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Tiger’s Eye: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

two pieces yellow smooth stones with brown pattern

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about tiger's eye, including its meaning, properties and uses. Let's dive in!


Bewitching, enchanting, mesmerizing: all adjectives used frequently in an attempt to capture the exact effect that tiger’s eye crystal has over the human spirit. If this is your first encounter with these stones — you’re welcome! Today we give you the most complete guide out there. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What is Tiger Eye
    • Tigers Eye Meaning
    • Where is Tiger's Eye Found
    • Is Tigers Eye Magnetic?
    • What is Tiger Eye Made of?
  • Tigers Eye Properties
    • Tigers Eye Healing Properties
    • Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties
    • Tigers Eye Spiritual Properties
    • Tigers Eye Chakra
    • Tigers Eye Benefits
  • Sleeping with Tigers Eye
  • Meditating with Tigers Eye
  • Tiger Eye Stone Side Effects
    • Is Tiger Eye Safe to Wear?
    • Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?
    • Who Can Wear Tiger Eye Stone?
  • Tigers Eye Uses
    • Tigers Eye Pendulum
    • Tigers Eye Beads
      • Tiger Beads Meaning
      • Tiger Eye Beads Benefits
      • What are Tiger Eye Beads Made of
      • Blue Tiger Eye Beads
      • Red Tigers Eye Beads
      • Tiger Eye Beads Bracelet
      • Tiger Eye Prayer Beads
    • Tiger Eye Slab
    • Tiger Eye Shell
  • Tiger Iron vs Tiger Eye
    • Difference Between Tiger Eye and Tiger Iron
  • Hematite and Tiger's Eye Together
  • Types of Tigers Eye
    • Raw Tigers Eye
    • Tumbled Tigers Eye
    • Natural Tiger Eye Stone
  • Tiger Eye Colors
    • Blue Tiger's Eye
      • Blue Tigers Eye Meaning
      • Blue Tigers Eye Properties
      • Blue Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties
      • Is Blue Tiger Eye Natural
    • Red Tiger's Eye
      • Red Tigers Eye Properties
    • Green Tigers Eye
      • Green Tiger Eye Stone Benefits
    • Black Tigers Eye
    • Golden Tigers Eye
    • Yellow Tigers Eye
    • Purple Tiger's Eye
    • Pink Tiger Eye
      • Pink Tiger's Eye Stone Meaning
    • Orange Tigers Eye
  • Tigers Eye Jewelry
    • Tiger's Eye Ring
      • Blue Tigers Eye Ring
    • Tigers Eye Necklace
    • Tiger's Eye Bracelet
      • Tigers Eye Bracelet Meaning
        • Which Hand to Wear Tiger Eye Bracelet
    • Tiger Eye Pendant
    • Tiger Eye Earrings
  • How to Cleanse Tigers Eye
    • Can You Get Tigers Eye Wet
  • Tiger Eye Stone Price
    • Tiger Eye Stones For Sale
    • Where to Buy Tiger Eye Stone
    • Tiger Eye Price Per Carat
  • Fake Tigers Eye
    • How to Tell if Tiger Eye Stone is Real

What is Tiger Eye

Imagine a rock displaying a silky, gleaming lustre… that is tiger’s eye stone. Usually, tiger’s eye forms in metamorphic rock, offering a golden brown blend of tones that glow when the light hits them at different angles. 

Is tigers eye a precious stone? It depends who you ask. It is considered a chatoyant gemstone and has precious qualities by nature. It’s not the most expensive nor valuable gemstone on the crystal market, but it offers its worth in other ways, most of which we will delve into shortly. 

Tigers Eye Meaning

Traditionally, throughout history, tigers eye gemstone was carried by people who required a suitable amulet to protect themselves from the forces of evil. Many refer to the iconic scene in the 90s film, Practical Magic, where Nicole Kidman’s character frantically searches for her tiger’s eye necklace after spotting what is known as “blood on the moon”: a sign of evil close by. 

This is but one tigers eye crystal meaning. Consider, as well, the following question: what does tiger's eye stone represent to those who walked the Earth long before blood on the moon was even a phrase to be coined? It has always been a protective stone: one with significance in all civilizations past and present. 

Where is Tiger's Eye Found

So, where does tiger eye stone come from? Most of the world’s current supply of tiger’s eye is coming out of deposits in India, the United States, Australia and South Africa. There are also some sources of these stones still being excavated in Namibia, as well as in Thailand. 

