembling stacked or layered plates, due to its prism-like shape. It is usually a translucent, glass-like material with a waxy lustre, and can sometimes have a pearly lustre.

In a cross-section, raw scolecite appears as a hollow, six-sided star shape. When it is first found, raw scolecite may have a rough, chalky or waxy texture. It is sometimes naturally rough and pitted like leather, but it can also be polished to smooth and glossy perfection.

Scolecite Tumbled

Tumbled scolecite can be found online from many different vendors and retailers. It is a popular, affordable and easy to find gemstone that can be used in various crystal healing techniques. By scouring websites, you can find the stone in different shades and sizes.

The stone is usually sold in packages, however, depending on the vendor, it may be sold as individual pieces. Tumbled scolecite is generally most affordable when it is purchased online. It can also be found in metaphysical shops, rock and gem stores or through local craft stores, although it is typically more expensive. 

Scolecite Color

Scolecite comes in a variety of colors ranging from the common white to yellow, white and pink banding, a deep, rich pink, and even different shades of lilac. It is mostly found in massive form with thin tabular, or prismatic crystals, and sometimes in radiating spherical clusters. White scolecite is not uncommon, often in combination with a pink variety, and is found across the globe in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. 

Yellow scolecite is a rare color variety found in India. White and pink banding is unique with contrastingly colored layers of scolecite that are often seen in combination with stilbite.

Deep, rich pink scolecite is an unmistakable color, found in combination with heulandite or albite in India. Finally, the lilac variety of scolecite is often found in combination with green apophyllite, arising from the little-known deposits in Poona, India. 

Pink Scolecite

Finding a stone that is only pink can be a bit of a challenge. However, there are certain places in India that specialize in mining pink scolecite and only offer this type of stone for sale. One such place is Jaipur, the pink city in Rajasthan, India. Here, one can find jewellers selling pink scolecite in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The stone is also found in the Kolla Region, where the locals specialize in mining and trading the gemstone. 

It can also be found in the village of Manvi which is near Karnataka. The town is famous for their gemstones and one can find pink scolecite there. For those looking for more than just the stone, websites like Etsy and Amazon offer a variety of jewellery and carvings created using pink scolecite. 

Pink Scolecite Meaning

Pink scolecite is known to bring a calming influence to its wearer's life. It resonates with harmony and encourages balance in one's life, helping to bring a better inner and outer relationship. In addition to acting as a conduit of peace, it is also said to help enhance one's psychic abilities. 

It is also believed to strengthen the immune system and clear negative energy from the environment. By helping the wearer to open up more to love, this stone can be beneficial in bringing more luck and prosperity.

As a healing stone, it can help to reduce stress, such as by soothing the emotions and calming the mind. Pink scolecite helps to bring in more positive energies, particularly when used as part of a meditation ritual. 

Peach Scolecite

peach scolecite

Peach scolecite is a rare variety of the mineral scolecite that is prized for its bright, orange-yellow hue. The stone is found primarily in India, much of which is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Many of the mines and quarries that are known to produce specimens of this distinctive stone are located high in the mountains. In addition to India, peach scolecite can also be found in Namibia and Brazil. 

Peach Scolecite Meaning

Peach scolecite is a stone of inner peace which can gently bring us in harmony with our environment and its inhabitants. It is helpful in bringing a sense of relaxation and emotional healing.

Peach scolecite helps guide us towards a positive outlook, bringing forth inner change and resolve. It encourages our inner wisdom and grace. It helps us differentiate between our emotions and intellect, acting as a bridge or a pathway between the worlds of logical and intuitive knowledge.

It is a perfect crystal to use when one wishes to be less judgmental of others and more accepting of our own actions. This stone serves as a reminder to maintain a gentle balance within our relationships, both with others and ourselves.

Orange Scolecite

Orange scolecite can be found naturally in Mexico, India, Russia, China, the Middle East and the United States, among other places. It is a popular ornamental gemstone, and is widely available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

It is also used as a component of many types of jewellery, primarily as an accent stone. Due to its attractive color and lustre, it is often cut into cabochons, facets, tumbled, or cut into beads for use in jewellery. Orange scolecite is also used in many metaphysical applications, including healing, calming, and balancing the energy of its owner.

