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Molybdenite: Complete Guide (2024)

molybdenite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about molybdenite, including its properties and uses. Let's get started!


Molybdenite is a crystal that has a unique formation history, has multiple uses, and even brings about great spiritual and healing changes. 

  • What is Molybdenite?
    • Molybdenite Pronunciation
    • Molybdenite Mining
  • Molybdenite Properties
  • Molybdenite Uses
  • Molybdenite Price
  • Conclusion

What is Molybdenite?

Molybdenite is a mineral of molybdenum disulfide and the principal ore of molybdenum that crystallizes in a hexagonal form. The stone looks and feels very similar to graphite and also has a lubricating effect. It is extremely soft, with a metallic luster that makes it a very attractive and useful find. It was discovered in the 18th century and was distinguished as a soluble mineral in acid, unlike graphite.

Molybdenite Pronunciation 

The word is pronounced as muh-lib-duh-nahyt. 

Molybdenite Mining 

Molybdenite is usually present along with other minerals like quartz, pyrite, fluorite, silicate, etc. It is formed at very high temperatures in hydrothermal ore deposits. There are a few important deposits of molybdenite and two notable ones are in Questa, New Mexico, and the Henderson and Climax mines in Colorado. It also occurs in deposits in Arizona, Utah, and Mexico. 

This mineral is usually mined through the open pit or underground methods. Once the ore has been ground and crushed, the metallic minerals are separated from the gangue using a variety of processes, like flotation. 

Molybdenite Properties

This crystal is believed to enhance self-realization and help one attain the power to manifest their goals into reality. It does not particularly align with one chakra but has an effect on all of them, especially if held close to the body.

It may shine its light onto all the chakras and can help us identify the problem areas so we can better understand where healing needs to take place or if more work needs to be put in that direction. A result of this is that all the chakras become balanced and energized. 

The structure of this crystal is a wonderful metaphor to understand how it aids healing and self-realization. It is composed of molybdenum atoms in between sheets of sulfur and the ways it works on our bodies and minds to encourage healing and understanding are the same.

It may tune one’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and creative energies and help make a coherent picture. This can help a person ‌realize what they need to be doing to achieve their highest self in all aspects of their lives versus just focusing on one problem area. This process can extend to relationships too - both professional and personal and can lessen friction and bring peace and harmony to life. 

This crystal is also said to encourage and enhance creative energies and ideas. It can be assumed that when one is so in tune with themselves, their mind and body are at their maximum efficiency. A creative process is a product of one’s imagination and their deepest thoughts and feelings. This crystal may help access those and bring out a great artist. 

Some healing properties of this crystal are that it may ‌help with fever and irritation or inflammation and, even better, any circulatory system issues. 

Molybdenite Uses

molybdenite stone

The most common use of this mineral is as a semiconductor diode in transistors. It is also used as a fertilizer, a catalyst, and, in some cases, in battery electrodes. Another common use of this crystal is that it is used as a steel alloy. 

Molybdenite Price

The current market price is around $6 USD per pound of the mineral. 


This crystal is particularly useful in aligning and balancing all the chakras and ridding one of any negative energies they might harbor. The process of self-realization leads to one being more confident, creative, and proactive in their life, and meditating with this crystal is believed to bring about all these changes. Along with the spiritual and healing benefits of this stone, it is an extremely useful mineral in the production of some very useful everyday items that make it even more unique. 

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