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Faden Quartz: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

faden quartz

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about faden quartz, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


The first choice of crystal healers for their extensive practices is an attunement stone. And what can be a better option than the faden quartz crystal? 

Also known as a self-healed crystal, faden quartz is widely known for its healing properties. The peaceful nature of the stone is used to solve internal conflicts of the psyche and interpersonal disputes such as family discords. 

This article is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to know more about the faden quartz gemstone. Here is a list of the major topics discussed in this article.

  • Faden Quartz Meaning
    • Faden Quartz Pronunciation
    • Faden Quartz Mineral and Chemical Formula
    • What does Faden Quartz Look Like?
    • Where is Faden Quartz Found?
    • How is Faden Crystal Formed?
    • Extraction of the Crystal
    • Esoteric Significance
    • What is Faden Quartz Good for? 
  • Faden Quartz Properties
    • Faden Quartz Metaphysical Properties
    • Faden Quartz Healing Properties
  • How to Recharge Faden Crystal?
  • How to Clean the Crystal?
  • Faden Quartz for Sale
  • Conclusion

Faden Quartz Meaning

Faden quartz is tabular quartz with a white thread-like line of growth running edge to edge through the crystal. Otherwise known as tabby quartz, this crystal is an excellent energy transmitter that holds information related to the blue planet "earth".

Faden Quartz Pronunciation

The word "faden" is derived from the German word for thread or fiber (der faden) and is an anglicized version of "fadenquarz." The pronunciation of the word faden is "fah-den." 

In French, the faden quartz crystal is called "quartz a âme," meaning souled quartz, with a "thread" running through the crystal.

Faden Quartz Mineral and Chemical Formula

The faden quartz is a silica-based crystal. It has a formula of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide). Some species with liquid inclusion are known as enhdryo. It has a trigonal crystal system and degree 7 hardness. 

The numerical vibration numbers associated with the clear and white faden quartz crystals are 2 and 88, respectively.

What does Faden Quartz Look Like?

Typically, an ensemble of flat tabular crystals, faden is characterized by cloudy-white yarn-like strings running through the center of the crystal to the edges. The color of this quartz crystal can vary from colorless to milky white. 

Where is Faden Quartz Found?

Faden is predominantly found in the Alpine region of Europe, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Arkansas. Generally, faden quartz is formed where tectonic activities are high. The beautiful Brazilian versions are found in Minas Geras.

How is Faden Crystal Formed?

Formed in the fissures of the host rock, the faden quartz slowly and steadily widens to assume its form. Typically, the crystals inside the host rock rupture as the fissure opens, and then the silica-rich crystal heals itself quickly, forming a self-healing crystal. 

Consequently, the crystal attaches itself to rock walls and bridges new openings and continues to crack and repair. The rapid growth on fractured surfaces leads to small regular faces on the opposing conchoidal fracture surfaces, leaving a scar of a white-thread-like network in the crystal.

Extraction of the Crystal

Only an experienced miner can extract the faden crystal. To extract the valuable crystal, nothing other than the chisel and hammer method should be employed. The miners need to carefully reduce the distance between their bodies and the rock walls to avoid damaging the crystals.

Esoteric Significance

faden quartz

The faden quartz crystal is often associated with the crown chakra and can be used as a spiritual transformation tool for all astrological signs. This miraculous crystal, if used properly, can surround the body of the user with an armor of light that works as a protection from spiritual vampires and negative energies in the environment.

What is Faden Quartz Good for?

Faden quartz is a self-healing crystal, frequently used to strengthen the “silver cord”, connecting a person's astral self to the physical self. The crystal of faden is an excellent crystal for individuals who seek to explore the domain of astral travel.

Faden Quartz Properties

Faden Quartz Metaphysical Properties

The purification of the aura and harmonizing of the seven principle chakras’ energy flow is one of the most valuable properties of the faden quartz crystal. The thread network stimulates the mind-body connection and facilitates the working of the etheric body. So, the "silver cord" binding the astral body and physical body gets reinforced. This, in turn, protects the etheric body while it is traveling through time and space. 

