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Crystal Points: Complete Guide (2024)

crystal points

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about crystal points, including its meaning, types, varieties, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


When it comes to gems, nature doesn’t always form irregular and asymmetric structures. There are instances wherein nature depicts its perfection and flawlessness while gems are formed under the earth’s surface.

Such rare and beautiful instances give rise to a picturesque formation called crystal points. Intrigued? Then continue reading to get ample insights into this wonderful emergence by nature. 

  • Crystal Points Meaning
    • What is a Crystal Point?
    • Crystal Points Spiritual Meaning
    • Healing Crystal Points
    • Crystal Point Diamond Mines
  • Crystal Points Types
    • Natural Crystal Points
    • Raw Crystal Points
    • Drilled Crystal Points
    • Polished Crystal Points
  • Crystal Points Varieties
    • Amethyst Crystal Points
    • Emerald Crystal Point
    • Clear Quartz Crystal Point
      • Clear Quartz Crystal Points Meaning
    • Black Onyx Crystal Point
  • Crystal Point Colors
    • Green Crystal Point
    • Red Crystal Point
    • Green and White Crystal Point
    • Olive Crystal Point
  • Crystal Point Jewelry
    • Crystal Point Necklace
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      • Clear Quartz Crystal Point Necklace
    • Crystal Point Pendant
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      • Crystal Point Pendant Holder
    • Crystal Point Earrings
  • Crystal Points Uses
    • Crystal Points for Jewelry Making
      • How to Wire Wrap a Crystal Point?
    • Crystal Point Beads
    • Raw Crystal Point Beads
    • Crystal Point Tower
    • Round Mirror with Crystal Points
  • How to Use Crystal Points?
  • How to Make Faux Crystal Points?
  • Crystal Points for Sale
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  • Conclusion

Crystal Points Meaning

When the facets of a crystal come together to form a physical tip at the end, this is known as a crystal point configuration. The crystal point structure concentrates on energizing, rebalancing, and protecting energy. The metaphysical and therapeutic powers of the source crystal are enhanced by the crystal point configuration. 

The crystal point, while pointing away, directs energy outward. The crystal concentrates the energy inward when the point is facing inward. The chakra system is represented by the crystal point arrangement, with the tip of the point connecting the crown chakra to the source and the base of the crystal giving a grounding foundation.

What is a Crystal Point?

Crystal points are perfect for spiritual practice or for healing ritual objects in any setting. These gems are ideal for attracting love and romance into your life. The apex of a crystal point is clearly delineated on either or both sides of the crystal. It is a handy and strong tool. 

A crystal point, which is a highly defined spike in the crystal, has the properties of points on one side or both sides. It can be of any size, from the tiniest to the largest. A crystal point can be found in quartz crystals, sodalite crystal points, pink opaline crystal points, citrine crystal points, and a variety of other crystals.

In technical terms, crystal points are referred to as 'terminations' in the stone. Mining, polishing, and nature's effect all-cause terminations. The harnessed energy required to convey healing into our environment and space is encapsulated by the points on a crystal. 

Crystal points show which way the crystal energy is flowing. Furthermore, the points on a crystal may enhance our ability to concentrate and develop mental clarity. Simply put, crystal points channel energy inward or outward, enhancing a crystal's healing abilities.

crystal point

Crystal Points Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual healing is one of the most well-known applications of crystal points. Its energy is powerful and divine, and it may help you connect with the healing spirits. 

Crystal points may help you grow as a person and bring positive affirmations into your life by providing spiritual healing. This is because the crystal points are arranged in the shape of a chakra system, with a pointed tip connecting the crown chakra to a heavenly source and a crystal base providing a foundation.

Are you trying to find the ideal crystal for your home? Say no more, because crystal points could be the best option for you. 