Tigers eye identification is quick and easy, thanks to the very distinguishable nature of these stones. There are no other crystals that embody the same exact crystalline structure, or the color blends. 

Is Tigers Eye Magnetic?

five pieces of irregular cube shape yellow with brown patterns smooth stones

A lot of people ask a good question: “why am I drawn to tigers eye?”. Many joke that this may be because it’s quite literally a magnetic rock, due to the significant amount of hematite inclusions present in each formation. 

The truth is, the power of tiger eye is magnetic both physically and metaphysically. There is just something about it that crystal enthusiasts can’t get enough of; for this reason, it has been called the average man’s kryptonite, by some. 

What is Tiger Eye Made of?

Tiger’s eye is made out of silicon dioxide. Asking about the color of tiger eye, however, will lead one to learn that the rich, brown hue is attained due to the presence of iron oxide. 

Tiger’s eye has quartz, limonite and riebeckite as components within its structure. 

Tigers Eye Properties

Tigers Eye Healing Properties

When asked what tigers eye is good for, we always offer the same answer: this stone has the ability to heal psychosomatic illnesses. Of all tiger's eye crystal properties, this is one that we come back to time and time again. 

The potent healing potential that these stones offer to the human race is not yet being leveraged nearly close to the levels it could be. Psychosomatic illnesses are disorders that affect both the body and the mind. A stone with the ability to bring both under control, and keep them balanced, is a force to be reckoned with, and likely the only way the human race will ever overcome psychosomatic problems such as depression and the opioid crisis. 

Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties

The numerous magical properties of tigers eye will be offered to you after very little contact with these stones; they are very generous, and they don’t believe humans should have to work hard to feel good, safe and happy. 

different types sizes shapes of smooth stones neatly arranged white background

Tiger’s eye will offer valuable insight into all complicated situations that enter your physical experience. This is a mind focusing stone, one that will attract good luck naturally, and without any effort required on your part. 

Fear is not something that tiger’s eye can tolerate, and it knows exactly how to get rid of it on your behalf. Expect deep transformation to occur on all levels when it comes to the world of fear and how you embody it. 

Tigers Eye Spiritual Properties

The ways in which tiger’s eye deepens the meditative states of more spiritual users is a major draw. This is an incredibly powerful crystal, and those who have the knowing necessary for the harnessing of this power are in for a special journey. 

You’ll never be alone once you learn to connect and interact spiritually with these stones. It takes work, time and commitment, but it pays off in the long run. 

Tigers Eye Chakra

Tiger’s eye rock is affiliated directly with the third, or solar plexus, chakra. When balanced, this energy center works to keep you calm, grounded and clear in both intention and action. 

There is great benefit in using tiger’s eye directly on this chakra as you lay flat on your back. Alternatively, wear the stone as a ring or bracelet and hold it up to your gut area whenever you feel your energies starting to slip.

The tigers eye birthstone is associated with the month of June, and with the zodiac of Gemini. 

Tigers Eye Benefits

Physical healing aside, there is tigers eye symbolism that needs to be considered when weighing up the many benefits of these stones. Tiger’s eye gets its name on account of the fact that, from most angles, the formation of the stone appears to look like that of the eye of a cat. 

Evil eyes have been used throughout history as talismans for protection, and tiger’s eye is merely another manifestation of just that. Psychosomatic illnesses aside, sometimes all we need is a little protection and deflection at precisely the right moment. 

Sleeping with Tigers Eye

Many users have found that sleeping with tiger’s eye near to the head works to calm the mind and bring about more restful, uninterrupted sleep. Those who suffer from night terrors may find that these subside over time, bringing about a healthier sleeping pattern which will go on to make everyday life more bearable. 

Meditating with Tigers Eye

Holding tiger’s eye in the palm of your hand as you meditate is one way of deepening your practice seemingly overnight. Tigers eye meditation doesn’t require a seasoned expert. Rather, anyone who is looking to explore the benefits of meditation can be guided by this stone into learning the most basic tricks of the trade. 

Tiger Eye Stone Side Effects

Yes, tigers eye asbestos is a real thing, and it can make some stones unfit for wear by human beings. That being said, this is only the case when the fibrous form of asbestos is present, and this is an extremely rare occurrence. 

The truth is, the crocidolite compounds are easily replaced by quartz and iron ores, which make tiger’s eye totally harmless from thereon out. 

Is Tiger Eye Safe to Wear?

Tigers eye energy is safe and suitable to be worn, unless it is explicitly stated by a retailer that the asbestos has not been neutralized upon excavation. There are no other tiger eye stone side-effects that one needs to beware of during work with these stones. 

