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Danburite: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about danburite, including its meaning, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


We don’t think the danburite stone gets enough hype, and it often slips under the radar of crystal enthusiasts. However, this beautiful gemstone is one of the most spiritually rich exciting ones in the world and if you become privy to its special qualities, you’ll have a unique and powerful experience that not everybody has access to.

The danburite gemstone is a gorgeous substitute for diamonds due to its very similar appearance. However, its true value lies in its spiritual capacity. In fact, danburite is one of the most powerful stones on the planet when it comes to angel-human connection. So, stick with us as we drift into the cosmic world of danburite and unpack its many metaphysical perks.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Danburite Meaning
    • What is Danburite
      • Danburite Spiritual Meaning
      • Is Danburite Rare
      • What Color is Danburite
    • Danburite Benefits
    • Danburite Healing
    • Where is Danburite Found
      • Danburite in Mexico
  • Danburite Properties
    • Danburite Metaphysical Properties
    • Danburite Healing Properties
  • Danburite vs Diamond
  • Danburite and Moldavite
  • Danburite vs Quartz
    • How to Tell Quartz from Danburite
  • Danburite Varieties
    • Danburite Tumbled
    • Angel Aura Danburite
    • Agni Gold Danburite
    • Aqua Aura Danburite
    • Apophyllite Danburite
    • Tangerine Aura Danburite
    • Golden Healer Danburite
    • Druzy Danburite
    • Moldavite Danburite
    • Raw Danburite
      • Raw Danburite Location
  • Danburite Color
    • Pink Danburite
      • Pink Danburite Meaning
      • Pink Danburite Metaphysical Properties
    • Rose Danburite
    • Golden Danburite
      • Golden Danburite Metaphysical Properties
    • Blue Danburite
    • Champagne Danburite
      • What is Champagne Danburite
    • White Danburite Oval
    • Yellow Danburite
  • Danburite Jewelry
    • Danburite Ring
      • Danburite Engagement Ring
      • Rose Danburite Ring
      • Pink Danburite Ring
    • Danburite Necklace
    • Danburite Pendant
    • Danburite Bracelet
    • Danburite Earrings
  • Danburite Uses
    • Danburite Beads
    • Danburite Choker
  • How to Get Danburite
  • Danburite for Sale
    • Danburite Price
      • Danburite Price per Carat
    • Danburite Jewelry for Sale
    • Danburite on Etsy
  • Conclusion

Danburite Meaning

Danburite – a beautiful name for a beautiful stone. This ethereal metamorphic creation is known for its high vibration and intense connection to spirit. Anyone looking to identify their higher purpose or improve their interpersonal relationships should look to danburite for support.

The stone represents comfort, empathy, and love. It was discovered in 1839 in Connecticut, and since then, it has provided countless souls with spiritual support, angelic guidance, and positive energy. 

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What is Danburite

To explain what danburite is, we’re going to get a little scientific for a second. So, put those lab goggles on, get your notepad out, and prepare to be amazed by the natural wonder that is danburite.

This crystal is essentially a calcium boron silicate mineral with an orthorhombic crystal form. Danburite is a 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and it usually develops in metamorphic rocks. In terms of color, danburite is a crystal-clear, colorless mineral.

However, it can deviate into a slightly pink, rose quartz color or a golden, yellow color. It’s important to note that danburite is a lot more than what it presents as in the physical realm. This crystal is defined by its spiritual properties and powerful connection to angels.

Danburite Spiritual Meaning

Symbolic of compassion, calmness, and unconditional love, danburite is a crystal of high vibrations and many spiritual properties. It promotes consciousness and clarity in the world around it and supports positive thinking. Danburite is one and with the angels.

It connects the angelic realms with the physical realms, and it ties the past, present, and future together to bring about big-picture thinking and wisdom. Danburite also activates the heart and crown chakras and links them in a way that creates a healthy mind-emotion balance and allows us to make strong gut decisions. Did we just hit the crystal jackpot? We think so.

Is Danburite Rare

Danburite isn’t rare, but thank the crystal gods that it isn’t. We all need a little danburite in our lives, and luckily, there’s enough to go around. Although this crystal exists in abundance, it is hard to find big, faceted danburite.

