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Galena: Complete Guide (2024)

galena stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about galena, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Galena is one of the most grounding stones that has been used since ancient times. Let us divulge and find out just how charming and alluring galena can be. We will discuss:

  • Galena Meaning
    • Is Galena Toxic?
    • Is Galena Magnetic?
    • Galena Mining
      • Where is Galena Mined?
  • Galena Properties
    • Galena Healing Properties
    • Galena Metaphysical Properties
  • Galena Uses
  • Conclusion

Galena Meaning

The word galena has a Latin origin meaning lead-ore. 

Galena is a form of sulfide. It is found in crystalline form. Its color ranges from silver-gray to silver, and it has a metallic luster to it. Galena is a very brittle stone. On the Mohs scale, it stands between 2.5 and 3. Galena is the most common mineral known for the extraction of lead. 

Many other minerals are also found in association with galena. Some of these minerals are silver, quartz, pyrite, fluorite, and calcite. These stones' prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, as they are alluring and pleasing.

Gelena activates the root chakra and is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Is Galena Toxic?

Galena is the mineral used to make lead. It should not be held for a long period with bare hands, as it could cause lead poisoning.

Is Galena Magnetic?

Yes, galena is magnetic. Galena is a lead ore, but the small iron ore contents give it a magnetic quality.

Galena Mining

Where is Galena Mined?

The deposits of Galena material are found worldwide. Some prominent deposits are found in England, the United States of America, Bulgaria, Australia, and some parts of Northern Israel. The economic importance of galena was so exceptional that one town was named after it — Galena, Illinois.

Galena Properties

Galena Healing Properties

Galena stimulates the roots of hair, helps to prevent hair loss, and promotes healthy hair.

During stress and anxiety, galena relaxes us and can take away panic attacks.

It also helps with skin eruptions and inflammations. 

Using galena may aid in improving blood circulation and detoxifying the body. It helps overcome addictions of both physical and emotional forms.

Galena counters electromagnetic pollution and radiation from different devices. Keeping a galena crystal at the workplace where there are harmful electromagnetic waves will help protect you.

Galena Metaphysical Properties

Galena soothes stress and absorbs negative energies. It stabilizes your mind and soul and refocuses your thoughts on important things. It balances and calms your nervous system. A galena gemstone is a great stress reliever.

Galena activates our root chakra and keeps us grounded and down to earth. The vibrations of this stone help you recharge your energies if you are feeling burnt out. It provides energy to get through the obstacles and challenges in life. It makes us feel secure and protected. 

The vibrations of the galena gemstone cleanse the aura and spread positive energy around you. Galena is one of the strongest grounding stones found. It is said to be in alignment with Gaia, mother earth. It centers your energies and is used in shamanic travels.  

Galena Uses


In magical practices, the galena is said to be a stone of protection and power. It is used for spiritual journeys and past-life regression.

It provides us with the ability to confront ourselves about our flaws and embrace them. The stone may give us insight and help us accept and understand our traits. It balances our energy and removes emotional blockages. 

Ancient Babylonians used galena in construction. In the Chinese empires, galena was used to make coins. Galena is the primary ore of lead and is also mined for silver.

Galena is a semiconductor and was used in early wireless communication devices. It was also used as a crystal in radio receivers to rectify current and detect radio signals.  


A tiny crystal of galena can help provide you with an abundance of energy and aid in manifesting your intentions and desires. 

It brings clarity to your thoughts and broadens your mind to grasp new concepts and ideas. It provides a sense of security and encourages peace and harmony.

Although the prices of lead are low, the silver content in galena makes up for it. 5-6 grams of galena cubes are sold for as low as $1 USD, whereas bigger cubes or crystals of 200 grams are sold for $42.72 USD.

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