These gems can be utilized to raise your space's vibration. It may also help in the absorption of bad energy in your environment, allowing positive energy to flow freely. Because crystal pointers boost and cleanse the energy of your room, they are used to feng shui your home. To bring more energy into your home, place crystals in every corner to form a vortex of energy, or place them on or in any holy spot on your altar.

Crystal points may be useful for concentration and attention, making them appropriate for the workplace and your business. Because of their capacity to support attention and focus, placing these crystals on your desk, tables, or any other area where you work will offer you a crisp and direct strength for focusing on whatever you are working on. 

They may also bring riches, prosperity, and enormous abundance into your life, work, and business. Crystal points may also produce abundance in your surroundings as a manifestation of your career and financial freedom.

Crystal points are one of the most popular crystals for meditation. When it comes to mental health, these gems may be useful. They're great for meditation since they help you focus on the present moment. 

These stones were chosen for meditation because they are known to increase their energy fields and emit a soothing vibration that delivers pure energy to everything in the meditation area or home. You can use its energy in a variety of ways, including holding the crystals in your hands or holding them in front of you.

Crystal points are a robust crystal tool, making them a great addition to any crystal grid. The energy of your intention and your entire grid is increased and reinforced when you use a crystal point at the top of the mandalas or in the crystal grids. 

These crystals help you in maximizing the energy in an area or your house. Take a small piece of paper, write your intention, and place it in the center of your grid under the point to fully employ these energies into the crystal. Even when you're not thinking about your focused goal in the universe, consider your crystal point.

Healing Crystal Points

Crystal points have potent energy that may target any intention and make it manifest in your life. As a result, if you wish to bring pleasant feelings and healing into your life, these gems are excellent choices. 

Crystal points are frequently separated into generator points to improve energy and the wearer's wishes. This is why you may use it to help you forgive, accept, and love yourself. It also has a calming effect that may help you control your anger and find tranquility. 

Overall, these crystal energies may provide you with loving energy in your romantic relationship, family, or friends, as well as offer balance to your partnership.

Because of their omnipotence energy, crystal points are known for their meditation healing qualities. This energy may reject any negative energy that is now present in your life and any that may arise in the future. As a result, crystal healers frequently use it. 

This gemstone helps you let go of any negative attachments you may have in your body. It will help regulate your aura, allowing you to develop discernment and self-confidence. Clearing your mind of confusion, worry, and anxiety can be as simple as meditating with or holding a crystal tip in your hands. 

Crystal points may help people heal emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Because their energy permeates your body, these crystals may be useful for treating physical sickness and discomfort. 

Crystal points can be used to target specific physical healing in rare cases. As a result, crystal points may help you deliver healing energy to yourself and others to dig deeper. 

If you wish to bring someone physical healing, write their current physical address on the back of their photo (such as a hospital or their home). Place the photo on top of your crystal and imagine the person to be healthy.

Crystal Point Diamond Mines

Crystal point diamond mines are located in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania, USA. 

Crystal Point Types

There are four types of crystal points available. They are: 

Natural Crystal Points

Following the mining process, a sharp-pointed crystal may arise. When the crystal is mined, it may be subjected to chips and dents because of the excavation process. When a crystal is mined, it may have only one point or be malformed. As a result, rather than gradually rising into a single point, the crystal leans to one side. 

A crystal with an off-center termination blocks the passage of energy out of the stone. Humans haven't tampered with crystals in any way. Many crystal healers prefer natural stones because they believe the earth's energy has not been harmed.

Raw Crystal Points

person holding quartz crystal point

Raw crystal points (also known as rough crystal points or uncut crystal points) are gemstones that have not been cut and faceted in the manner of a traditional gem in jewelry. Mostly, a raw gemstone will have irregular edges and surfaces, yet a gem can occasionally surprise you. 

Fluorite and diamond, for example, grow in an octahedral structure by nature. The polish on the surface of a raw gemstone can also be used to identify it. Even on naturally smooth gemstones, the surface roughness is unlikely to be fluid and smooth.

