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Amazonite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

many pieces pile of smooth turquoise colored stones

In this post, we reveal the secrets of amazonite, including its meaning, properties, benefits, and uses. Let's dive in!


The amazing amazonite; what a treasure trove of a crystal this is! Frequently confused with aquamarine, amazonite is a unique sea-green stone with an array of healing benefits that are perfect for beginners. Read on and we’ll tell you all there is to know!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Amazonite Meaning
    • Amazonite Pronunciation
  • Amazonite Properties
    • Amazonite Healing Properties
      • Amazonite Chakra
    • Amazonite Metaphysical Properties
    • Amazonite Hardness
    • Amazonite Color
    • How to Identify Amazonite
  • Amazonite Benefits
  • Amazonite Uses
    • Amazonite Jewelry 
    • Amazonite Sphere
    • Amazonite Countertops
  • Raw Amazonite vs. Tumbled Amazonite
  • Where is Amazonite Found?
    • Russian Amazonite
    • Colorado Amazonite
    • Brazilian Amazonite
    • Madagascar Amazonite
  • Types of Amazonite
    • Amazonite Palm Stone
    • Amazonite Granite
    • Amazonite Feldspar
    • Flower Amazonite
    • Pink Amazonite
  • Amazonite Value
    • How Much is Amazonite Worth?
  • Amazonite Jewelry
    • Amazonite Bracelet
    • Amazonite Beads
      • Amazonite Beads Meaning
    • Amazonite Necklace
    • Amazonite Pendant
    • Amazonite Ring
    • Amazonite Earrings
    • Amazonite Cabochon
  • Amazonite vs Turquoise
  • Amazonite and Smoky Quartz
  • Amazonite for Sale

Amazonite Meaning

many pieces of smooth turquoise colored stones white background

Throughout history, the amazonite stone meaning has remained largely the same. It’s known as the stone of courage and truth, and lives up to both of these labels no matter who is using it in their day to day. 

Amazonite stone was considered vital to the Ancient Egyptians, who used it to adorn themselves in carefully crafted jewelry and ornamental pieces. They would also carve messages and stories into the stone slabs, many of which are still in preservation to this day. 

Amazonite crystal is believed to date as far back as the 10th century BC. The folk name for the crystal was “the Amazon stone”, due to widespread belief that these stones were only found in the Amazon River. This is untrue, and no amazonite stones have ever been found in said river, but nevertheless the name stuck and still holds together the meaning of amazonite. 

Amazonite Pronunciation

Amazonite is easier to pronounce when you break up the name. It’s essentially just “Amazon” and “nite” said consecutively. There are some people who prefer to say “amaze”, as in “amazing”, followed by “o-nite”. 

This is mere semantics and either one is accepted amongst the metaphysical community. 

Amazonite Properties

Amazonite Healing Properties 

Like all crystals, the healing properties of amazonite reach both the physical and nonphysical. 

As a physical healer, amazonite’s powers help with physical ailments, especially those that occurred as a manifestation of emotional trauma that was being carried in the body. 

Amazonite accelerates the healing of any muscle tissue that has been compromised. More than this, the nervous system is calmed so that the body is able to heal itself of all other potential ailments. 

There is great benefit that comes from simply having a piece of this stone near to your physical body at all times. It offers both active healing and preventative healing, so that you’re also protected from future problems setting in at any point. 

Amazonite Chakra 

Being of a blue/green nature, the amazonite gemstone works closely with both the throat and heart chakras. 

What’s wonderful about this is that when these two energy centers are opened in unison access to intelligent infinity is more likely to flow through the individual. 

Opening the throat while the heart is still blocked is a pointless exercise, as is opening the heart when the throat remains closed up. This can do more harm than good in the long run, so working with stones that have the ability to do both simultaneously is quite remarkable. 

Amazonite can also be placed atop any other chakra for the purpose of balancing and stimulation. Keep your amazonite cleansed and recharged at all times when switching between chakras. 

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties 

Metaphysically, amazonite is associated with money and success; most green stones are. Also, like green stones, amazonite is a luck bringer, and encourages good fortune and prosperity for the user. It has sometimes been referred to as the “gamblers stone”. 

If you are one who holds onto stress, amazonite will work to filter out these frequencies so that they are not weighing you down as you go about your day. It will work to bring soothing energy into your home and/or workspace, so that you are not constantly triggered into the muscle memory that brings on stress. 

Truth, harmony and communication are key aspects of this crystal. The throat chakra being stimulated always works to bring about better paths of communication with the ones we love and the people around us. If public speaking isn’t your strong suit, make use of this stone and you’ll start to notice your words flowing better over time. 