In this sense, there is an element of rarity to the stone and if you find yourself in possession of a large danburite, you can definitely consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

What Color is Danburite

Usually colorless and clear, danburite is considered to be a particularly clean and watery stone. Its see-through quality has a purifying effect on its viewers and instantly cleanses the auras of those who touch it.

That being said, it can occasionally form in colors like brownish white, rose quartz pink, golden yellow, and even grey. No matter what color your danburite is, it will be sure to cleanse and activate your heart and crown chakras, leaving you balanced, clear-headed, and serene. 

Danburite Benefits

It’s time to confront our demons! Sounds scary? Danburite will make sure it’s the most uplifting experience possible, we promise! While danburite insists that we face our issues and work on them, it does this in order for us to reach a much higher level of happiness and personal satisfaction.

We all know by now that working on our shadow side makes life much more worthwhile, and this crystal is here to help. Danburite is an incredibly gentle stone. It opens up life-changing spiritual worlds for its users without shocking or overwhelming them. Danburite connects us with our angels and broadens our understanding of life and spirit slowly over time.

So, if you want to develop your spiritual understanding but you don’t want to jump in too quickly, danburite will ensure your comfort and safety as you grow into a more fulfilled, enlightened version of yourself.

Danburite Healing

To get to where you want to be, you need to confront what’s holding you back. Danburite is the ultimate spiritual healing stone, and it asks us to work through our blocks and negative thoughts. This magical crystal also assists us in releasing fear, stress, and emotional angst.

If you’ve been feeling particularly angry or anxious, or if you’re suffering from a painful loss, danburite can bring you some comfort and ease during hard times. It allows you to feel your pain while focusing on the positive aspects of life. We think we just found our new best friend!

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Where is Danburite Found

Although danburite was discovered in Connecticut, USA, there have been a number of discoveries since then. Today, high-quality danburite can be found in north central Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, the USA, Russia, Myanmar, Burma, and the Czech Republic. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for a global tour.

Danburite in Mexico

Mexico is home to the best danburite in the world. San Luis Potosi in north central Mexico boasts incredibly high quality, coveted danburite specimens.

Not only are these crystals incredibly beautiful, but they’re rumored to have especially effective spiritual properties – connecting us more deeply to the spiritual realms and opening our eyes to the unknown.

Danburite Properties

The magical properties of danburite are far beyond anything we’ve seen before. If you’re looking to expand your social circle or expand your spiritual knowledge, danburite should be first on your shopping list. In this section, we’ll get into the specifics of what makes danburite so spiritually transformative. 

Danburite Metaphysical Properties

Danburite protection operates in the physical and spiritual realms to ensure open hearts, open minds, and all-around happiness and clarity of mind. This crystal works well as a social lubricant and collaboration tool.

So, put that wine glass down and grab some danburite instead. You’ll find that your social anxiety goes out the window and you can genuinely connect with people much better than before. Danburite hates cliques and it loves bringing people together. Any negative and divisive energies will be busted by this wondrous stone.

It can even attract friends and lovers that share a similar mentality to you and keep harmful people away. Danburite enhances compassion and the ability to love deeply. Plus, it keeps your heart chakra nice and open so you’ll be ready when romance comes knocking at the door.

Danburite Healing Properties

Danburite, especially danburite rough in texture, is known to have profound healing effects on perceptive abilities. If you’ve been hurt or past trauma has negatively impacted your ability to read and understand people, danburite helps clear the pathways of perception and authentic connection.

You will find your heart opening to those around you, and you’ll experience better third-eye vision. It is thought that danburite can even improve the ability to see, and those struggling with eyesight difficulties can turn to danburite for some help. 

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Danburite vs Diamond

At first glance, one might think that danburite is a diamond or vice versa due to their shared colorless appearance. However, these two stones are actually pretty different from each other.

Diamonds are a lot harder than danburites, and danburites are very inexpensive compared to the famously rare diamond gemstone. When it comes to metaphysical properties, these stones do share something in common. They both avoid misunderstanding and promote clear minds and honest communication.