Drilled Crystal Points

Crystal points that have been pierced in the center are known as drilled crystal points. There are four types of drilled gemstones:

  • Center drilled crystal points: The gem has been drilled through the center in this approach. On a round bead, for example, this would be drilled through the center of the bead at its widest point. This pattern is ideal for constructing a variety of designs, including necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Always double-check the diameter of your beads' holes to make sure they'll work with the threading material you're using.
  • Half-drilled crystal points: The gem will be drilled to a center point in this approach; this is a popular drill hole used on pearls and beads that will be affixed to pegs for earrings and other purposes. This drill hole type hides the fitting, allowing the bead to take center stage. It's ideal for constructing little stud earrings or adding a round bead or pearl element to a ring.
  • Head drilled crystal points: The hole is drilled horizontally through the top of the gem in this approach, so the stone hangs lower than the thread. Using necklace wire, chain, or flexible wire, this form of bead is ideal for making basic designs.
  • Top drilled crystal points: The gem has been drilled vertically through the apex, about a quarter of the way down. You can put a post in it, and when it's hanging from a chain or earring, it looks like a droplet. This is how pearls, teardrops, and other unusually shaped beads are frequently drilled. These beads should be fastened to the peg finding of your choosing, as per your design. You may need to file the peg down a little to make them fit snugly against the top of the bead.

Polished Crystal Points

Some crystals are found in the soil without any points. The crystal is shaped to have terminations in certain circumstances. The edges and tips of polished, cut, or tumbled crystals are hand-shaped or machine-polished. Because crystal points are prized, not every crystal comes from nature perfectly formed, and some crystals are manipulated to look naturally polished. Furthermore, polishing crystals is an excellent approach for removing any scratches or dirt that have dulled the crystal's luster.

Crystal Point Varieties

There are four types of crystal points available. They are:

Amethyst Crystal Points

Amethyst crystal points have numerous health, mental, emotional, and spiritual advantages. Amethyst stimulates the mind, boosts mental talents, and opens intuition. It also lowers stress, calms irritation, stabilizes mood swings, and eliminates wrath, rage, fear, and anxiety. Amethyst is a natural, calming stone. It may also ease grief and sadness, as well as negativity.

Emerald Crystal Point

The 'stone of successful love' is emerald crystal points. It fosters loyalty and ensures domestic pleasure. It strengthens unconditional love, encourages unity, and fosters friendship. Keeps relationships in check and, if the gemstone changes color, it indicates infidelity. 

The heart chakra is stimulated by emerald, which has a healing impact on both the emotional and physical heart. It promotes physical, emotional, and mental balance, as well as harmony in all aspects of one's life. It brings in positive activities, eliminates negativity, and enhances the ability to enjoy life to the fullest by focusing on intention and raising consciousness.

Clear Quartz Crystal Point

Clear quartz crystal points are also renowned as "master healers”. It absorbs, stores, releases, and manages energy. Clear quartz crystal points boost energy, emotional healing, and awareness.

Clear Quartz Crystal Points Meaning

Clear quartz crystal points are all about spiritual development, and they love to tempt you to delve deeper. It is a crystal that links to all of your chakras, eliminating blockages, purifying your aura, and allowing energy to flow freely. The clear quartz meaning includes the fact that it likes to activate the crown chakra in particular. This chakra is for people who are ready to connect with higher plains and jump into the universe's unlimited possibilities.

Black Onyx Crystal Point

Black onyx crystal point is a grounding stone for reducing worries and grounding the spiritual energy of the body. It is thought to provide us with a sense of safety, allowing us to see past our worries. The stone is often used to shield you from negative energy and protect you from harm. It also improves discipline, making it simpler to achieve goals and finish chores.

Crystal Point Colors

Predominantly, there are four types of crystal point colors. They are:

Green Crystal Point

Nature and life's colors are represented by green crystal points. They are symbols of rebirth, harmony, and balance. They are recognized to be excellent heart and emotional balancers, as well as strengthening the link between your heart and mind. 

