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Mtorolite (Chrome Chalcedony): Complete Guide (2024)

mtorolite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about mtorolite (also known as chrome chalcedony), including its pronunciation, properties, and value. Let's get started!


Mtorolite soothes the auric field, brings harmony and peace into your life, and helps you discover your higher purpose. It is regarded as a reboot stone, a cosmic second chance that transmits wisdom to help you in reflecting on your past errors and making wiser decisions. Mtorolite, also known as chrome chalcedony, is the remedy if you or someone you know is struggling with regrets and hopelessness.

Now let’s dive deeper into the world of this mtorolite gemstone. 

  • Mtorolite Pronunciation
  • Mtorolite Properties
    • Mtorolite Metaphysical Properties
  • Mtorolite Jewelry
    • Mtorolite Cabochon
  • Mtorolite Value
  • Conclusion

Mtorolite Pronunciation

Mtorolite is pronounced as ‘muh-too-row-lite. 

Mtorolite Properties

Mtorolite stones may help you overcome unease with grace and harmony. It promotes composure and acceptance in the face of difficulties and stressful situations in life. It helps you handle challenging circumstances in a calm and harmonious manner. 

Mtorolite may be used as a healing tool to help the body's energy flow. It has exceptional strength for the heart chakra. Zimbabwe is where these gemstones come from. The base mineral is chalcedony, also referred to as chrome chalcedony, and chromium is what gives it its green hue. These crystals are for you if you are looking for a tool that heals and gives you a feeling of peace and security.

No matter how traumatic the circumstance may be, mtorolite is regarded as a calming and centering stone that gives you the ability to move through life changes with self-control. Living in the present while remaining open to change is beneficial. It promotes world harmony and peace.

Backaches and other pains are thought to benefit from mtorolite treatment. It is believed to cleanse, support, and detoxify the nervous system and liver. It may also help in stabilizing blood sugar imbalances.

Mtorolite Metaphysical Properties

The entire auric field is calmed by mtorolite. For those who practice homeopathy and herbal medicine, it is regarded as a valuable stone. It enables you to face your problems head-on and with acceptance. Mtorolite provides emotional support to help you maintain emotional equilibrium and a heart-centered perspective on life. 

It enables you to move forward on your path with comprehension and purpose while allowing you to cope with life's challenges and understand the lessons to be learned. The soothing energy of mtorolite encourages you to take care of yourself and cultivates a calm demeanor that enables you to change with an open and loving spirit.

Mtorolite Jewelry

Mtorolite is used to make jewelry like earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and cabochons. 

Mtorolite Cabochon

Unlike a faceted cut, a mtorolite cabochon gemstone has a polished, dome-shaped surface. Cabochons captivate by enhancing color, reflection, or translucence over a domed surface as opposed to sparkling.

The mtorolite cabochon shape can be found in a variety of asymmetrical and geometric cuts. The sugarloaf cabochon is one of the most valuable and scarce gemstones. It has four sides, a flat base, and a rounded tip, giving it the appearance of a pyramid.

Mtorolite Value

The average price of mtorolite is $18 USD. 


Mtorolite stones are perfect to be used in sacred rituals and practices. They are potent tools for channeling energy from you to the source, and vice versa. They are used to opening and closing a circle during rituals.

Place one of these mtorolite gems on your altar and allow the energy it emits to calmly and peacefully fill the room. It serves you well however you decide to use it. Mtorolite is also an excellent stone for meditation. 

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