Danburite can also be used in conjunction with gemstones like diamonds to connect to specific angels. For example, it will become a lot easier for a diamond-user to connect with archangel Zadkiel if they incorporate danburite into their spiritual practice. Like we’ve said, danburite is all about collaboration!


Danburite and Moldavite

There’s no pair of crystals that go together as well as danburite and moldavite. These stones work together to level us up emotionally and spiritually. While moldavite activates every single chakra, danburite brings heaps of positive energy to the crown and heart chakras.

Naturally, using them together will make you feel energized and connected to your authentic self. Danburite and moldavite are both powerhouses when it comes to communicating with angels. If you are desiring an intense connection with your angels and spirit guides, combining these two stones will ensure that you reach your spiritual goals.

Danburite vs Quartz

Danburite and quartz look very similar to one another, but that’s where the similarities end. While danburite is a calcium boron silicate mineral, quartz is made up of silicon and oxygen. Danburite and quartz also have different metaphysical properties.

While danburite is focused on connecting us to the angelic realms and creating social productivity, quartz is more centered around the loss of negative emotion and the promotion of strength and confidence. 

How to Tell Quartz from Danburite

There are a few different physical properties that separate quartz from danburite. While quartz and danburite have a similar Mohs hardness and color, they have a starkly different luster.

While quartz is vitreous in complexion, danburite is often more waxy. Also, quartz tends to break into curved shards while danburite is defined by a prismatic crystal structure.

Danburite Varieties

Danburite is constantly surprising and exciting us the more we learn about it. And as it turns out, there are a number of danburite varieties, from agni gold danburite to druzy danburite. Let’s not beat around the bush – come with us as we dig into the many types of this earthly gem. 

Danburite Tumbled

Because danburite has such a hard, dense composition, it is the perfect stone for tumbling. Plus, the tumbling process really brings out danburite’s natural sparkle and shine. Tumbled danburite will appear clean, rounded, and pebble-like. It almost looks like a cabochon – only extra, extra angelic.

Angel Aura Danburite

Angel aura danburite is an especially uplifting stone that will light you up from the inside out. It is created by bonding the danburite with vaporized platinum and other trace metals to create a subtle rainbow glow. Keeping an angel aura danburite with you will make you feel all warm and giddy inside, and it’ll make sure that you ooze positivity and friendliness all day, every day.

Agni Gold Danburite

Agni means fire, so it’s no wonder that this golden danburite variety lights a spark in all of us. Agni gold danburite is a natural deviation from regular danburite. It’s golden yellow in color and it has a special ability to activate the solar plexus chakra.

While the agni gold danburite is an incredibly powerful transmitter of light energy and joy, it will also help you uncover the world’s truths and align with your purpose.

Aqua Aura Danburite

Aqua aura danburites are super hard to find, and they have a rare bluish tinge. It sends energy to the throat chakra, allowing you to communicate freely and warmly.

It radiates calm, sea energy, and as a result, it can clear that aura of yours right up in a heartbeat. Meditation with aqua aura danburite on your throat will bring you social success and luck in the love department.

Apophyllite Danburite

The merging of apophyllite and danburite results in a mind-blowing cosmic journey. If you’re ready to take your spiritual enlightenment to the next level (or two), an apophyllite danburite will get you in contact with your angels and boost your psychic ability. Expect astral projection, spirit guide interactions, and clairvoyance galore.

Tangerine Aura Danburite

All the sexy crystal lovers out there – this one’s for you. Tangerine aura danburite boosts the libido and sends sexual energy to the parts of your body that are experiencing blocks. Next time you plan a romantic getaway, don’t forget to pack tangerine aura danburite in your suitcase.

Golden Healer Danburite

Golden healer danburite’s specialty is in its name – healing is its forte. This stone is all about getting rid of negative build up in the body and improving our moods. If you struggle with melancholic feelings and thoughts, the golden healer danburite will uplift and inspire you. It’s basically a ray of sunshine for the soul!

Druzy Danburite

This authentic Mexican crystal bursts with good vibrations and joyful energy. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for a rainy day, and it detoxifies the aura with profound effect.