Amazonite Hardness 

On the Mohs hardness scale, amazonite ranks at a 6 or 6.5. For perspective, the hardest stone in the world is the diamond and it ranks a full 10 out of 10 on the Mohs. 

Being a 6, amazonite can thus be scratched and etched by most sharp objects, which we know to have been the case in Ancient Egypt. The downside to this is that amazonite has a high risk of breaking upon contact with a surface harder than itself. For example, bumping your amazonite ring against a door may lead to a change in shape of the stone. 

Amazonite Color

Many argue that amazonite is far more green than it is blue. It’s naturally a bluish green stone with a pale to vivid saturation, depending on the conditions at the time of formation. 

Usually, amazonite features gentle white streaks or inclusions that are a form of quartz or feldspar. This is when amazonite looks most like the sea or river bed, and one can easily understand how the folk stories interpreted the stone as having come from the Amazon River. 

How to Identify Amazonite 

three pieces of different sized raw turquoise rock placed on a hand

In certain instances, amazonite can be very difficult to identify. The stones can look exactly like a number of other blueish green crystals, namely green aventurine, larimar and aquamarine. 

To identify amazonite, consider the tones and the hardness. Real amazonite has a shiny luster that is naturally bright, even without added polish. No other greenish blue stone replicates the amazonite luster, not even those that have been polished or painted. 

Alternatively, try carving something into your stone using a sharp pointed object. If the stone gives way to the point relatively easily, then it is likely real amazonite. 

Amazonite Benefits

There is much benefit to be gained from work with these crystals, but we feel that one of the most profound things that amazonite brings to the table is its ability to embody both the masculine and the feminine. 

You won’t find many crystals that attract an equal amount of men as they do women. Usually there is great disparity in these aesthetic attractions, but not when it comes to amazonite. 

It is believed that this is one of few healing crystals that holds the exact same amount of divine masculine within its crystalline structure as it does the divine feminine. Because of this, it will eventually lead to the same balance of frequencies in the user, which is believed to be the key to life as we know it. 

No being is solely masculine and solely feminine; we carry both within us, no matter how we present our physical bodies to the outside world. Stones that can help us get in touch with these elements are to be cherished and respected by all who walk the Earth. 

Amazonite Uses

Amazonite Jewelry

We’ll dive deeper into this subject a little later, but one of the best uses for amazonite is definitely its versatility when it comes to crystal jewelry. 

Because it’s an abundant Earth resource, and relatively inexpensive to attain, amazonite is a well-loved crystal for jewelry makers around the world. The techniques date back to Ancient Egypt, when amazonite jewelry was all the rage, and today people are still reaping the many benefits that come from making daily contact with these stones. 

Amazonite Sphere 

Crystal spheres are usually placed in the home for the purpose of cleansing or protecting a space. It is believed that a properly made amazonite sphere has the power to absorb geopathic stress that is floating around your house, likely causing you imbalance of some kind (no matter how subtle). 

These spheres also tackle the harmful waves given off by cell phones and smaller electronic devices. If big enough, your sphere may also have the power to wipe out any electromagnetic pollution that is working to keep your brain from ever calming down. 

Our environments affect us a lot more than we think; neutralizing them using crystals can be one of the most beneficial practices we bring into our daily lives. 

Amazonite Countertops 

many pieces pile of smooth turquoise colored stones

Many stones from around the world are being used as kitchen and bathroom countertops, bringing great levels of healing frequencies into the home in the process. 

Amazonite countertops started to become fashionable a few years ago, and now more and more people are seeking them in the process of home renovation. The stones are sold in slabs and are inserted wherever one would usually place granite or wood. 

They are easy to maintain, needing only a wipe down to keep clean. Amazonite is also a safe stone to store in large quantities, and doesn’t come with any potential side effects due to intensity of energy. 

Raw Amazonite vs. Tumbled Amazonite

Rough amazonite is a glorious stone, but some people simply prefer their crystals tumbled and polished. Polished amazonite is better for work on the human body, while raw stones are great to place around the house and have on display. 

When we want to turn a raw piece of crystal into a polished one, we use a process known as tumbling. Tumbling involves placing the rough stone into a special machine wherein it tumbles around until all sharp edges are worn away and the stone starts to take on a more rounded, uniform appearance. 

This process does not affect the properties of the stone in any way. It simply makes the stone a bit softer and easier to hold in the palm of the hand for long periods of time. 