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

There is really no individual who can’t benefit in some shape or form from these stones, however there is a longstanding belief that people born under the Capricornian zodiac find tiger’s eye to be disturbing to their peace of mind, and thus can’t be near it for too long. 

Similarly, there is further rumor that those who fall under the Aquarian zodiac also do not work well with tiger’s eye crystal. 

Who Can Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

All zodiacs, aside from Capricorn and Aquarius, can wear and work with tiger’s eye as needed. Even the two mentioned zodiacs can take the time to find their own flow with these stones if they really want to; none are exempt, and all are safe. 

Tigers Eye Uses

Tigers Eye Pendulum

Tiger’s eye is one of the better crystals to use for the purpose of a pendulum. It’s a highly sensitive stone with intuitive abilities beyond the physical realm, so using it for the answering of basic yes/no questions is totally viable. 

You can also use a tiger’s eye pendulum to detect the flow or blockage of energy in different areas of the body.

Tigers Eye Beads

Crystal beads are wonderful entities, because they give people of all budget brackets the opportunity to interact with healing crystals. Crystal beads are generally made using the offcuts or spare parts of bigger stones that would otherwise have been thrown away. 

one piece yellow smooth stones with brown pattern

Tiger Beads Meaning

Tiger’s eye beads have more of a long-standing meaning to civilization, as they have been present throughout history. There is evidence to suggest that these stones were made into beads as early as the time of the Ancient Incas, as well as by the Egyptians and Ancient Chinese. 

Tiger Eye Beads Benefits

You’ll get all of the properties of tiger’s eye even when used in bead form. They are energetically charged and hold the very same frequency as stones that are much larger in scale. 

The best part is the DIY process. You can turn these beads into whatever tool or amulet you need for the purpose of crystal healing in your daily life. Making tiger’s eye jewelry becomes an at home activity when you get your hands on a bulk supply of crystal beads. 

What are Tiger Eye Beads Made of?

Tiger’s eye beads are simply off cut pieces of tiger’s eye stone that have been tumbled and pierced. Not all beads are round, and there are some places where you’ll find more raw cut versions with sharper edges and less polished facades. 

Blue Tiger Eye Beads

These are incredibly striking pieces, and they are slightly less common than those with  traditional brown shades. Blue tiger’s eye beads offer shades of teal and velvet navy to the wearer, putting a spin on what we’ve come to expect from these special stones. 

Red Tigers Eye Beads

Red tiger’s eye are closer to brown than one might think, and they may just look like darker, more shady versions of the original stones. Like blue, red tiger’s eye beads are also harder to come by and are usually sold in ready-made bracelet form.

Tiger Eye Beads Bracelet

If you’re creative enough, crystal beads can be used for a myriad of jewelry making purposes. The easiest form, however, is to pull them into bracelets that live at the wrist and offer healing properties to the wearer as they go about their day. 

Tiger Eye Prayer Beads

Our personal favorite form of tiger’s eye beads is when they are strung in a linear fashion, and used for the purpose of prayer, just as one would use a rosary or ritual beads. 

Instead of a circular formation, these tend to be strung in a straight line, which can then be clung to quite easily during prayer or meditation. 

Tiger Eye Slab

Because of the hardness of tiger eye, slabs of these stones have become increasingly popular arrangements for home display purposes. Some call it tiger eye marble, as it looks as though a generous slab of the mineral has been produced the same way marble countertops would be. 

A tiger eye mineral in slab form is usually displayed upright on a stand, though if desired it can be laid flat and used as a centerpiece, tray, or even cutting board. 

Tiger Iron vs Tiger Eye

The former of these two stones (tiger iron) depends entirely on the existence of the latter (tiger eye) in order to come into being. What we mean by this is that tiger iron is a unique entity that forms as a result of tectonic activity beneath the Earth and is actually a combination of red jasper, hematite and tiger’s eye crystals. 

Difference Between Tiger Eye and Tiger Iron

The biggest difference between tiger iron and tiger’s eye is that tiger iron holds more similarities to hematite rock, as opposed to embodying the properties of tiger’s eye. It has potent blood cleansing abilities, which is attributed to the presence of jasper in the stone formation. 

From tiger’s eye, tiger iron takes only innate strength and power. It is not as “all-seeing” as tiger’s eye, but it is rather beneficial in its own ways as a stand alone crystal with unique properties. 

