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Cherry Quartz: Complete Guide (2024)

cherry quartz

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about cherry quartz, including its meaning, properties, and types. Let's get started!


An alluring stone with incredible qualities, sometimes cherry quartz doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It can bring more than just a positive change in one’s life. Let us explore its benefits, healing, and metaphysical properties further in this article.

  • Cherry Quartz Meaning
    • What is Cherry Quartz?
      • Is Cherry Quartz a Natural Stone
      • What is Cherry Quartz Made of
      • Cherry Quartz Spiritual Meaning
    • Cherry Quartz Benefits
    • Cherry Quartz Healing
    • Cherry Quartz Chakra
  • Cherry Quartz Properties
    • Cherry Quartz Healing Properties
    • Cherry Quartz Metaphysical Properties
  • Cherry Quartz vs Rose Quartz
  • Cherry Quartz vs Strawberry Quartz
  • Cherry Quartz Types
    • Cherry Quartz Natural
    • Fire Cherry Quartz
      • Fire Cherry Quartz Meaning
    • Raw Cherry Quartz
    • Volcano Cherry Quartz
      • Volcano Cherry Quartz Meaning
      • Volcano Cherry Quartz Metaphysical Properties
  • Cherry Quartz Jewelry
    • Cherry Quartz Ring
    • Cherry Quartz Necklace
    • Cherry Quartz Pendant
    • Cherry Quartz Earrings
    • Cherry Quartz Bracelet
    • Cherry Quartz Uses
  • Cherry Quartz Sphere
    • Cherry Quartz Beads
    • Cherry Quartz Skull
    • Cherry Quartz Tower
    • Cherry Quartz Cabochon
  • Fake Cherry Quartz
  • Conclusion

Cherry Quartz Meaning

As the name suggests, cherry quartz is a type of quartz. Quartz is one of the best-known crystals. In ancient Europe, people wore quartz as a talisman for protection.

Cherry quartz is a new addition to the quartz family. Even though it doesn’t have any historical significance on its own, it has made a name for itself in modern healing.

Cherry quartz is considered the ‘stone of hope.’ The meaning of cherry quartz presents a possibility of tomorrow. It promotes maintaining a healthy balance in life.

What is Cherry Quartz?

Cherry quartz is one of the most abundantly found crystals. Like quartz, cherry quartz too is easily obtained. Like all quartz, cherry quartz had a strong hardness as well. Cherry quartz is known to be weather-resistant if taken care of well. 

Quartz is said to be an amplifier, and cinnabar is associated with passion and energy. Thus, when mixed, cherry quartz is prepared to energize you entirely. 

What is Cherry Quartz Made of?

Cherry quartz is made with cinnabar ore and quartz. The quartz is melted and mixed with cinnabar. After this mixture is cooled, it is shaped and carved into beautiful stones. Cherry quartz sometimes has a pinkish hue. Cherry quartz gets its name because of the presence of the scarlet hue of the cinnabar. 

Is Cherry Quartz a Natural Stone?

No, cherry quartz is not a natural stone. Cherry quartz is a synthetic stone. It is a type of quartz and possesses many of its properties. 

Cherry Quartz Spiritual Meaning

Cherry quartz opens your mind and soul to the spiritual world and connects you to the universe. It energizes your body and helps you move forward in life with love and passion. 

In Vedic culture, some people believe that clear quartz represents Lord Shiva and red cinnabar represents Shakti. Hence, cherry quartz is believed to represent the coming together of Shiva and Shakti. 

Cherry Quartz Benefits

Cherry quartz helps you get in tune with the spiritual energies. It pushes you to act by giving a boost of energy. Cherry quartz motivates you to make efforts and face any challenge headlong. It can make you excited and confident about prospects by eliminating anxious and daunting feelings. 

Cherry Quartz Healing

Cherry quartz has many healing properties. More information on this is mentioned further along in the article. 

Cherry Quartz Chakra

Cherry quartz activates the heart chakra. It makes you more open to loving and forgiving others and also makes you open to receiving love. 

Cherry Quartz Properties

cherry quartz

Even though it is a man-made crystal, cherry quartz has some mind-blowing properties. It influences your mind, body, and soul. It energizes your whole being. Here are some of its properties:

Cherry Quartz Healing Properties

Cherry quartz works wonders on physical healing.

  • Cherry quartz is said to repel the symptoms of lethargy. It fills you with energy and keeps you active.
  • It helps the body to fight exhaustion and keeps you on your toes.
  • Cherry quartz is said to heal ailments related to muscles. It eases the pain and keeps the mind fresh to continue work.
  • Cherry quartz is also known to promote proper draining of the lymph. It reduces swelling and heals tissues.
  • Many practitioners use cherry quartz in massages to heal joint pain.
  • Cherry quartz crystals are said to treat mild burns and infections as well. 
  • Crystal healers also claim that using cherry quartz strengthens the heart and reduces the pressure on the arteries.

Cherry Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Cherry quartz has many transcendental healing properties. Some of those properties are mentioned below;

  • Cherry quartz keeps you happy by promoting a continuous energy flow throughout your body.
  • Cherry quartz works with the heart chakra, cleansing the negative blockages and opening you to love opportunities.
  • It enhances your empathy and compassion and makes you kind towards yourself and others around you.
  • Cherry quartz, while working with the heart chakra, also heals your emotional wounds, making you emotionally mature. 
  • Cherry quartz fills you with A surge of energy and power and helps you put it to good use.
  • It is also said to eliminate negative energy and replace it with courage and vivacity. 
  • It helps you overcome obstacles and provides you with the energy and enthusiasm to pursue everything life has to offer.
  • Cherry quartz helps disperse and remove emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, and anger that can ruin your relationships.
  • Cherry quartz is renowned as a ‘stone of hope’ as it gives hope and fills you with self-confidence.