Green is also a hue associated with growth. It is the hue of spring, and it will usher in new beginnings for you. These crystal points may infuse new life force energy into your body. They might also encourage calm, peace, knowledge, and good health. These crystal points may also attract fortune by bringing more money and prosperity into one's life. 

The stone has a reputation for calming the heart chakra and bringing tranquility into your life and relationships. It will imbue you with energizing forces. Green crystal points will also help to calm your mind and relieve sensations of boredom and restlessness. They are known to clear your mind of any stray or misdirected ideas.

Red Crystal Point

Passion, purity, and nobility are all connected with red crystal points. It is thought to bring happiness and passion into your life as a protective stone. Wearing a red crystal point ring or bracelet on your left hand, on the side of your heart, is claimed to protect the wearer and allows them to live quietly. 

The root chakra and vitality are represented by red crystal points. They all have various meanings, but red, in general, conjures up feelings of renewed vigor and purpose, as well as confidence, determination, and stamina. Red crystals may help you recover your zest for life and sense of adventure if you feel like life is passing you by.

Green and White Crystal Point

Because green and white crystal points are grounding, they are thought to be good at delivering protective energy. Some claim that it not only clears undesirable energy from the wearer's aura but also increases good fortune and luck. Because of this, it's a popular choice among those who need a little luck in their lives. 

The crystal points may improve your attention, inner vision, and mental clarity, making them useful for tasks that require these abilities. The energies of hope, inspiration, love, and peace are carried by white and green crystal points. This makes it an excellent present for yourself or a loved one. These energetic stones are claimed to help us broaden our mental processes and raise our desire for information, as well as boost our self-confidence and promote spiritual growth.

Olive Crystal Point

Olive crystal points have cleansing properties and can help to stimulate the liver and metabolism. It is thought to significantly improve gallbladder and liver function, as well as aid in the treatment of skin conditions like warts. Also, these stones are known to perform effectively with established medications and speed up recuperation. 

Allergic reactions, digestion problems, swelling and skin growths, and intestinal troubles may all be treated with olive crystal points. They're also used to help you lose weight, induce birth, and improve nutritional absorption from your diet and drink. Some people believe the gem can help with heart health, blood fortification, and even addiction and psychological illnesses.

Crystal Point Jewelry

Some popular crystal points jewelry includes necklaces, pendants, earrings, and pendant holders. 

Crystal Point Necklace

a woman wearing a crystal point necklace

Crystal point necklaces are perfect for keeping the gemstone close to your throat. Because it activates your throat chakra, a blue crystal points necklace, in particular, may help you improve your communication skills.

Crystal Point Necklace Meaning

Crystal points related to the throat chakra should always be worn near the neck. This permits the stone to stay in close contact with your throat chakra and unblock it. The throat chakra is said to be the hub of communication, emotion, and creativity by practitioners. It may make you more honest and express yourself better.

It might be difficult for energy to move via your throat chakra if it is unbalanced or blocked. This can lead to problems such as difficulties expressing yourself, feeling frightened or shy, talking without thinking, lying, insensitivity, and insecurity.

Clear Quartz Crystal Point Necklace

The high vibrations of clear quartz crystal points necklaces are well-known. The stone can help eliminate clutter from the mind, body, and spirit, and also unite the bearer with their highest self so that they can realize their maximum potential. 

This quartz is a calming stone that helps in creating a vision that is unique to oneself. In addition, the crystal may block out all outside noise, allowing you to establish a path to your goals and visualize them as a reality in your mind's eye. This quartz crystal points necklace may also help you in focusing your attention on a single topic.

Crystal Point Pendant

At parties, formal meetings, dinner dates, and for your everyday look, dainty crystal point pendants can be worn. The color of your crystal points pendant can be matched to your clothing.