Hematite and Tiger's Eye Together

Natural tiger’s eye contains a significant amount of hematite inclusions, which accounts for the particularly magnetic nature of the stones. Because of this, many crystal users have found that combining and using tiger’s eye and hematite in unison has proven to be quite the dynamic duo. 

Hematite sees itself in tiger’s eye, and as a result is able to amplify the energies of the stones for deeper, more effective work. Look out for bracelets made with a combination of tiger’s eye and hematite beads. 

Types of Tigers Eye

Raw Tigers Eye

Raw tiger eye in rough form can be somewhat off-putting for those who have become accustomed to seeing these stones in their shining, gleaming glory. Unpolished tigers eye looks like very basic metamorphic rock with different color layers embodied within. It will have a slight shimmer, in some cases, but nowhere near as bewildering as those more commercial stones that have been polished beyond recognition. 

These are great pieces for the purpose of display in one’s home or garden. Raw tiger’s eye is rarely used for the purpose of jewelry making. 

hand holding five raw unpolished rough yellow rocks

Tumbled Tigers Eye

When we want to make a rough cut crystal more appealing, we place it into what is known as a tumbling machine, and begin the tumbling process. Tumbling crystals basically involves rolling them about until the rough edges are totally worn away and the stone becomes more rounded, and more polished. 

In the modern crystal market, tiger's eye tumbled stones are considered to be more visually appealing and easier to sell. This is the same process that would be used to produce a tigers eye sphere. 

Natural Tiger Eye Stone

Sometimes, you’ll find that retailers refer to a specific stone as “natural”. This is usually done in an effort to show that the retailer is working with genuine crystals that formed naturally beneath the Earth, and not with counterfeit or replica stones from questionable manufacturers. 

That being said, this does not mean that if a retailer does not explicitly state that a stone is ‘natural’ that it is then automatically counterfeit. All retailers approach their sales strategies differently so, rather than judging product descriptions, look to testimonials from past customers, or satisfaction ratings if using sites such as Ebay or Etsy. 

Tiger Eye Colors

Blue Tiger's Eye

Blue tiger’s eye is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens beneath the surface of the Earth at the time of stone crystallization. The deep blue hues are the result of certain mineral inclusions that affect what would be brown areas in a striking way. 

If you’re ever lucky enough to come across blue tiger eye in rough form for sale, buy it immediately!

Blue Tigers Eye Meaning

When it was initially discovered that tiger’s eye could form in blue ray energy, the spiritual meaning of these stones took on a whole new avenue. 

Blue tiger’s eye sends the traditional crystal into that of blue ray energy, which we know is the energy of the throat chakra. It amplified the crystals in a way that was capable of stimulating both the higher and lower energetic hubs, with the throat being the most direct window through to the third eye and higher realms. 

Blue Tigers Eye Properties

Blue is the color of calm, and tiger’s eye in blue ray energy is a soothing, tranquilizing entity. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, you may find you get more benefit from tiger’s eye in blue ray energy compared to that of the traditional brown. 

Blue tiger’s eye will shed light and illumination on things that you are maybe struggling to see clearly. It will do so in a companionship manner, as though someone or something is holding your hand the entire way through, without any presence of fear or consequence. 

Blue Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties

If you suffer from any form of fatigue, this stone will likely become an ally to you. Many people suffering from depression have reported becoming quite dependent on the presence of these blue stones for the purpose of simply getting up and out of bed in the morning. All things considered, there are far worse crutches to be dependent on in this regard, and a stone from the ground seems to be the perfect ally. 

Like regular tiger’s eye, blue tiger’s eye is also a luck-brining stone. It will stimulate your throat chakra and help improve the ways in which you communicate with the world and people around you. 

Is Blue Tiger Eye Natural?

Yes, blue tiger’s eye is totally natural and does not require any influence by humanity to crystallize. It is, in fact, the only other color of tiger’s eye that occurs naturally, with the following few being manmade. 

Red Tiger's Eye

Red tiger’s eye is not a natural crystal, but rather a manmade version of the regular brown stone. It is made using dye and is relatively inexpensive to make, which accounts for no major price difference within the crystal market. 

Red Tigers Eye Properties

Because this is a dyed stone, red tiger’s eye possesses no majorly different properties to that of regular tiger’s eye. Some say that because these stones have been shifted into red ray energy, they correspond more directly with the root or red chakra. 

In this sense, they are grounding. They will work on bringing the energy of the solar plexus down into the root, causing all three of the first chakras to flow in unison, thus making for a better life experience. 