Cherry Quartz vs Rose Quartz

Rose quartz helps remove fears and resentments toward people. It activates the heart chakra. Cherry Quartz helps cleanse the mind and connect to the spiritual realm by sending and receiving energy. It also helps open the heart chakra. 

Rose quartz gets its pinkish-red hues from the traces of titanium, manganese, or iron present in them. Rose quartz is a natural stone. It was first found in Rumford, Maine, USA, and Minas Gerais, Brazil. Cherry quartz gets its reddish hues from the addition of cinnabar. Cherry quartz, as we know, is a man-made stone.

Cherry Quartz vs Strawberry Quartz

cherry quartz

Cherry quartz gets its color with added cinnabar and is available at an affordable price. Strawberry quartz gets its pink color naturally. This type of quartz is rare ‌and thus is the most expensive of all quartz. Strawberry quartz is found in Mexico and Russia. 

Cherry Quartz Types

Cherry Quartz Natural

Cherry quartz is made from a mixture of cinnabar and quartz. Quartz is reconstituted naturally, and cinnabar is added later. It absorbs negativity and thus is used for purification. 

Fire Cherry Quartz

Fire Cherry Quartz Meaning

Fire cherry quartz comes in different colors, such as watermelon, yellow, brown, pink, and clear. Fire cherry quartz is often confused with volcano cherry quartz, but they differ in appearance.

Raw Cherry Quartz

Raw cherry quartz crystal is of a darker shade than polished or tumbled cherry quartz. It bears the resemblance of an ice crystal. Raw cherry quartz can be used for meditation. You can place it at the workplace or in the meditation room to reap its benefits.

Volcano Cherry Quartz

Volcano Cherry Quartz Meaning

Volcano cherry quartz comes in different colors, ranging from yellow to brown. They have patterns of tiger stripes giving them a unique look.

Volcano Cherry Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Even with different colors and patterns, volcano cherry quartz possesses the same qualities as any other cherry quartz. They are generally used for manifestation, healing, and balancing the chakra energies. 

Cherry Quartz Jewelry

Cherry quartz has a warm and attractive presence and it is used in making jewelry. It makes a vibrant piece of jewelry that will draw the attention of many. It adds a warm accent to any outfit. Cherry quartz is weather-resistant and durable if taken care of. It lasts longer than any other stone and looks good when paired with other stones.

Cherry Quartz Ring

Cherry quartz rings are made with both gold and silver settings. They make beautiful everyday jewelry, as cherry quartz is a hard stone. Furthermore, being an expression of love and commitment, cherry quartz makes wonderful engagement rings.

Cherry Quartz Necklace

cherry quartz necklace

Cherry quartz works with the heart chakra. When worn as a necklace, it enhances the chakra energies and aids in clearing the heart blockages. It opens a person to send and receive love. 

Cherry Quartz Pendant

The pinkish cherry quartz pendant comes in shapes like oval, teardrop, hearts, and many more. Like the cherry quartz necklace, the pendants are also beneficial for the heart chakra. Cherry quartz pendants provide an elegant and delicate look.

Cherry Quartz Earrings

Cherry quartz earrings give you a charming appeal. They are a must-have jewelry piece and should be added to your collection. 

Cherry Quartz Bracelet

Cherry quartz bracelets are mostly made with their beads. These bracelets are suited to be worn by both men and women. They make a lively piece of jewelry that can be worn every day with casual attire. 

Cherry Quartz Uses

Cherry Quartz Sphere

Cherry quartz spheres make a wonderful home decor piece. They can be kept in the house on display or even in your meditation room. The smaller spheres can be carried on you wherever you go to keep benefiting from them.

Cherry Quartz Beads

Cherry quartz beads are made into bracelets, earrings, and pendants. They can also be strung together to manifest one's intentions or to be used during meditation. 

Cherry Quartz Skull

Cherry quartz skulls can be used to heal and enhance your spiritual senses. They are also used in reiki healings. Placing a cherry quartz crystal skull in your room will give it a quirky aesthetic along with gaining its benefits. 

Cherry Quartz Tower

Placing a cherry quartz tower in your house will enhance the compassion of your whole family. When meditating, you can use these cherry quartz towers to amplify your intentions and channel energy into manifesting.

Cherry Quartz Cabochon

Cherry quartz cabochons are available in different shapes. Carrying a cabochon will keep you energized throughout the day. It may disperse the negative energy coming your way and attract love and kindness. 

Fake Cherry Quartz

cherry quartz

There has been evidence of fake cherry quartz on the internet. These fake cherry quartz are made of melted glass rather than quartz. One way to know if your cherry quartz is real is to hold it. The glass feels warmer at room temperature, whereas quartz feels cooler. 


We all need hope and faith to get through difficult times in our life.  Cherry quartz provides us with that hope. The properties of cherry quartz can help you have a better tomorrow.

Among other things, cherry quartz is very affordable.

One piece of 1” cherry quartz costs around $1.86 USD, whereas a 3” tower costs around $15.53 USD.

So, if you want to bring balance to your life, invite love, and seize the day, get your cherry quartz now.

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