Faden quartz provides an opportunity to connect to the higher self. Those who seek an answer about the existence of being can immensely benefit from the crystal's metaphysical powers. And for experienced practitioners of the occult, the faden quartz is bliss. This crystal is a potent tool for past-life regression where the crystal can help show states of being through lifecycles and even between life transitions.

If you are seeking stability amidst emotional turbulence, this gemstone can be of great help. Faden quartz crystal cleanses the aura and stimulates the chakras to remove any blockage. Faden quartz has thread-like structures which can be used in unstable physical grids within the metaphysical mesh to stabilize the body of energy. This deep purification process builds harmony among the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric fields. If you are striving to bring emotional stability to your daily life, this crystal is an ideal choice for you.

Wearing the crystal can facilitate better intrapersonal communication, which helps to understand one's purpose on the earth. This tool is a transformation tool for people with a shy nature. Furthermore, this crystal can help you solve conflicts in your relationships if used regularly. The telepathic capabilities of this magical gemstone are also worth knowing. 

Esoteric mediums often use the faden crystal to tap into telepathic abilities. If you are into occult practices, leveraging the power of faden may help you establish a connection with the higher realms and harness psychic powers. This gem is also said to make it easier for you to experience and enter the parallel dimensions of the spiritual space. With the help of the faden crystal's abilities and a little bit of practice, an individual can effortlessly tap into profound ranges of their memory and learn more about the nature of their being.

Faden Quartz Healing Properties

faden quartz

Faden quartz expedites self-healing and promotes personal growth. In the domain of metaphysical healing, this crystal is considered an excellent channel for communication between the healer and an individual, which helps identify the fragmented soul and allows the parts to reintegrate. If you are suffering from a disease, it can help recognize the root cause by scanning the anomalies in the soul lessons as it overviews them.

The faden gem is widely hailed for its powers to regenerate the nervous system. According to popular lore, faden quartz may help with cellular and nervous system regeneration. It may help improve muscle damage effectively. If you have gone through surgery or have a bone fracture, use the faden to heal the wounds and strengthen the bone. Remember, they work as a spiritual aid and are not meant as an elaborate remedy for biological health issues. Consult a medical professional for complex health conditions.

When you meditate with this crystal, it can bring peace to your mind by mending a sporadic spirit and dissipating chaos from the mind. The threadlike network of fluid that runs through the crystal symbolizes the mesh of life energies that hold the well-being of a person. The faden helps you achieve a deepened meditative state or trance state, pushing you to the greater spheres of the spiritual space. 

Tabular crystals like the faden can also be used as growth interference crystals which can be used to activate other mystical gems and crystals, which are frequently used by crystal healers and metaphysical experts.

Apart from spiritual and emotional healing, this gemstone is also said to promote physical healing. Those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may benefit from the healing power of faden quartz crystal. It gives you the power to overcome difficulties in life by healing something that is broken inside of you. It calms inner conflict and eliminates chaos from the soul. As such, an individual may have a better understanding of life situations to be in a peaceful state.

How to Recharge Faden Crystal?

Place the faden quartz under full moon moonlight to energize the thread network. Recharge every fifteen days for a long-lasting effect. For better metaphysical performance, you can consider gently burying it inside the earth or placing it inside a bucket full of rice.

How to Clean the Crystal?

It is vital to know how to keep your faden crystal cleansed and maintained to maximize its mystical potential. Move your quartz crystal of faden through incense or sage smoke to cleanse it and program the metaphysical properties to their optimal state.

Faden Quartz for Sale

Faden quartz is available for sale in many online stores where gem collectors hand-pick the best crystals and stones for customers. The prices can vary depending on the availability, size, volume, and shape of the crystals.

Before you buy one, make sure the crystals are in good condition and energetically cleansed regularly. This is essential, as it ensures that their peaceful characteristics remain intact and undisturbed. Moreover, make sure to purchase faden from trusted gem dealers only.


Personal growth for any individual is a way to heal from the damaging effects of trauma and build a better life. The element of the earth carries the possibility of a new life and vital energy that we cannot conceivably fathom.

With a continuous recording of the growth cycle of the earth for millions of years, the crystalline faden quartz presents us with an opportunity to witness the healing factor of mother nature. The multilayered structure of this quartz is the ideal choice for anyone who needs to reignite love and bliss in their life by aligning the soul, body, and spirit

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