Crystal Point Pendant Meaning

A pendant made of crystal points is worn to enhance emotional equilibrium and defend against negative emotions. The stone is also thought to soothe the neurological system. It is considered to help in the expression of your thoughts. 

These pendants are claimed to help you connect with hidden emotions and increase communication by clearing your thoughts and encouraging honesty. Self-expression, creativity, and mental clarity are also boosted.

Crystal Point Pendant Holder

Crystal point pendant holders are made of thin ropes with a mesh opening in the center where you can place your crystal and wear it around your neck. There are metal-based spiral pendant holders also available in the market. They are more durable and long-lasting than rope ones but aren’t versatile enough. 

Crystal Point Earrings

Crystal point earrings are available in a range of shapes and sizes, including studs and drop earrings that move with you. You can pick the one that best suits both your personal style and the event. Clear crystal points earrings are considered classic and never go out of style.

Crystal Points Uses

Therapy is one of the most fascinating applications of crystal points. Critical therapists have long employed them because of their wide variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual advantages. 

Crystal points, for example, have the ability to touch and heal any location in your life that matches your desire. It is so adaptable that it may be used for healing, meditation, self-development, and even finding love. The energy of the crystal points can be used in a variety of ways. 

For example, when the crystal point is pointing away, the energy is directed outward. When placed in an inward direction, the crystal concentrates the forces within.

Crystal Points for Jewelry Making

There are a few types of crystal points used in jewelry making based on their healing properties:

  • Quartz crystal points: Quartz is often thought to be a source of good energy and to have therapeutic powers. This stone comes in a variety of colors, but the most popular ones include white, smokey, pink, sapphire, and aquamarine quartz.
    • Tiger’s eye crystal points: The tiger’s eye stone effects are distinguished by their distinctive dark brown color, intermingled with golden-yellow stripes, which, depending on the angle of incidence of light, create an optical effect like a tiger's pupil, hence the name. The meaning of tiger's eye is related to introducing a cheerful mood, enhancing the power to stand out from the crowd, and helping in the achievement of goals, which adds to its distinctiveness. The tiger's eye is advised for artists because it is thought to boost creativity and the urge to create, as well as improve attention and perception. It is a stone of joy, optimism, and happiness. 
    • Chalcedony crystal points: This stone is said to absorb bad energy, calm and stabilize emotions, promote spiritual and physical balance, and restore joy, mental clarity, and optimistic thinking. The magical powers are advised for those who are shy, have a hard time standing out in a crowd, and are sensitive to other people's criticism, as well as those who require more self-confidence and determination to act.
    • Carnelian crystal points: Carnelian jewelry is advised for people who feel shy when speaking in public. It is thought to be a stone of courage, as it strengthens one's faith in their skills, pushes one to act in all aspects of life, stimulates curiosity, aids in self-acceptance, and helps in achieving success in both personal and professional life. It gives you a boost of vitality and encourages you to think creatively.
    • Black onyx crystal points: The black onyx stone meaning is a symbol of strength, intelligence, and independence, and it is regarded as a stone for the bold. It is said to have amazing power to protect against failure, help in making the best decisions, and make all hardships easier to overcome. Onyx jewelry can be both classy and edgy, as well as traditional and elegant. It looks lovely in both gold and silver findings because of its universal color.
    • Chrysoprase crystal points: Chrysoprase meaning is a symbol of fresh life in all aspects of life, and it is also thought to increase creativity and imagination, improve mood, and aid in goal attainment. Because silver enhances the beauty of this stone, chrysoprase crystal points are worth pairing with sterling silver findings. The color of the chrysoprase is one-of-a-kind, making it a lovely ornament. By combining it with silver, you may make eye-catching jewelry that is both striking and intriguing, delighting not only with its color but also emphasizing the wearer's beauty.
    • Jade crystal points: Jade crystal points boost self-esteem and help improve your family life by resolving intergenerational issues. It also promotes serenity, harmony, and a life free of anger and hostility. It is frequently prescribed for people suffering from depression because it is claimed to ward off negative thoughts and enhance mood.