Druzy danburites are extra sparkly and have a delightful glittery complexion that never fades. They resonate deeply with people with Leo zodiac placements, which as we can agree, also know how to keep shining 24/7.

Moldavite Danburite

Combining moldavite and danburite is a win for the spiritually inclined. It is the ultimate stone collaboration when it comes to psychic ability and angelic realm connection.

By incorporating moldavite danburite into your meditation practice, you’ll be able to access your angels at any time, anywhere. Being in deeper conversation with the angelic realm will also connect you to your higher purpose and bring more meaning to your time on Earth. 

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Raw Danburite

Raw danburite is untouched, uncut, and un-tumbled. It comes straight from the ground, giving you that genuine, natural feeling we all live for. It is thought that raw danburite is more effective in terms of spiritual enrichment.

Because its connection to the earth hasn’t been disrupted in any way, it might actually do a better job of lifting you to the angelic realms and connecting you with spirit guides. 

Raw Danburite Location

The best raw danburite can be found in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Mexican raw danburite is very high-quality, and is generally accepted as the most valuable danburite known to mankind.

However, there are deposits all over the world. Japan, Russia, Switzerland, and Myanmar have some of the world’s top raw danburite deposits. Whichever continent you’re in, danburite is never too far away!

Danburite Color

Danburite is usually associated with its often clear, colorless appearance. But, did you know that danburite can actually form in a few different colors? What’s even more exciting is that each color brings with it different metaphysical properties. So, if you’re looking for a danburite that matches your unique aura, this section is really going to help you out.

Pink Danburite

If you can’t go a day without some meditation, now’s the time to take notes. Pink danburite is ideal for meditating because of its electric healing energy. While most danburites are colorless, pink danburite is a wonderful exception to the rule. It has a faint, natural pink color that supports positive thinking and day-to-day fulfilment. 

Pink Danburite Meaning

Pink danburite is known as the “Stone of the Crossing”. You might be wondering, what kind of a crossing is it representing? Well, the pink danburite stone has a way of bringing its users from darkness to light.

In other words, it uplifts us and activates our joy in such a radical way that we might feel as though we’ve “crossed over” to a better, happier version of ourselves.  

Pink Danburite Metaphysical Properties

The pink danburite gem activates the heart and higher heart chakras, making us feel more compassion and infusing our interpersonal actions with warmth and openness. You know that gentle feeling of bliss you get while on vacation or after hearing good news? That’s pink danburite for you.

Rose Danburite

Clarity and enlightenment are represented by the rose danburite crystal. It rids our bodies of harmful energies and awakens the senses, allowing us to fully engage in the world around us. So, if you’re after deep conversation, tactile experiences, and mindfulness, go get yourself some rose danburite.

Golden Danburite

Don’t expect to yawn any time soon. There is nothing boring about golden danburite. This rare and beautiful crystal is closely linked to the zodiac sign Leo, meaning it’s bound to make you more lively, open to fun, and more adept at finding the truth in any situation. But, that’s not where it ends. Let’s get into all of its metaphysical properties.

Golden Danburite Metaphysical Properties

Incandescent is the only word good enough to describe golden danburite. Its golden radiance coincides with its morale-boosting effect. It activates the solar plexus  and aligns the heart and crown chakras.

As a result, side effects may include increased inner strength, loss of social anxiety, and a renewed zest for life. Golden danburite will never fail to make you feel like the human form of sunshine – sounds like that’s what the doctor ordered!

Blue Danburite

blue crystals

Because blue danburite is so rare and hard to come by, many people wonder if it’s even real. Well, the answer is yes and no. Blue danburite is a human creation, but it is formed using exclusively natural ingredients.

Authentic danburite is merged with gold to give it an ocean blue tinge and combines the perks of danburite with the metaphysical properties of gold. This means that if you own blue danburite, you should be feeling both spiritually enlightened and bursting with energy. 

Champagne Danburite

One of the less known varieties of danburite is champagne danburite. It promotes passion, joy, and harmony. If you’re feeling a little out of sorts or need to re-align with your purpose, champagne danburite will give you a nudge in the right direction. 