Green Tigers Eye

Is green tigers eye natural? No, like the red, green tiger’s eye is also a manmade, dyed stone. It does not occur naturally in nature, and it is sometimes incorrectly referred to as tigers eye jasper. 

Green Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

Green tiger’s eye has no distinguished benefits of its own, and possesses only the original benefits that tiger’s eye as a brown stone would embody. The most notable benefit from wearing green tiger’s eye, as opposed to brown, would be the very vibrant color and more eye-catching appearance. 

Black Tigers Eye

Those who are particularly struggling with a weak mind may find that black tiger’s eye works far better for them than brown. You will be guided into overcoming whatever fear and anxiety is causing your weakened state and, from there, you’ll be able to build a future brighter than you could ever have imagined. 

Black tiger’s eye is a very future oriented stone. 

Golden Tigers Eye

Golden tiger’s eye is another name used to refer to regular brown tiger’s eye, due to the gleaming nature that certain hues in these stones may exhibit. 

Yellow Tigers Eye

Like golden tiger’s eye, yellow tiger’s eye is also another name variation for regular, brown hued tiger’s eye found abundance across the globe. The name that you choose to use is irrelevant, and all properties remain the same. 

Purple Tiger's Eye

Not long ago, it was decided that tiger’s eye would look visually delectable if it were to appear in purple ray energy. Certain manufacturers began dying the stones and selling them off as natural entities, but purple tiger’s eye is very much manmade and possesses only the original tiger’s eye properties — don’t let anyone tell you different!

Pink Tiger Eye

Sometimes referred to as rose tiger eye, pink tiger’s eye is a dyed stone and does not occur naturally in nature. Usually, the same purple dye mentioned above is used, only in much smaller quantities, giving the usually brown crystals a distinct pink flair.

Pink Tiger's Eye Stone Meaning

Pink tiger’s eye has no inherently unique meaning other than those that come with all forms of original tiger’s eye. It’s a whimsical stone that may just be more visually appealing to certain individuals who tend to be more receptive to brightly colored crystals, as opposed to those that hold more subtle, Earth tones. 

Orange Tigers Eye

When a tigers eye gem forms in more subtle, gentle hues of brown and gold, it may offer a naturally orange appearance in certain light. As far as we know, there are no synthetic, dyed forms of orange tiger’s eye doing the rounds in the current market, though this is subject to change at any point. 

Tigers Eye Jewelry

Tiger's Eye Ring

Each tiger eye jewelry meaning is different, and totally subjective to the wearer depending on what exactly they seek to gain from the stones in question. 

A tiger’s eye ring is a great piece to have on your finger as you move through your day. There is something undeniably protective and comforting about its presence, and it can be felt during periods of meditation or deep reflection. 

Blue Tigers Eye Ring

A blue tigers eye ring is sometimes known as ‘hawk’s eye’. It’s a more calming, tranquil version of regular tiger’s eye, which means that wearing it on the hands is instrumental in aiding different levels of mediation and personal zen. 

Blue tiger’s eye rings are in widespread circulation around the world, and we would recommend using an ecommerce platform to purchase one of decent quality. 

Tigers Eye Necklace

A crystal necklace is one way of bringing the stone’s frequency closer to the heart and throat chakras. This is particularly great for blue tiger’s eye that has a natural attraction to the heart chakra, so wearing it around the neck presents ample opportunity for both energies to interact. 

many pieces of smooth stones yellow with brown linear pattern

A tiger’s eye necklace will hold a crystal pendant, so it can technically double as a pendulum if need be. Tiger’s eye is best amplified when set in genuine silver or gold, and frequencies may become weakened if this magnetic stone is set into metals such as alloys or copper. 

Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Those seeking physical healing properties from a stone should choose to wear them as close to the wrist as possible. 

Tiger’s eye in bracelet form will put the crystals in direct contact with the human bloodstream, and thus deliver their healing properties throughout the rest of the body. This is a simple way of letting the crystal work for you as you go about your day, and it requires absolutely no effort on part of the wearer. 

Tigers Eye Bracelet Meaning

A tiger’s eye bracelet is a popular and frequently encountered piece of jewelry within the crystal healing world. This is because of the ease at which one can find tiger’s eye crystal beads for sale, as well as prayer beads of the same form. 

These are multi use crystal bracelets with many different functions. Use them for physical, metaphysical and spiritual work, as needed. 

Which Hand to Wear Tiger Eye Bracelet

Crystal bracelets are typically always best when worn on the left hand side, and this also goes for tiger’s eye. Only those seeking financial prosperity from tiger’s eye should opt to wear the stones on the right wrist. 