    How to Wire Wrap a Crystal Point?

    For wire wrapping a crystal point, you’ll need two wires of equal lengths and a crystal point. 

    • Hold the two wires together and twist them around each other in the middle. You will need to twist at least three times, but this doesn't have to be exact - especially for larger stones. You can twist over three times.
    • Make a V with the two wires at the bottom of the twist. In this opening, place the bottom of your stone. Hold the wire V and the stone in place, then bend the twisted wire up against the stone.
    • Twist the wires on the opposite side of the stone together to secure the stone's base. Continue twisting and bending the wires until they are positioned against the stone's opposing side. Wire twists have been added to the front and back of your stone.
    • In each twist, separate the wires and pull them in the opposite direction. Create fresh twists on either side of your stone, working your way up the stone while holding the lower, wrapped portion in place. As you work, keep pushing the stone down into the wire cage's bottom to keep it tight. Your stone is now held in place on all sides by twisted wire.
    • Continue twisting and dragging the wires to the opposite side of your stone until you reach the top. To make the pendant more secure, keep the wires as close to the stone as possible.
    • Make a bail by wrapping the additional wire over the back of the loop's neck and adjusting it. Tighten the wire in the back and tamp it down. Your wired crystal point is ready!

    a person wrapping a crystal in wire

    Crystal Point Beads

    Crystal point beads are used to make necklaces and bracelets. They occur in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to large, depending on their function and purpose. The smooth, polished surface of the beads won't irritate even the most sensitive skin.

    Raw Crystal Point Beads

    Raw crystal point beads have not been cut and faceted in the same way that a typical gem in a piece of jewelry has. Because they are authentic, they are more potent than treated stone beads. Raw crystal point beads have a rough surface with colored streaks running through them. They have a matte finish with no sheen. Because of their unrestricted metaphysical capabilities, such beads are perfect for spiritual purposes. 

    Crystal Point Tower

    A crystal point tower is a type of crystal with big towers or short points that are commonly used for amplification. The energy you can direct from the crystal is concentrated in crystal towers. They are excellent for energy canalization.

    Crystal towers are used to attract and amplify energy. They also have a wide range of applications. To begin, crystal towers may be great for focusing their purpose and energy in the grid's center. It is also a good idea to have crystals at your office or workspace because they help you focus and be more productive. It may also be used for meditation and healing since it brings focus and relaxation, as well as allowing trapped and stagnant energy to flow and become powerful again.

    Round Mirror with Crystal Points

    A round mirror on the wall with crystal points can make your living space appear larger, emphasize specific items in the room, and also give you a spot to check your makeup and hair. Such mirrors will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and will blend in seamlessly with the decor of your room.

    How to Use Crystal Points?

    Move your crystal point down the front of your body, all the way to your feet, starting at the top of your head. Visualize your energy field being unzipped. Imagine yourself expanding your energy field and taking a step forward, as though you're walking out of that layer and leaving it behind.

    Bring your crystal to your heart and declare aloud what you want your new energy field to be programmed with. Feel the crystal infusing your energy field with the things you wish to progress and rise in. Finally, zip your energy field back up by bringing your crystal point from the bottom of your feet to over your head.

    Adding a crystal point, such as amethyst, fluorite, or clear quartz point, to a room's energy purifies, clears, and cleanses it. The negativity and bad energy in your space will be absorbed by your crystal, which will be replaced with positivity and light. The energy in your surroundings will begin to shift; it will feel lighter and more uplifted.

    Every business person should have a citrine or amethyst point on their desk and someplace in their office. Citrine is the most powerful manifestation crystal, helping in the manifestation of prosperity, success, and abundance. Amethyst is thought to impart strong business savvy to its wearer, helping in financial success. Place your crystal point above your business card on your desk for an extra abundance of energy. You may even amp up the money and energy by surrounding it with a wealth crystal grid.