What is Champagne Danburite

Champagne danburite is true to its name. It has the giddy effect and vibrance of a high-end glass of champagne, and it can even bust fatigue and melancholy in a flash. It is a slightly off-white, yellowish, goldish form of the awe-worthy danburite stone – thus its name, champagne.

White Danburite Oval

White danburite ovals have a cloudy, milky appearance and they are highly regarded by stone enthusiasts for their soothing effects. The white danburite oval is basically the crystal equivalent of a warm drink or a long, loving hug.

It will make you feel safe, confident, and serene. If your comfort zone needs a little extra comfort for whatever reason, white danburite ovals would be a great addition to your stone collection.

Yellow Danburite

We can’t think about yellow danburite without picturing images of sunshine, warm days, and wide smiles. This bright, colorful deviation of danburite is extremely rare, and so are its spiritual abilities. It gifts its users with enthusiasm, hopefulness, and even enhances mental agility.

Yellow danburite can also create a space for us to adjust the things inside of us that aren’t working and are holding us back. Anger, regret, and jealousy are all pushed to the side in favor of a more positive, stress-free mindset. Where do we sign up?

Danburite Jewelry

Danburite is not the kind of gemstone you’ll find in a mall. While this special stone might not be a household name, its mysteriousness and anonymity make it all the more alluring. In a sense, it is reserved for the most eager, spiritual crystal-lovers out there.

So, when you wear danburite jewelry, you’re letting the world know that your crystal knowledge extends way beyond the ordinary. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll look very, very good. From pink danburite jewelry to gold danburite pendants, you can be sure that there’s at least one danburite accessory in the world that will suit your complexion and fashion taste.

Danburite Ring

Having healing hands has never been easier since danburite rings came along. These bands of wisdom and joy encourage you to bring warmth into your interactions and open up the pathways for you to receive warmth back.

Your connections with those around you will likely become deeper and friendlier, and you’ll naturally give off charisma and charm. It’s easy to say that a danburite ring is “just a piece of jewelry”, but it is so much more than that.

diamond ring

Danburite Engagement Ring

Want to bring some angelic energy into your marriage? Danburite engagement rings will do the trick. Incorporating danburite into your marital relationship will ensure that your angels keep a careful eye on you and your partner, keeping your marriage healthy and inspiring growth and positive change.

If you think there’s something cosmic about the connection you have with your betrothed, danburite will make sure things stay that way.

Rose Danburite Ring

There’s nothing quite like that ever so subtle rosy tinted danburite. So, why wouldn’t you want it sitting on your finger where you can stare longingly at it all day long?

Rose danburite encourages us to engage in tactile experiences that give us pleasure, so what better place to wear it than your hand? It’ll attract you to textures, objects, and people that satisfy and excite you – keeping you mindful and fulfilled.

Pink Danburite Ring

Adding a splash of color to your look is never a bad idea. Pink danburite gives a feminine touch to your outfit, softening your appearance and making you more approachable.

Pink danburite thrusts us into lightness, burning away unnecessary negativity and bringing us closer to happiness and lifelong bliss. So, if you want to feel like your soul is constantly radiating light and joy, a pink danburite ring should make its way into your jewelry collection.  

Danburite Necklace

Open up that heart chakra of yours with a danburite necklace. Danburite, especially clear danburite, is known to increase love energies. And wearing a danburite near your heart will allow you to love more fully, freely, and intentionally. It will also attract romantic partners, so don’t get surprised if a swarm of suitors show up at your doorstep.

Danburite Pendant

Show off your danburite by wearing it as a pendant. Petalite mixes extremely well with danburite in pendant form, so purchasing a danburite petalite pendant is a good idea for anyone wanting to escape their comfort zone and allow their spiritual world to expand.

Both of these stones boost cosmic consciousness and increase communication with the angelic realms. Don’t hesitate to wear this kind of pendant if spiritual growth is important to you.

Danburite Bracelet

intertwined hands

The danburite crystal bracelet is subtle and elegant. It gives us an extra glow, too, giving us permission to radiate attractive energy and make loads of new friends.