Where is Amazonite Found?

Russian Amazonite 

Large quantities of the amazonite mineral have been mined for decades out in the mountains roughly 50km from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Since then, the crystals have been found all across the country, in varied qualities and crystalline compounds. 

Russian amazonite is considered to be the best quality out of all amazonite sources, though there are some who argue that those found in Myanmar seem to have a more potent frequency. 

A lot of Russian variations appear to be much darker green amazonites than those we see coming out of other destinations. There is little explanation for this other than the fact that the rock forms on this continent hold unique mineral inclusions that affect the color. 

Colorado Amazonite 

The United States has their own fair share of amazonite to offer, specially in the Pikes Peak batholith of Colorado state. 

These specimens are highly sought after by mineral collectors around the world, as their crystalline structure is visibly more cubed than most forms of these stones. As a result, the site from which these stones are excavated has become world famous. The fact that amazonite was found a mere 2 meters beneath the ground is further indication that there is something unique and special about these stones. 

Colorado amazonite is high quality and might retail slightly higher than other versions of these crystals.

Brazilian Amazonite 

We know that amazonite was named after the Amazon river, but this is not where the stones were found when they started to be mined in Brazil. 

There are a number of excavation sites throughout the country, but none of them have any direct correlation to the river itself. Folk tales will tell of how the river once flowed in these regions, and left these healing stones behind when it eventually took a different course. 

Perhaps this is the case, but all you really need to know is that Brazilian amazonite is abundant, affordable and the most common form of this stone used in the making of amazonite jewelry. 

Madagascar Amazonite 

Small deposits of natural amazonite exist in Madagascar, too. These are still being more deeply explored, but the region is excited about the potential that the land may hold when it comes to these widely demanded stones. 

At present, you would need to exclusively search for “Madagascar amazonite” in order to find some to purchase. These are not all that easy to find and may require a more specialized retailer who can source them for you. 

Types of Amazonite

Amazonite Palm Stone

Crystals are cut and shaped into different forms so that they are able to serve different purposes. A palm stone is intended for anyone who wants to hold a crystal in the palm of their hand during meditation or prayer. 

These stones are generally quite flat, and always smoothed out. They look similar to pebbles one might skip across a body of water. 

They can be small enough to cover when making a fist, or they can sandwich between the palms like a flat, oval flapjack. Palm stones are great allies for anyone who struggles to take their meditation to the next level and would like some help in doing so. 

seven pieces of light turquoise raw rocks placed on a white marble surface

Amazonite Granite

The amazonite countertops we touched on earlier in the piece are sometimes also referred to as amazonite granite. 

In Brazil, amazonite is considered a form of granite, and this is where most of the giant slabs that we see in homes originally come from. Brazil has a massive export market for these stones and, thankfully, an abundance of amazonite on offer to send around the world. 

Compared to actual granite, amazonite is only slightly softer, with granite coming in at a solid 7 on the Mohs scale. 

Amazonite Feldspar

Feldspar is a word you may see being thrown around a lot when it comes to referencing amazonite. Scientifically speaking, amazonite is a tectosilicate mineral. This means it is one variety of the potassium feldspar called microcline. 

A feldspar mineral is defined as being any formation that occurs out of either potassium, sodium or calcium. Moonstone and labradorite are other examples of feldspar minerals here on Earth. 

Flower Amazonite

When amazonite takes on other inclusions and hues, it is usually then referred to as flower amazonite. There is nothing different about these stones when compared to the regular greenish blue variety; it is simply a difference in appearance. 

Flower amazonite may be anywhere from a pale brown, to a mixture of gentle lime greens, oranges and even blacks. 

It is commonly used in the making of amazonite beaded bracelets, as the many different hues look quite complementary when lined up next to one another. 

Pink Amazonite

Sometimes, when conditions are just right, amazonite takes on certain mineral inclusions that allow it to present itself in pink ray energy. 

This does nothing more than make the stone more visually appealing to those who tend to be more attracted to pink hued things, however there are some avid crystal users who say that pink amazonite is far more connected to the heart chakra than regular bluish green could ever hope to be. 

The truth of this we can neither confirm nor deny, but pink amazonite makes for some pretty unique jewelry that looks as though it may be rose quartz, but offers the benefits of the amazonite stone instead. 

Amazonite Value

How Much is Amazonite Worth?

The amazonite price will fluctuate depending on where in the world the specific stone was found, the process of exaction, and the cost of logistical shipping to get it to different parts of the globe for resale. 