Oranges scolecite can be purchased directly from gemstone dealers online, as well as at local gemstone stores, and at jewellery shows. It is also possible to find orange scolecite on sites like Etsy, Ebay, and Bidz.

Scolecite Jewellery

In this next section we’re going to be covering all the different types of scolecite jewellery available on the market. These include scolecite rings, pendants and bracelets. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Scolecite Ring

There are various types of scolecite rings available on the market. These include classic solitaire rings, halo rings, three stone rings, eternity rings, and cluster rings. Classic solitaire rings feature a single, natural scolecite gemstone as the centrepiece.

The gemstone is typically set in a gold or silver band, while the gem color often ranges from off-white to light yellow or peach. Halo rings feature a centre scolecite gemstone surrounded by one or more smaller accent stones, while three stone rings feature three gemstones of the same or different shapes.

Eternity rings feature a continuous line of same-sized scolecite stones, while cluster rings feature an array of small scolecite stones. No matter which type of scolecite ring you choose, it is sure to be a stunning piece of jewellery.

Scolecite Pendant

You can find beautiful and unique scolecite pendants at gemstone jewellery stores, metaphysical shops, online retailers, and even Etsy. Gemstone jewellery stores offer pendants in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cost, from the traditional pear or oval shapes to more unique designs.

Metaphysical shops specialize in spiritual jewellery and often feature scolecite pendants as it is a highly sought-after energy-carrying gemstone. Online retailers have a vast selection at a variety of price points, so if you are willing to take the time to look, you can usually find the perfect piece to match your style.

Etsy is a great way to find unique and handmade scolecite pendants that are perfect for gifting or to wear yourself. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect scolecite pendant for your needs.

Scolecite Bracelets

There are a variety of scolecite bracelets available on the market, from simple, classic styles to more ornate designs. The most popular type of scolecite bracelet is the beaded bracelet; these are commonly crafted using round or rondelle cut gemstones that are strung onto a sturdy nylon thread or elastic band.

This style of bracelet is perfect for dressing up a casual outfit or adding a touch of sparkle to an evening look. For a more contemporary and edgy style, consider the stretch bracelet with semi-precious scolecite stones.

Stretch bracelets are available in a variety of designs and sizes, ranging from delicate, single-strand designs to more elaborate, multi-strand styles. Whether you prefer a classic look or something a bit more daring, scolecite bracelets are sure to add a unique touch to any ensemble.

Scolecite Uses

In this next section we’re going to touch on all the additional uses of scolecite. These include scolecite spheres, beads and pendulums. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Scolecite Sphere

scolecite sphere

A scolecite sphere is a wonderful tool for a number of reasons. It is believed to be a crystal of deep spiritual transformation and growth, and it is used to promote inner peace and a connection to divine energy. The sphere shape amplifies the energy of scolecite, making it a powerful tool for healing.

By holding the sphere, one can facilitate a greater connection to divine love and harmony. Scolecite is believed to help one access deeper levels of the subconscious and to gain greater insight into one’s current situation. It is especially helpful if one is feeling a bit blocked, as it can help clear away the cobwebs and let one access a higher level of consciousness.

It is said to assist one in connecting more deeply with the spiritual realms. Finally, a scolecite sphere is often used as an aide to meditation. It can help one focus and concentrate, resulting in a more robust meditative experience.

Scolecite Beads

Scolecite beads have long been coveted by crystal lovers of all sorts. They are typically milky white in color and have a smooth texture and an intriguing prismatic shape, making them perfect for wearing as beads or as a necklace centrepiece. For those that are interested in the metaphysical properties of stones, scolecite beads have a strong connection to the spiritual realm.

They are said to open the crown chakra, helping to promote peace, relaxation, and spiritual guidance. They can also assist in communicating with beings from the higher realms - great for those who want to expand their spiritual awareness and growth. 

Additionally, scolecite beads can be used for dream-work. They are said to foster a sense of calm and peace, as well as help to recall dreams more easily. For those who are into gemstone and crystal healing, scolecite beads can be used to facilitate meditation, and open channels of communication between the physical and spiritual realms. As you can see, scolecite beads can be used for a variety of purposes, both spiritually and physically - making them an excellent go-to stone for those on their spiritual journey.

