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Quantum Quattro: Complete Guide (2024)

quantum quattro

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about quantum quattro, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Quantum quattro crystals eliminate imbalances, promote healthy energy flow, and cleanse your energies. They clear blockages and harmful attachments. Let's learn more about this rare and collectible crystal. 

  • Quantum Quattro Meaning
    • Quantum Quattro Benefits
    • What is Quantum Quattro Made of?
    • Quantum Quattro in Namibia
  • Quantum Quattro Properties
    • Quantum Quattro Metaphysical Properties
    • Quantum Quattro Healing Properties
  • Quantum Quattro vs Phoenix Stone
  • Quantum Quattro Types
    • Quantum Quattro Raw
    • Quantum Quattro Tumbled
  • Quantum Quattro Jewelry
    • Quantum Quattro Pendant
    • Quantum Quattro Bracelet
    • Quantum Quattro Ring
  • Quantum Quattro Uses
    • Quantum Quattro Sphere
    • Quantum Quattro Beads
  • Quantum Quattro for Sale
  • Conclusion

Quantum Quattro Meaning

Quantum quattro is a combination crystal of copper-based minerals. 

On the Mohs scale of hardness, it stands at 7. Quantum quattro is associated with the earth element and works well with all zodiac signs. It activates the throat, third eye, and heart chakras. 

Quantum Quattro Benefits

Quantum quattro is known for its healing and protective qualities. It is a communicative stone. The energies of quantum quattro connect the heart, throat, and earth star chakras. It helps in the acceptance of past traumas and aids in letting them go. 

Quantum quattro is said to clean your energies and shield you from negative energies. It aligns and realizes your visions. 

What is Quantum Quattro Made of?

Quantum quattro is a combination of stone made of malachite, chrysocolla, shattuckite, and dioptase in a smoky quartz matrix. This combination has a synergy of strong vibrations with high energy. 

Quantum Quattro in Namibia

The only place the quantum quattro combination crystal is found is in Namibia. It is a rare crystal and thus is comparatively lesser known and expensive. 

Quantum Quattro Properties

Quantum Quattro Metaphysical Properties

Quantum quattro is said to heal you emotionally and bring balance to your life. It helps you ask for help that you need and keeps you strong and steady while facing challenges in your life. 

Quantum quattro activates the third-eye chakra and the throat chakra. The third-eye chakra helps you view the challenges you face in your relationships and the reason behind their occurrence. The throat chakra helps you better your communication to prevent the same problems from occurring again. 

Quantum quattro is also believed to release past traumas and hurt and heal you with its positive and energetic vibrations by promoting forgiveness and acceptance. It provides you with the courage and strength to mend broken relations. 

Using quantum quattro promotes harmony and kindness. It rekindles your faith in love, alleviates your stress and anxiety, and releases your guilt. This stone also increases your power and aids you in making your dreams come true. It eliminates the feelings of laziness and boredom and encourages you to move forward. 

Quantum Quattro Healing Properties

Crystal healers use quantum quattro to help with the detoxification of organs, such as the lungs, liver, kidneys, and intestines. It is believed to have healing energies that help the digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and endocrine systems. 

Quantum quattro is also said to relieve the pain of arthritis. It regulates blood pressure and helps people to quit harmful addictions. The energies of this crystal are said to absorb nutrients and calcium and spread them throughout the body. 

Many healers and users claim quantum quattro regulates the thyroid and aids in the after-effects of chemotherapy. It also aids in regulating other radiation therapy. It may help strengthen the bones and teeth and aid in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory issues. 

Quantum Quattro vs Phoenix Stone

Quantum quattro, as we know, is a balancing crystal and it brings calmness and peace to your mind. Phoenix stone is a stone of realization and emotional healing. It may help you recover from depressive episodes.

Quantum quattro brings good health and the phoenix stone is said to bring happiness and creativity. Quantum quattro is made of four different minerals and phoenix stone is made of three minerals. The common minerals between the two are chrysocolla and malachite. 

Phoenix stone brings a boost to your creativity and helps you find courage in things you do. It aids in finding your courage and keeps negativity away.

Quantum Quattro Types

Quantum Quattro Raw

quantum quattro raw

Raw quantum quattro crystals are often used for meditation purposes. Keeping them in your meditation room, near your bedside table, or at your workplace helps you absorb their positive vibrations and energy.

Quantum Quattro Tumbled

Keeping a tumbled quantum quattro with you can clear your mind of distractions and bring calmness. In times of stress, the energies of quantum quattro keep you grounded and provide a balance to your emotions.

Quantum Quattro Jewelry

Quantum quattro can ease your pains when you wear it as a piece of jewelry. It might help your energies flow more smoothly and bring focus to important things. 

Quantum Quattro Pendant

A small oval pendant with a smoky base and lustrous greenish-blue patterns gives a delicate look to the wearer. It can be worn every day without any worry of damaging it. 

Quantum Quattro Bracelet

Beautiful blueish-green beads of quantum quattro are stringed together to form a bracelet. The beads can resemble planet earth, which makes a quantum quattro bracelet even more alluring.

Quantum Quattro Ring

Like bracelets and pendants, quantum quattro rings are just as beautiful and alluring. They are made for both men's and women’s designs along with many unisex patterns with gold or silver bases, giving a bold and confident look.

Quantum Quattro Uses

Quantum Quattro Sphere

A quantum quattro sphere makes a great partner for meditation. Crystal healers also use these spheres to massage the area where you may experience pain. 

Quantum Quattro Beads

Quantum quattro beads are used to make stringed bracelets and necklaces, and can also be carried on you like tumbled stones. Keeping them on you will enhance its powers and help reap its benefits.

Quantum Quattro for Sale

Quantum quattro tumbled stone costs around $4.98 USD. A raw crystal, depending on its quality, can cost $69.75 USD, and a triple-A quality sphere of quantum quattro costs more than $145.55 USD.


Quantum quattro helps you stay centered and goal-oriented. It repairs the damages both mentally and emotionally. It helps you see the light when things haven’t been going well, and makes you believe in yourself and retain your faith. 

It is a powerful stone and is recommended to be added to your collection for better emotional health and physical well-being.

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