In general, amazonite worth is not all that high. At most, you can expect to pay roughly $5 - $8 for a palm sized chunk of the stone. Palm stones retail for considerably less, around $3 or $4. 

More high quality forms of amazonite, such as those derived from Russia, may come with a higher price tag compared to other stones. For beginners, there is no real need to fork out the extra cash; you’ll be able to connect quite deeply to any form of amazonite regardless of where it has come from. 

Amazonite Jewelry

Amazonite Bracelet

For the purpose of healing the physical body, an amazonite bracelet is a fantastic companion. Bracelets sit on the wrists, which is a direct pathway into the human bloodstream. From here, the stones can easily deliver their healing properties through to the rest of the body, without any focused intention by the user. 

An amazonite bracelet can be easily made DIY by simply gaining access to some kind of amazonite beads. 

Amazonite Beads

This would be the most inexpensive way of enjoying the benefits of amazonite. Crystal beads open up a world of possibilities. They are best strung into bracelets or prayer beads that can be held in the hand during mediation. 

Amazonite Beads Meaning

Amazonite beads are particularly important as they have been used throughout centuries by multiple different civilizations. Bead work has played an important role in the history of most cultures, and they remain ever so relevant to this day. 

Amazonite beads are most often associated with good luck and fortune. They serve as gentle reminders to keep the faith and know that all is being handled. 

four different types and size of turquoise colored raw rocks

Amazonite Necklace

Because amazonite works closely with the heart and throat chakras, crystal necklaces of different lengths can be great pieces to adorn for work in these areas. 

An amazonite necklace should hang quite low for heart centered work, while a choker would be a more appropriate length for throat-directed work. 

Amazonite Pendant

An amazonite pendant is usually found on a necklace, but these have been known to double as pendulums for other kinds of energetic work. 

A pendulum will show the direction of the flow of energy, and might even answer a few yes or no questions if you are lucky!

Amazonite Ring

If you’re seeking the calming, more general effects of amazonite, we recommend wearing it in the form of a ring. Crystal rings live on the fingers, and work to offer a very gentle frequency to the user throughout the day. 

These make for great gifts, so keep that in mind when looking to spoil a friend or loved one!

Amazonite Earrings

Amazonite is known for its ability to balance the frequencies of the brain. Wearing these stones as earrings puts a piece on either side of the head, which is the perfect balancing act for all that is going on inside. 

Amazonite earrings are exceptionally eye-catching and make for quite the statement piece. 

Amazonite Cabochon

Cabochon stones are those that have been cut and shaped into tiny ovals or spheres, perfect for the inlaying into a ring or earring. People tend to seek out cabochon stones with the intention of having them later made into the jewelry of their choosing. 

Amazonite vs Turquoise

Sometimes, amazonite is confused with turquoise due to the general hues that both stones tend to harbor. This is interesting, as if you were to place a piece of raw amazonite next to a piece of raw turquoise there would be no confusion between which was which. 

Turquoise is more of a sky blue shade, while amazonite has that undeniable presence of green and shimmer. Turquoise doesn’t shimmer in the slightest, though it may be polished to appear more bright and attractive. 

Turquoise is still a central stone to the Navajo people, while amazonite saw much of its popularity with the more ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Mayans. 

seven pieces of smooth polished turquoise colored stones

Property-wise, the two could not be more different. Turquoise is more concerned with problem solving and self-realization. The one thing they do have in common is that they are both calming stones, and work to balance all seven chakras. 

Amazonite and Smoky Quartz

In some parts of the world, there have been instances where amazonite and smokey quartz form together within the same crystal cluster. The result is a half black and half blue mix of protruding crystal points. 

These have fascinated crystal collectors, with many seeking out clusters to purchase and add to their collection. Your best bet for finding one would be to keep an eye out on online platforms, as they can be very difficult to find in physical stores.

Amazonite for Sale

Amazonite won’t be a difficult crystal to find when the time to invest does arrive. You can walk into virtually any esoteric store or flea market and be guaranteed that there will be some form of amazonite in stock. 

More than this, there are thousands of retailers online, many with quality amazonite on offer. E-commerce platforms make for great places to find more rare forms of these stones, while amazonite is sold in slab form via construction facilitators who can source the stones directly from Brazil or elsewhere on your behalf. 

It really depends on what form of amazonite you are looking for, but, for the most part, the internet is your friend. The best news is that these stones have a low risk of counterfeit, meaning you don’t really need to worry about amazonite fakes being sold off as so many other crystals are — hallelujah! 


We hope you have enjoyed this guide to amazonite! 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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