Scolecite Beads 8mm

Scolecite beads with the size of 8mm are excellent for stress relief, as they are believed to bring peace and harmony to those who wear them. These beads can be used in meditation to focus on those positive energies, as well as in healing and relaxation. To use them, begin by cleansing the beads of any negative energy. This can be done through visualization techniques or through smudging the beads with sage and allowing them to rest in the moonlight. 

Once cleansed, the beads can be strung together to form whatever design the individual desires. This can be used when meditating or worn as a necklace. The scolecite beads can also be placed inside a dream catcher, allowing the positive energy to filter through and surround the room. No matter how the beads are used, they are believed to open up the heart chakra and allow the individual to access their inner strength.

Scolecite Pendulum

scolecite point

It is believed that a scolecite pendulum can be used to access the universal knowledge that lies within us all. To do so, hold the pendulum at the end of the chain or cord and ask a yes or no question in your mind.

Then, be patient and observe the pendulum. The pendulum will begin to move in circles, which means "yes", or in a back and forth motion, which means "no". Repeating the question until you receive the answer you desire will allow you to access deeper understanding and insight. 

Additionally, the pendulum can be used to detect negativity in the atmosphere and to clear it. Simply hold the pendulum over the space you wish to cleanse and give intention to remove any negative energy. Then, observe the movement of the pendulum until it stills.

Lastly, many people use a pendulum to check the vibration of an individual's energy. To do so, hold the pendulum over the person's heart and observe the pendulum's motion in order to determine positive or negative energy. A scolecite pendulum is a powerful tool that can help to uncover hidden knowledge and assist in cleansing negative energy.

Scolecite Cleansing

First get a bowl and fill it with 4 glasses of lukewarm water and 1/4 cup of salt. Mix the salt into the water until it dissolves completely. Place the scolecite directly into the salt water and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. This will help to remove any dirt or debris. 

Next, remove the scolecite from the salt water bath and transfer it to a clean bowl, using a slotted spoon to drain off the salt water. Fill a second bowl with 4 glasses of lukewarm water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Place the scolecite in this bowl and let it soak for several minutes. This will help to remove any remaining debris as well as help to purify the stone. 

Lastly, rinse off the scolecite with lukewarm water. Pat it dry with a soft cloth and then place it in a sunny spot to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate. Once dry, the scolecite is ready to use. Following these steps will help keep your scolecite cleansed and purified.

Scolecite for Sale

Firstly, you need to know what aesthetic of scolecite you want. Looking up images of scolecite is a good place to start. To find scolecite for sale, an internet search will generally turn up a range of options, including dealers, shops, and hobbyists.

Additionally, it can usually be found on established auction websites, such as Ebay. When buying online, it is important to make sure to check out the seller’s reputation and track record with regards to customer satisfaction. Buying scolecite from a specialized mineral and gem show can also be an option, although availability may depend on the region. 

Scolecite Price

Scolecite gemstones are available in a range of sizes and shapes, but it is the quality that determines the price point. The larger and better quality stones tend to cost more, though there is also the option to buy inexpensive cabochons of a lesser quality. A premium stone, perfect in color and clarity, can cost around $100 or more per carat.

Lesser quality pieces will cost significantly less, depending on the grade of clarity. Prices can be further shifted depending on the availability of the material, as it is a rare gemstone and the supplies can be inconsistent. In general, the price of scolecite is determined by its size, clarity, and overall quality, with prices ranging anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred per carat.


In summary, scolecite is a unique form of mineral found primarily in India. It is known for having a calming effect both when used in the physical form and also when the vibrations that it emits are employed.

It is believed to open up higher psychic channels and can also be used to open awareness for spiritual truths. Those who use scolecite often report feelings of relaxation and heightened awareness of their intuitive abilities.

Scolecite is a natural form of mineral and can be used to encourage peace and harmony in a person's energy field. It is a powerful mineral and can be used to facilitate spiritual practices and meditation in order to reach an elevated level of spiritual wisdom and clarity.

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