Tiger Eye Pendant

Your tiger’s eye pendant may be part of a necklace set, or it may form the key stone in a crystal pendulum. Whatever the case, these are powerful entities that can show the direction of energy flow in humans and objects when dangled loosely above them. 

It is common practice by many contemporary sorcerers to hang a tiger’s eye pendant from the rearview mirror of their vehicle, and from their lampshades or mobiles that hang above newborns.  

Tiger Eye Earrings

For the ultimate form of protection, one can wear tiger’s eye on either side of the head in the form of crystal earrings. 

As we know, these stone’s are particularly concerned with our state of mind, so wearing them close to the head is a great way to remain in balance at all hours of the day, as opposed to simply on occasion. 

Tiger’s eye earrings are striking pieces, and make for great gifts for those born in June or under the Gemini zodiac. 

How to Cleanse Tigers Eye

Tiger’s eye is not a self cleansing crystal, and thus it needs your help in staying cleansed and recharged. In this way, it will be able to offer you its most optimal level of work at all times. 

Make use of any of the following methods of cleaning to keep your tiger’s eye stones in prime working condition:

  • Once a month, leave your tiger’s eye out under the light of the full moon, and retrieve it only the following morning. 
  • Hold tiger’s eye under running water for a solid minute, and then towel dry. 
  • Bury tiger’s eye in the garden and leave it here for up to 48 hours. 
  • Submerge your stone in saltwater, and let it sit for up to 24 hours. 
  • Place tiger’s eye on a bed of Himalayan salt, allowing it to cleanse and recharge here when not in use. 
  • Pray or meditate over your stones every few days, setting the intention for cleansing as you do. 

Can You Get Tigers Eye Wet

Yes, tiger’s eye is a water safe crystal and is just fine to get wet. Try to avoid extreme temperatures when exposing tiger’s eye to water, as too hot or too cold liquid may cause the stone to break down very slightly over time. 

Tiger Eye Stone Price

Tiger eye stone value is dependent on a number of factors. In the crystal market, there are higher quality stones and there are lesser quality stones. Value is also determined based on the geographical origin of the crystal in question, as well as logistical costs that arise  when getting the stones from A to B. 

This is a highly varied market, with certain types of palm-sided tiger’s eye selling for just a few dollars, with other, more high quality, renditions selling for upward of a few hundred dollars. 

Tiger Eye Stones For Sale

When it comes to buying tiger’s eye to add to your home collection, spend time doing a broad search until you find a piece that fits perfectly into your dedicated budget. We can’t stress enough that there really is no need to splurge unnecessarily just to become the proud owner of a decent piece of tiger’s eye. 

There is a piece out there that is seeking you right back; and it will always fall into your affordability bracket if you look hard enough. 

Where to Buy Tiger Eye Stone

The best place to shop for quality tiger’s eye is online. Use e-commerce platforms in order to hunt down some great deals, or look to specialized crystal stores that have limited, but quality stock on offer. 

Alternatively, local esoteric stores and flea markets usually always have some tiger’s eye floating around somewhere. You may need to do some digging, but this is a popular stone and retailers know that there is a consistent demand worldwide. 

Tiger Eye Price Per Carat

At present, the price per carat for genuine, natural tiger’s eye sits at around $3. This is indicative of tigers eye worth, but it does not mean to say that you can’t find stones being sold for less or more than the global carat price, as this is left to the discretion of the individual seller. 

Fake Tigers Eye

Synthetic tigers eye has been a problem within the crystal market for quite some time now. It’s a relatively easy stone to replicate using glass and strategic dye, which can also include glitter-like inclusions added for that distinguishing shimmer. 

It’s an unfortunate occurrence, but it does happen. Each day, people around the world are duped by brands looking to make a quick buck - many of whom don’t even know that their suppliers are sending them fakes. 

How to Tell if Tiger Eye Stone is Real

The major difference between real and fake tigers eye is that a real stone of this nature has the ability to scratch glass. Of course, this is not something everyone wants to attempt immediately after proudly receiving their new purchase, but if you do suspect foul play this is one method of sorting the real from the fake. 

In addition to this, if the coloring of the stone seems to be slightly off, then it may have been made by a human and not by the Earth. This is true of all colorful forms of tiger’s eye, as we know, but it is sometimes also the case with regular brown tiger’s eye that has been made using glass in an effort to cut costs. 


We hope you have enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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