    Clearing your mind of clutter, tension, and anxiety can be as simple as meditating with a crystal point in your hands or in front of you. Amethyst helps in attachment release, allowing you to let go of things that are no longer benefiting you and are holding you back. It's linked to the purple ray, which is said to nourish and help you on a cellular level for optimal brain function. Sitting with a citrine point can help you relax when you're feeling stressed. Citrine is claimed to thin and lighten the heaviness of your energy field and aura, allowing you to feel lighter on your feet.

    Even quartz crystal is reported to reflect light and energy at a higher rate than amethyst. This is why it is such a powerful protection crystal, as it repels more negativity than it attracts. Place an amethyst or quartz crystal point in your car or any other location where you believe extra protection is needed.

    How to Make Faux Crystal Points?

    Faux crystal points may physically appear similar to authentic ones. However, their chemical composition isn’t the same and hence they aren’t as expensive as real crystal points. The materials you use for making faux crystal points depend upon the gem you decide to dupe. Given below are the materials and procedures to make dupes of popular crystal points like amethyst and emerald. 

    For Amethyst

    • Dissolve chrome alum in hot water until it is no longer soluble. Even though the crystals are purple, the solution will be vivid blue-green. You can let this solution crystalize for a few days, but growing a seed crystal is the best way to produce a huge, ideally shaped crystal.
    • Pour a small amount of the solution into a shallow saucer to grow a seed crystal. As the water in the dish evaporates, crystals will form on their own. Choose the most beautiful crystal and store it in a clean container. Over the crystal, pour the rest of the developing solution. More growth will occur because the crystal acts as a nucleation site.
    • Because the solution will be so black, it will be difficult to monitor the crystal's progress, but you should be able to see the size of the crystal if you shine a bright flashlight through the container.
    • Remove the crystal from the container with a spoon once you're pleased with its growth.

    For Emerald

    • Add 6 tablespoons of mono ammonium phosphate, dissolved in extremely hot water. The water doesn't need to be boiling hot.
    • To achieve the desired color, use food coloring.
    • A slow cooling rate is required to obtain big crystals. It's usually good to simply cool the mixture to room temperature and leave it to sit overnight. If you want a mass of tiny crystals, don't chill the mixture.
    • Pour out the fluid when you're happy with the crystal growth and let the crystals dry.

    Crystal Points for Sale

    Crystal points are often available at discounted prices online. You may need to check with your local seller for sales and the latest prices of crystal points.

    set of crystals 

    How Much is a Crystal Point Worth?

    Crystal points approximately will cost you around $10 USD per gram. This price is subject to change based on the type of gem the crystal point is made from. 

    Wholesale Crystal Points

    The wholesale rate of crystal points ranges from $500 to $2500 USD. 

    Crystal Point Pendants Wholesale

    Crystal point pendants are available at an approximate price of $90 USD wholesale. 

    Drilled Crystal Points Wholesale

    The average price of drilled crystal points is $600 USD wholesale.  

    Quartz Crystal Points for Sale

    Quartz crystal points are available at an approximate price of $90 USD per kilogram. 

    Large Crystal Points for Sale

    Large crystal points are available at around $5 USD per carat. 

    Faux Crystal Points

    The approximate price of faux crystal points is $2 USD per gram. 

    Where to Buy Crystal Points?

    Crystal points can be purchased online from any leading and trusted e-commerce websites like Amazon and Etsy. Or you may opt for a retail purchase from a local store or a shopping mall.

    Crystal Point Necklace in the UK

    In the UK, you can purchase crystal point necklaces from prominent websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. 


    Crystal points are powerful and can absorb a lot of energy when they're used, which is why crystal healers and therapists advise taking good care of them. You may take excellent care of your crystals in several ways. Simply place your crystals soaked with water, salt, or rice. Allow soaking for an unlimited period of time before removing the solution and rinsing lightly with water.

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