If you’re struggling to communicate in workplace environments or you’re not seeing eye to eye with your friends, a danburite bracelet will clear everything up for you. Here’s to a more social, compassionate, and communicative you!

Danburite Earrings

If you love the look of diamond earrings but need an authentic yet inexpensive substitute, danburite is the stone to turn to. These beautiful, usually colorless gems up your classiness and enhance your seductive qualities. Your ears will deserve absolutely all the hype!

Danburite Uses

For the most part, danburite comes in handy for spiritual purposes. It improves mood, energy, and each user’s connection to their angels. However, there are a couple of uses for danburite that we have not yet discussed. We believe in danburite supremacy, so we’re not leaving any stones unturned in this article.

Danburite Beads

If you’d prefer to make your own jewelry then buy it ready-made, danburite beads should be at the top of your shopping list! Of course, you can simply keep loose beads with you as protection.

However, we recommend getting your hands involved. Beading bracelets or necklaces involving danburite (especially with loved ones) can greatly improve your interpersonal powers and lead to deep, meaningful relationships. 

Danburite Choker

If you really want to keep those evil spirits away from you, a danburite choker is the way to go. Wearing one of these says “not today” to any negative energies that try to come your way.

Oh, and did we forget to tell you? They also look incredibly seductive. So, when you’re next accessing your seductive side, a danburite choker can really come in handy. 

How to Get Danburite

When it comes to sourcing danburite, there are a few options. However, they all depend on what kind of danburite you’re looking for. Danburite loose stones, for example, are relatively easy to find at crystal stores.

However, if you are looking for large danburite stones or especially high quality ones (i.e. Mexican danburite), you would probably find the most suitable items online. Then again, if jewelry is what you’re after, you can almost certainly find danburite accessories at your local jeweler.

Still, rarer colors of danburite can be very hard to find. Whenever you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for, the search engine is your friend. Thank goodness for the internet!

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Danburite for Sale

If you’ve decided to buy danburite, we have to say that we couldn’t be more excited for you. The effects of this marvelous stone are beyond words, and we can assure you that good things will be coming your way. That is – if you can find danburite for sale.

We recommend searching the web first and foremost. The majority of good deals are on the internet, and you’d be surprised by the variety of danburites offered by online sellers. However, always make sure you’re purchasing from a legitimate company and that the stone you’ve decided on is authentic.

Danburite Price

Danburite value depends on a lot of factors including the danburite cut, color, and overall quality. An especially large danburite can also add a zero or two to the price tag.

However, a danburite under two carats will generally cost about $55 and most danburites usually do not exceed $80 per gem. Very rare danburite items can go up to around $110 in price.

Danburite per Carat

Danburites usually cost between $25 and $50 per carat. And trust us, they’re worth every penny!

Danburite Jewelry for Sale

There are so many one of a kind danburite jewelry pieces for sale, and each one is just as beautiful as the last. And best of all, you can find authentic, unique danburite necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets by simply looking online. If you prefer in-store buying, we totally understand.

Sometimes you need to get a good real-life look at the item you’re lusting after before making a decision. Well, you’re in luck. Many jewelry boutiques have danburite items for sale, so there’s a strong likelihood that one of the jewelry stores in your area can make all your danburite dreams come true.

beads and crystals

Danburite on Etsy

Etsy is a treasure trove of danburite products. Danburite items on Etsy range greatly in price, and there are some innovative jewelry designs that all of our readers should at least get a good look at.

While Etsy can be a wonderful starting point with high-quality products, we urge you to branch out a bit and check out a few other ecommerce sites before making a final choice.


Thank you for joining us in our quest to shed light on one of our favorite gems. The danburite mineral is spiritually enriching and, ultimately, life-changing. And it has been our pleasure to get into the specifics with stone lovers such as yourself.

Next time you’re looking to improve your connection with the angelic realms or attract a little extra love into your life, we hope you don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from danburite’s many spiritual properties. Now, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


In a nutshell, chrome diopside is a rare gemstone that is still new to the world. Many people have started to understand the healing and metaphysical properties of this stone. As a result, the demand for this steadily celebrated gemstone is increasing each day.

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